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  1. I wanted to thank you for posting these as I am not on that facebook page. My PD sent my application to the court on the same date, no call yet!
  2. This is both good and terrible news at the same time! I am glad that Middlesex is starting the issuance process but, Middlesex is one of the most populated areas in NJ and I know the court has thousands of applications. AT THE CURRENT RATE THIER MOVING IT COULD TAKE YEARS FOR MANY OF US TO GET OUR PTC.I am happy for those 10 people but, it's their issuance rate is very concerning to me. At least it confirms my conversation with Anna regarding pick up at the courthouse instead of the PD.....
  3. Have you called the court and where are you in the process? I will be calling next week as I am nearly at 90 days in.
  4. For the most part I agree, but then there are those of us in counties who have had our money taken and are waiting more than 90 days with nothing to show for it. We have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars in guns, ammo, training so we can legally carry. For many of us, were willing to take some restrictions just to get a permit in hand. We can always fight the restrictions at a later time.
  5. Other than the one denial that went public and the information circulating that Judge Rea will be handing off some of the work to Judge Jiminez and Judge Corson. That's all I have at the moment.
  6. I have been considering retaining an attorney to assist here in Middlesex. There just not issuing permits, a lawsuit may have to be filed to get things moving.
  7. Well, at least we know something is coming out of Middlesex County.....I was told I would not have to appear unless there is a denial. In the case of "joseph kent smith" it appears that there was intent to deny by the court.
  8. That was exactly what I was insinuating with my earlier post. All the "were waiting on guidance" gibberish and the cashing of money orders and not issuing permits was likely done intentionally until they had a way to neuter our carry permits.
  9. True, my mistake I thought I posted in the correct location. I have removed the post and placed it where it belongs.
  10. It's insane and radical on many levels. It even makes private property not owned by the government or town a sensitive location. Most synagogues and churches are private property that can make their own decisions. I also saw NO EXEMPTION for law enforcement in the current bill so, police would be as defenseless as us. Now, we know why many counties (including mine) have not issued a single permit, this is the guidance they are waiting for. This bill will be signed into law before dinner time and then they will start issuing permits... (correct thread re-post)
  11. They will pass and sign this bill so fast our heads will spin. The messed-up part is that my county (Middlesex) has not issued a single permit, now we know why.
  12. Not exactly, directive 6-19 states that the judges should be reviewing carry permits at least once every 30 days in order to avoid delays. If they take our money (which they have) they should follow the directive that they are bound to.
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