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  1. 1. My Dog 2. Too many great guys & gals here. But probably none. I like to save them the agony of having to share the foxhole with me. Dog is another mater. she wouldn't complain :-)
  2. Nothing in up north here ? I am disappointed. I wanted to do my part in preventing gun violence and senseless mass murdering by turning in in-operable, cheap BB guns. I guess next time. If no ID is required, how do they know the person is NJ resident ?
  3. Great advice. Will get 3rd estimate and go from there. Thanks everyone.
  4. Thought of replacing roof as it was leaking in an open porch area. Got two estimates. One from a small company that someone at work referred. Second one from a large, established company. Both appear on GAF as certified etc. Ofcourse the large company is some type of "Master...." certified. Now, larger company estimate is about 30% higher than first one, coming to few grand difference. Wondering why such huge difference. Any thoughts ?
  5. Sorry, no jab meant. Apologize if it came out that way. And yes, some elements of western society in some cases is getting to the point of unwilling to take a life. In my personal view, arguments against death penalty in severe cases is one of them.
  6. THIS. OP - and don't worry, don't take it to FFL etc. Just call the manufacturer and they will deal with it. Stuff happens.
  7. Lovely pics. Gotta love that energy.
  8. I think we are talking about different things. I don't see anyone here advocating against protecting self. But are cautioning about dealing with consequences. You are right, I haven't seen a VietCong with PTSD. Doesn't mean they aren't suffering. I have seen soldiers of other countries come back from messy wars and waste away, never to return to normal again. On the other hand, I doubt the that lady who shot couple of robbers (there was a video a year or so ago) suffered any PTSD. I also doubt she took firearm classes to prepare her mind & body with super ninja skills (training emphasis could be another topic). Big part of all this is mental justification, dealing with details and number of occurrences. LEO and other professionals are constantly trained on value of human life for very good reasons. They are given tools and power thats above average citizen. They have to deal with details of aftermath. They also need to be careful of mental justification. Its very thin line that can be easily crossed over to dark side. Society does not need bunch of those running around with no empathy. Is certain cases of PTSD higher in troops engaged in close range combat compared to, say, airforce personnel or drone operators ? Why is that ? In my personal opinion, the later doesnt have to deal with details up close. Don't have to look into eyes of a person chocking on their own blood. Don't have to walk through body(ies) drenched in cloths . Don't have to bag them. Its easy to sound tough, unless been through couple of these up close.
  9. do site search using google and you will see complaints about 1 P2P and taking forever. I cannot find any website for PD. There exists a "Department of Law". The town has its own "ID" program. Enough said.
  10. Important not to look at details. Details make it stick in your mind. And that causes other problems.
  11. INTENT matters a good portion.
  12. Name of the deceased is now known. Bit of research indicates the dead is from the same town. Looks like there is more to the story.
  13. There is probably more to this story.
  14. Now I know how Election Polls work :-)