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  1. Thanks all. I didn't realize the new law went into effect on the private sales. That takes care of that. A FTF at my FFL would be fine and I could keep the scopes mounted and not have to worry about shipping. Just bring along the empty boxes. OK, I guess I'll take some photos this weekend and put up an add or two on the WTS Forum. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I plan to do some downsizing of my rifles and pistols. There are just some I never use. I don't feel comfortable doing a FTF with a stranger in my home, so I think I'll sell online and ship through my FFL. I've read a few "tips" threads, but have a few questions that I didn't see answered... 1) For rifles with scopes, is it easier to sell them together (scope mounted and zeroed) or pull off the scope and sell that separately? One advantage of that is that I can ship each in the original boxes. Also there might be a bigger market for the scope than the rifle and it might sell easier. 2) Can I include leftover ammo in the sale? I already have some orphan ammo that is taking up space, and I don't need more. 3) Seems like postal money orders are the best way to go for payment, is that right? Thanks!
  3. I loathe Democrats: "You need a photo ID to purchase ammo". How about for voting? "That's racist!" They want background checks for everything gun related. Getting into the country? Nah, let anyone in. Notice they don't support "undocumented" gun owners?
  4. There was a letter sent out from the NJ AG at the time to county prosecutors saying they will not prosecute the "unreasonable deviation" clause of the statute if that was the only infraction. Now if you were to get caught with a gun with extra evil features or improper transport, etc. and also made an unreasonable stop along the way, they'd pile on for sure. But if all your ducks are in a row and the ONLY thing you did wrong was take the scenic route home, you should be OK. Now there's always a chance Barney Fife will hook you up anyway and ruin your day, but I think you'd prevail in the long run. I keep all my gear in locked cases and everything is legal, but no one is looking inside without a warrant. Period.
  5. With a Supreme Court vacancy throwing gasonline on top of the latest liberal hysteria, the SHTF scenarios are looking more likely. Maybe it's a good idea to just hold onto those 15 rounders (hypothetically, that is, if we had any).
  6. So what is the date when we become felons overnight - is that December 10, 2018? That's 180 days from Gov. Gopher's signature.
  7. The problem is, it's not a closed system. The local PD knows when I buy a pistol, but they don't know when I sell it. I've traded in handguns over the years and never got a "form of UNregistration". But I doubt there will be any fuss made or effort to seek out "high capacity" magazines. They know the law will do nothing, ZERO, to save lives or prevent crime. They got all they ever wanted when the bill passed - to say they "did something!", "took action", enacted "common-sense" gun control. They never did care if you had an 8, 10, 15 or 17 rounder. They just wanted to chip away at your rights, inconvenience you (because you probably wouldn't vote for them) and score points with the blue voters. But woe to those who just happen to get caught with an evil mag - prepare to be test case and have the book thrown at you.
  8. Exactly how I feel. Sure, emotionally, I'd like to say F them. The odds of getting "caught" with illegal mag is very low, but the cost is extremely high. I am certain there is some guidance going out from the AG to county prosecutors to make this a zero-tolerance violation. I don't need to give some NJ political hack prosecutor a hard-on by getting found with a deadly "high capacity" magazine, and "arsenal" of weapons and a "hoard" of ammo.
  9. I guess this thread will move from "Pending Legislation" to the "Current Law" forum. And what was accomplished? Just another liberal wet-dream with ZERO affect on public safety. So, instead of taking 10 15-round magazines to range, I'll take 15 10-round magazines. These Democrat hacks can't even do simple math.
  10. I hear ya. I guess it's one thing to keep your mags in the safe until you slip the surly bonds of this godforsaken state. I don't think I'd venture out to the range with them though. I'd be curious if any traffic stop ever resulted in a prosecution for having an illegal mag (when there are no other charges). Anyone have NexisLexis? I could see it being a pile-on type charge, and I could be way off base, but it doesn't seem likely to be a primary charge against an otherwise law-abiding person. I wouldn't want to be the test case though, because once you have a firearm conviction on your record, well you can kiss it all goodbye.
  11. A gun czar. Great - another NJ patronage job at our expense (of our tax dollars and our rights). Just curious, why is there no Hands, Fists or Feet Czar or a Knife Czar? Everyone is so concerned about "assault rifles", yet bare hands are used three times as often for murder in NJ than a rifle of any kind, and a cutting instrument (aka knife/razor) is used 14 times as often as a rifle. Do we need a Knife Czar? Moving on from murder, look at armed robbery - 65% of robberies use something other than a firearm, where's a Czar for that? And 85% of robberies are committed by blacks (65%) and Hispanics (20%). How about a Czar to look at that situation? Oh, I almost forgot. It has nothing to do with public safety. Just politics.
  12. I was inventorying my ammo (just 5 or 6 boxes for the narcs listening in) and found some sub-gauge shotgun shells I had left over from when I was shooting skeet. I have no use for these shells, but was wondering what I can legally do to sell them? Just face-to-face in NJ? Can I ship them within the state? Out of state? What's a law-abiding citizen to do?
  13. Seriously, how does someone with that much money have such bad teeth? Maybe you could say the same about Trump and his hair, but I digress.
  14. Curious if anyone owns the interchangeable system. It looks like I can buy the rifle (let's say the Encore Pro-Hunter) with just my FID or I can by the Pistol version (with FID and, of course, P2P), but I can't buy the rifle and convert it to the same pistol since that seems to be deemed evil: "any firearm made from a rifle or a shotgun, whether by alteration, or otherwise, if such firearm as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches". Of course there's no way to tell by looking at the pistol if it was purchased that way or assembled that way. I might get the rifle and wait until I move out of this god-forsaken state to get the pistol kit.