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  1. This...They indeed do not give a STEAMING SHIT about crime victims.
  2. My point was a general one regarding violent and petty crime. The petty crime in my area has gone up and has effected the quality of life.
  3. Cal30 m1 is right, life is too short to be unhappy where you live. The gun laws and inability protect yourself outside the home is only one of the many issues I have here in Joisey. The insane taxes, noise, pollution, traffic, rising violent crime and petty crimes which all effect the quality of life here. If I didn't have kids, I would have exited the state already. The "stand and fight" crowd have a valid point, but I feel their being overly optimistic. You just do not have the numbers here to make any positive change in our favor. Yes, there have been many new gun owners in NJ over the last year, but I doubt they will change their voting habits as they instinctively vote for the same party that will eventually disarm them. I recently read a book called "American Insurgent" by Phil Rabalais, it's a fictional story of what appears to be coming our way and fast! I recommend it, it's a great book.
  4. They are relentless! They won't stop attacking us with their bullshit until they have enacted their "Final Solution" for us which is: A. We willingly turn in our guns to underfunded Police departments that considering the current political trends and rhetoric may not exist in the next 4-8 years. B. Ass up in a prison cell somewhere in Rahway or South Jersey. C. They force us to move out of this State for fear of options B and D. D. We risk losing our lives against agents of the State, hellbent on "Red Flagging" us for the most inane and trivial events. Had a disagreement with a neighbor? Asked some trespasser to get the hell of your property? Gave someone the Finger? Got into a tussle with someone in your neighborhood for harassing your kids or your wife? The people(if you can call them that) that run this State and their constituency do not give A SHIT which one of these we choose or befalls us, they will be happy with any of them. The time is coming to make a decision in NJ, do you want to remain a gun owner or not? Ask yourself how much it means to you, because I know what it means to me.
  5. It's gouging and you do have to shop around. I recently paid 50 for a transfer which I thought was reasonable, I have paid 75 dollars in the past. There are still many FFL's in NJ that are reasonable on their rates.
  6. I feel like I'm a frog in water pot that is slowly being boiled. I know we have been down this road many times before with previous administrations(all democrats), but I keep getting this nagging feeling that this time is different. Yes, I know that due to leftist violence in predominantly progressive run cities over the summer, many people have woken up and purchased guns for the first time bolstering our ranks but, I feel this sense of "finality" with the way things are going. The type of rhetoric and misinformation coming from the current administration, media, academia, and younger generation is something that would have been unheard in the 80's or 90's. As gun owners we may have to re-think our "philosophy of use" regarding our lawfully purchased guns. Will leaving a gun in a gun vault to collect dust and praying that SCOTUS steps in to re-affirm the 2nd going to cut it for much longer? At this point, these progressive governors and mayors are totally ignoring the Heller and Mcdonald decisions and passing ever increasing regulations. Are we all frogs in a pot?
  7. It begins........ The potato head is taking baby steps though, i expected a full on assault on all semi-autos using the power of executive order. I believe the radical left that is using Biden like a marionette may be afraid of getting slapped down by SCOTUS or the lower courts, so they are testing the waters.
  8. True, the last time i went in to drop off paperwork(before the fars system) for a new p2p the officer behind the desk was snoring. I woke him up by tapping on the glass. They will give you your FID eventually, it may take a few months.
  9. It's true they are swamped with all the new NJ gun owners, it's sucks that they act like a bunch of thugs. I wish i had a more positive relationship with the PD in my town, but it was never possible due, to their tyrant like behavior. Strange, i never had any issues with Police in PA, FL, VA it's a "Jersey" thing.
  10. I have the following ammo available for sale and am looking to sell ammo as a complete lot. All ammo is factory produced (no reloads), Located in Middlesex county and willing to meet at middlebrook firearms. Additional possible meeting points can be determined after sale. MUST show a matching FID card and DL, Not interested in splitting up cases/boxes (please don’t ask for individual boxes) or any trades. Cash or paypal only. Please contact me with any questions. 70 rounds of 357 magnum and 338 rounds of 38 special, asking 200 for the lot. **The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale** thanks 70 rounds Fiocchi 357 Mag 158 grain LFP 45 rounds choice ammo 105 grain 29 rounds hst micro 38 special+P HP 100 rounds ppu 38 special 125 grain 50 rounds 38 special magtech 158 grain lrn 30 rounds gold dots 38 special+P HP 30 rounds hyrdra shock 38 special+P HP 20 rounds sig v crown 38 special+P HP 20 rounds supervel 38 special+P HP 14 rounds 38 special 125GR HP
  11. Yep, pretty much the reason i suggested the Primary arms cyclops 1x or 3x, vortex spitfire, sig bravo etc as they operate on etched reticles instead of a red dot. As an added bonus is that the prism scope were to fail or batteries die you can still use the un-illuminated reticle to protect yourself, if a red dot fails or the batteries die you will be out of luck. If i didn't have a severe astigmatism i would have gone with a holosun HS510c or a vortex sparc 2 but, it is what it is. Can't wait for my cyclops to come in!
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