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  1. rifleman

    Trap Guns

    Get a used 30" Beretta, best value. Send it out for inspection & repair immediately and you will be good for years.
  2. I had a street Rolex for years. Can't tell the difference from a foot away hahahaha. I loved that thing. Such a dick hahahaha
  3. don't waste your time 3D printing, better off with a piece of wood & a sharp knife.
  4. 12g for shooting clays 125 to 200 rounds per night once a week all year long. No shoulder issue with the right gun.
  5. I used to wear one when spray painting toxic boat paint but no more.
  6. 2013 Chevy Silverado bought in 2016 for 26K. Good value and runs fine. I like the old style dial climate control dial. Steel toolbox in the bed to carry valuable things to the range.
  7. rifleman

    How much cash

    You can also have a network of associates with generators and an agreement to share if needed. Power is often on in close places. I gave up my spare to a buddy when he needed it.
  8. Best try to cook a few meals on the woodstove. Mine seems hot on top but there is barely enough flat surface on top to set a pot and it never gets hot enough to boil water. Putting an open can of beans inside is lame. Use a gas grill outdoors and if SHTF you can just build a wood fire in your neighbor's grill hahahaha.
  9. Dildo at work today: "Where can I buy 454 or 50 caliber handgun ammo?" Me: " I don't know, maybe on the Internet" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. Done, the cards are in the mail.
  11. I pulled out a baseboard in an old house and found six cards from 1972. Tony Perez, Marty Perez, Bob Gibson, Rico Petrocelli, Tommy John & Alex Johnson. I'm pretty sure they are worthless but cool looking. Free to the first person to PM me with an address, I will drop them in the mail.
  12. You all must understand, if you ever have access to one of these, this is exactly what you will do. I had an impact tester named Krackatoa and of course, an empty Coke can got the first ride. It ended up as thick as a nickel without much effort.
  13. I remember the full auto BB guns at the boardwalk. Much better than a hammer & rubber frog.
  14. Circle back (hahaha red head Jen) back to the reality of enjoying an air gun in the yard: I asked the Brick PD and he politely told me it's not a good idea. "Responding officer would not know it's an air gun". I appreciated the way he came across and took down my targets. Too bad, tapping Coors cans hanging from trees from the deck sure was fun for a day. And they were 12 oz, not 16.
  15. Thanks to the State watching out for feelings, the 995 is banned because it is a butt ugly caricature of a gun and the sight of it offends nice guns. Of course I have one but this junkyard dog of a gun is my go to for HD. If it don't go bang, I can scare away the bad guys with it's ugly.
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