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  1. Could be persuaded
  2. Lol... 9mm is sooooo much cheaper!
  3. Bump this up. Looking for one in the 9mm flava now
  4. 400 flawless rounds today. Took it outta the box and shot it. The Nighthawk is nice as well but 8X more expensive!
  5. I just grabbed a Rock Island Armory 9mm. Reading all of the reviews seemed to be the best bang for the buck. Looked at the Colt, Springfield R.O., Ruger and Remington. The Rock was $515 out the door.
  6. That's all I'm saying.
  7. It's just different and the same in some respects. To totally dismiss classes based on one experience, maybe someone needs to take a class? The same way someone who just takes classes should go shoot a competition. I teach Firearms everyday. I have come across "experts" almost on a daily basis. Just cause someone shoots extremely well doesn't make them a good teacher of people. The same way a good teacher of people sometimes don't come in first in a Competition.
  8. I think some people go to classes to... 1. Learn how to shoot. 2. Progress their skills farther. 3. Pick the brain of other instructors to take something back when they teach. Some of the classes mentioned also have curriculum built in regarding... Terminal Ballistics Low Light Shooting Use of Force Medical Training I think gun games have relevance in the Fundamentals of shooting, shooting on the move and overall weapons manipulation. However some stages are planned events with competitors having multiple dry runs knowing where or when to shoot at an exact point. There really is no guess work. See a target shoot a target. Some of the classes have shoot-no shoot scenarios based on your OODA loop. It's not as cut and dry, all the while trying to process complex shapes, numbers, letters, sounds and smells.
  9. Yes. I just got my 01. Two is the first thing. I had to get a letter from Twp zoning. Had to do an LLC with Tax documents and business License. Next is application to state and feds. Feds came first and the state took a bit but both were easy enough. Like Paul said, you have to do it for business reasons not personal. I retire in 8 years so this is my side gig.
  10. Still available!
  11. Recent pickup... Nighthawk GRP .45 Upgrades include... Hard Chrome Frame Naked Slide Hand Stippling Black Nitride Controls
  12. U got it
  13. Thanks Dave. It was great meeting and chatting with you. It will be in good hands. @1563621
  14. Per our conversation consider it sold.
  15. Message Sent