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  1. I would highly recommend a handgun for home defense with either red dot/tritium sights and with or without attached pistol light and NOT a shotgun. The shotgun is difficult to reload under pressure, typically has lower capacity than a pistol, more recoil, more flash, and many would argue has more penetration. The shotgun would be the last weapon i choose for any defensive scenario. Remember, the only gun that matters is the one that is either on you or within reaching distance!
  2. Wow! that's crazy the police must have gone to the moon and back to find something trivial from when you were 13. I wonder how the police got this information. You need a lawyer to assist you as i know of no doctor in NJ that will sign off for a gun permit nor of any instance of doctors in this state providing a reference for a gun permit. The school must have recorded the incident in some format and handed it to the police so they can deny you.....
  3. No, it should not have any bearing on the case itself. Not sure if it will be live streamed but, oral arguments will be voice recorded so we can hear what was said and a transcript is usually made available as well. The bottom line is, we will know what was said and by whom.
  4. Not sure if anybody here is aware but, the CCW lawsuits against NJ carry scheme are piling up. I saw this on youtube, apparently filed by the firearms policy coalition. What are we up to now 3 or 4 conceal carry lawsuits against NJ? (1) FPC Files New Carry Lawsuit in New Jersey - YouTube
  5. This again...... Everything is technically illegal in this nanny state, but there are exceptions as GRIZ listed above. As I have said before, hollow points are legal to own under these exceptions PERIOD! If god forbid a violent and sudden self defense scenario would to occur, one would be forced to utilize ammo that is: 1. Available 2. Legal to own within the home 3. Effective In typical NJ fashion there is no mention of using hollow point ammunition in a self-defense scenario in the statues, nor any ammo for that matter as NJ cannot fathom the concept that a civilian could effectively protect themselves and their loved ones within the home. The basic concepts of self defense that you and I understand elude the majority of those in this state including those in power.
  6. They will start oral arguments November 3rd. It can't come fast enough, being defenseless sucks!
  7. I have lots, still in their original tins if your still interested.
  8. Yes, the goal of the today's Democrats is to eliminate private firearms ownership in it's entirety. On another note, I feel stupider after listening to a Biden speech.
  9. I have decided to end this sale, items will no longer be for sale. Moderators can message me for any additional information. Please remove listing.
  10. Sold to bossnagy pending funds and meeting agreement.
  11. This will be sold as a lot. Federal 150 grain soft point 100 rounds Winchester 170 grain 33 rounds Lever Evolution 30 rounds Hornady Sub-Sonic 7 rounds 170 rounds total for 160$
  12. I stand corrected... though in my town they would put me handcuffs or worse....
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