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  1. Eh possibly we will see. One of my buddy's just started working for sig so I planned on taking some classes with him (free for sig employees) but who knows now. I'm laid off as of Thursday. Either way I'm taking some day/overnight trips to the beach this summer and fall. Swimming and striper fishing mostly
  2. fishnut

    Saiga 12

    Is that the one that was stolen or something?
  3. I can give you a great deal on some slightly used tp....
  4. Just saw this now. @mustang69 yes I bought a snowblower from you a few years ago. I'm about 2 hours north of you. @Zeke you know you already have a standing invitation. Just wait till this whole virus thing blows over. @Rufio.Weaponworks im 1.5 hrs from you, I'm right by Mt, Washington in the white mountians. After things clear up this summer I plan on spending a little time down by you on the southern maine coast/NH seacoast. @vjf915 is also in NH over by the border of VT We should all have a NJ expat meet up one day. I dont have any club to shoot at but I have plenty of woods and a gravel pit that we can shoot it.
  5. We didn't get allot of snow up here this winter so with a little luck by summer we will be in a drought and my lawn will be a nice shade of brown and I wont have to mow
  6. I start my genny every time I start my mower/snowblower. Its electric start so the battery keeps a charge without me hooking it up to a tender. I run it off propane so I dont have to worry about ethanol problems. For my chain saw and string trimmer I use non ethanol gas. And just run them dry every time I put them away.
  7. Just get the dog to pee on all the grass. Then you dont need to fertilize
  8. If that's what the Marines do I'd hate to hear what the Coast Guard does......
  9. No I moved up here after the state went to constitutional carry. I got my resident permit because it allows resaprocity with other states and allows me to carry in some parks in maine specifically Arcadia.
  10. I think Hunter S Thompson let the cat out of the bag......
  11. That's exactly what our governor up here did. All restruants and breweries, distillers ect have been allowed to sell booze to go along with delivery because he relaxed the rules to help business owners.
  12. I'm still working, the hotel I work at closed on sunday and laid off 90% of the staff for at least 2 weeks starting tomorrow. As maintenance and security I'm considered essential so I will have a job throughout all of this craziness. I work second shift so during the day I do preschool stuff with my daughter while my wife works from home and then leave for work in the afternoon when she gets off of work. To keep active in my free time I've been hiking the closed ski resort next to my house with one of my dogs and snowboarding down while he chases me or out in the woods cutting and splitting firewood for next season. So besides my daughter being home from school and the ski lifts shut down my life is pretty much unchanged.
  13. Same thing is happening with Massachusetts residents fleeing to New Hampshire. I imagine that it's going on with every area that is getting hit hard with the virus
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