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  1. Buy your guns from me and I'll tell you. I'll also save you a ton of money 856-364-1031
  2. Apply for more pistol permits and they will give you a brand spanking new digital infringement card, then you won't need the old one. Pistol permits are really quick now, state police are around ten days. You can do it all online, no more going to the cop shop, you just need to know your local barracks ORI number witch can be found online. When your ready to buy something let me know, I'm can beat anyone's price. The Elmer Gun Company LLC 856-364-1031
  3. As with all jersey laws it's grey. For the new electronic stuff the phone is good. If you don't have that yet you would need to present your card. The address must match. That is what the state police that inspects FFL's told me.
  4. You can also just screenshot it on your phone. I'm an FFL and if you show it to me and give me your driver's license you are good to go.
  5. I'll take it. I am an FFL called the Elmer gun company llc 856-364-1031 I'm in Elmer 08318
  6. I'll take all of your Varget and all of your 8208 if we can meet up at Old Bridge on Sunday. I'm shooting USPSA. I'll p.m. you my phone number
  7. Come shoot a steel challenge match at old Bridge for twenty bucks non member. What type of gun do you want to shoot?
  8. This and this. There a lot of great matches in this state.
  9. That was the first time for as long as I can remember that I got a chuckle out of this thread. Thanks man.
  10. The reason that we can make fun of this is because 2 evil people are no longer putting the public in danger. Luckily no one else got hurt just the 2 scumbags, justice got served and now we can laugh about it. If they would have killed another family that day we wouldn't be laughing at all, we would be tying the noose.
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