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  1. It's a 30x30 detached garage with a second floor so its a bit larger than a normal garage. The former owner owned a detailing business so the garage is wired for a lift and compressor. For now it's my workshop but eventually I'll finish it off as a 1 bedroom plus a loft and rent it out
  2. I have the same, 200amp for the house and 200amp for the garage
  3. OP- A great way to stay busy is to ask the mate to teach you and your kids how to make terminal tackle and rig baits. They will be more than happy to let you do their job and it's good to know if your getting into fishing
  4. That's why said dont go down below, everything is moving and it can be very disorienting. Out on deck with a view of the horizon and all well.
  5. Hes right though about 75% of people who start pounding beers in the morning are green and puking by lunch time. Luckily for me I only got sea sick once when I was a little kid, I can drink all I want and not get sea sick. However if I spend more than two or three days on the water I get land sick when I get back to shore. I dont puke but I'll definitely have a queasy stomach for a few hours
  6. Well they do say that marijuana does help with nausea...........
  7. https://images.app.goo.gl/ctRFowWEZd5Pyud8A
  8. I cant answer the first two but the last questions answer is absolutely YES.
  9. You have a NJ carry permit? Not likely unless your a cop. What law are you seeing that says someone must possess a FID card and have training to shoot?
  10. I have never been bitten by mine. Interesting side note, my 22lr will take any .22 ammo and cycle properly. Even with sub sonic ammo.
  11. Do not go inside the boat, stay out on deck. Allot of people who go indoors end up sea sick. I know a few people who get good results from the patches that go behind the ear.
  12. Nice! I have one in .22lr with the eagle N stamps on it that I inherited from my grandfather
  13. Yup. Spell check lol
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