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  1. I remember the full auto BB guns at the boardwalk. Much better than a hammer & rubber frog.
  2. Circle back (hahaha red head Jen) back to the reality of enjoying an air gun in the yard: I asked the Brick PD and he politely told me it's not a good idea. "Responding officer would not know it's an air gun". I appreciated the way he came across and took down my targets. Too bad, tapping Coors cans hanging from trees from the deck sure was fun for a day. And they were 12 oz, not 16.
  3. Thanks to the State watching out for feelings, the 995 is banned because it is a butt ugly caricature of a gun and the sight of it offends nice guns. Of course I have one but this junkyard dog of a gun is my go to for HD. If it don't go bang, I can scare away the bad guys with it's ugly.
  4. I have a Winchester model 37 bought for $125. It is an excellent weapon. Clay busting machine! It is fugly and 100% functional. I took it apart and barely needed cleaning. Some clown smeared PolyShade wood finish over everything including the barrel. I was going to restore it but why bother? Well worth the money and if I didn't have one, I would pay up to $300 for a nice one.
  5. Add an adjustable butt plate, it will bring the stock up a little when you mount the gun.
  6. Factory work is actually satisfying. I have been in & out of it for 39 years. You can go up as far as you want if you are honest and work hard. Take a little responsibility and do the jobs that no one else likes to. I have had the chance to work with some really great people over the years. Getting out at 3 on Friday and off until Monday is wonderful. You will also have more time to shoot!
  7. Prong collar is amazing. My Pit never ever needed a correction. She would sure come running when I shook it like a set of sleigh bells. She loved her prong collar, many happy times wandering around the neighborhood.
  8. Come out and shoot trap every Thursday night 6 - 8, done by 9. $4 per 25 clays.
  9. Gene is a real good guy and there are 1,000 stories to prove this. I bought a MEC 9000 from him: he set it up for my exact load and showed me how to run it in his basement.
  10. Man up and buy a good quality Beretta or Browning O/U. It's a decision you will never regret. If you can find something good for $1,200 you can always sell it for the same. Once you start bustin clays out of the sky, you will enjoy it better than shooting fixed paper. A fitted O/U will almost eliminate recoil and shooting 150 rounds: no issue.
  11. I bring stuff in from Taiwan, most of my containers come thru the Panama Canal. Will check all my ships Monday. The production planning dweebs ask if our deliveries were guaranteed and my reply was HAHAHAHA NO. Who could plan for a ship getting stuck?
  12. direct deposit 3/17. Happy St. Patrick to me
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