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  1. KeithD


    That’s awesome, and encouraging. I’m trying to fight that urge of “Oooo, I want a (insert gun here) next!” and just work on gaining experience with what I have now. I’d bet you’re a damn good shot with those first two guns of yours!
  2. KeithD


    Hi Tonester2! Welcome! FYI, not sure if you know you posted your intro within an intro here? You can go a page back and start a new thread. No biggie! Just a friendly FYI. I’m sure someone with 30 years of experience can attract and hold a more engaged conversation with the folks here than I can after 30 days of gun ownership, haha. Have you owned one handgun and one rifle for 30 years?
  3. Rutgers is a fantastic hybrid. A must have IMO. Many of the nurseries around me have them in flats for like $0.75/each if starting seeds isn’t your thing. I was gifted an AbracaZebra transplant last year. Delicious! A large-cherry size hybrid of the full-sized Green Zebra; still large enough to slice though. Starting putting fruit clusters out early and kept producing late into the season. Low maintenance. Cool looking too, haha. FYI If you’re a Morris County resident the MCMUA allows residents to pickup up to 2cuyd of compost (and mulch) at their facilities in Parsippany & Mt Olive.
  4. KeithD


    I’m interested with a possible +1. I know weekdays are quiet but don’t know about the weekends either.
  5. KeithD


    Tex, haha, that’s a kind offer, thank you.
  6. KeithD


    10X, thank you for the recommendation! I will be sure to check them out, they’re now on my list. Check! Rutgers, Mrs. Peel, Glen & Tex - Thanks all for the welcoming welcomes! I will be sure to keep an eye on the Events & Meetups page, sounds like fun! Redeye, I’m with you, all this clay talk I may end up with that shotgun sooner than I thought, haha. Bomber, thanks for looking out buddy! I did get a bit chatty on my intro, haha. I will tweak it...
  7. KeithD


    Hey Rhi! Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes! Black River is where my friends go. I will likely be there often once I have a shotgun and license. Side note, as kids, my seven sisters and I all lived near a trap range and we used to swim thru the swampy reeds to grab missed clays, get stung by bees, wasp and hornets. Ants too. We’d all go back home, all eight of us, with targets for our pellet guns & slingshots, haha. Oh to grow up in not New Jersey. I added Cherry Ridge to the list of clubs to look into. I just watched their welcome video. Thanks for the recommendation! Yea, that is a drive, but beautiful for sure. Hey, I’d rather spend 4 hours on a scenic drive than staring at my phone, out the windshield and back to my phone for an hour, haha. Easton is a similar 4-4.5 hour commute and other places I’ve submitted inquires to are SCFGPA & Shongum. Right now I have found some benefit as a new shooter in having a RO watching my back and to ask questions to as they come up. Knowing myself though, haha, as I become more confident I am soon going to seek the comfort of a private range. I appreciate the offer to chat! Take care! Keith
  8. KeithD


    Hello! Soon to be new gun owner here in Morris County; waiting on the NICS to clear on a Beretta 92A1 from my LGS. It was tough researching what to buy vs what was available until I held that beauty in my hand. Sold! Easy, haha. For some reason I had this idea stuck in my head that I wanted to wait until I owned seven kittens before I armed myself. In retrospect, I have no idea why I enforced such a dumb rule on myself, everyone knows it’s a litter of six and under that are defenseless. It’s almost like being raised by lions brainwashed me or something, haha. Missed out on years I could have been learning! Now that I do own seven kittens, oh boy, the timing of this couldn’t have been any (sarcastically) better, uh. Sorry for being amongst the millions contributing to all the shortages out there. On a positive note, despite all the horror stories I heard, the FID & permit process went smooth for me. A quick background, I have limited experience with firearms; mostly from time living out of state and visiting friends in other states. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to use a fairly wide range of guns over the years. That’s one of the main attractions for me when visiting one of these states! And friends get a kick out of watching the Jersey-boy to safely blast a watermelon to pulp for the first time, haha. I have been to RTSP a few times to rent and to take a class. Nice facilities and helpful staff from my experience. On my most recent visit I was met by an hour long wait to get on the range though, ouch. As you all know, haha, there’s not many options to shoot round here, jeez! I will more than likely stick with RTSP and their by-the-hour range for now, but I have inquired about membership to a couple other clubs. I would prefer to gain some proficiency with the Beretta before moving on to a second gun. A shotgun will most likely be purchase #2 since I have friends who trap shoot and that would provide another layer of HD if, hopefully never, needed. I must thank the community here for maintaining the wealth of knowledge contained on these forums. In a state like NJ with all the confusing laws, rules, restrictions, exceptions and exemptions this place is an invaluable resource to someone just starting out. Stay safe. Thank you all! Keith
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