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  1. Never happen, he slithered out of it once, he'll slime his way out again.
  2. As a democrat she has no heart or brain so that precludes the first two I'll go with #3 - stroke
  3. I know this is an old thread but to pat my own back a little, I'm pretty damned good at it. A side hobby of mine is collecting and refurbishing vintage Sabatier style chefs knives. You can shave with my knives. Because of their age, and often rarity, you need to get them as sharp as possible while removing as little material as possible - in other words NEVER use power sharpeners of any kind I'm a firm believer in the Scary Sharp System and a roller guide (google it) and a good large leather strop - one side loaded with rottenstone the other clean If you ever check back to this thread, you're welcome to come over and try my setup out - I'm also in central NJ (Manalapan)
  4. 1970's Japanese tower import - I just sold one a few months ago It's all about the frizzen - is it hard or soft (sparks well or not? it was a roll of the dice with those imports) If it sparks well I can use it !!
  5. Anyone got a beater around ? I don't care if the barrel is pitted and shot, looking for the lock and the other assorted brass bits for a pair of rebuilds I'm doing. Looking for American or European, age doesn't matter, vintage or repro is fine, only the function of the lock matters Not interested in Asian or Indian repros. Cash, trade - I've lots of stuff (especially for the fisherman and custom lure collector)
  6. Ah nuts, I won't be in town for this one and I even have a new (to me) over under to try out. Next time
  7. Just did a search to see if there are any updates Crickets - which tells us this is not fitting the lefts narrative on "dangerous" CC people.
  8. Not in comparison to others it's size, its got some weight behind it. It's tough and and take a beating. I've had mine for 15 years+, replaced the handle a few times and that's it. It takes and holds a good edge too
  9. And fwiw those S&W axes you are looking at are only 10". Very little mass to them. Not going to be much good from more than a couple of feet away.
  10. I have one of these, like it a lot ! Been throwing it since before it became a thing https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/cold-steel-frontier-hawk-1193837?cid=Shopping-Bing-Product1193837-&msclkid=63cdc9ddbdd61eaffe79ad8184e43b78
  11. OP edited to remove Cherokee bow which was sold Bear Grizzly still available - one time price drop from $225 to $165
  12. Learning to renovate/build flintlocks so looking for parts to work with during this leaning curve Interested in beater guns, unbuilt or partly built kits, loose parts - locks and barrels in particular.....
  13. It was great to meet everyone. Looking forward to the next time !!
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