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  1. Still hoping that to be case.
  2. My problem is with him giving something unilaterally. As a business man (that he is), he should have tied it with something, like DACA with wall. Either each side gets something or nobody gets nothing. He should have tied any "compromise" with a National CCW. Or tie with repeal of the real problem - Gun Free Zones. Or pick something ridiculous (still right thing to do) as calling Death Penalty for anyone shooting up schools. Giving something unilaterally is the shitty thing to do.
  3. I am going to have to say this. Supreme Court of Pakistan has more balls to stand up to a military Govt who would make anyone disappear overnight, than some of the "scholars" here. That how bad it is.
  4. I personally think they hate AR15 platform (and likes) because its modular, interchangeable, simple, easy maintenance. They start there and they will come after EVERYTHING, no matter how much of "we are not after your guns" song they sing. They are wolves in sheep cloths.
  5. I created separate FB account and I educate as many people as I can. But I noticed some republican politicians (of NJ) rally behind "assault weapons", knowing very well what that means. Their strategy could be to "just go along with the idiots". Most on the left also know what "assault weapon" really means. They continue to sing that song with "hope" that they get to ban ALL semi-auto when push comes to shove. I strongly encourage every member here to create a separate FB account, go out there and say what you got to say. Without that, most of the social media has become echo chamber for Gun Control Groups and a great disservice to people who die at the hands of criminals. Dont forget to bring up FBI UCR stats, CDC Drug stats and how school shootings actually went up since then 1990 gun free zone laws went into effect.
  6. We (many from this forum) touched on this few times. Part of the problem is, not enough of firearm community provides feedback to companies and on social media. The scumbags at Bloomtard spend money employing old farts and scamming younger idiots into waging a social media war on these companies. As much as many of us hate being on facebook, twitter or communicating feedback to these companies, thats exactly what is warranted. I created a separate facebook account just for this purpose. Let others know that their bull shit propaganda cannot continue.
  7. I am confused. Who actually said that sentence in question ? Roubian or Deminsky quoting Roubian. Whoever originally said it needs to have their head checked.
  8. Yep different towns, different way to screw law abiding citizens. Goes without saying that you may want to shop for a 2A friendly doc for future.
  9. Its a shake down alright. Is this the same doc who responded first time around in 2015 ? If so, did he try to shake you down then too ? Everyone is different, but IF this was me, I would pay the $375 or wait two weeks. Lawyers will suck more out of you with no guarantee of different outcome. Unfortunately, its a dog eat dog world out there. Hypocrites. And NJ politicians know it.
  10. Why ? Simple, to "look" fair and balanced. Second reason is to tout the "As everyone knows, large percentage of US Population support universal background checks", with fine print pointing to comments from this type of articles. ------------------------ John R. Lott Jr. is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and the author, most recently, of “The War on Guns.”
  11. BTW, there is such as thing called "Interstate Commerce Loophole" that was taken advantage of by Dem Politicians to expand on "background checks".
  12. Why ? Its their job. They do this with all sorts of things including posing as underage on online forums, drug buyers etc. In fact, in some of the towns here, they have nothing else to do, so they cross road in plain cloths to see who wouldn't stop for pedestrians crossing road.
  13. FYI, the references need not reside in NJ.
  14. Is "60 minutes" that stupid to make 2A as "red" states vs "blue" states ? Or that gullible to think "no one was carrying in NY" ? Did 60 minutes dare to goto busy cities of carry states, stand in the middle of the street and see if they get shot just because its legal to carry ? Way to show "balanced" view.
  15. Here is the bigger problem. Anyone who looks at FBI Crime Stats and other published information on all causes of deaths, will quickly realize how small (numbers and percentage) firearm related deaths are (even if you include MASS KILLINGS). More people died from slipping and falling than firearms. Many times more people died from medical malpractice than all firearm deaths. If you take NJ, according to FBI Crime stats, more people were killed using "hands, fists, feet" than all rifles combined (including the Assault Ones). Yet, NJ spent money and time to ban "bump stocks". In reality, this politically motivated focus on "Gunz" takes focus away from real problems, real causes of "mass murder" and law enforcement. Thats the real problem Public should be rallying against.