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  1. I had several speeding and careless driving tickets causing the state to suspend my license for 90days. All in Nj and I had no issues getting my FID card in Nj, Utah non resident ccw permit and now my New Hampshire resident ccw permit. I'm confident that one reckless driving ticket is not going to jam you up.
  2. I'm pretty sure @Smokin .50 is a member
  3. Definatly not true. I was rear ended in my wrangler on my way home from shooting Clay's in Clinton a few years ago. I had 3 shotguns in the front passenger compartment in gun socks. The cop looked at them and asked what they were, I answered shotguns. Then he asked if they were unloaded, I said yeah I just shot up all my ammo at the clinton wma. That was the end of the conversation about guns. This was Raritan twp PD
  4. Definatly call your county health officer and complain about rodent and vermin harboring. I was involved with inspecting a similar house in Morris twp for the health officer before the town demolished it.
  5. Sounds like a copy of the 1994 movie surviving the game
  6. Humm by my math 10ml is way closer to .5ml than 1 gallon which is 3785ml As far as pain goes it hurts less than a flu shot afterward according to a 7 year old girl who.was scratched by a rabid cat
  7. @Mrs. Peel either handyman is messing with you or he is more sensitive than a 7 year old girl. All rabies shots are in the arm(except for the first one which is at the location of the bite) and they do not inject you with a gallon of anything. It's not as bad as the flu shot. You have 14 days from exposure to get post exposure shots but then old wives tale that a bat can bite you and you would not even wake up is bullshit. They have teeth like cats and while that are sharp trust me it hurts to get bitten by a bat. I would know, I've been bitten twice. I'd recommend that you do not try to catch the bat yourself, you have the greatest risk of coming into contact with rabies that way. I picked up 10 or more bats every year that tested positive for rabies when I was an animal control officer. From now until the end of September is bat in house season in NJ and I hate to break it to you but yes you likely have several in your home. Pretty much every Victorian home has a few somewhere.
  8. Three shots plus a titer test and it's very expensive and insurance will not cover the pre exposure vaccination. Also the post exposure shots are not that bad
  9. After aug 15th you are allowed to exclude them. By then all the babys are flying on their own. The rules were made for a reason, bats need all the help they can get if they die off were screwed.
  10. FYI- Animal control will come and get the bat for free but they are required to have it sent out for rabies testing which means the bat will be killed.
  11. Hopefully a 10mm is in the works. I'd buy one right away.
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