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  1. fishnut

    Daily humor thread

    Im a little young for drive in theaters but I did go to a drive in strip club once out near Pittsburgh. Lmao. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/15326
  2. It's funny that no one knows him up here in NH. 2 gun shop owners and some people at green mountain barrel works have never heard of him. Has he spoke at any rallies or anything like that other than his law shield pitches. I think he wants to maintain the status quo in NJ so he can keep his cash cow. He kinda reminds me of a time share salesman.
  3. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Well I got about 20" of snow up here. No state of emergency to speak of and no brine either. They just plow and sand till it stops snowing then plow sand and salt. My co workers have never heard of a state of emergency for snow before. Lmao
  4. fishnut

    Scored. P365

    My shield doesn't
  5. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    That's my neck of the woods, I'm planning on snowboarding Mt. Washington when my buddy comes up from NJ. Not something I think I should do alone. I have an avalanche training class in a few weeks. I've heard acadia is nice, were going for a week in September. Got 12" here so far and it's still going strong!
  6. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Bartlett is the town I live in, the town is literally surrounded by white mountain national forest and less than 20 miles from Mt.Washington. The boundary line for WMNF is a few hundred yards from my house. Loon is about 1hr away. Its dreary here in the winter of you dont like the snow but it's a winter wonderland if you do like the snow. I can snowboard, snowmobile, and cross country ski all right from my property. Along with fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, ect during the warmer months. I love the snow so its the perfect place for me. I'm home sick with the stomach flu and I'm still excited about all the snow I'm getting!
  7. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Yup, I love the cold but not the cold and wind. Went cross country skiing the other morning. Temps were -6° but it was sunny and no wind. I had a great time. Canada? Nope not me, although I do like strong beer and maple syrup. I'm close (about 150 miles) but definitely not in Canada. I do have to deal with canadians at the hotel I work at on a daily basis and I have to say that canadians are usually pretty cool but the French canadians are 95% assholes.
  8. fishnut

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    Good luck!
  9. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    16° sounds like a heat wave to me. The high for me on Monday is 3°. Lol
  10. fishnut

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    A simple pressure test and soap bubbles on each fitting would confirm that its leaking or not. But yeah no gasspiping should ever be used without a pressure test performed. I'm very good at running gas pipe but every once and a while I find a leak. Once I even had a 90° with a leak because it was a bad casting. So even if your 100% sure with your joints there could be an issue with a fitting itself.
  11. fishnut

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    So no one has mentioned that before you hook it all up the gas piping needs to be pressure/ leak tested to insure you dont have any leaks. You might be comfortable with the piping your installing but do you know for a fact that the existing piping has been tested and is leak free? Gas piping is part of HVAC I used to run gas pipe all the time when I was doing HVAC. You mentioned your not comfortable with HVAC. Do you know the difference between black pipe couplings and thread protectors? You should have seen some of the super dangerous homeowner installs I've corrected. If not you could be playing with fire literally. Worst case scenario your house blows up and or burns down. Food for thought.
  12. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Fug permits. I installed mine myself but Its not my first time and I lined and insulated my chimney so up to code.
  13. fishnut

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Yup. I have a wood stove and a generator. A backup for my backup.
  14. fishnut

    Ouch !!

    How aboot that, learn something new every day. Eh
  15. fishnut

    Ouch !!

    Cuz they use maple syrup as lube

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