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  1. But Gomer could hit his target.......
  2. I so want to do this with a shockwave but ill probably get shot if i get pulled over
  3. Tell her your a Marine.
  4. Me too. We're looking around the conway area, not in conway but around that area. Aka Mt. Washington valley area. Portland Maine is a little over an hour away.
  5. Dave is getting married Nov 4 so if it's on the 5th I'm out
  6. I don't see why not. Maybe i can shoot it one handed and hit clays like my buddy Dave.
  7. My last anchor to NJ is on hospus. I've spent the majority of my life living in hunterdon county and I really like it here but the taxes are killing me. I can buy a nicer house with more property in New Hampshire and pay a quarter of the property tax. I hope to be out of Nj within 2 years.
  8. @AverageJoe @Sandy
  9. I know there are a few reptile people on here. I used to go to this show all the time as a vendor and it's a great show. I'll be going this Saturday just to look around and hit up cabelas afterward. Let me know if anyone is planning on going we can meet up.
  10. PSA has 5-8 round shield mags plus 250 rounds of 9mm for 100 bucks
  11. Don't be sorry I got if for free lol
  12. Great minds think alike, I was thinking that very same question. My guess is no unfortunately
  13. Thanks! I forget what motor is in it I'll check tomorrow. It's stuffed in the back corner of my shed and I don't feel like climbing over everything right now LOL. It was not used a ton as it was from a school so it was only used once a week. I'd be very happy with 200 bucks lol
  14. Last year I got a used scag 60" walk behind. Its not running and I had plans to fix it and use it for my house. Now that we plan on moving in the near future and having a smaller yard im thinking i should try and sell the mower. When I got it it was running but seemed low on power. Turns out one of the pistons is not moving and that's as I got. I have not had time to pull the engine apart and see what's broken. What do you guys think would be a fair asking price sight unseen?