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  1. This is a steal of a deal, if I didn't already have one I'd be all over it. @Zeke you need this
  2. louu

    " important information " ?

    Is it from macafee?
  3. louu

    .22 help

    Do not buy anything that has the name Kimber on it. Especially if you want to actually shoot it.
  4. louu

    .22 help

    The gsg 1911 22 is a decent gun for the money, same size and controls as a real 1911 but it's aluminum so it doesn't have that fell like a steel 1911. I think they are right around $300, mine runs almost any ammo 100%, cci's are 100%. The only 22 I know to stay away from is the Sig mosquitoe.
  5. louu

    "Responsible" Training?

    Wasn't talking about the training stuff in that sentence, was talking about the fact that no one can carry a gun in this state so training like this is pointless. They should be throwing ninja stars or rocks or something, maybe just taze each other.
  6. louu

    "Responsible" Training?

    I can't wait till this whole "I'm a civilian but I'm training to be an operator" bull shit blows over. Especially in NJ, your never gona be able to carry a gun in this state. It's not the politicians that prevent us from carrying, it's all the gun owners crying on the internet instead of making a real difference. Stop wasting your money with these assholes and just shoot a fucking match. Guns in NJ are only for games, not self defense. When you move to America and there's that one in ten millionth chance that you have to get in a gun fight happens, your not going to have to fight the entire taliban army or the swat team. It's gona be one coward dope head and all you have to do is show your gun, the end.
  7. louu

    Birdcage on Netflix

    Brah, FUCK, AND I MEAN FUCK THAT MOVIE! What the fuck do I even try to watch any movie made after 1990? Glad we stole that shit, not that I'll ever give Hollywood any money ever again anyway. Jesus I can't get over how we just wasted 2 hours of our lives. I feel like a sucker cus they got to be blindfolded while I had to keep my eyes open. Sandra Bullock was born a man so yeah, no wonder she does a black dude in the movies.
  8. Wire brush or wire wheel it off and re paint it.
  9. louu


    10,000 and only one good one, see signature. Just kidding man, happy new year bud.
  10. louu

    Slowly Improving

    Im not trying to sound like a smart ass here just stating a fact. If the NRA wasn't what it is you would not have those guns, so yeah, you do need an NRA membership to enjoy shooting guns. I obviously don't know you but it sounds like you are misinformed about the NRA, you really should call them and ask why you should join 1 800 672 3888. It's less than a few boxes of ammo and there is absolutely no excuse not to join if you own any type of firearm. Also I recommend getting the shooting illustrated magazine from them free with your membership, not the Riflemen.
  11. Where you headed to? Check it out County Sports in carneys point.
  12. louu

    Slowly Improving

    You don't have an NRA membership? Do you own those guns or are you renting them?
  13. louu

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    I gotta make a new year's resolution to log off this dumpster fire of a forum forever. Unfortunately it's like a car accident and I have trouble looking away.
  14. Did you post it on the national match forum?
  15. That would be a great idea I was there and brought 4 of the Quinton 3 gunners.

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