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  1. I'm a little confused by this. Don't mean to sound like a dick here but your looking for a job that requires fighting huge criminals everyday but you don't want to do push ups?
  2. Was the Glock full auto?
  3. http://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/ The Glock ones glue on the bottom of the follower then glue the basepad on so all the mud ruins your gun. The AR ones replace the base pad retainer then glue on your basepad so the mud and sand can ruin that gun too. Before you glue the basepad on you should load it up to your desired round count and make sure it seats on a closed slide/bolt. Ideally you want it to go 3/4 of getting the next round in the mag meaning if it's a 10 round mag you want it to hold 10 and 3/4 rounds. You have to trim all the blocks to get it there. Just do a little trim at a time or you will over do it then your mag will hold 11 and then you will go to the federal pound you in the ass penitentiary for ever!!! Because you know, the cops come to our houses everyday and check out mags.
  4. This is the best post in this thread (except for the part about the Glock match) no offense NJGF but glock matches are a joke, they are almost as boring as IDPA. But hey that's just my opinion, if you like spending half a day on the range to shoot 40 rounds glock matches and IDPA might be for you. NJJoe22, you should shoot them all and find what is for you. Like I said though, what NJGF said about steel witch is actually called steel challenge, is the best place for everyone to start. Old bridge calls it real deal steel and steel challenge, one is mostly official stages the other is the same but not exactly measured out. You tube has tons of videos just type steel challenge in the search, Doug Koenig has some good videos with some good tips. When you get to the range don't take your gun out of the bag/box until you tell someone you are new and ask what the safe table rules are and how to use it. I hate it when people post what to do and not why to do it so here is a few reasons why I say everyone should start with steel challenge. There's no movement in steel challenge. I see so many people there first couple of matches with movement running around and breaking the 180 because there is so much going on that they can't concentrate on their muzzle which should be the only thing you are thinking about. It's intimidating for most people at USPSA matches and that makes it harder to concentrate on safety, sounds ridiculous but it's true. There is the same safety rules at steel challenge, here are the big two. Do not break the 180 and keep your finger out of the trigger guard and resting on the frame when you are moving, reloading or doing anything besides shooting at a target. It's a lot easier to concentrate, remember and use these rules when you don't have to think about your stage plan, where all the targets are and all that stuff. Getting disqualified your first time out sucks, I've seen so many people come out for their first match at USPSA, get DQed on their first stage and never come back. I'm not trying to scare you away from USPSA here its actually really easy and a ton of fun. I obviously dont know you and you might be a natural at USPSA. You get to shoot alot in steel challenge and shooting alot makes you a better shooter. No one ever taught me shit but I shoot a lot so I'm pretty good.
  5. Fukin internet know it alls. Nothing I hate more than the keyboard safety officer, worse than the safety guy on a construction sight. Shit, the man is just trying to help people out, get off his nuts. I liked the video Glen, keep up the good work.
  6. If you need an ffl for the transfer let me know
  7. Junior shooters use 20 guages sometimes but I would think the problem for an adult would be struggling loading smaller shells. If you use the proper choke with a 20 guage it should knock down most steel. If your talking about the old bridge match 12 guage is the way to go, some of the racks can be cleared with one shot.
  8. There's a bunch on this page here https://gun.deals/category/hand-guns?page=1&caliber=3&mobile=true
  9. Any time you want you can check out and shoot my Razor HD JM1, buy once cry once. You can get it cheap with the discount cabelas gift cards and active junky rebates.
  10. @High Exposure how many points on a license do you give someone for spelling errors?
  11. Gun stuff or yard sale stuff? Yard sale stuff I think anyone can post free in njgf list. Gun stuff you have to be a premier user. Click on the top bar where it says store and pick a membership. It's only a few bucks and you can post pictures in regular threads easier, no size limit. There use to be an option for regular members to pay a couple dollars for one ad in the guns and ammo for sale section, not sure if that's still the same.
  12. Sold please lock