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  1. Except for those coming on here asking which place to go to that would give them an easy CCW test and bypass the whole training, practice, and learning rigamarole parts.
  2. I'd bet money it will get tossed if it gets that high. Just a matter of if and when.
  3. Four Boxes Diner (Mark Smith) Washington Gun Law (William Kirk) Armed Scholar (Anthony Miranda) Atty Tom Grieve Guns and Gadgets 2nd Ammendment News Armed Attorneys (Richard Hayes and Emily Taylor) any other recommendations?
  4. If that extends past the buffer tube, you're probably going to have to argue that in front of a judge if you get caught. I'd like to see an UPDATED letter from the ATF from this year saying that the Thordsen Customs Buffer Tube Cover + Cheek pad is still legal and would not be considered a shoulderable stock. The letter they are still going by is several years old IIRC.
  5. This is why it pays to be a member of these organizations and to donate. FPC members are covered by the injunction against the ATF's Pistol Brace rule while the FPC fights it in court for us. See below on how to join the FPC.
  6. Anyone know the status of this and when it would go into effect?
  7. Winchester 223 Remington Ammo 55 Gr FMJ 1000 Rounds - Ammo Deals (targetsportsusa.com) $460/1000 w/free shipping from TargetSportsUSA but with their membership its $423.20 free shipping. Winchester's 20% rebate would make it $338.56 shipped or $0.338/round.
  8. Preliminary Injunction gov.uscourts.njd.506033.124.0_1.pdf (courtlistener.com)
  9. Judge Bumb just threw out the requirement for insurance in her PI.
  10. I have a XDS with grip safety. A simple adjustment of my hand releases the grip safety while still securely holding the firearm to safely and slowly re-holster while looking it in. Basically slide my thumb down to touch my middle finger on the grip, which moves the web of my hand off the grip safety. My fingers (excluding thumb and web) and everything else remain in the same position, but the grip safety is engaged.
  11. https://www.fox29.com/news/police-1-dead-1-arrested-after-shooting-in-west-oak-lane No charges filed.
  12. You would think that more guns marketed for CCW would have grip safeties then. Easy to holster without engaging the grip safety, allowing you to fix an issue with clothing or whatever before the gun goes bang accidently.
  13. Hopefully this won't be an issue soon as NY (and NJ and CA and OR, etc) unconstitutional gun laws get the smack down from the courts. Show me historical tradition from 1789 of gun laws that limited the capacity a firearm could use, or the shape of its grip, or the length of the barrel, etc.
  14. I have a bunch of OLights. They do get warm and the batteries don't last long at high lumens. But they are easily rechargeable and I've never had an issue. The laser is just a backup and also helps with aligning the RDS. The Pro R is for long guns and have no issues with with a ton of rounds of 5.56. The remote switch is really nice. Makes it easy to toggle on and off between shots without having to adjust your grip or move your hand. Just squeeze. Your sight picture does not change/move. I guess for SHTF, they would be less than ideal due to the battery life unless you have a way of charging them.
  15. I use the Baldr Pro R laser light with external switch for rifle https://www.olightstore.com/baldr-pro-r.html https://www.olightstore.com/pl-pro-magnetic-remote-pressure-switch-rpl-7-black.html
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