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  1. Once you sip the kool aid the hater aid becomes invisible
  2. Ya know for someone who writes very long winded posts you sure cant read to well.
  3. Well it's part of Canada so yes. I amjust busting your balls though I'm a big fan of labs, my buddy has a drakes point lineage lab and it's on if the most amazing hunters I've ever seen
  4. It's still king in my books.
  5. Aren't all canadians liberals?
  6. I just shoot and dont even bother cleaning it
  7. What I ment was why would poachers use a rifle fired from their truck when they could just use a handgun. Shooting an animal from a vehicle is illegal regardless of what firearm is used. Yes I do follow all game laws though
  8. Lol. Not me buy yeah that's supposedly why loaded long guns in vehicles is illegal, but handgun hunting is allowed so it's kinda pointless to have a law prohibiting loaded long guns when it's so much easier to wield a handgun while in a vehicle anyway.
  9. If your being invaded by pheasants you'll be safe ray
  10. Yes and no. Plenty of snow above 2500' still but the last pile of snow melted last week on my property. 70° and sunny here today, tomorrow is going to be close to 80°. As you probably know its constitutional carry up here. I decided to get my resident permit anyway, took less than 10 days and my references were not contacted! Just no loaded long guns in any motorized vehicles.
  11. It can take up to 90 days for them to process resident ccw permits in SC. Residents would be very happy to get it in 18 days.
  12. Very true, even two or three larger dogs and it would be very hard to get the dogs under control without a bite stick (asp baton) or a gun
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