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  1. Allright I almost never post or even look at all the non gun talk threads on here but since it's you tex and you hooked me up with that awesome brisket I'll tell you about some amazing pizza that's really not a pizza. It doesn't have sauce on it and no pizza kinda cheese, it has cheese like a breakfast sandwich. It's called the belly buster. It's got bacon, potatoes, ham, sausage, eggs and a ton of other stuff I'm forgetting. It's from a place called steak em ups in south Philly http://www.steakemup.com/ https://imgur.com/a/Qg7FTIm I'm also a huge fan of manco and mancos and macks in wildwood, but I hate the people on the wildwood Boardwalk.
  2. I'm not really sure if it's a fad or not but I hope it is. I know for our New Jersey gun culture that the younger people that see it on YouTube and want it won't go out and get it because they think it's so difficult to get a pistol in New Jersey. The older types that don't mind getting the permits and buying tons of guns all the time are simply that, the older types. They don't believe in all this fancy technology s*** like you got to sync your Bluetooth to your gun and sign in to your Facebook account just to shoot a bullet. Although there are some of them that realize it helps with their deteriorating eyesight and are slowly coming around to red dots.
  3. You just stay off my lawn!
  4. First part, it's not, but, it's open division end of story. Second part, no, the 2014 rule book is perfect. Now we have weekly rule changes, no real printed rulebook, people shooting rifles (at a pistol match) that rarely run and a lot of wasted time with rule arguments/discussions. I wish Mike Voight was still alive and president.
  5. I absolutely HATE, the whole optics ready scene because it was the start or the downfall of uspsa. I can't take the poll cus I can't answer #4
  6. Would you take $70 shipped for the 115 9mm berry's to 08318? If yeah pm me your PayPal and I'll friends transfer it to you.
  7. I obviously love racing and riding and as someone that has had the cops try to steal my bikes I find this video incredibly satisfying. SLAM! FUCK THAT GUY!
  8. If we get a site I have to figure out what to do with the kid during the shoot. I doubt we can bring her.
  9. Did you get a Campsite? Maybe we'll bring the camper for the weekend. How's the campground?
  10. Are you going to CJ Sunday for steel challenge? If so I'll take #2 the 1000 box of 115's
  11. Awesome hope to see you there. The action matches are on the back ranges. When you pull in go down the long driveway you will see a white building on your left hand side, just before that building is a road on the left, turn left there and follow that road around. You will go up a small hill and see 2 ranges on your right, go past them. Then you will see a huge rifle range right in front of you, when you see that turn right, go straight back to where everyone is parked and find a spot. Sign up will be under one of the roofs. I think 8 or 830 is last call. They usually do setup the night before.
  12. There's uspsa at Quinton to, second Saturday. I hear ya, I go to OB and CJ at least once a month each, it adds up.
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