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  1. blksheep

    02/15/19 Nics is a Disaster

    I had and hour and 45 minute one yesterday. That was at 11:30am.
  2. blksheep

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    I have one in the stable...
  3. Great seller.  Thanks so much.  Nice meeting you and your wife.

  4. blksheep

    WTS Snow blower MTD Gold $300 OBO

  5. blksheep

    2019 Training

    I have planned... Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Classes for work. RDS Instructor class with Sage Dynamics and a Combat Med class through NREMT... HOPING to add another Rifle class, maybe with Sentinel... Also local GSSF and Regional GSSF matches and some Steel Matches in Sept and October.
  6. blksheep

    Servo Group classes coming up

    They are on here... @Servo Group Shoot them a message
  7. blksheep

    WTS Snow blower MTD Gold $300 OBO

    Snow sale...
  8. blksheep

    WTS Snow blower MTD Gold $300 OBO

  9. blksheep

    Have a safe and Happy New Year

    Happy New Years!
  10. blksheep

    Nighthawk GRP

    What time they start?
  11. blksheep

    Nighthawk GRP

    Thanks buddy! Do you have a list of the AMVets Show schedule?
  12. blksheep

    Nighthawk GRP

    The stippling is amazing. It's grippy without being abrasive.
  13. blksheep

    Glock 19X back in the stable...

    DP Customs did an awesome job. Front Cocking Serrations outlining the model #, RMR cut, Troy Coyote Brown Cerakote and "Sheepdog Arms" stenciled on left side. Topped of with a RMR07 Type 2 and a 1000 lumen Surefire X300.
  14. blksheep

    Glock 43X

    Recoil Web breaking story. Yes please. Let it be known Sheepdog Arms first to break the story...

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