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  1. Lately it's been Neshaminy Creek, the shape of hops to come. Thanks to purple Patrick who turned me on to it. As for fireball, to make a long story short, I'm no longer allowed to drink it or anything with fireball in it. My wife the DD was not thrilled with me, my brother, or my 2 cousins actions. Lol I just reminded her and it's still a sore subject 2 years later
  2. Or a hardwood floor in an apartment that you just moved out of.............got the security deposit back no problem
  3. At the restaurant inside the Amish Market they're my house they said something very similar except for it is scrambled eggs with sausage mixed in. +1000 on real maple syrup!!!!!
  4. I'm never eating breakfast with you LOL
  5. Boys eat cereal for breakfast Men drink coffee....or beer lol
  6. That's a good kit too. My buddy has had that exact same kit for 17 years.
  7. https://m.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-200-Piece-Standard-SAE-and-Metric-Mechanic-s-Tool-Set-with-Hard-Case/50194995 I keep this in my jeep for road side repairs but it's a great basic set of tools. I got it on sale for 99 bucks.
  8. Interesting. Just looked through the 2017 nj drivers manual. No mention of that law, I'm guessing that's why very few people know of that law.
  9. Wouldn't that mean that you never stopped at the stop sign?
  10. I'll be attending most likely
  11. That kind you and happy Father's day
  12. When I hunt in the rain I soak my whole shotgun in CLP and then wipe it all off and call it good when I get home. It floats out the water pretty well.
  13. Another +1 for slip2000. For the guns I clean. My mossberg 500 is still in the gun rack in my truck and hasn't been cleaned.