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  1. Hey Shooters, Well, the match is in the books and we just finished building the last of the video proof (link below) and are shipping out the personalized plaques. I want to thank everyone who came out and participated as well as a big thanks to our sponsors! Considering the turnout, I'm pretty confident this will be an annual event. New Jersey has some great shooters (people and talent) and we thank the many great attendees from Penn, Ohio, Maryland, Conn, Mass, NY State and Florida. Hope to see you all next year!! http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/2017-nj-state-championship-videos
  2. Hey Shooters, Registration for the NJ NSSF Rimfire Challenge on October 7th is now open. We are currently able to accommodate 90 shooters. Each shooter will need a Rimfire Pistol and Rimfire Rifle. When you register, your division options are Limited (Iron Sights) or Open (Optics). If either the Pistol or Rifle have an optic, you are in the Open Division. The morning session will be everyone shooting their Pistol (all 6 stages). The afternoon session will be everyone shooting their rifle. That’s right 12 stages of Rimfire Excitement!! Lunch will be available for purchase. If we are able to add more stages, we will increase the number of shooters for the match, but for now it is 90 people. It’s time to register for some cool Rimfire action. http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/nssf-2017-registration See you at the range!! Regard, Adam
  3. Hey Shooters, Just because the range has been hit with bad weather doesn’t mean we can’t practice. What can I tell you… We had to do some type of video this weekend… It would not be a steel shooting weekend without a video. I want to be like Joseph when I grow up! https://youtu.be/BvBhfCnoJzI See you at the range!!
  4. Hey Shooters, We need to make sure to give a big thank you to the sponsors of our June match. I have had some… interesting… communications with perspective sponsors regarding the separation of NJ Politicians and the great NJ Shooters in our state. Something I was a bit surprised about, so PLEASE do thank our sponsors (their website and Facebook pages) and as others come on board I will make sure to give you the opportunity to thank then as well. This match… Our match… Is for the great shooters of New Jersey AND our great shooting friends around the country that shoot with us at the Old Bridge Steel Challenge and Real Deal Steel Matches . http://www.gttargets.com http://www.eurooptic.com/ http://www.xssights.com http://www.ramrodz.com http://ibejiheads.com http://www.cabelas.om http://www.hornady.com http://www.sierrabullets.com https://www.esca-tech.com http://eastcoaststeelchampionship.com/ http://www.hivizsights.com/ https://www.volquartsen.com/ http://www.decot.com/ https://www.laserlyte.com/ http://www.proshotproducts.com/ https://www.rangestore.net/ (Steel Target Paint) See you at the Range!! http://www.obsteelchallenge.com
  5. Hey Shooters, Who says you can’t shoot in 20 degree weather? Okay, yes it was cold. Well, we had 54 guns show up for the “Sunny and Warm Match” (not our normal 90+, but it was cold). The website has been updated with the usual match and Competition Coverage videos. The Trash Talk board as well as the stage record signs have been updated on the website. We actually had a few people set league records in the less then optimal temperature (Freaken cold!). The pictures are all up on the Old Bridge Steel Shooters Facebook page. http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/monthly-match-videos-2017 See you on the Range!!! Perhaps a warmer range next time…. www.obsteelchallenge.com
  6. Hey Shooters, This is your NSSF NJ State Rimfire Challenge save the date announcement (hmm.. long title). I think you all know the match is set for October 7, 2017 (Shooting both Rifle and Pistol on 6 stages - its like 12 stages!!). We will be opening up registration in the coming weeks, but the stages are available for your review on the website (start strategizing!). Last year was our 1st at Old Bridge and we had 83 shooters. For those who could not make it last year, take a look at the pictures and videos. Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1365553423454685&type=3 Videos: http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/november-videos-nssf Jeremy Friedman is doing a great job getting sponsors on board for this match, so the prize table should be great. I will be updating the site with the additional sponsors starting next weekend. We will have online registration and payment to ease your registration experience . Michael Gallagher has offered to run these stages at his Real Deal Steel match in June to help people warm up! Big thanks to Mike! Time to get that training regimen going (that must be interesting for some of you)… Well… Keep an eye out for updates and see you at the range!! Match Webpage: http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/nssf-rimfire-challenge-2017 Regards, Adam www.obsteelchallenge.com
  7. Hey Shooters, Looks like “most” people enjoyed the fact we included Outer Limits and Speed Option in our monthly six stage match. We will definitely keep the format of alternating between Outer Limits & Speed Option with Five to Go & Accelerator each month. We have updated the Trash Talk Board and league records on the website (Under Stage Records & Results)… Welcome to 2017!! It looks like people are enjoying the new “3” camera coverage we did this month on Roundabout. Hopefully Shooting USA will not “steel” Joseph (LOL). We are still working out some angles but we are trying to have some really cool coverage for the June NJ State Championships. http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/monthly-match-videos-2017 See you at the range!! www.obsteelchallenge.com
  8. Hey Shooters, Those of you familiar with our monthly matches know we shoot 6 official Steel Challenge stages. Starting in February we will be alternating two of the stages. We will include Speed Option and Outer Limits in place of 5 to Go and Accelerator. In March we will do 5 to Go and Accelerator and then in April back to…. You get the idea… This will give our shooters the ability to see these stages at least every other month (assuming weather is on our side)… See you at the range!! www.obsteelchallenge.com
  9. Hey Shooters, Ramrodz just became a member of our great team of Platinum Sponsors. I have been using their products long before they became a sponsor of our matches (they also sponsored our NSSF match) and I know you guys are familiar with their great products as well. Now, this does not mean you wait until after the match to clean your guns. Go restock your supply of their products now and make sure your guns are ready to go. You have plenty of time to come up with a reason for your times other than a dirty gun. http://www.ramrodz.com See you at the range!!
