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  1. I never clean my brand new guns before going to the range, I clean them after the first range visit. Oddly, I have never had a problem at the range with not cleaning a new gun. Now, military surplus that's another matter....
  2. An honorable action, though I fear it will be fruitless until SCOTUS intervenes on our behalf. The people of NJ care more about their stupid marijuana and late-term abortions then they do about their right to self-defense. The idea of self defense of property and person does not even register in the psyche of people that live here, when I utter the words "self defense" they look at me like I'm from another planet. Truthfully, I'm surprised the police in your town even let you apply, I know from experience how hostile NJ police can be regarding FID applications let alone CCW.
  3. As Zelig said when Jews had access to weapons they did fight back. Read the book "Gun control in the third Reich-disarming of the Jews and other undesirables" by author Steven P Halbrook. It's an accurate study of the gun control laws in Germany from the treaty of Versailles, through the Weimar republic and finally to the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. It's one of my favorite books and accurately breaks down what happens over decades of incremental gun control which eventually leads to outright confiscation. Compliance is our worst enemy, too many of us rushed to destroy or modify our 15rd mags when knucklehead murphy signed the ban into law. I will not spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder worrying when some woke cop(s) will show up to take my guns and neither should of any of you. , grow a pair...
  4. Actually it was our ace in the hole. We had three of the 10 cases before SCOTUS that specifically targeted NJ's permitting carry scheme. Just one of these cases could have ended NJ's outright abuse that has last nearly 50+ years. Many here like to ramble on about Chief Roberts involvement regarding these cases, but the fact is that only Thomas and Kavanaugh dissented. Of the 9 justices only 2 showed interest in reviewing NJ's "justifiable need" scam. There are other conservative justices that showed no immediate interest in reviewing these cases, there is simply no proof that Roberts went to bat for or against us. I am not sure where you came up with 4 years? Is there some secret algorithm that we are not privy to? Please do share! in the meantime we will try to minimize our "complaining" as it offends your sensibilities.....
  5. There is no hard rule on what to use for self-defense! I try to stick to following criteria: 1. A round designed specifically for self defense purposes 2. A round that you have tested personally and has proven to feed reliably and expand reliably. 3. A round that is readily available for immediate purchase, not something that is backordered for months.
  6. This is a "nothing burger" so to speak. Does anybody here remember Cornyn's reciprocity bill from over a year ago? I can legally carry in 42 states (for now) but, in NJ there is little hope. A potential Biden win next month could spell disaster for CCW/reciprocity nationwide along with magazine capacity etc.. It pains me to say this, but our "ace in the hole" fell flat back in June when SCOTUS denied review of rogers v grewal and marc cheeseman v polilo. Our next best bet is to wait for another CCW case to work it's way up to SCOTUS (or file a new one) which could take many years. In the mean time the state of NJ has decided it is best for all of us to be at the mercy of the muggers. It's nauseating I know, it's why so many of "us" have left NJ to greener pastures. NJ go
  7. Nice! Revolvers will always get points for nostalgia and coolness.
  8. Yep, happened to me and a clerk at the Dicks Sporting goods in South Plainfield. I'm sure there are others.
  9. There is an ammo shortage and it will likely continue for some time after the election. Those who feel it the most are individuals who only own guns chambered in the most popular calibers, 9mm, .223. 7.62 etc. Ammo can still be had, there is plenty of 7.62 nagant, 7.62 tokarev, 38 special,(+P), 380 ACP(a little harder to get), 22TCM, 10mm, 30-30 win, 40SW, you get the idea.... shh, the secret is to buy calibers that people don't normally care for.
  10. This is just another attempt at making our lives more difficult and will do nothing to raise needed revenue. Even with all the new gun owners in NJ, we still account for a very small percentage of the population. According to a recent article (can't remember the article) only 14.6 percent of NJ households have firearms. The only other state that has less firearms per household was NY. Even if you account for deviation that still low compared to all other states. This percentage also does not account for the many NJ gun owners that are intending to move out of NJ soon. The Governor and his ilk are fully united in seeing us all too ruin, while their enforcement arm (NJ Police) are all too happy to jam up gun owners on criminal charges for the most minor infraction. I wanted to mention that NJ police also routinely send letters to employers informing them of your interest in guns, and also notify your neighbors of your gun purchases as well. Their unity is a stark contrast to NJ gun owners who bicker and infight over the most trivial matters, who express fear that orthodox Jewry are moving into their neighborhoods(you know who you are-shame on you), and do absolutely nothing to help, educate, or uplift fellow gun owners. My hope now is that there are enough diverse, new NJ gun owners to make a difference in the next gubernatorial election.
  11. Shooting a Dan Wesson on your property under the big beautiful Virginia sun. That's just happiness
  12. There should have been enough support to take at least one of the 10 cases even during an election year. I truly believed as did many, that the courts were on our side and had the sacred duty to break these blatantly unconstitutional laws. I(we) were WRONG, these judges instead chose to be derelict in their duties. As a result, we now enter the "dark ages" so to speak, where we are increasingly subject to the whims of gun-grabbers, hoplophobes that despise the concept of self defense, and destructive domestic terrorists disguised as intellectuals seeking social change. 2020, will go down as a year characterized by pure madness, all of which emanates from the democratic party. Welcome to the dark ages!!!
  13. I'm not seeing how the correlation you made here can be accurate, but to each his own. I still use the cheap generic ear muffs that my father bought me decades ago. It works as good as the day he bought it and does not hinder or improve my shooting abilities. What ever equipment used, whether it be cheap or moderately priced is fine. The only time I become a gun snob is when discussing, researching, and purchasing self-defense ammo.
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