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Found 4 results

  1. I have been a reloader for >40 years. I have loaded on just about every press out there. I owned 5 Dillon commercial stainless RL 1000's at one point, each one set up for a different caliber. But that was a long time ago when I shot and loaded a lot. However, after all was said and done, and my reloading needs and space changed over the years, I settled on the final gear which met my needs. I loved the simplicity and versatility of the Dillon 550, but hated the removable, wiggly head, instead greatly preferring the rigid head. I load in large batches, so the rigidness and accuracy of the fixed head was preferable to saving 10 min for a caliber change. So, I had my 450 upgraded by Dillon to 550 specs with everything a current 550 has but leaving the rigid frame. Since receiving it, I haven't loaded a single round. I just don't shoot anymore. Getting older, retiring, priorities change....seeing the kids etc. has become more important to me and I'm giving up the hobby. I don't make rash decisions and I've been mulling this over for a year but have finally decided that with retirement and a move looming, now's the time to sell it all. So, ALL of my reloading gear and components are for sale. My goal is to sell it all at once. Ammo and component prices are high now for all the reasons you all already know about. Will they come down? I suspect they will eventually, maybe, but given the election results, here in NJ I am skeptical about ammo and component availability in the future. So if you're an experienced reloader, stock up; if you're someone just thinking about getting into it, do it now while you can. 4750 Zero 230 gn FMJ bullets (jacketed not plated) 1000 Nosler 240gn JSP (jacketed soft point) 3225 .45 acp brass - large primer, once fired, deprimed, cleaned/polished in SS media (by weight) 500 .44 mag brass - Starline BRAND NEW, never loaded 40 .44 mag brass - once fired, deprimed, cleaned/polished in SS media 142 .44 special brass - once fired, deprimed, cleaned/polished in SS media 8100 Winchester LPP (standard or magnum) 7 - 1 lb sealed container Winchester 231 powder 1 - 1 lb opened contained Winchester 231 powder (90% full by weight, but free with the pkg since I did open it) 1 - 1 lb sealed container Hodgkin H110 powder Dillon 450 reloading press recently upgraded by Dillon factory to 550 - this press has all current 550 features but with the rigid head of the 450, best of both worlds. As new. Upgraded by Dillon with every part brand new. Even comes with the Dillon box. Dillon powder measure extra powder hopper tube large primer bar - new small primer bar - new 2 extra powder drop dies - new extra shellplate carrier extra primer assembly guide rod - new extra primer slide plate - new extra loaded round ejector - new extra detent ball and spring - new complete extra primer magazine assembly for parts extra handle extra primer pickup tube tips 7 Dillon large primer pickup tubes 7 Dillon small primer pickup tubes RCBS primer flip tray RCBS bullet puller Digital scale Digital round counter Dillon .44 mag die set Dillon .45 acp die set Redding/CH 9mm die set (Redding 9mm sizer is a $100 die by itself on Midway) Lee decapping die, with extra stem - NIB Extra decapping stems Dillon .45 acp complete conversion with shellplate, buttons, etc. Dillon .44 mag complete conversion with shellplate, buttons, etc. .45 acp case gauge .44 mag case gauge NIB Pacific Super Deluxe single stage press with priming assembly (as new) - I used this to deprime the cases before tumbling with the stainless pins to get the primer pockets squeaky clean. Diamond Pacific 12T supersized, all steel, commercial wet tumbler - this tumbler retails for $1300 and features a huge all steel drum with heavy rubber liner, 1/3 hp motor, pillow block bearings, and will hold over 2000 cases. The last tumbler you will ever buy. 15 lbs stainless pins for the tumbler PACT PC2 chronograph I am only asking for what I have in it. In other words pre-pandemic prices! Yep, you read that correctly. Reloading components at old pricing, no Hazmat, no shipping costs. The catch is, you have to buy it all. The components do me no good without the equipment and the equipment does me no good without the components, so it's one lot fellas, at least for now. But, the way I've priced it, if you load it up vs. buying ammo, you've obtained all the equipment for free. Not only that, but the asking price for everything is less than what the components alone sell for at today's prices. Basically this package pays for itself. I know it's a big number, and not everyone can afford it, but at this point at least, I'd rather offer it at a savings than part it all out. Asking $3950 for the above package. If you have serious interest, I ask you to come take a look. The stuff is pristine, as in 'as new'. It's great equipment that will last a lifetime. Per forum rules: The first to post "I'll take it" gets the sale. If you have interest and don't want to commit before seeing it in person, then it stays listed until you do. I will sell the following separately (very negotiable, but prob not worth the time unless you're buying a bunch): 2 Dillon 550 powder drop dies - new Dillon 550 extra shellplate carrier - new Dillon 550 extra primer assembly guide rod - new Dillon 550 extra primer slide plate - new Dillon 550 extra loaded round ejector - new Dillon 550 extra detent ball and spring - new Dillon 550 complete extra primer magazine assembly Dillon 550 extra handle extra primer pickup tube tips Dillon large primer pickup tubes Dillon small primer pickup tubes Digital round counter PACT PC2 chronograph Takeflight Tactiflight defense/glass break “pen” Carlson choke tubes Rem MC, IC and others - New Master gun locks 2, 1 NIB, 1 opened Dehumidifier rod - new unopened package Shotgun recoil pad Vintage H&R Reising .22LR magazine - original, rare Vintage (1960's) Outers shotgun cleaning kit (unused) new in metal case and cardboard box (basically a mancave display piece) Vintage clay pigeon thrower Small AR500 plate target Dillon RL 1000 stainless primer slides / punches / bushings: All machined stainless steel. These parts are for the earlier machines with the thinner (1/8” thick) primer slides. Bundle includes: Primer slides: 5 large, 1 small (3 new, 3 used) Primer punches: 6 large, 2 small (4 new, 4 used) Primer bushings: 2 large (both new) These parts are tremendously hard to find. There are so many items that I can't post pics of everything. The pics below are to show the pristine condition of the items. If you would like specific pics of something, just pm me and supply an email and I'll get 'em to you.