  10. Hey Shooters, I realize the majority of you reading this are experienced Steel Challenge shooters, but over the last year we have seen a big increase in new shooters. In an effort to help out the new shooters (You can NEVER have enough new shooters!!) we put together an introductory video. You know… Get them started… The reason I’m telling all of you is if you have people who want to get started in Steel Challenge, this would be a good 1st step. The video may evolve over time, but I think this is a good start. I have included a link to the New Shooters page (with the video) below and it is the 1st menu item in the Learn More menu on the site’s home page. http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/new-shooters-steel-challenge See you at the range!!
  11. Hey Shooters, Happy New Year!! Registration for the NJ State Steel Challenge Match is now open. Technically there is a limit to the number of shooters in the AM and PM sessions. In an effort to make sure everyone shoots at least one gun, we have kept the cost to $65 per gun. If you are fortunate enough to be a member of the Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club you will only pay $55 per gun. If you are a junior or pre-teen (calculated using your birth date, not maturity) you will only pay $30 per gun. Our sponsor list continues to grow and I will do my best to keep the website up to date. See you at the range!! Match Registration Page: http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/obsc-st-champ-2017 Website Home Page (Lots of exciting videos!!): www.obsteelchallenge.com
  12. Hey Shooters, In preparation for our big match in June our video team has stepped up their coverage of our monthly matches. I'm sure by now you are familiar with our matches as well as the video coverage. If you get a chance, take look at the next level and lets us know what you think (December 4th Match). Thanks for watching! See you at the range!! http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/monthly-match-videos
  13. Hey Shooters, The sponsorships / donations keep coming in for our NJ State Steel Challenge Championships on June 3rd 2017. The great team at Tandemkross (www.tandemkross.com) has signed up to be a Platinum sponsor. We have also had a number of other companies, all great friends of the shooting sports, join the list of sponsors / donors including: Cabelas (www.cabelas.com), Hornady (www.hornady.com), Revolver Supply Company (www.revolversupply.com) and Sierra Bullets (www.seirrabullets.com). We are very excited about having these sponsors support our match. I just started my holiday shopping with these great companies, how about you…
  14. Hey Shooters, hope you have had a chance to checkout out our website www.obsteelchallnge.com Between the great videos, pictures and other pages you can see the type of matches we run and hope to see all of you at either our monthly sanctioned matches or the 1 st NJ State Steel Challenge Championship match on June 3, 2017. I have just started the sponsorship request process for our state championships (a.k.a. Begging for donations) and we already have two Platinum sponsors. The great team at GT Targets (www.gttargets.com) and our good friends over at EuroOptics www.eurooptic.com. The guys at GT Targets have been a manufacturer of various high quality steel targets, caps and bases for many years. They have also have been a close and trusted friend of the shooting community for a long as I can remember. Our friends at EuroOptics are always focused on customer service, while ensuring the shooting community gets the best guns and gear at the lowest prices. I have had great experiences with these guys before they signed up to be a Platinum Sponsor and I’m sure you have as well. Now go over to their Facebook page and thank them for their sponsorship. (https://www.facebook.com/EuroOptics)
  15. The Old Bridge Rifle And Pistol Club is excited about hosting the 1st New Jersey State Steel Challenge Championship to be held on June 3rd, 2017. The state championship is just one of the exciting changes happening with the Old Bridge Steel Challenge league. The Steel Challenge league was taken over by a new Match Director in early 2016 and has seen an amazing increase in shooter participation. One of the key reasons for the growth is shooter times for all 6 stages are reported to the SCSA every month. We welcome people to take a look at our new website and learn about our matches (www.obsteelchallenge.com). If that does not get you excited about the league, check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/oldbridgesteel/?ref=bookmarks) . The details of the 2017 state championships will continue to evolve as we get closer to the match (June 3, 2017) and the website will be the best source for detail. The key thing to know is it is a Tier II approved, 8 Stage match that promises to be very exciting. Quote Edit