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  1. Not bad, it's on the list.
  2. First the dog is going to be pretty small about 45 lbs so magnum would not really be fitting. Second magnum is a very common dog name and im looking for a unique name.
  3. Not quite that's this guy
  4. @Mrs. Peel suggestion of Magyar is at the top of the list. 5 weeks to go till I can pick him up.
  5. Keep an eye out in the events section for the next shotgun shoot and start attending those. Make some friends with other gun owners and soon enough you will have plenty of people to use as a reference.
  6. My wife asked her boss but they dont know anyone to recommend down your way but sent this..... I would suggest they start with the Camden County Aging and Disability Services and see if they have resources they can recommend. Their # is 1-877-222-3737.
  7. I'm getting a dog not an asshole.
  8. Vizslas are the smallest of the pointing/ retrieving dogs magnum won't work and in not a star wars nerd........ I know of a dog that was stolen from clinton wma and then abandoned at flatbrook wma because the people who stole her diddent know she only responded to German commands to hunt
  9. Humm tarsa, I like the meaning but it's not a masculine name. Honestly magyar is a top contender
  10. My wife may know of a company due to her work(live in sick and elderly caregivers) but she is sleeping now I'll ask her in the morning.
  11. A definate NO! Can you imagine a hunter yelling "man licker" in the woods? Someone will shoot me for sure!!!
  12. Yes I know exactly what I'm in for. While I've never had my own puppy I've helped raise and train quite a few for friends and family. I've also assisted my aunt and cousins who breed Bovier Des Flanders and Portuguese water dogs. I'm not new to puppy's just new to owning one of my own. One of my past dogs an Australian cattle dog mix who I got at 11 months old ended up being a fly ball and agility champion so I know what it takes to train a dog to a high level. What I dont know is how to train it to hunt birds so I'm going to be taking the dog to a local hunting preserve where they train dogs to hunt birds and the owners how to train them.
  13. Humm I like magyar.........its on the list.
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