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  1. The reason that we can make fun of this is because 2 evil people are no longer putting the public in danger. Luckily no one else got hurt just the 2 scumbags, justice got served and now we can laugh about it. If they would have killed another family that day we wouldn't be laughing at all, we would be tying the noose.
  2. No one laughed at Tatsuya Sakai. Me personally I don't know anything about it but I won't make fun of people that do.
  3. Glad he retired but that sucks for us lol. James Whittaker near Hammonton is my next choice for transfers. Who's Bob Viden?
  4. I haven't been following this stuff lately, can someone quote me and give me a rundown of what's been going on?
  5. Pretty sure duces den does all that and cheapest transfers in all the land. https://www.google.com/search?q=deuces+den+sewell&oq=duces+den+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0.4618j1j7&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  6. I'm surprised all the libtards on here didn't say why's it gotta be a dude and call you a racist.
  7. It's super easy to get to, your car might get a little dirty though. It's a great range. Some people complain about pretty much every weekend having a match but there must be something wrong with them. This Saturday is knock down steel. You don't have to be a member to shoot any of the matches. You should come out and shoot with us. If you need anything let me know
  8. Let me clear up what scorpio is trying to tell ya. Da hole in duh middle of barrel is fukdup Do me a favor take a rough measurement from the gas block to the end of the threads for the brake. I don't feel like clicking your link.
  9. Fuck yeah finally, oil threads are kinda my jam! Use Mobil 1 5w30 on everything all year long, if it don't run either your gun, ammo or mags are fucking garbage and should be treated as such. Use a tiny bit of Brian Enos slide glide with a light coat of Mobil 1 on top of it on your 19/2011 rails. Really that shit is just the red hightack axle grease poured in to a little plastic jar with a sticker from a gun hippie that talks about how he's one with the universe or some shit. Either way I was once an ignorant asshole at one time too and got suckered into buying it. Oh well that little jar will last a lifetime so fuck it. Dont believe the lies that gun oil companies, that make pretty much no money compared to automotive companies, put any kind of real research into the shit they sell. The tests they brag about are not real tests.
  10. Thanks KMA, just looking for something decent and cheap. I threw together another rifle with parts I had laying around for friends to shoot so they aren't beating up on my good ones. Any one have anything?
  11. Preferably something from Vortex
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