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  1. It's a rule for USPSA muzzle can not point further than 3 feet from the shooters feet standing relaxed.
  2. You can get $100 cabelas gift cards on ebay right now for $82 from smv gift cards. Order it through the active junky website to get 6% back. On top of that use a cabelas coupon and get it shipped to the store. After all that it will be practically free. If your going that route pm me your email and I'll send you a link for active junky so we both get $10 the first time you use it. I just got paid $108 from active junky, free money!
  3. Shooting a moving target within 35 feet with a handgun is the same as shooting a static target. There are 3 factors that go into this and they both have to do with you. The first one is being able to actually shoot your gun properly. Meaning all the fundamentals grip, stance, trigger control, no anticipation and pulling the shot down, sight picture... the second is being able to aquire the sight picture instantly. The third one, and this is the big one, getting over the mental part of it. I see so many shooters that shoot really well and when they get to the Texas star stage they get nervous, complain that they can't shoot it, proceed to throw 3 mags at it... meanwhile all their groups on cardboard are 3 inches or tighter and their times are acceptable. Out of all that the one that is hardest to work on is the second one, getting that gun on target instantly. The only way to get to that point is either to dry fire alot or shoot alot. I don't know what .22 you have but most .22 pistols, at least from what I've heard, should not be dry fired. Your best bet and most fun will be steel challenge matches. Steel challenge, also known as steel matches and static steel is your absolute best way to start. You will meet some of the nicest people at shooting matches (and some of the weirdest lol). There is absolutely no reason to be intimidated to go to a match. Almost every competitor stared out with SC and at almost every SC match there is a few brand new shooters. They are extremely new shooter freindly. You don't need a holster, just good safety glasses, ear plugs, 5 mags, gun, hat, lunch and about 200-250 rounds. Your probably less than an hour from Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club just make sure it's Jake brown road, if not you'll end up at the indoor one that's not near the outdoor range where the SC matches are. 2 things you need to know when you go, tell them you are new and don't uncase your gun till they tell you to. Get ready to have a whole lot of fun. ..
  4. Pump guns not gas
  5. On the house? What happened did he board them up?
  6. Take some pictures maybe you can submit them to weird NJ.
  7. That is an awesome post and should probably be stickied, great job. Only other weird NJ thing I would add is semi auto shotgun is limited to 6 in the tube. Pump is more but IDK what it is, maybe 15?
  8. Welcome, we also have 3 gun at Quinton in South Jersey.
  9. The target is 28 inches tall and the circle is 8 inches wide.
  10. I sent you a pm. I'll be at CJ Sunday if you want one let me know.
  11. How about we just go to work that day, make real money and let the Crack heads get their hundred bucks.
  12. S&w337 for $338 and great deals on shields https://gun.deals/today?mobile=true#
  13. I'll also be willing to trade 6 of them for a 929
  14. Amazon fire stick is less than $40. Step 1 follow the very simple instructions in this video There is a lot of good content on the no limits build but if you know what you want to watch stop the above video at 5:50 and proceed to step 2 Step 2 install the elysium channel here This is totally free and super easy If you want a little more speed get the amazon fire tv box for $80 and wire it directly to your modem or just WiFi that to.