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  1. Naaa mention it often, it's fun. @WhoisDuck your answers are correct, welcome to the show. What states you looking to move to? The biggest regret I have from moving out of NJ is not doing it sooner!
  2. He is not, died when I was pretty young. Heart attack in the water swimming a small sail boat out to its mooring. A salior to his last breath. I did inherit an eagle N walther PP .22lr from him when I was old enough
  3. No problem. I have the piece of shrapnel he spoke about (the one he kept) but I did not know the story behind it. It's still in a box from the move but I'll try and dig it out and post up a pic.
  4. No offence taken, not my recommendations they are my brothers who lives in JC. Personally I've only been to JC once to my brothers place for dinner.
  5. Zeppelin hall beer garden, Iron monkey(pricey but a sweet beer list) Hudson hall (pricey but great food and beer) and porta pizza are his recommendations. All are within walking distance. Hes 5 blocks away from the school so he knows the area well lol
  6. What type of food you looking for? My brother lives in JC and is somewhat of a "foodie"
  7. I figured you'd be into frying a turkey its kinda like a crockpot. Just warmer and with oil
  8. Wild turkey is allot better than farm raised in my opinion
  9. You had a 50/50 chance and got the question wrong. I hope you dont gamble much. Lol
  10. Welcome! Now for the most important question.........Porkroll or talyor ham?
  11. Being veterans day I figured is share this. My dad's cousin recently found this transcript of an interview of my grandfather Felix V Balodis and his experience during the attack on Pearl Harbor. https://www.nps.gov/valr/learn/historyculture/upload/FelixBalodis.pdf
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