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  1. Do you have a hunting license? If it's a farm he probably has a groundhog problem...
  2. Yes, Monroe Twp in Middlesex county also requires that you pay for permits in advance, in person at the pd. Once your permits are ready they can be picked up 24 hrs a day.
  3. Monroe Twp also allows family to be used for references since the switch to fars. Previously they had barred you from using family or law enforcement as references.
  4. One of my references had the email go to his spam folder, has an aol email address fwiw.
  5. They are still typed up by an officer at the station here in Monroe Twp
  6. I completely agree about the department and officers, I've lived here for over 35 years and haven't had any problems with them on any issue. I was assuming, based on the records clerk, that the fid cards themselves are printed offsite (by the state police?) and then sent via mail to the local pd where they are signed by the chief, but that is just an assumption on my part. Mistakes happen, but I was just surprised that with the rest of the process being automated and based on the correct info I submitted through FARS that my fid card would be manually printed with my middle initial being incorrect. Does anyone know where the cards actually get printed?
  7. My experience with the FARS system has been as follows: Made my initial fpid application on Feb 22,2019. Both reference emails were sent out almost immediately. Picked an appointment to be fingerprinted and printed the confirmation page out. Feb 24,2019 one reference completed the questionnaire, got an email confirmation. Feb 26, 2019 visited my local PD in Monroe Twp, Middlesex county to pay my $5 fee and confirm my name and address info was correct. Told me I didn't need the mental health form if NJ resident for last 10 years as others have stated. (I saw the incorrect info on the NJSP site others have mentioned) Told me I will receive a email when the application is complete and approved, but to wait for them to call before coming to pickup the card. Feb 27, 2019 second reference completed questionnaire, got email confirmation. Got my fingerprinting done. They verified my name and address was correct. Mar 2, 2019 got an email stating my criminal history check was completed. Mar 13, 2019 got an email stating my application was approved and complete Mar 14, 2019 got a call from my local PD to come pickup my card. The records clerk instructed me to verify all info was correct before signing. My middle initial was incorrect. They verified that it was correct on the application and matched the info on my dl and placed the blame on wherever the card was typed up. Now waiting for a corrected card to be prepared, was told I will be called when it is ready. So I guess the cards themselves are still manually typed even though all the applications, fingerprints, etc are done electronically based on the correct info I supplied through FARS. Overall my local pd was very efficient, helpful, professional through the process and I have no complaints at all with them. The updates from FARS were nice to have. Typical of this state to take an almost completely electronically conducted process and bungle it up while performing the very last step manually, after being told by "them" on 3 different occasions to make sure all of my info was correct or I would have to submit another application and pay again. I will update when the correct card is in my possession.
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