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  1. I invested in a good pair of boots and don’t really mind that much - I’m usually the only one there. Rarely another car in the lot. It’s never a problem getting a bench, so that’s a plus. No waiting to change flags. Maybe a few cars go to the back (LEOs at the active range?) but it’s usually deserted on weekdays. Funny, I get emails all the time from all the other ranges I use. Does SJSC send anything out? I can’t recall ever seeing anything about range status or events.
  2. I was there (the only one there until I packed up) from 10-12. 100 is better than before. Left side is drying, right side submerged. 50 still looks flooded but I didn’t use it. Just got my renewal notice in the mail. Will give it some thought before writing a check.
  3. Interesting, and that makes sense that they went with a thickness closest to the upper end of the 0.043-0.051" range. I haven't gotten my gauge yet, bit I'm fairly certain my bolt is slightly shallow. Mine is the Performance Center model and it was made in Nov of 2018. I measured mine multiple times and keep coming up with 0.041" I wonder what depth causes the autofire? I saw one guy on the S&W forum that claimed his depth was 0.036" and he did not have any issues, maybe because of his ammo? I think the SAAMI spec for the cartridge rim is 0.036" to 0.043".
  4. Yes, those of the SAAMI rim depth ranges for the chamber. Just wondering what S&W considers their spec. I measured my bolt depth and got 0.041" (with my cheap Chinese digital calipers). Do the gauge instructions tell you to just eyeball it or maybe run a credit card over it to make sure it's flush or lower (that is, doesn't get hung up passing from bolt to gauge)?
  5. News reports say "Security stepped up at mosques in the US". Here we go. Gun owners = White supremacists = Trump supporters = Islamaphobes.
  6. Said the whack-job: “This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.” Well, thanks for caring about our rights - but your little massacre really wasn’t helpful.
  7. Do we know if relatives can be used as a reference now? The instructions and the actual form conflict with each other: "When completing the application you will need the correct email addresses of two (2) reputable references. Your references can be family members." "Application requires references from two reputable persons who are presently acquainted with the applicant, other than relatives."
  8. It appears that with the implementation of FARS, they've done away with that illegal form. My wife would always laugh when she got one in the mail. "Seriously? Do they know how many guns you already have?!". Now, at least on paper, your two references will be contacted by email (faster) and they can be relatives, which is a big improvement. Good luck - let us know how it goes with the "new" process. Happy to show you around the local ranges I use anytime.
  9. Last time I got my paperwork (before the new electronic system), it was 6 weeks and, other than the one extra/illegal (spousal permission note), it was straightforward and the township kept me up-to-date on the progress. Might have been quicker but the Chief was on vacation and the permits sat on his desk for a week. If this is your first time doing this in NJ, be prepared. You'll need references (can be out of state). All the instructions are on the CHPD website.
  10. Yes, I forgot about Quinton - nice laid back place, though a bit of a haul from Cherry Hill. I go there when I'm avoiding the registered shoots at Pine Belt. Also, there's Cedar Creek if you like Sporting Clays.
  11. Cherry Hill here. Also a PA transplant. CHPD is not awful when it comes to paperwork if your need a FID or P2P. About 6 weeks last time I needed a FID after moving. For ranges, check out Telco, South Jersey Shooting Club and Pine Belt since you mentioned skeet. Hit me up anytime with questions and welcome!
  12. Is the in-spec depth published somewhere? I just bought mine in December. It was manufactured weeks before in November. They must sell a ton of those 15-22's. Interestingly enough, I checked my box label - no red dot which indicates it had been inspected at the manufacturer (which is consistent with the manufacture date being prior to Feb 2019), but when I put in the serial number, it told me mine was not part of the recall. Maybe because it's a NJ-compliant Performance Center model? The recall says ALL 15-22's with no exclusions.
  13. I like the thought of brass knuckles response, but in NJ? Where we have a Senator who slept with underage prostitutes paid for by a political donor? Libs only care about control and ethics be damned.
  14. It's interesting that Gov Gopher cites the revenue these fees will generate. The silver lining is that once the lib-controlled government starts sucking on the teat of new revenue stream, they're likely to want to preserve it - not cut it off. But libs are bad at math (and logic) and never understand the concept of unintended consequences. Look at Philly when they jacked up the parking fines expecting twice the revenue (assuming the same number of violations). Instead, people changed their behavior and violations dropped and revenue actually decreased with the higher fines. Idiots. I think we'll see that most gun enthusiasts will suck it up and pay the additional fees and some will slow down or stop buying. The online ammo sales ban is gonna suck, though. Time to stock up the "hoard".
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