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  1. Practicing's dumb, that's why I load from the ground.
  2. https://www.cabelas.com/product/HiViz-CompSight/740458.uts?slotId=3 This is the sight that pretty much everyone uses, comes with a lot of different sizes and colors to find what fits you. It's about 50/50 of the field running a rear sight, I never saw the need for it. I might be a hair slower on slugs but my shot shots are really fast and I rarely miss flying birds. Rear sights are not good for flying birds. If you run a red dot on your gun you will be in open division and at a serious disadvantage without either a mag fed gun, a speed loader system or an x rail (witch rarely run) You need to be able to shoot the sg really fast, just sweep through the targets because loading the sg is slow and kills your time. The side saddle thing isn't really an issue, it's not useful but it won't hurt to have. Meaning if you load from that on the clock your wasting time BUT, in the very likely case when you forget to put shells on your belt witch everyone has done at least once, you will have a few shells on the gun to load so you will get less failure to engage penalties. 12 round tube is pretty much standard for non open divisions. Almost every match starts with 9 in the gun so depending on the stage you can throw a quad in at the buzzer. Jersey start's with 5 in the gun and most matches don't care what you do after the buzzer but quinton we have some rule nazis (not me) so you have to shoot the gun before you can load it and there is plenty of movement between array's so there is no advantage to holding more that 6 in the tube.
  3. You need a longer tube and a match saver. You have to be able to hold 12 in the tube and you need to practice using the match saver (with a dummy shell). You will lose count a lot your first season, the match saver helps, (A LOT). The light will probably break off the first time you go to dump it. Check your slug zero, almost all clamps like that will change your slug zero every time you take it off and put it back on for cleaning. Shooters source has a front qd that replaces one of the rings behind the nut so no clamp needed.
  4. Sounds simple enough thanks man. Did you get a common one or an oddball, any idea how long it took?
  5. What do I do with the paper? Just fill it out with my ffls info and mail it in myself? Does the ffl have to fill it out or do anything with it? How long does it take to get there? I'm concerned about my pistol p2p expiring.
  6. Sorry for asking an actual gun related question on a gun forum lol.
  7. So how does it work in this state? Do I order it myself and just tell them what ffl to send it to? Does the ffl have to order it? Most importantly how long does it take? Don't want my permission slip to expire while I'm wating?
  8. Maybe ask the Millville Airport museum. It's a great place with lots of stuff like this, I go at least once a year.
  9. Hopefully they will actually be open on the posted hours unlike the old shop. Wife is still pissed they sold the gun she said she was coming to get. Drove almost 2 hours to get there, we're closed with no or sign or anything, called and left a message, never got a return call, she kept calling, then finds out it was sold to someone else.
  10. Their guns do not get half of the abuse that people like me do to our guns. They get new guns all the time so the round count is actually low. I only have one 3 gun shotgun and it literally has pallets of shells through it. In the 4 years I've had this gun I've only had 5 malfunctions with it and each time all I had to do to get it going again was pull the charging handle. 3 of the malfunctions were from using bad ammo, 1 was from not cleaning it for a long time and the other was recently when I did a half ass cleaning and just dumped a ton of oil in it.
  11. See my post from yesterday or the day before. Ask anyone that has been to at leat one half decent sized 3 gun or shotgun match if they seen any shotguns breakdown that day, when they answer yes ask them what kind of gun it was. There is a 99% chance they will say 930. I'm not talking shit, breakin balls or joking, this is just the truth. It sucks too because I really like mossberg as a company. My first gun was a mossberg 835.
  12. If you want me to help you smooth it out so it will last longer feel free to bring it over and I'll help you out, I'm 20 east of quinton. Pm me your number. If not don't just take it out of the box and shoot it. If you want it to last there are a couple simple things you should do first. BEFORE YOU SHOOT IT OR EVEN CYCLE IT. You have to clean up the sides of the extractor groove with some sand paper. You do not need a Benelli extractor like the internet says you do, all of those posts are old and we learned since then. You also have to smooth out the action bar where it rides inside of the receiver and over the mag tube. Same thing, just use some fine grit sandpaper and knockdown the rough edges. Both of those things should only take you about 5 minutes. Finally clean off all of the oil that comes on it and use some mobile one 5 W 30 on everything that moves. Do not do any standing on the mag tube. Also if you want to check out mine I'll be at Quinton on Sunday. There is a practice steel challenge Fun Shoot that you should come check out and bring some guns to.
  13. Yes for the last fucking time go buy it! Thats where i bought mine. You won't be disappointed. Tanners in PA usually sells them around 550 otd.