  2. Note: Everything is SOLD PENDING FUNDS Press: Lee Pro 1000 - $50 The arm doesn't pull down for some reason so this is why I've significantly discounted it, I'm sure it can be fixed. Comes with Brass Feeder, Powder plates, extra pieces. Funnel. Powder feeder, primer feeder. Normally $200 plus new. Lee Precision Dies: - $25 for both 45 ACP and 9mm Tumbler: Lyman Turbo 1200 w/ half bag of media. - $25. The base cracked, but it works like a charm. Comes with a wall timer. Also some extra brass polish and brass die lube. RCBS 502 Powder Scale - $35 (This is a steal, normally $75 plus shipping!) Very accurate, easy to use. SOLD - Primers: 6 full boxes Large Pistol Primers. - SPF $90 (Plus 2 partial boxes) 6 boxes CCI Small Pistol Primers - SPF $90 (3 TulAmmo, 2 CCI, 1 Sellier/Bellot) 2 partial boxes Large Pistol primers. (This is $15 each, I'm not charging for the partials.) You will NOT get a better deal than this. Usually $35 a box, plus shipping, plus hazmat. and you're getting two partial boxes free!). The small pistol primers were literally just opened from the box they shipped in just for the photo. Untouched. Bullets: $15 per box. Update: 2 boxes 158g 38 SPF Lead 45 ACP, Lead 38spl/357Mag, 500 bullets per box Partial Box of Plated 9mm (about 200 bullets) / Included if you buy the lot Partial Box 45ACP Lead about 200 bullets / Included if you buy the lot You will not get a better deal than this. I paid $35 a box plus shipping. Assorted Brass: $45 (unprimed, once fired) Approximately 1000 9mm, 500 40sw, 500 38spl, 500 357mag, plus at least 1000 assorted brass. Comes with the plastic tubs. Honestly, the count is probably higher than what I'm listing, but I would rather err on the side of caution. Usually, you can pay around $45 for 1000 rounds of any brass or more. MTM Bullet Trays: $FREE IF YOU BUY ANY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS. First come first serve. 4 x 45 ACP 100 round trays, 1 x 9mm 100 round tray, 3 x 50 round 9mm trays (smart reloader brand) THE WHOLE LOT - $125 SPF Assorted Brass: $45 Bullets: $60 2000 bullets RCBS 502 Powder Scale - $35 Tumbler: Lyman Turbo 1200 w/ half bag of media. $25. Dies: 45 ACP and 9mm - $25 Lee Pro 1000 Press - $50 Powder: Accurate #2 and Clay's. About a third of the bottle left of each container. Located in Matawan NJ right off Rt 34. 10 Min fro OBRPC. sungwei@gmail.com 732 841 6482 Unfortunately cannot ship or meet up currently as I am moving so local pick up only. 158g Sold pending funds
  3. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/3083577571/tulammo-large-pistol-primers http://www.midwayusa.com/product/3083499429/tulammo-large-rifle-primers http://www.midwayusa.com/product/3083180727/tulammo-large-pistol-magnum-primers http://www.midwayusa.com/product/3083180213/tulammo-large-magnum-rifle-primers http://www.midwayusa.com/product/3083212767/tulammo-small-rifle-223-remington-primers Get em while they're available. It looks like the supply chain is starting to open up a little bit.
  4. I'll be starting a new job in Manhattan soon and wont have the space or time to reload like I planned so take advantage and pick up some stuff without all those pesky shipping and hazmat fees! 2 boxes CCI Large Pistol Primers (1K each) $35 each SPF to intercooler 2 bottles Winchester 231 Ball Powder (1 lb each) $30 each SPF to intercooler Frankford Arsenal Caliper and Scale $40 for both SPF to intercooler Caliper Scale Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit $50 SPF to intercooler Has been used three times, plenty of life left in the included media. Approx. 2/3 of the polish remains Assorted Brass $5 38 Special: 58 300 Win. Mag: 12 30-30: 20 Approx. 1218 Tumbled .45 ACP Cases: $60 SPF to Nickjc Approx. 352 Tumbled .223/5.56 Cases: $20 SPF to Rob0115 Field and Stream Portable Target Thrower: $25 Field and Stream .22 Auto Reset Plinking Target: $35 SPF to BlueLineFish Reasonable offers accepted. Any questions, PM or email iandday@gmail.com
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