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  1. My favorite artist in the world.
  2. The 20g will be good enough to try Trap. #7-1/2 shot shells are best. Good call with the shell catcher. No need to bang the guy next to you with your trash.
  3. We are shooting trap at CJ tonight and every Thursday night from now until the end of time. If Gov. Beaver wants to shut us down, he will have to %^&*%$ me first. Start at 6 and finish between 8 & 830. Best to come early. There are about 4 guys shooting trap and 7 shooting competition birds. We use 2 fields, no waiting. $4 per 25 birds. Try to bring exact change.
  4. Sold and any moderator can drop this listing, thank you.
  5. Price drop to $350. She is ready to go and a value at this price.
  6. It was a blind sale from 2 gun shops. If they opened them up, the pieces were sitting in a recess in the stock. One seller offered "to take a look at it" but Cole is THE Beretta shop. I think the nuts backed off and the bushing thread snapped when the end of the nut bottomed against the stock counterbore. Hey, but what does a mechanical engineer know about machinery? They were still worth buying and owning. You will not see them up for sale.
  7. I bought two Berettas recently, here is the straight story. Both were older: 2002, 1992. Bought online for very good prices. Both were clean, well made and great values. The 1992 is a wide receiver model and built like a tank. I expect many years of service from these guns and I shoot often. That's the good part. 28" O/U White WIng and a trap combo set with 34" single barrel and 32" O/U 686 models. Both were about 1/3 the cost of new guns. The White Wing is a plain vanilla 686 designed for retail stores. Although they both test fired fine upon arrival, they had broken parts inside the receiver! The firing spring bushing end broke off. They would not fire the second barrel consistently. Not cool. Hey, buyer beware and they may have been like this for years. Easy fix for me- send to Cole's in Maine for complete internal rebuild. Lesson learned: Buy a used Beretta for a good price online and have the seller send it directly to Cole's for rebuild. It probably needs something, even if it is not apparent. This way you can save one shipping charge and end up with a great gun in factory new condition. The rebuild is about $300 and well worth it. Maybe a lightly shot gun would not need this but mine were well used and I plan to run thousands of rounds a year thru these firearms.
  8. Well, boating season is here. Hate to say, but it's cutting into my shooting time. It was a crappy spring and the season started late. Good to get out on the water. Who else is able to put down a gun and get out on the water? I am sailing, kayaking & rowing. Too many boats, not enough time! I have a great canoe for sale in the non-gun section. I spent more time cleaning it up over the last two years than using it. I would rather it go to someone that will use it than keep cutting the grass around her. Check it out! Here is a view of northern Barnegat Bay this week.
  9. Aluminum canoe 15' length excellent condition. Old school Scout camp style. Seats have been reinforced, keel seam sealed, doesn't leak a drop. She has proud battle scars and you can expect years of fun with this awesome craft. Great for one person or 2 adults & 2 kids. Yes, she is that stable ! New high end paddles (Thayler with epoxy tip) included with life jackets. The best part of an aluminum canoe is they stay cool on the hottest day as she slips effortlessly through the water. This fine vessel is about 30" wide; very stable. Small patch professionally installed over a slice: aluminum plate, 5200 sealant, screws and lock nuts. This is a great boat and you can sell it for what you pay when you need to move on. Available for inspection in the water Brick NJ 08724. I will meet you at a launch ramp. PM me for contact info.
  10. Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday he would sign an executive order that reopens outdoor batting cages, golf ranges, shooting ranges, horseback riding, private tennis clubs and community gardens. The openings are effective as of Friday at 6 a.m. I just pulled this off the web when I heard a rumor from my buddy. I guess we can believe it when we see it.
  11. Was this document required in NJ 1989? I have a purchase receipt from Ray's Sport Shop on Rt 22 for a rifle but no cert.
  12. Just bought an ink pad and will bring it with me.
  13. Sounds like good times in Long Branch. How can LEO put up with these clowns?
  14. Welcome. Buy the best one you can, not the most economical item. The extra money will pay off, no regrets. I also have used Howell Gun Works; they are an honest dealer with good service.
  15. 6' is not required, 52" should be fine. I made a handy measuring stick.
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