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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the NEWSWIRE! This is where to look FIRST if you want to know what's happening or will happen on the Second Amendment scene in NJ! I will try to cross-post timely, poignant articles for you to chat about & share. Comments & questions are welcome, but remember I'm not a Mod. Lurking is always allowed, but you get more if you pick my brain. Think of this thread as a daily, interactive News Magazine, one that I shall try to update on a daily basis. Merry Christmas to you all! LOCK & LOAD! Rosey CNJFO TO SPEAK 1-17 AT FREE 2A SEMINAR HOSTED BY NJCR! INACKER & ROSENTHAL TO REPORT ON STATE OF 2A IN NJ! by Black Wire Media Friday Dec. 21, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is proud to announce that its' Communications Director, Theresa Inacker, will be joined by CNJFO Vice President David "Rosey" Rosenthal, for the first meeting of The New Jersey Constitutional Republicans in the coming new year. Inacker's presentation will cover turning soccer moms into 2A advocates and Rosenthal will cover how incrementalism got us to "the end of our ropes" with DISAPPEARING RIGHTS! This meeting will start promptly at 6pm on Thursday January 17, 2019 at The Grove at Centerton in Pittsgrove, NJ and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! It will feature an interactive seminar format with Q&A from audience members. Joining Inacker & Rosenthal are Mark Cheeseman & Jay Factor of New Jersey Firearm Owners Syndicate to speak on the Cheeseman-Jillard lawsuit which CNJFO is helping to fund through a matching funds campaign (go to: www.cnjfo.com/page-18139 to donate & CNJFO will match it up to $5K total). This is a FREE Seminar, and patronage of the Bar & Grill is strongly encouraged, so have dinner with us (Dutch Treat) and be prepared to learn more about how NJ politicians have been screwing with our right to carry for over half a century! Come out and meet some of NJ's most stalwart 2nd Amendment crusaders at this history-making event! This is a FREE Seminar but we still need to know how many are coming on Thursday January 17th so an emailed RSVP is appreciated: njconstitutionalrepublicans@gmail.com . Hope you can join us for this 2A POWERHOUSE Event deep in the heart of South Jersey! John Robert Carman is with Theresa Marchitto Inacker and 4 others at The Grove at Centerton. 18 hrs · Elmer, NJ The New Jersey Constitutional Republicans cordially invite all freedom loving New Jersey citizens to attend a FREE seminar. The 2nd Amendment & New Jersey 1st NJCR Meeting of 2019 Thursday Evening, January 17th, 2019 6PM The Grove at Centerton Pittsgrove NJ The infringement of 2nd Amendment Rights in New Jersey has steadily progressed for several decades. The current administration and the Democrats look to escalate the infringement of 2nd Amendment Rights for law abiding citizens in New Jersey. Organizations like the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, Association of New Jersey Pistol & Rifle Clubs, & Anthony Colandro of Gun for Hire, NJCR member and New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Founder, Mark Cheeseman and New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Member, 2A Historian, Scholar and Advocate, Jay Factor are all leading the effort to preserve the citizens of New Jersey’s natural rights of legally owning and bearing firearms. NJCR is proudly dedicating our first meeting of the year to gathering all 2A advocates and defenders together to discuss actions taken to preserve the 2nd Amendment Rights of the citizens of New Jersey. Guest Speakers include: David Rosenthal - Vice President of the Coalition of NJ Firearm Owners. Theresa Marchitto Inacker - Communications Director for Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners. Mark Cheeseman - New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Founder and NJCR member. Jay Factor - New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Member, 2A Historian, Scholar and Advocate. No cost to participate, however, we ask you to patronize the Bar & Grill. Call 856-332-6131 or email: njconstitutionalrepublicans@gmail.com to RSVP.
