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  1. Very nice !! I'm jealous
  2. I have an unopened lb can of 700x. Unfortunately I don't have a use for the powders you listed but I would trade it for a lb of Unique Located just off Rt 18 in Manalapan, down your way often
  3. And if you bring the subject up on one of the RV forums you get edited (or banned)
  4. Bought this, shot it once, stepped into a deal for a Citori I couldn't say no to and never shot it again Virtually mint Upgraded fiber optic sight, set of Carlson chokes $785 Located in Manalapan
  5. Oops Mods, please move this thread to the NJ gun law page
  6. So all my smoke poles are registered to me here in NJ and I'd like to sell a few off. How do I handle selling one to someone in a state where these guns are not even considered to be a gun, thus no registration or nics. One of them is a revolver - still not even a gun in most states Obviously I'd get a bill of sale. Should I care that they are still in my name ? Is there a way to get them out of my name?
  7. Sayerville Sportsman carries them - not cheap but always has em.
  8. I'm planning on thinning my herd of just OK smoke poles and getting one higher quality rifle I'm familiar with the Kibler kits, that's first on my list right now, but I'm sure there are others that might be of interest that I've never heard of. Like to keep it under $2,500 if possible
  9. Nothing great but good stuff for rimfire and kids guns Priced individually or take em all for $90 All have rings except the BSA Classic, Weaver is missing a cap Located in Manalapan Weaver V22-A 3-6X rimfire scope $30 Tasco Rimfire scope RF37X20D 3-7x20mm $20 Bushnell Sportview Rimfire Scope 3-7x20mm $15 Tasco 4x15mm RF4X15 $10 BSA Classic SW4x32CP $20 BSA RD30 Red Dot 30Mm Lens, 5 MOA $20
  10. Update 8/10/22 1 P:M Pending - 4350, 4064, 4320, H380, all traded to joltitor - Photos updated Also taking the CFE and the WSF
  11. Kind of what I figured, I've been reading since I posted this and a handgun, although the better solution, simply carries too much risk. Looks like I'm going this way: Keltek KS7 - pump action, tubular magazine, 6+1 3" shells, overall length 26.1", 18.5" barrel, bottom ejection so ambidextrous, legal everywhere. All around pretty badass design. It's actually shorter than a Shockwave and far easier to aim
  12. I'm getting away from percussion and more into era based flintlock so this can go............ Here's a nearly complete deer hunting black powder setup. Everything you need except the jag for the range rod and a primer cap holder: Traditions Hawken .50 percussion rifle This is not a "newer" Traditions rifle. This gun is from back when they made far far better quality then they do now. I'm the original owner and have had it for close to 30 years. It's an unusually accurate gun - you're welcome to shoot it before buying. Additional stuff that goes with it: Box of 30 maxiball conicals Tin of 100 percussion caps Pound container of Pyrodex Brass powder flask Brass powder measure Nipple wrench Antler nipple pick Custom loading block Ball starter Range rod Barrel has some minor pitting on the outside around the nipple but the bore is clean. Like an idiot I missed cleaning the outside around the nip before putting it away for the winter many years ago. This in no way effects (affects? I never get this word right) its functionality. I 100% stand behind my claim of it's accuracy. Again, you are welcome to shoot it before buying as a guest at my club, CJRP, in Jackson. $290 - located in Manalapan NJ
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