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  1. If she does tell her you were looking at a Perazzi but decided to be responsible and got a citori or 686 instead. Thankfully my wife thinks all guns look the same and has no idea how many I own.
  2. Can't go wrong with either
  3. I might be back in NJ around Thanksgiving. When I know the dates for sure I'll try and set up a shoot! I'm almost embarrassed to admit I haven't shot a shotgun since may, this is the longest I've gone without shooting shotguns since I started shooting clays 23 years ago.
  4. Up here in the woods we don't have garbage pickup or mail delivery. I take my trash to the dump and throw it into the compactor my self and I have a P.o. box for mail. The only thing I gotta worry about is bear stealing my garbage so I have to keep it in the garage.
  5. Especially if they have NJGF on them.......jus sayen
  6. I say no. I just had to send my new light back because the switch would not work all the time. The stream light I have has been to hell and back again and still works perfect 5+ years later
  7. Damn it's been that long already? Hope all is well on the opposite side of the country!
  8. A good portion already have moved. Soon enough the majority of NJGF members will living outside NJ.
  9. Bonfire
  10. My cellphone works just fine for me. I've never worn a watch and probably never will.
  11. Down your way should probably get some strippers coming up the river. Also I've fished in the canal near boundbrook for pickeral and had allot of success.
  12. Ah ok. If it was the one in hunterdon county I'd have some spots for you
  13. Which Franklin twp?
  14. And so it begins. Soon enough you will be picking out colors for the nursery
  15. I don't know either, I got my licenses before the internet.