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  1. 2AJoe

    Sig P226 Legion

    I have the Sig P226 Legion SAO, and I love it. The smooth trigger and the almost non-existent reset are remarkable. Being SAO it has an ambidextrous thumb safety that is firm, but can be disengaged that requires extremely limited effort. One of may favorite to shoot. Be sure to get the one with 10-round capacity magazines. Good luck and enjoy it.
  2. Sorry for the late response. Budsgunshop has it in stock.
  3. I purchased this one last week. I plan on shooting the hell out of it this weekend.
  4. Thanks!!! Going to purchase the black gold for 110. Sweet looking sight.
  5. I just purchased a S&W 629 44mag and Henry Big Boy 44mag. Had to show some 44 love.
  6. I just picked her up, and can't wait to shoot this beast. She is a cannon w/14+1 45acp 230g cannonballs. Feels great in the hands. A very well made gun. You can't complain about the price when it includes 4/14 rd extended mags.
  7. 2AJoe

    Sig Sauer 1911 TTT

    Those are really nice grips. Who makes them?
  8. I love my 1911's. There are some beauties here as well. My Sig1911 with 1911 TFB G10 Grips, CMC and a Wilson Combat Extended 10 rd Mag. Colt 1911 VZ Grips and a pair of Wilson Combat - Vickers Duty 9mm 10 Rd. mags.
  9. 2AJoe

    Sig Sauer 1911 TTT

    Here it is with my new Mil-Tac G10 grips. [/url]
  10. 2AJoe

    Sig Sauer 1911 TTT

    I am not thrilled with them either. I've ordered new grips for her. Thank you!
  11. Picked her up over the weekend. I also purchased two extended mags from CMC - Combat Power Mag 10 rd. 45acp.
  12. I plan on buying another one next month. I have been paying it off. Should be fine without the extension.
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