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  1. If you stand on it does that mean your high on pot?
  2. None of the gun guys up here in New Hampshire that I've talked to have ever heard of him. Including the owner of my local gun shop, the owner if the only Sporting Clay's course in the Mt. Washington valley and even my neighbor a town selectman and former NH speaker of the house Gene Chandler has never heard of him. Wonder why? Because hes busy holding fear mongering seminars for us law shield down in NJ all the time
  3. Do it! Your only regret will be not moving sooner. To top it off the town I live in has public preschool that my daughter is now attending at the same school she will be attending K-8th grade in. All paid for with my 2k a year property tax along with no state income tax and no sales tax.
  4. Crockpot is great for cooking while I'm out for the day. Chili, soups, or paella after a long day of being out in the cold are all great. Not ribs though. Our neighbor who is all about the air fryer let us borrow his, the wife liked it but If I want something fryed it's going to be in butter or oil not air. I think she likes it because its healthier or lower fat.
  5. https://www.northamerican.com/migration-map Many already have. I already did as have many other members on this forum over the past 10 years. What's your excuse for staying? I saved 10k a year in property tax alone!
  6. The M9A3 is NJ legal right out of the box no compliance work needed. Threaded barrels are not legal on semi auto rifles that's it
  7. Yeah I have one but I need a beacon too. Better to be safe than sorry( well safe as can be riding in avalanch terrain) I also have my shovel and probe just need the beacon to complete the package. Of course the most expensive piece last lol
  8. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a Av beacon that is collecting dust. Must be a 457KHz model so any beacon made in the past 15 years will do. I'm getting more into back country snowboarding/ splitboarding and definitely need a beacon
  9. @gleninjerseydo you have @DeerSlayer contact info? I dont think hes on this forum any more but He might have one if you want to drive to Sussex. I can also ask my buddy in pberg if hes got one on his truck if you send me the info. Looks like yours was cracked from the get go. They are delicate
  10. The salesman is dead wrong but he might have done you a favor. I have not heard good things about .17 Henry's
  11. +1 for Jupiter area. I've spent allot of time fishing offshore and diving from the Jupiter inlet to the west palm inlet. If I had to live in flordia I'd pick jupiter. I also have access to a cattle farm to shoot and hunt pigs in Jupiter across A1A from the McDonald's.
  12. 300blk AR pistol, I'm buying the lower tomorrow.
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