  2. Yesterday, I attended Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Coplay, PA for the first time! I went with @Mrs.Zeke to their NRA Women on Target event - more on that later. I feel very grateful to have attended (and, again, thanks to @Ms. 12 Gauge for letting me know about the event!) Here's my feedback: Sporting Clays: Yikes, what a fun shooting sport!! If you don't know anything about it, you are moving through a course and at each station there's clays being thrown different ways (varying direction, speed, even a type called a rabbit that rolls along the ground). It's challenging. And for even more challenge, they have 3 defined courses there - beginner, intermediate and advanced. So think of it like a golf course - each station is like a hole - they even have gas-powered golf carts you can rent, or little scooters (I think those are free) and little wheelie carts (also free). The operation is year-round. LVSC: I haven't been to other sporting clays ranges, so I can't compare per se, but I can say this one was really "atmospheric" - and as a lover of all things Victorian, it was just my cup of tea. It's set in a long-abandoned 1800's quarry operation. So, the old, roofless, dilapidated buildings have been taken over by trees and undergrowth - but they still hold a unique beauty (the great masonry, old arched window frames, etc. - it was like some of those photos from urban explorers who enter abandoned sites). It must look amazing in fall or after a fresh snow! Even better, one station we were at is located right over water (presumably, the old quarry pit). So, you're standing on this little covered deck, looking out across a sparkling body of water, with cliffs opposite you, trees above that and a perfect blue sky up above. Wow. Hey, did I mention it's a GREAT-LOOKING place? (LOL) Much of the course, blessedly, was in shade. And all the little stations have roofs so you've always got a little spot of shade on a hot day. The main building where you sign in was large, nicely air-conditioned (helpful yesterday of all days), well-appointed, kind of a rustic hunting lodge vibe, but very modern and clean, too (including a nice clean ladies room with the de-lead soap, etc.) The staff were all very friendly - and our instructor, Bob Broderick, was fantastic! I recommend him highly. A lot of things "clicked" for me yesterday in terms of understanding the process - that's the power of a good instructor! Here's their website: https://www.lvsclays.com/ NRA Women on Target: The NRA and their partner ranges really do a great job on these events! They are designed to attract women to the shooting sports, so they're quite literally giving stuff away. This deal was so slammin' - it was impossible to pass up! FIFTY BUCKS covered the entire afternoon program. They initially had us in a room for about an hour where we filled out paperwork and had some classroom instruction about safety, etc. We then picked up the included cold drinks, eye and ear pro, plus a loaner shotgun and instructor for each group... our little sub-group had 4 women and 2 golf carts (carts also included!!)… and we were on the course for a good 2 hours at least... with each one of us getting one-on-one attention and guidance from the instructor at each station (that alone was worth more than 50 bucks!!). Afterwards, we returned to the same room where they had snacks, more ice-cold beverages, certificates and "swag bags" which, best of all, included a coupon for 10% off of a private lesson (expires end of this year). I have no idea what that would package would cost normally, but looking at the website, I'm guessing at least 125 or more each? So, if you haven't been to LVSC yet, I urge you to check it out! It's LOTS of fun. I know CNJFO is doing a fundraiser there this month - I'm sure you'd have a fantastic time AND you'd be contributing to the 2A cause at the same time. So, I'll add that link here: In addition, I plan to get on the email list for their NRA Women on Target events (apparently, LVSC sponsors about 3 a year). Though I can't go again (it's for sporting clays first-timers only), I intend to advertise them in the future under our "events" section... so you can all pass the word to women shooters you know. Believe me, anyone who went would enjoy it. All the ladies who went yesterday (I'd say it was about 15-20) had a real blast!
  3. With so many registered shoots going on, I thought I'd try a new range in South Jersey and visited Quinton in Salem County and have since gone back. It's a nice facility overall, offering Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and 5-Stand. I've been there twice for Trap and Sporting Clays and both were busy, but not crowded. On the Trap field, the shooters were pretty laid back and friendly and the woman, Lisa, who was running the show was super helpful. I went with my son and both being new to Trap, I appreciated the advice from the guys just hanging out. It's the kind of place that gets a lot of regulars and they sit around and chew the fat and, when there's enough for a squad, or when Lisa is trying to fill a squad, someone will get up and join. You know there are regulars when a shooter goes down into the trap house to check on the trap or set it up for doubles. It was a pretty good mix of people, yeah, plenty of middle-aged and elderly men, but a few women and juniors as well. It was a very comfortable place to shoot and I recommend it, though it is a haul (for me) being so far south. They only have one Sporting Clay course as far as I know and it's nicely laid out in the woods along winding, stoned paths. We found the presentations fairly hard - definitely more difficult than the Woods course at Cedar Creek, for example. Lots of longer distance targets. I don't shoot skeet but they have a couple of skeet ranges that look to be in good condition. I've not seen anyone on the skeet range either time I've been there. Prices per round weren't bad - $30 for 100 Sporting Clays and $5 for a round of Trap (non-member prices). Clubhouses are nice. No ammo for sale.
  4. At the risk of crowding up the joint, TNT Reloading is open this Saturday... So, to make the run a bit more productive, I'll be going for a round at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays. Always a nice walk/drive, nice scenery, and some of the best presentations in the northeast (seriously). Anybody up for the short notice? (Need a ride? Between NY metro and PA along 78, I've got a spot or two)
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