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  1. Someone had asked through a PM if the the baseplates were included with two of the stainless magazines. The two all stainless magazines do not have a separate plastic base plate like the others. The magazines are complete.
  2. Gary, Great job the USPS is doing here. You should have had them 3 days ago.
  3. SOLD to GT998 Thanks Gary, tracking number emailed to you.
  4. I thought this video was informative. Same guy another video on the ATF and 80% lowers.
  5. As pictured, slip on muzzle device. Flash suppressor? Muzzle brake? The vents do not go 360, no vent on the bottom. Not sure how to qualify it but with the full size opening I'd venture flash suppressor. Slip on and then pinned with a roll pin and an allen screw on the bottom. I had an older model stainless mini (180 series I think), used it on that, don't know about fitment on current models. $50 shipped priority mail CONUS. Location Delaware The first to post "I'll take it" establishes the buyer, PM after that. *********************************
  6. All magazines are sold. As pictured, 11 magazines, 1911 45 ACP 6 are stamped with the Colt emblem and "Colt 45 AUTO M" 5 are stamped only with "COLT 45 AUTO" Lightly used if at all. $125.00 shipped priority mail CONUS. Location Delaware The first to post "I'll take it" establishes the buyer, PM after that.
  7. I got the binoculars, in two days, and got the refund. But I don’t have any phone adapter. Is that shipped separately?
  8. So, what does the phone adapter look like? And is it shipped separately?
  9. Received the binoculars this morning, the Paypal reimbursement yesterday. Thanks for the the offer to try these out at a significantly reduced cost.
  10. I gave it a shot. I submitted the info to the link provided in the mail.
  11. I guess it is time to revisit this. I'm guessing the Feds or someone had a successful class action suit. As part of the "MyUSPS" service I get scanned images of incoming mail, and in today's batch I have a 'court authorized notice'. I'm sure it is one of those you are "a member of a group subject to a settlement" - 'which you will probably never see or be of any value to you'
  12. To bad the search function wasn't accurate then. I did a lead ban search and it didn't show up.
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