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  1. And change company name to "World Peace and Pink Ponies". Everyone knows name, model & color is what matters in NJ more than actual function or lack there of.
  2. Question is, how does the company claims to fall outside the following definition ? ------------------------------ NJ 2C:39-1 g.”Firearm silencer” means any instrument, attachment, weapon or appliance for causing the firing of any gun, revolver, pistol or other firearm to be silent, or intended to lessen or muffle the noise of the firing of any gun, revolver, pistol or other firearm.
  3. I ride my sports bike to range and transported and still transport my handguns in backpack. Handgun(s) are in their original container, closed. I also transported handguns, by foot, in their original container, put in a plastic shopping bag from a FFL who conducts business on a busy street to my car parked few blocks away. There once was a cop car right on the street, who saw me come out of FFL business and I was neither stopped nor arrested. IANAL. So yeah, for me, its legal. All these scenarios I was "transporting" to/from exempted location(s) and not "carrying". EDIT: Each of us take certain risks everyday. Only you can decide what degree of that risk is acceptable to you. IANAL.
  4. There is NO NJ LICENSE REQUIRED to keep firearms at YOUR NJ HOME. Every word of this is sentence is important to understand to be in compliance with NJ law. As long as YOU HAVE YOUR HOME IN NJ, you can move NJ Compliant Firearms (make/model) to that NJ home under both FOPA (federal) and NJ law, as long as they are packed and transported as suggested.
  5. Its been said (and proven in Court) multiple times that a State law can be more restrictive then Federal. When it comes to firearms, there are tons of examples demonstration NJ being more restrictive than Feds and thats not changing anytime soon, and definitely not for silencers. Unless SCOTUS wakes up and suddenly declares silencers as "arms". But we have LOOOOOOOONG way to there. How about we get BB GUNZ out of NJ firearm definition first. That will be some achievement for the decade.
  6. Hang in there. Will happen.
  7. You dont want them sh**ng around the house for sure.
  8. Unless its NJ Joe who makes million copies of the sale and uploads scanned copies to "cloud", just in case :-). But yes, I agree with the chain breaking otherwise.
  9. Just the title itself and the first picture gave me impression of what that article REALLY about. So not gonna read. No matter what we tell ourselves, registration exists and every gun can be traced but only to someone who followed law when purchasing. As always, career criminals who attend continued education sessions at their favorite jail got it covered under BG101 classes. All of this to satisfy the crowd that tell themselves that "anything is better than nothing" when it comes to gun laws. When it comes to forensics, there is typically lot of information available at the scene and through subsequent process. Often the problem isnt about knowing but proving beyond reasonable doubt. Sometimes you can do that without any knowledge of the weapon and sometime you cant even if you have the weapon right in front of the jury. Real professionals know how to work the system, but 99% cases doesn't involve real professionals, for they are good at employing far better solutions than using a registered GUNZ.
  10. I had to sign as adult when a nephew had to get a urine test done for EMT. A nurse refused to draw blood from patient without his consent and its national news, yet hospital(s) got 10s of these kids and performed tests without asking questions ? I am against lawsuits, but I sure hope parents find some good lawyers and sue the heck out of every person, company and organization and town involved.
  11. I just love the "apology letter" from the administration. I think that roughly translates into 1) We will set up a cavity check at the entrance 2) & 3) We want ability to throw whole town into mandated testing. We will further study on effective means of managing crowds, perhaps borrow some practices from cattle farming 4) Perhaps hire more psychos with experience managing patients at psych wards 5) We dont give a F about what you think. You dont have any alternatives and you will put up with it. Or else, we will setup a CPS visit to your home -------------------- Some of the pressing issues I plan to address going forward, are: (1) improving the process for ensuring that drugs and alcoholic beverages are not brought onto our campus for athletic and other events; (2) a methodology for sending students to different facilities in the event we need to send a large group of students for testing so as to avoid overcrowding at any one particular location; (3) clearer direction to medical staff on the type of screening that we require (blood versus urine, etc.); (4) further training for our staff; and (5) a comprehensive review of our substance abuse policy and regulation for which community input is always welcome. I also wonder, with what authority did Hospitals run the urine and blood tests ?
  12. Thanks. appreciate it.
  13. Looking either a blacksmith or someone with means, to make a branding iron. This is to brand bee hive boxes (wood) and frames. Appreciate any ideas or referrals.
  14. Sorry bud, keeping it for the eventual Zeke Apocalypse TM
  15. I was excited about reloading in the beginning. Now all the equipment, material and brass is sitting and collecting dust. May be some day.