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  1. We shoot other things sometimes...
  2. Dat it is....Maybe the G45
  3. X300U 1000 Lumen coming in Tuesday...
  4. Shooters...and a coworker picked one up today from Howell Gun works..both Blue Label pricing It's a Glock 17 Frame with a Glock 19 Slide that shoots 9mm
  5. Glock 45 in da stable...
  6. Tlr6 No laser...
  7. Critical Capabilities Glock Lower Triton Manufacturing Upper, Guntec Brake Magpul furniture Vortex Sparc AR Other one...no picture...Full PSA AR9
  8. Already on it. And the 19MOS Gen5.... The trusty Gen3 which has served well for almost 15 years may be retired...
  9. Used for 2 seasons. Works great. Don't need anymore. $350 picked up only in New Egypt
  10. The Shield MRDS is the only one I know of...that fits the 43 slide for milling....The Dueck Defense sticks out... 10 altogether....and counting...
  11. RMRs belong on EVERYTHING
  12. Not true...
  13. Yeah they do. Imagine how many more people would suck at it if they didn't have drivers ed. Or make the argument that ones who went to a professional driving school to learn might be better drivers...
  14. Everyone needs to take a class. I teach this shit everyday and still make a point to take a class as a student a couple times a year.