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  1. check out www.ammogarand.com This guy is the real deal, I have met him.
  2. Nothing wrong with shooting trap in the winter
  3. so funny. I had to clearly explain to a 29 year old girl what a fax was.
  4. rifleman


    I like shooting outdoors in a safe and legal environment. Plus, everybody is friendly and helpful. We are all on the same page. I shoot trap 12 months out of the year, day and night until 9pm. No one offers that. The outdorr pistol range has lights for shooting until 9PM also. The club dumps their excess funds into maintenance and big projects. They have never asked for a dime besides dues. Other clubs will assess members for big projects. I have shot around a lot of clubs and CJ is the most well maintained.
  5. Cut the top off with a grinder then reach in to unbolt everything. maybe you can fix the dial. screw some steel over the top and drill out the screw heads. Thats what I did.
  6. New price $200. Good value for a solid 12g semi that goes BANG every time. Plus the Polychoke allows you to dial any restriction from Cylinder to Full without tools. Perfect sporting clay gun where you can use different chokes for different shots.
  7. I got Little Don christmas tree ornament and gave him a M60 to carry. Everybody loved it!
  8. Outdoor rifle ranges and pits are daylight only. The pistol and shotgun ranges are 7am to 9 pm weekday, open at 8 on Sat/Sun. I have never waited for a spot in 8 years. We shoot clays every Thursday until 9PM all year long. It is a club event, targets are provided $4 for 25. Yes, we shoot at 20 degrees. Man up and dress warm. Heated trailer in between rounds.
  9. Plus, for the good of the order: must have NJFID & NJDL to buy this and pay for NICS within 20 miles of Brick.
  10. I had it out for inspection Thursday at CJ and we were busting clays. I will be there every Thursday this winter between 6 and 830.
  11. OK, I will have it ready to roll 6pm to 830 pm. Ask for Dave.
  12. Sorry, no pictures but it is in great condition. Maybe a little scaring from use. She is old but good, shoots fine and has a shell catcher & Polychoke. I got it from a friend that got it from her father who hunted Barnegat Bay in the 50's and 60's. I won't shoot it, no reason to live in a safe. Very similar to the 1100 except it cycles with a giant spring. No gas ports or o rings to muck up. I would say free to a good home but $250 is better. Anybody interested can see it and shoot it at CJRPC every Thursday night.
  13. I found a small USB stick the size of a chicklet lost in a couch in a hotel room in China. Of course I thought it was an intelligence service plant to access my computer. hahaha. Turned out to be a trade show giveaway and very handy.
  14. wow, what a beautiful picture. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  15. we ARE in good economic position. Whatever the Big Guy and his hot wife had to do with it, I support him. Rather be fat dumb and happy or hungry and believe me; been both.
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