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  1. Thanks for the help gentleman I'll go with the Nordic+2 and hopefully won't run into the same issue with there tube on the M3K
  2. Thanks for the advice gentleman I'll go with the Nordic +2 and hope i don't run into the same issue with there tube on the M3K
  3. So I bought a Stoeger M3K for getting into 3 gun it's 4+1 out of the box at Cabela's so I figured I'd get and install the + 2 extension from MOA Precision it works great problem for me is I'm getting 7+1 with the 2 3/4 shells .I called MOA and the guy says I'm good as long as I can't get 7 of the 3" shells in there, anybody have any experience with this I'm thinking of just trying to return and go with a Nordic plus 1 tube as MOA doesn't offer a plus 1 has anybody run into something like this or have any suggestions
  4. I'm complying at the 10 round limit sold all my 15 rounders and replaced with 10 round mags i lost hundreds and cost me hundreds more to replace they go lower than that and I'm done complying !!
  5. I just got a YouTube video sent to me the Channel is called Guns and Gadgets he's Ex LEO he's says in the video that come there next legislative session they will be reintroducing a 5 round magazine limit
  6. I do and I throw in those dessicant packs that you get with new shoes and find in pill bottles suppose to prevent moisture just randomly throw them in whenever I come across some in a lot of my gun related stuff
  7. Those sights definitely look like you could pick up that front sight quick as for my PPQ 45 I installed Trijicon HD night sights easy to do no gun Smithing involved and my PPQ 9mm I installed the Truglo TFX Pros those took a little bit of filing and a sight press tool very happy with both
  8. I bought the PPQ 9MM long slide loved it so much went and got the PPQ 45 a couple of months later both extremely accurate and the ergos are phenomenal
  9. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to the topic I raised regarding magazine limits I hope to be a contributing member here for a long time
  10. Thanks so much for setting me straight on how the legislative process works I appreciate it
  11. Not Trolling maybe misinformed I just joined here to get a better understanding of this 5 round legislation the person who told me found this out on Freedom Ammo Facebook page . Having perfectly fine Walther PPQ Mags and having to replace them with 10 rounders sucks at 40.00 a pop and then reading this bill that at the end says 5 rounds is enough to make your head explode . Voyager 9 just posted the legislation that I read
  12. I was told they amended the bill from 10 rounds to 5 to get around the lawsuit because the decision is supposed to becoming sometime this month and they saw they were going to lose so they changed the rules
  13. Has anyone seen this new bill it ammends the current bill from 10 rounds down to 5 rounds I literally just spent close to 5 hundred replacing all my mags with 10 rounders and now this ,I don't even no if they make 5 rounders for my guns
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