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  1. If anyone here needs to store mags for whatever reason they are more than welcome to mail them to me. I'll keep them in the unopened box and send it back whenever the owner would like. Free of charge. For the record though if I was still in NJ I would not get rid of any of my mags.
  2. Its opening day so it will be a little less crazy but still there is going to be allot of hunters there.
  3. Hunting is allowed at the range and more than likely there will be idiots trying to hunt the back of the clay field as well as the left side. I stopped hunting Clinton WMA due to so many crazy unsafe hunters. It's like a war zone.
  4. Is that your morning bathroom mirror peptalk?
  5. Damn I'm jealous of you guys. Have fun and stay safe! FYI its opening day of pheasent season so it's probably going to be a mad house there
  6. Fyi if you get written permission from your neighbors you can ignore the 150 foot rule.
  7. If your more than 150 feet from your neighbors then yes.
  8. Problem is there is so much land that is not huntable because of anti owners or developments. I've only seen 6 deer and 2 dead moose but I've seen over 15 bear since may 11
  9. @vjf915
  10. Nice! that's about 4.5hrs away from me. I'm going to my buddy's deer camp after Thanksgiving for a day or two to hunt over that way.
  11. Where you moving to in maine? I'm 20 mins from the fryberg maine and 1.45hrs from portland.
  12. Ok,ok. #Zeke4mod and Boatguy4mod. PORK ROLL 4 LIFE!
  13. #Boatguy4mod!!!!!! Welcome to the show!
  14. I'm shocked. Lol
  15. Tip #1- make a WTS thread and post up what your selling!