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  1. Older kohler 4kw generator. Needs some love. I was messing with it this spring and had it running. Just tried to start it and it would not. It' going to the scrap yard in 2 weeks if no one takes it. Free
  2. Nice dogs, maybe the mods want to merg this thread with the dog thread I started with the same title?
  3. Oooooh video and pics please. I need to start figuring out what my first free state gun should be. This could be a winner!!!
  4. You should defiantly try this during your test drive............I think the guy in the video went to slow, try it with more speed! And make sure to flim it please
  5. For the morning I'll be out hunting pheasants Normally I fry the turkey outside while drinking as many beers as I can. There's only going to be 3 of us this year so fuck it we're going out for a buffet where I will continue the tradition of seeing how many beers I can drink in a short period of time LOL
  6. I vote raptor too!!! If you really want to be crazy and have to have your diesel, I'm sure you can find someone to swap in a diesel engine with big old turbos.
  7. If this is true and somehow it becomes law the workaround is civil disobedience. My daughter and her friends are going to learn how to shoot and that is that.
  8. Lol. Well they were in the jeep while we ate some porkroll egg and cheese sandwiches..........tried to give some Taylor ham to the dog but he gave is the sign that he rather lick his balls instead
  9. Not to rub it in but beacuse of this dog the dog owner and I got our limit in exactly 20 mins this morning.
  10. Mower is spoken for. That was fast lol
  11. Carol shelby gt350 plate still in package free
  12. Hey guys go check out my purge for the move thread in the NJGF list section I've got the scag up there for free!
  13. Mower is spoken for
  14. Sold please delete