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  1. 8 years and we are out
  2. There are only a handful of companies that make parts, springs etc. So it really comes down to QC. I know SOT should have the same QC as some of the more well know AR builders.
  3. It's not even new. Brakes have been mitigating recoil forever. I'd carry one on my duty gun if we could.
  4. SOT is good stuff. They were started by some guys that left Spikes.
  5. The reason why I carry a comp'd 43X...
  6. C'mon Ray even u are smarter than that
  7. Reduced recoil for faster follow up shots.
  8. Unless Active LEO is purchasing or Immediate Family Member
  9. Modern Material does have Govt contracts in NJ. I have personally run their guns and have seen their guns come thru LE Rifle Instructor courses and they are GTG. I wouldn't hesitate to grab their guns. I also have Noveske, Colt, BCM, Spikes and some home built guns. I will tell you they use the right parts and quality control is superb.
  10. Ill.post pics if I figure out how or PM me your Cell and I'll send em
  11. I have 4 of them and they are flawless. Just put the 19LS together with the RMR and it's a legit setup
  12. Look into Brownell's 19LS setup. It's a 19 frame and a 17ish slide and barrel. No spacers, it mounts like a 34 or 17L would.
  13. David, In the bottom pic the recut for a normal rear sight. Your best bet is to actually talk to the guys you don't for a living. L&M Precision in North Carolina...email or call Mark DP Custom works...email or call Doug. They are more than happy to talk shop.
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