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  1. I will also be going out this year. Can't wait. I wanna see a Trij mini RMR, or Green RMR.
  2. I think there is some Tin Foil hat with this. As a LEO most classes I have taken most students are civilians, with the exception of a very few LE only classes. Most cops won't/don't want to spend money on Firearms classes for a variety of reasons.
  3. I have 21 RMR'd guns and 2 with Holosuns. That's all I use. I have used them in a shit ton of classes and competition and carry one on a 43X for off duty so yeah I only buy Trijicon.
  4. L&M Precision. Mark does excellent work, one of the originals in the biz.
  5. Me too! I'm thinking of grabbing that 407c @High Exposure
  6. Word, I just had QLS Forks on Duty and competition gear now. 3 belts and done.
  7. I've used DP for a bunch of guns. Doug does great work.
  8. There are only a handful of companies that make parts, springs etc. So it really comes down to QC. I know SOT should have the same QC as some of the more well know AR builders.
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