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  1. Yer better off doing it yourself. You can color match the existing shade & paint something lighter. Done in one day minimal cost, no drama.
  2. Our gardening is limited to reseeding patches that the dogs ate. We use clover/grass mix due to dense shade. Best part is finding 4 leaf clovers- 2 this week! One has leaves the size of half dollars.
  3. Here is a nice water feature sure to be a nice addition to any garden or patio. It's 60" tall: pure copper over a welded SS hidden base. I made a 90" one two years ago and it weathered to antique brown that lights up shiny copper in bright sun. This is available for sale, PM me for details. It is on display at Calgo Garden in Freehold. A shipping crate is ready for free, safe delivery in NJ. It will last forever, unlike painted steel fountains online.
  4. I once tangled with a law firm "Fellon & Fellon" and could not take them seriously at all. Best line of all times ,when I couldn't get through Mrs. Fellon's thick skull was to tell her: Put your husband on the phone and I will explain it to him. hahaha she lost her mind!
  5. Price update $350 or 5 cases of 12g target ammo 1-1/8 ounce. I checked the bore: the rifling is in excellent condition.
  6. I found a German 10" blade 55 years ago on the street in Hazlet and still have it as a yard knife.
  7. I did a service job on a ship like this and nothing happens quickly when they are underway. They are limited in their ability to maneuver on a good day. Don't get with 1/2 mile of one in Raritan Bay if you can help it.
  8. Model 1891 Argentine Mauser 7.65 x 53 with bayonet. Not an exact match but fits pretty good. This fine weapon is an engineering marvel well over 100 years old. Ramp sight to 900 yards for harassing fire to prevent free movement in the enemy's camp. Steel is in pretty good condition. All threads have been lubricated and work fine. Crack in upper handguard & the stock was secured with 2 screws. I have shot this many times and he is a beast. If your'e looking for a shooter, Boyd's has replacement stocks and you can take your spot on the line with fine German craftsmanship. Barrel has all the right stamps and marks according to several articles. I had this gun for 35 years and time for a new home. I used to display it in my office with the bayonet but it looked way too scary. 22 boxes (440 rounds) of new ammo included. They go for $40 per box now! Rifle, bayonet (with metal sheath) & ammo $450 or trade for 12g target ammo/silver. I can bring it to Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club for inspection. First reply I'll take it gets the prize
  9. rifleman

    Jointer sold

    This is a stock photo, not the exact thing. The one for sale looks more worn but it works fine.
  10. Yes. I asked someone this week 3/16/23 and he confirmed.
  11. coincidence, I have The Rossington Collins Band album on my turntable this week.
  12. I thought Taylor Ham was canadian bacon which isn't bacon. SO confused.
  13. I got pulled over in a rental truck, Ohio 1987. Cop approached and the only words he said where "VISA o Mastercard". I replied VISA and that was it. No license, registration, rental papers and I was on my way $136 tacked onto the expense account. I was fine with this. Much better than getting jacked up in Cabo San Lucas, that could have gone real bad real fast but I stayed cool.
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