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  1. 25% off coupon can be found online anytime and can be used for on sale items. Keep an eye on them for when they go on sale.
  2. You have a pic of how much firewood you have. A coworker is looking for some firewood
  3. Folding one is very strong but folds to store in garage. Its pretty convienent. There are pockets built in to trailer frame that accept wood or whatever for sides. Plywood, diamond plate, aluminum ECT the choices are endless for floor and side rail materials If you want to see how crazy people can get with these trailers search Harbor Freight trailers on expeditionportal.com
  4. My indecision is my decision I guess. Lol. I haven't had the crack repaired and I have not shot it. She just sits in my display cabinet with a few other guns that almost never get shot. Hmm pheasant season is approaching though........... Maybe I'll bring it to the shotgun shoot if you guys are coming and want to check it out.
  5. +1 for harbor freight trailers. Can't beat them for the price
  6. http://mashable.com/2017/08/15/bear-attacks-dog/#0XqhL9Y3OaqW Pup was lucky the owner was there. Kinda sounds like someone was shooting a BB gun or something to try and scare the bear off.
  7. My bad it was 4 victims http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/16/us/pennsylvania-missing-men-community/index.html
  8. I believe TTC has some sort of moving target
  9. Google new hope triple murder.
  10. As in if it's pointed in your direction you better duck
  11. Who needs pump or semi?
  12. Don't half ass it like the kid in New Hope
  13. Sadly some towns do have breed restrictions
  14. It trying to impress or lead you. Your pretty new here, I figured you might want to shoot some guns and meet some forum members but if thats not your thing that's cool. No harm no foul.
  15. Seems like they have slowed down a little bit. Or maybe its because ive been indoors painting for 3 weeks