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  1. Yeah not good. I didnt want to post the threads. They gotta get their shit together.
  2. Not again... Google "Sig halts P365 production" Comming up on more than a few Gunforums nationwide.
  3. Glock match at RTSP on 2/18. Easy simple match to get started in. You already have a Glock 19. Just need 50 rounds sign up for GSSF and your good to go.
  4. Replied
  5. Righty o
  6. Has anyone purchased a seperate policy through the NRA or any other company. Looking to insure the guns and dont know if its more cost effective through the homeowners or something different.
  7. No. Home based FFL. He has a website though. www.plumstedarms.com Hes on the board as well. George is a great guy.
  8. Best clothing company for everyday use.
  9. Most of those shops closed up. There was one in Toms River a few years back but I suspect thats gone too.
  10. Duluth Trading company for the win!
  11. IMHO Sports cards stock is almost as unreliable SIG. For about the same amount of time. I couldnt give away stuff I had before. I kept what I wanted and got rid of the rest. Unless things are SUPER rare, its pointless. Go on Ebay and see how many cards are on there. Every stay at home mom who doesnt want to get a real job is selling their husbands stuff.
  12. Couple times they were dead. Walked in and they were busy talking. Looked at a Vickers RTF2 Glock. Was about to buy it then asked where the accessories were, mag base plates, etc. They said thats how they come. I told em there should be more parts, they went to check and came back and said thats it. Not acceptable. I said ok and left. Gave em one more try and got blown off again. I bought my Kimber, Sig and Springfield from them along with countless supplies, all at the old location. They have a shit ton of stuff with no one that knows about it. Ill give my business to Shooters or Plumsted Arms. Waaaaayyyy better IMHO.
  13. I liked them at their old location. At least u could get a pretzel before you got blown off by the counter guy.
  14. Its sad. Used to be great. Havent been in a couple years. Cheyenne Mt. isnt much better. Place always looks closed.