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  1. So I've decided to go with a BCM 14.5" mid upper with a pinned comp. Thanks for the recommendations everyone!
  2. Currently I'm having issues with my trigger pins walking out after 50rds which is more an issue with the parts kit and can probably be remedied easily with some KNS anti-roll pins. My upper has a muzzle brake that rivals the report of my friend's 18" AR-10 which can get quite annoying. My end goal is improving the quality of my build and lightening it up. I probably have close to 3,000 or 4,000 rounds through it now and it has served well.
  3. So I'm currently at the point where I'm getting ready to upgrade. I've currently got a pretty low budget Anderson/DelTon mash up that has served me well but it's definitely time to upgrade. I'm currently at the horrible age of 20 where I can't buy a stripped lower so I'd either have to buy a complete rifle or just buy an new upper and new lower parts while keeping the lower. So currently I'm trying to decide whether to buy a BCM upper to replace my DelTon upper or just sell my current rifle and buy a nicer new one.
  4. Time to get a Florida ID so I can start buying guns down here. At this point I'm just gonna keep my AR down here in my apartment too since it seems like despite being NJ legal, that's gonna get changed soon too.
  5. So basically he would be allowed to carry HP/JHP?
  6. Well in this case does Fed Law supersede NJ law? Called NJSP Firearms and they stated that the law states that even Retired LEOs cannot carry HP ammo.
  7. Hey everyone, my father is getting his retired LEO CC qualification soon and will start carrying again. Sadly NJ restricts even retired LEOs to not be able to carry JHP/HP. For now I told him to just go with Federal 124gr FMJ to qualify and carry with to be safe with, but was wondering what some alternatives were that are also NJ legal and wouldn't cause any troubles. Also its a G26 Gen 4 he's carrying.
  8. I think the biggest problem with this program is that most soldiers don't have the skills to engage past 300meters or so. I've talked to multiple guys who are currently in who've all said the same thing, teaching someone to shoot that has minimal firearms training to be hitting out past the 300 or so meters is a hell of a challenge.
  9. US Army Considers Adopting an Interim Battle Rifle in 7.62 NATO "According to multiple sources, what started out as a directed requirement for a 7.62 NATO Designated Marksmanship Rifle for issue to Infantry Rifle Squads has grown in scope to increase the Basis of Issue to all personnel in Brigade Combat Teams and perhaps beyond. The genesis of this requirement is overmatch. The troops feel like they’re in a street fight with a guy with longer arms. The 7.62x54R cartridge gives the enemy those longer arms. Consequently, the Army wants to enable the rifleman to accurately engage targets at a further range than the current 5.56mm. Although at this point, I’ll keep that exact exact distance close to the vest. The goal here is to foster a dialogue about the 7.62 requirement in general, and not offer operational specifics." "The “Interim” component of this capability’s name relies on a plan to eventually adopt one of the 6.5mm family of intermediate calibers. Currently, elements of the Army are evaluating .260, .264 USA and .277 USA. The .260 is commercially available while .264 USA and .277 USA are developments of the Army Marksmanship Unit. Unfortunately, the US Army doesn’t plan to conduct an intermediate caliber study until the early 2020s. That’s why they want to adopt 7.62mm now. The idea is to adopt the Battle Rifle to deal with a newly identified threat with what’s available now, and transition the fleet to an intermediate caliber cartridge, once its selected. Additionally, the transition to this proposed intermediate caliber cartridge is possible from a 7.62 platform. Such a transition is all-but-impossible with the current 5.56 receiver sets." "However, the Army may evaluate these GOTS platforms and determine that none of them meet their requirement. In this case they may very well issue an RFP to industry. There are definite long-term advantages to this course of action. For example, the Army can get exactly what they want, rather than adapting a weapon originally procured for another purpose. Additionally, the Army can leverage the latest in small arms technology such as the new short frame receivers. Interestingly, these may well turn out to be more appropriate for use with an intermediate caliber cartridge. In order to take full advantage of the range of the 7.62 cartridge, the current draft requirement for the IBR calls for a 1×6 variable optic." Interesting development, some of the issues pointed out in the article as well were that instead of being an interim solution, it could turn into a long-time solution. The M16 platform was initially considered an interim solution until the SPIW program was concluded, but as we all know, the M16 transformed into a long-term service rifle platform. Any thoughts on this?
  10. A new petition for the Repeal the Hughes Amendment has been posted here, hopefully we can get this one to reach its mark. The NFA one reached nearly 250k signatures.
  11. Only got a week left until I'm back in NJ and can put it on my rifle. USMC surplus got it for $51 shipped. Brand new in the bag and with the KAC sighting card as well.
  12. I tried, but with the hardware installed the heatshields would not mount back in.
  13. A sad situation that hits me personally being a vollie FF and started out as an Explorer/Junior as well. I don't know why the Cpt was carrying in station, and why he broke the rules of safety. I have no qualms that Glocks have no external safety as they are extremely safe weapons and they will only fire if you yourself causes them to fire. Always a good reminder about being safe with a weapon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTalnzcO0xk
  14. Hey there, looking for some ranges near Camden County that allow you to bring your own ammo because I bought 200rds of 5.56 down here in Florida that I'm gonna be shipping back up to NJ when I come back for my winter break. Got a new KAC 600m sight that needs to be sighted in too. Currently not up enough to really make use of a range membership yet so looking for public ranges.
  15. Will post later, basically I cut off the mid parts of the first three heatshield holes so that the mounting plates would actually fit and reach the screw.
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