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  1. Hi welcome. If you are looking for mid to high priced guns I can save you hundreds of dollars compared to the gun shops around here. Mid meaning like glocks, M&P's, sigs, Ruger etc. High meaning 1911's, Kimbers, etc. Cheaper guns I can definitely get them cheaper than the gun shops but if your driving a huge truck that gets 5 MPG it might not be worth it. But if you join Quinton sportsman club or USANNA gun range I'm between them. I'm a home based FFL in Elmer NJ 08318. I'm about 40 minutes from you. Feel free to call or text me anytime with any gun you want or any questions with applying witch you already have. I do this stuff all day everyday so I'm pretty good at it lol 856-364-1031 Louis Scarborough The Elmer Gun Company LLC
  2. Yup, overthinkin it. The prices on stuff are just gona keep going up, even guns. Buy stuff now. Buy it from the Elmer gun company llc in upper Deerfield, cheapest prices in the state. 856-364-1031
  3. I've been hearing Bridgeton barracks is pretty good but haven't actually seen one. Lots of guys come through my shop that have the permit now and are always proud to show it. I'm going to get started pretty soon I have to wait a few more weeks for my 30 day wait for a carry gun. If you haven't heard I have a home based FFL in Elmer now. I'm the absolutely cheapest place to buy firearms in the state. Give me a call for your next gun 856-364-1031
  4. If you want any new guns give me a call I got my FFL (home based) and have all the same distributors as the gun shops but don't charge their insane prices. I'm in upper Deerfield 856-364-1031
  5. It's all over the place right now. I've had guys apply a week apart for the same town and one gets it in 3 weeks and the other got it in 7 weeks.
  6. Yup, this forum use to be the shit for matches in the area, now it just is.... You mention matches on here and people say that's not real life or some other dumb shit. This forum helped get me into competitive shooting, now it's basically my life outside of the family. I even own a gun shop because of all this. I'll probably be opening up a training school pretty soon. Hell, even my wife shoots uspsa and SC. Just want to say thank you to all the OG's of this forum and all the match directors in the area!
  7. Buy your guns from me and I'll tell you. I'll also save you a ton of money 856-364-1031
  8. Apply for more pistol permits and they will give you a brand spanking new digital infringement card, then you won't need the old one. Pistol permits are really quick now, state police are around ten days. You can do it all online, no more going to the cop shop, you just need to know your local barracks ORI number witch can be found online. When your ready to buy something let me know, I'm can beat anyone's price. The Elmer Gun Company LLC 856-364-1031
  9. As with all jersey laws it's grey. For the new electronic stuff the phone is good. If you don't have that yet you would need to present your card. The address must match. That is what the state police that inspects FFL's told me.
  10. You can also just screenshot it on your phone. I'm an FFL and if you show it to me and give me your driver's license you are good to go.
  11. I'll take it. I am an FFL called the Elmer gun company llc 856-364-1031 I'm in Elmer 08318
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