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  1. If your paperwork did not get sent to the courts before the new laws, I believe you are subject to the new laws minus the TRO and the new fees.
  2. Because if your newly reclassified "Rifle" has a barrel of less than 16" it is now an unregistered Short Barrel Rifle.
  3. It seems the SAF's legal team has concluded that the Brace rule has in fact reclassified our "Others" as "Rifles". This is for Others with braces which is what the overwhelming majority of Others have. ATF has said that removing the brace and making it so that it cannot be re-attached (re-locating it is fine) would make the weapon legal so long as you don't add another device that adds surface area that can be shouldered. Basically remove the brace and leave a bare buffer tube is fine (so long as the buffer tube is required for operation).
  4. Let's hope the Mom's Demand Action types don't read this thread. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/forum/198-good-guy-stops-a-bad-guy/
  5. Need to place on order for 9mm range ammo. Who's got the lowest CPR with shipping right now?
  6. Do not mount it so that it is flush with the end of the buffer tube. That would add additional surface area to be shouldered.
  7. "Federal appeals court struck down a decades-old gun law Thursday that blocked people under domestic violence protection orders from possessing firearms, saying the law is unconstitutional after a new precedent for gun laws was set in a landmark Supreme Court decision." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/federal-court-strikes-down-decades-old-gun-law-targeting-domestic-violence/ar-AA173Fbv Not sure I like this one. Next up will be allowing felons the ability to legally get guns. Then allowing them to vote again.
  8. Figured, but just wanted anyone interested to be sure,
  9. If you are really worried about municipalities selectively enforcing the original law vs TRO, print out a copy of the latest TRO and leave it in your car and save a copy on your phone. As others have mentioned, they can't just ignore a court order.
  10. After being pinned and welded, the legal barrel length is over 16"?
  11. If you can't hit a Q target 80% of the time at those distances with those guns, you really should either get rid of those guns and get ones you can hit the target with and get training/practice with the guns you plan on using. To answer your question about places with an easier course of fire or reduced pass rate: No. The only places allowed to certify are NJSP certified testers. They rely on a standardized test. I believe there are 3 different standardized test that can be used, but most use a modified version (no low light portion) of the easiest test. Point being the test is as already as easy as its going to get. I was able to to get 50 out of 50 with all 3 of my guns, including a 3.3" barrel compact. If you can't pass it, you probably shouldn't get your permit anyways. I appreciate that you were an expert in the army and that's awesome, but it is a perishable skill. If you haven't been practicing on the regular, you won't be at the same level you once were.
  12. If your Permit does not have Restrictions or Court Order checked, then technically one permit for all guns you own. However you have Court Order checked so you must abide by the court order which is limiting you to just the gun you qualified with.
  13. Also that property owners who post these signs, removing our ability for self defense, are responsible civilly for any harm to anyone while on their property, regardless of who does the harm.
  14. Next time these politicians say they are "confident" that it will go their way in the end, we should ask them to bet their career on it. If they lose, they have to leave politics to the people who actually know and understand the constitution.
  15. This may well work in our favor. The politicians will use the usual BS of why this legislation needs to be passed and enforced. Judge will hopefully say that does not pass Bruen and no longer can be used to pass legislation. Next time they try to pass legislation using those arguments, just point back here where a judge says that is unconstitutional.
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