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  1. Shooting a Dan Wesson on your property under the big beautiful Virginia sun. That's just happiness
  2. There should have been enough support to take at least one of the 10 cases even during an election year. I truly believed as did many, that the courts were on our side and had the sacred duty to break these blatantly unconstitutional laws. I(we) were WRONG, these judges instead chose to be derelict in their duties. As a result, we now enter the "dark ages" so to speak, where we are increasingly subject to the whims of gun-grabbers, hoplophobes that despise the concept of self defense, and destructive domestic terrorists disguised as intellectuals seeking social change. 2020, will go down as a year characterized by pure madness, all of which emanates from the democratic party. Welcome to the dark ages!!!
  3. I'm not seeing how the correlation you made here can be accurate, but to each his own. I still use the cheap generic ear muffs that my father bought me decades ago. It works as good as the day he bought it and does not hinder or improve my shooting abilities. What ever equipment used, whether it be cheap or moderately priced is fine. The only time I become a gun snob is when discussing, researching, and purchasing self-defense ammo.
  4. I use "Radians Resistor 32", they seem to be on sale now at amazon.com. They were a few dollars more when I bought them, mine are USA made.
  5. For indoor ranges I go with my earplugs made by Radians followed up by some generic hearing muffs. If it's an outdoor range, I just use the earplugs made by Radians. Radians are awesome!!!
  6. Yes, that gun with it's 10rd or less capacity is legal here in Joisey, though I would recommend you ship it to yourself rather than driving with it cross country. California or NJ, both have draconian gun control, but conceal carry permits in the State of California are still in the realm of possibility. According to records, there are approximately 70,593 (%0.2 percent of their population) CCW holders outside of law enforcement in California, as compared to our 1,800 (0.0012 % percent of our population). Both states suck, but California is slightly better on issuing conceal carry permits, while NJ is better on firearms selection and ease of purchase. Anyways, best of luck to you!
  7. I have to disagree with you on this. The overwhelming majority of VA is a 2A sanctuary (unlike Joisey) and the people down there are aggressive in defending their right to carry. They have shown tremendous unity and activism since "Blackface" and his legislature took over. If they keep the energy up and remember to vote in their next election, then I don't see why they can't avert the fate that happened to us. They are nothing like the nebbish, quarrelsome, and complacent gun owners here.
  8. Painful and unwelcome news, Alexandria is where I earned my "bones" so to speak. Conceal carry in Alexandria and VA in general is accepted and widely practiced, but Alexandria does tend to house those of the anti-gun ilk. On a positive note though, Alexandria does not represent the entirety of VA, which is vehemently pro-conceal carry. Even with the change, Alexandria still beats "Joisey" in terms of safety and cost of living. I spent a lot of time in Alexandria, it will always have a place in my heart. . Jersey on the other hand
  9. I would only use cheap steel cased ammo on something like a surplus bolt gun, like a Turkish Mauser for example. For modern and surplus handguns I only use brass or aluminum. Using steel cased ammo in your prized handguns or rifles isn't worth the risk of potentially damaging your gun just to save a few dollars on the cheap stuff. Just my humble opinion.
  10. LOL, yeh my better half went yesterday. I was told it looked like something out of Mad Max. I knew "Bucktooth" was going to be a hot mess when he first pounced onto the stage. Will the people of this state ever learn?
  11. Dirtydigz, The reason why I started this topic was to notify my fellow gun owners that Cabela's no longer ships ammo to the state of NJ. As stated in previous posts, I was not able to complete an ammo purchase because items were restricted to NJ. Again, within the cart I was given message to remove ammo items because of location restrictions. I was not given an option to provide an FID like, Sgammo, Classic Firearms etc. If anyone here has completed an entire ammo order from Cabela's, please let us know. Other's here seem to have had the same experience as me. I am beginning to understand why many NJ gun owners no longer wish to post here. Their are too many NJ gun owners that use their posts on this site to belittle and insult their fellow gun owners. They (you know who you are) provide no useful information, are not helpful in any manner, and only serve to provoke infighting. Our opposition has no such issue, as they are united in curtailing our rights, creating onerous laws that imprison us, and making us out to be social pariahs.
  12. A harsh and unfair assessment of your fellow gun owners. I primarily go to ranges in PA, VA for a number of reasons, non of which are because I am a "complainer", a provocateur, or a "schmuck" as you put it. The main reasons I prefer out of state ranges are the following: 1. Based on my personal experiences visiting different NJ ranges, I feel that many NJ ranges (owners) cater to LEO's and have little or no respect for people other than the "anointed". Owners/employees of the ranges that I go to are always cordial with me, and seem genuinely happy to see me. Again, this is my personal experience and may not reflect the experience of others here. 2. Ranges in NJ require upwards of 200 dollars and a class before one can exercise the right to draw from a holster. I need no instruction from NJ or it's instructors. What I learned carrying on the streets of PA, FL, VA, combined with my training is more than sufficient. Ranges in PA, FL, VA etc, allow drawing from the holster without a mandatory overpriced class. Carry in VA for awhile, you will learn real quick! 3. Many ranges out of state allow me to use the range for more than the allotted hour without issue or complaint. Your comments here show disdain and contempt for your fellow gun owners who you feel are not doing the heavy lifting. You don't know every gun owner in this state and what actions they have taken to improve the 2A in this state. Everyone helps in their own way, and I don't presume to know the actions or inactions of other gun owners. Heavy lifting or not, we have less gun rights now than we did just a few years ago. No chance or hope of conceal carry/open carry in NJ, and no cases before the supreme court. There have been no gains in terms of 2A rights in this state, nada, zilch! Mrs. Peel makes a valid point, but I argue whether supporting these NJ ranges, and their sometimes (nebbish) owners, will somehow translate into a restoration of our rights. What we need is either massive civil disobedience, or a major shift in NJ government. Please stop with the belittling comments as they serve no useful purpose, let's try to uplift our fellow gun owners.
  13. I have no idea what is going on with Cabelas!!! When I tried to place an ammo order last week, the cart in which I had placed ammo told me I needed to remove the item in order to complete the order as item was restricted. Additionally, I just went to Cabela's to look up 38 special and 380 ammo. There is a statement at the bottom of any ammo page with a notice regarding ammunition restrictions to states including NJ. This statement clarifies that they do not ship to NJ. I am not sure what issues occurred when Cabela's changed their website.
  14. I sometimes get Cabela's gift cards from family/friends etc for my birthdays. Well, that is no longer the case. I don't want any gift cards from them, nor do I wish to purchase anything from them. I have been buying goods from Cabela's for decades and have given them a lot of my money. It's a shame, but I will making future purchases elsewhere.
  15. It appears Cabelas has updated their website and along with it their policy regarding shipping ammunition to NJ(crap hole). After decades of buying ammo online from Cabelas, it appears my most recent purchase of ammo will be my last. This must have been a recent decision because I received my order not more than a week and a half ago. They may have gotten threatened by the AG or figured NJ was a lost cause, so it wouldn't be worth the trouble. After all, there are plenty of normal states that honor and practice the 2nd amendment. NJ is truly the bottom of the barrel, the turd, the child nobody wants to hug.....you get the idea.
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