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  1. Yes. I asked someone this week 3/16/23 and he confirmed.
  2. coincidence, I have The Rossington Collins Band album on my turntable this week.
  3. I thought Taylor Ham was canadian bacon which isn't bacon. SO confused.
  4. I got pulled over in a rental truck, Ohio 1987. Cop approached and the only words he said where "VISA o Mastercard". I replied VISA and that was it. No license, registration, rental papers and I was on my way $136 tacked onto the expense account. I was fine with this. Much better than getting jacked up in Cabo San Lucas, that could have gone real bad real fast but I stayed cool.
  5. I fixed up mu backyard shed as a mini pub so I am enjoying everything anytime the dogs are out.
  6. Nothing better than snow bears IMHO. They are earned the hard way in the morning before work, just saying.....
  7. All three hahahahaha. Be a man and eat meat for breakfast to go with coffee Kaluha Sambucca hahaha. It's the breakfast of champions. FYI in India, the call it break-fast but WTF do they know about breakfast?
  8. I returned a black steel box to Tractor Supply Toms River NJ on 11/8. There was a very small rust on the corner but it is a good box. Very likely they will sell at a discount, it was 379 new. This sits on the bed rail of a full size truck.
  9. Get yerself a soft guitar case and make an insert. No need for the neighbors to see yer stuff. If you want a real gun case PEEK is very sturdy and good value. They seem cheap (price) but quality is A+.
  10. The solution turned out to be very easy. I went to a Tohatsu dealer and he said to put a pair of zincs on the skeg. They will make perfect contact after sanding off the paint and getting to area flat. They do this for hot marinas with excess stray voltage in the water. Plus, I can thru bolt to clamp both on and no worry about damaged threads. I will seal up & epoxy the original cavity.
  11. They wouldn't cover something like this. A corroded zinc that damaged the housing is a zinc that was not replaced in time. Good thought, I will run it over to the motor shop to hear what they say before I start drilling and praying.
  12. I'm hoping that I can get into some good aluminum with a larger thread or helicoil. Even if I go with Plan B. might be smart to screw into stainless threads over the next several years.
  13. Now that fall is here, i'm winterizing a 6HP Tohatsu. The zinc totally wore away and even left the pocket with moon craters of corroded aluminum. It's not smooth anymore and useless as a zinc cavity. Questions and witty comments requested from anybody on a repair. I don't want to take it to the dealer if I can do the same thing or more creative. 1. Mill the cavity flat and put a SS helicoil in the destroyed M6 threads? I think the hole is too fragile for tapping it out to the next larger thread . 2. Mill a flat spot elsewhere on the lower end and putting a helicoil thread there. I looked inside the lower end casting and can find a safe spot for a second zinc spot. This seems easy and I would epoxy the original cavity full. Thanks in advance for anything.
  14. Buying cheap chokes is a mistake. Save $20 and risk them getting stuck? No thanks after it happened once. Briley 100% reliable.
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