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  1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! As a former skateboarder I totally agree
  2. I also used life alert for my grandma and she had to use it several times, I was the first call and my mom was the second if no answer at either it was programmed to call the police. If you have any questions about elderly care feel free to pm me. My wife works for a company that places in home care givers. No sales pitches for her employer, she will answer any questions you may have or give you some info you never thought of. We've been through it as we lived with and cared for my wife' grandmother for 8 years and cared for my grandmother who lived a few miles away until they passed away.
  3. Back in middle school we all.had to bring in a leaf from home. One kid brought in a pot leaf. I'm sure that was an interesting afternoon for his parents
  4. I'm a werdo, I like to eat my chili over rice and I hate corn bread.
  5. Looks good but beans in chili are a must for this yankee! I've been meaning to make chili with venison, maybe this weekend.
  6. 100k probably would cover the ventilation system.........maybe
  7. That's not what the package says
  8. Let me know when your looking to fund your next tattoo.........
  9. I could not agree more! E-collars have their place and can be effective. My buddy keeps on his bird dog when out in the field just in case the dog takes off towards a road or something like that. It also beeps when he is pointing a bird.
  10. Prong collers are good but I've seen better success with muzzle collars. Generally but that was not the case with one of my own dog Easy now, dont insult wiener dogs Am I right? @Displaced Texan
  11. Absolutely! I use freeze dried liver treats
  12. I'm still trying to come on Sunday
  13. https://southjerseygsd.com/
  14. It's not like I haven't been shooting shotguns though