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  1. Congratulations! You will love it up here, I already do. Once the locals find out your a gun guy you will be accepted. Everyone carries up this way, mostly due to the bears though.
  2. For the moat part I practace catch and release but when I do keep fish Ive always killed the fish right away instead of letting it suffocate to death. If I'm fishing on a boat I have always bled the fish and put it on ice. I never knew it was a "thing" until the other day. Turns out it can help enhance the quality of the meat. Makes sense to me, the less stress the fish is in before death the better the quality of meat. So if your interested check out this video.
  3. That just needs a big loop lever and a threaded barrel and it's perfect. I plan on getting a 45-70 for hunting up here very soon. Skinner sights are pretty sweet too
  4. when my wife said that we should renew our vows someday. Only going on 8 years. I told her that if we renewed our vows it would make our wedding less special. To my surprise she agreed so I'm off the hook...........for now.
  5. Not usually any good deals on shells around Clinton. I used to hit up a Walmart in PA to stock up whenever I was over that way. William pen hwy exit on Rt 33. The 2nd exit coming from 78 I think.
  6. One of my old neighbors did that. EPA caught up with him and it cost him over 80k between fines restitution and lawyer. I wish it would have cost him even more. Fucker sent oil right into the creek in my backyard
  7. LOL I was just busting balls nothing wrong with Glocks they're just not for me
  8. glock perfection? In before @Ray Ray
  9. No, the only correct answer is pork roll. No matter what at @Mrs. Peel says.
  10. I like you already!
  11. Yes you can put a brake on it. Your allowed 2 evil features. Detachable mag and threaded barrel. Since there is no pistol grip your good to go.
  12. Welcome! Hunterdon is one of the better county's in NJ especilly if your a gun owner. Inquiring minds want to know do you call it Pork Roll or Taylor ham?
  13. http://dannucciroofing.com/ Owner is pro 2A. I've run into him several times at the .22 range at Clinton WMA.
  14. The wife had it on this morning, I walked past and shouted "Don't do it harry" she is still not talking to me............so peaceful
  15. Funny one of the few things I will miss about NJ is the shotgun shootouts. Have fun everyone. I guess I'll have to go shoot guns in the woods like the rest of the locals up here.