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  1. 1. The majority ie if we go 6-3 or 5-4 on the case. 2. YES, Justice Thomas has wrote very pro-2A things in the past in his dissents when his fellow judges refused to hear gun cases. In his last dissent he wrote something to the following effect "As we walk the marbled halls of justice with our private armed guards, the average person that works late nights has no sort of protection etc..." you get the idea, I want him to write the majority opinion.
  2. I have not heard any rumors of an early verdict, but I will say a prayer tonight! I sure hope Clarence Thomas will be writing the majority opinion, that would be a pleasure!
  3. A bunch of people called into NJ101.5 this morning to complain about this exact same thing! I find this whole marijuana nonsense very upsetting.
  4. Naive no, I know that there is no historical precedence of any state OPENLY DEFYING THE HIGH COURT! I already gave you a good example. Tennessee, Texas, Alabama etc....(50) now issue marriage licenses to gay couples per a SCOTUS ruling in 2016-2017 I believe. NJ would be no different with regards to CCW permits. Civil rights lawsuits in which NJ would get clobbered in court. I know if no time in US history in which SCOTUS rules and a state just entirely ignores the ruling!
  5. Yep, saw the article today. I think the article mentioned that we would be able to get the civilian round in "277 Fury". 5.56 and 223 Rem will still be standard fare for us civilians for quite a awhile.
  6. That's bologna! States cannot ignore SCOTUS rulings period! An example would be when the high court ruled that gay marriage is covered under the 14th amendment, all states had to comply and issue marriage licenses to gay couples.
  7. God i loved the time i spent in VA! I was mostly in the Alexandria area though.
  8. I couldn't agree more, this should have been settled in 2019 when their was a load of carry cases that SCOTUS refused to hear. The case has been heard already and we are currently waiting for a decision. SCOTUS MUST ISSUE THE VERDICT ON OR BEFORE JUNE 27TH.
  9. There have been cases in NJ though where the gun owner was not charged, i think the drugs and the other charges played a role here.
  10. It appears in this particular case the homeowner was not the good guy, but rather a low level drug dealer who happened to own a gun. We don't know if the gun was legally owned or not. We do know the charges though: Dillard is charged with possession of a firearm while engaged in drug activity, receiving stolen property, tampering with physical evidence and drug-related offenses, police said. Even if he didn't have marijuana, he still may have been charged on "receiving stolen property" etc..
  11. Of the 50 states that form are great union, 25 are now permit-less carry,18 states are "Shall-issue" carry regimes and 7 are still "no issue" states. Essentially, 43 out of 50 states allow for civilians to carry with relative ease which totals 86% of the entire US. We (I) still live in one of the 7 "no issue" states. NJ is simply wrong on this matter and on the wrong side of history! When will SCOTUS get off their asses and issue an affirmative verdict? It's been months already!
  12. My take on this is that Ed is a great guy and that this proposed bill is a nice gesture. He is sending "the love" so to speak, he's in our corner etc., I actually smiled and chuckled while reading this bill and I have to admit my imagination then ran away with me and I wondered "what could have been if only we had many more Ed Durr's in Trenton". Fantasy aside, this bill will be strangled and burned on the committee floor. I wouldn't be surprised if the politicians in Trenton take turns wiping their asses on the committee floor with this bill. Nothing that would give the common NJ citizen the effective means of protection outside the home will see daylight outside of committee. This WILL NOT start a conversation among our legislators because they are vehemently against concealed/open carry and their decision towards issuance was made decades ago. Their malice and indifference towards us has spanned nearly 50 years in this State. Yeh, they'll converse with each other alright' WHEN THEIR PASSING PIECES OF THIS BILL BETWEEN STALLS!! Realistically, The only way out of this would be a favorable ruling from SCOTUS to FORCE NJ to conform to a "shall issue" regime. We need the "coup de grace" not another 50 or 100 years of incremental change in our direction!
  13. I would go for the Wilson Combat. I just got the new Wilson Combat grip module for the 365XL Romeo Zero and yes "it is all that and a bag of chips" and yes, it's worth the 80 dollars with shipping. I am so impressed with how their grip module takes the Sig 365XL to the next level, I was saving up for a 1911 from nighthawk, but now I think I'll put my money on Wilson Combat.
  14. I read about this gun in guns and ammo magazine. It's excellent and a great choice if your in the market for a "gucci glock".
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