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  1. It was great to meet everyone. Looking forward to the next time !!
  2. How is this not sold what with Turkey season coming up ?? The gun alone goes for $1,400 new. The full choke side has a nice tight pattern !
  3. Closed, I'm going to break down and chuck the few left
  4. Selling off some of my collection to fund a Jim Chambers Pennsylvania kit. Located in Manalapan just off Rt 9 Prefer face to face sale. Sale in the Peoples Republic of NJ, will meet at an FFL. Sale out of this God forsaken state just requires a bill of sale. Pensy sales, I will meet within an hour of the Delaware River anywhere north of Philly (give me an excuse to go to Dixons and Cabellas). Pedersoli SxS shotgun choked modified and full. This was imported by Navy Arms. Excellent shape, barely been shot. I'll throw in a few hundred shot cards and wads along with 50lbs of shot and a 12 gauge jag. $800 I call it the Dragon - catch and cook your dinner in one motion (pliers in the photos are just for perspective, and no, the barrel is not touching the stone)
  5. Did a cabinet re-org last night, found a few orphans. trade for a small handful of .22 From left to right 44-40 Win - 7 rounds 30-30 - 7 rounds .38 S&W - 25 ish rounds .32 acp - 31 rounds Located in Manalapan off Rt 9
  6. with a new never used .358 punch and die set for .38/.357, and two sticks of lube Also, NIB never used 2 cavity .358 Lee die for .38/357, 158 grain - TL358-158-2R $140 takes both Located in 07726
  7. Cherokee sold, Bear Grizzly still available
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