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  1. Well looks like Pat is going to get a Glock now
  2. Kids and staff have off today so Luger is in his glory
  3. I hate you guys! I'm a huge fan of the 45-70! I going to get a lever gun, probably a Henry. But I also really want an Uberti Sharp's replica, I love the movie Quigley Down Under! Nothing like shooting steel at distance and having enough time to put your rifle on the bench before you hear the bullet hit the target! I have not seen the newer jurassic park. Guess I need to if they are killing dinosaurs with them!
  4. Where did you stay? I started in Negroman and took the river south to a large Lake following the border of mountain pine preserve. Then to Belmopan for a few days and finished off with 3 days on ambergris cay. I think about the bacon often lol.
  5. I told the story a few times on this forum here before. When I was 12 I was shot in the back (through a bush first) at a distance of less than 30 feet. He pellets that made it through my jacket barely broke my skin, in fact several pellets were in my socks because my skin stopped them and they fell down on the hike out. It dident incapacitate me and I was 12, imagine how ineffective it would be on someone trying to do you harm. I'm not a shotgun in the house guy either but my wife is not comfortable or accurate with handguns. She is most comfortable and accurate with my Mossy 500 Persuader loaded with TAP 00B, so that's her HD gun.
  6. You do now! I'm a huge fan especially of the Portuguese variety, gotta be made right though. Not anyone can make it good. It should not taste like iodine. Now spam and Vienna sausages are nasty. I'm not big on porkroll but at least I know what it's called. Sausages of all types are all good in my book. Bacon is king! Homemade bacon is king of kings!! Best I ever had was in the jungle of Belize near the border of Guatemala.
  7. Any place in Hunterdon County is better then Rahway or Union.
  8. Mrs.peel are you a native or a transplant?
  9. You get a hoagie at a deli aka Delicatessen A submarine sandwich is the crap that the kiddie toucher Jared sold for subway Do you drink pop with your submarine sandwich? Damn Benny
  10. This knuckle dragger can read! I can also show up to shotgun shoots........jus sayin
  11. Communist blasphemy!
  12. Nope, one shot dead center is gun control. Dump 2 mags all around the sign without hitting it........that's gun violence
  13. Welcome. Strange question, is your name Josh? I I heard through the grapevine that an old friend is moving back to Jersey from Oregon.
  14. I might know someone with some let me check with him tomorrow at work.