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  1. I just use chunks of cuda to catch Amber jacks on the reef to use for shark bait. The skin on cudas is really tough so it stays on the hook while all the small reef fish pick at it. For survival though I think I'd rather eat a cuda than An MRE lol
  2. Barf! I hope they were young Cuda, the older ones are full of mercury. They are the reefs vacume cleaners and eat all the dead and dieing stuff. Edit- its ciguatera fish poisoning not the mercury.
  3. I just came here to say the same thing!
  4. Are you sure they were checking for access permits? While acess permits would be a new thing im not aware of for years during the summer months theh would have someone posted up at the entrance checking for all the proper safety gear and boat licenses and im more recent years checking for invasive plant species. I grew up on Allerton rd and fished RV allot. If the boat launch is closed personally I'd still be out in a kayak, dont need a boat launch for them.
  5. Yeah like there gonna keep all the dog walking Karen's out of ken Lockwood gorge
  6. I agree 100% one can hunt almost any animal in North America with a 12g pump shotgun. They are by far the most versatile hunting gun
  7. I agree, not much of a punch either
  8. My daughter spent 17 days in the NICU after she was born. Im very thankful that a member of this forum warned me to keep a close eye on the bills. Good thing I did because sure enough they tried to double bill for several different things. Even after I called them out on it they tried it again.
  9. There's usuly a roll of red plastic sheets near the exit of home depot just for this purpose.
  10. Ok got ya! You are definitely correct in that respect. I did have to have a talk with her that she's not allowed to tell anyone that daddy carries a gun because we don't want the bad guys to find out
  11. Yet up here when I would drop her off at school in the morning. Me, the principal and the police chief would chat about our kids shooting their red riders and when were going to graduate them to .22s. It was this past year and I live in northern New Hampshire where guns a normal part of daily life. Even many liberals up here are not anti gun. @Krdshrk 1 she will be shooting way before she drives so I have to prioritize. 2 its not like she's completely wrong, the consequences for someone not stopping for a stop light could be death
  12. Me three as does everyone I've ever introduced to shooting. My daughter told her preschool teacher that red means dead when asked what the red light means on a traffic light. Lol
  13. I just do the same routine I did in PT for core strengthening every morning, I'm at the point now if I don't do my PT I feel like I'm forgetting something.
  14. Good luck man! It really sucks, when mine would flare up really bad I would experience mild paralysis in my left leg and would end up dragging it as I walked. FWIW the DR who did my surgery was Dr. David Lamb of the Princeton neck and back institute. He's one of the best back surgeons in the country and he is also pro 2A. I highly recommend him if you want a second opinion
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