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  1. Sudsy


    That's a very good question. So if you live in NYC do you have to pay Federal, NJ, NY, and NYC taxes ? You won 1 BILLION dollars Here's 50 bucks, congrats
  2. Sudsy


    Paywall, can't see it Gotta cut n paste the article
  3. If you move north of the Raritan River, the decades upon decades of toxins in the ground from all the heavy industry and chemical plants can damage your brain. And FWIW, this brand is better than the Taylor brand
  4. I was close, always questioned the breaking into the armory part - even though that's the story that seems to be out there. THis makes much more sense. 46 carbines. Idiots making the rules in this state
  5. The M1 Carbine ban is because NJ's government is made up of idiots, much like the people who vote them in - which explains the conflicting info. The way I've heard it (from multiple sources) is that many years ago a State National Guard armory was broken into and a large number of MI Carbines were stolen - so rather than track them all down the state just made them illegal to own - even though it make no sense at all Flash suppressors are an issue, you'd best double check that.
  6. It'll mostly be used at the 300 yard range at my club but I would like to make it at least possible to hit a 12" plate with it at 1000 yds (at my friends range in NC). I want the gun to be capable, whether or not I am might be a different story. Is the 24" stainless stock sporter barrel good enough? This gun has been a safe queen since 1998, no more than 100 rounds though it total, would seem a shame to rebarrel it, I'll probably buy a new gun in that case. There are a LOT of chassis options and the prices are all over the place. I don't understand all of the various bedding methods. I know what the terms are but I don't know what differences in accuracy you get from each of them. I'm OK with the trigger (pre-recall), if I mess with that it will be the last tweak I do.
  7. “I want to be buried in Hudson County so that I can remain active in politics.” - Brendan Byrne
  8. I'll be there as soon as the shad show up in the river. If you hear of a good bite let me know !!!
  9. Cool (and crap!!) Are you anywhere near or on the way to the Gap ? I'll be up that way as soon as the shad show up and can swing by
  10. I'm in the process of carving and wire inlaying a Chambers Smooth Rifle stock - I would love to go through those for artistic inspiration !!
  11. gfl216 bought this from me This isn't a factory finish I had gently reshaped some of the blocky edges in the foregrip and at the base of the butt into a more curved refined and comfortable shape, refinished the wood, redid some inletting and polished the brass into a satin finish. (thought I might hunt with it so didn't want full polish. Few swipes with a crocus cloth and it'll be full polish) He's losing $20 on the deal, someone should jump on this
  12. I can use all the good Karma I can get PM me your number, I'll text you when I get back with it
  13. I'm going up Thursday, dropping the wife at the airport then meeting 10x Jobstown to Morristown is a drive! I can bring it down to Manalapan if you want. I'll front the $$ you can give it to me when you come get it
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