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  1. Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday he would sign an executive order that reopens outdoor batting cages, golf ranges, shooting ranges, horseback riding, private tennis clubs and community gardens. The openings are effective as of Friday at 6 a.m. I just pulled this off the web when I heard a rumor from my buddy. I guess we can believe it when we see it.
  2. Was this document required in NJ 1989? I have a purchase receipt from Ray's Sport Shop on Rt 22 for a rifle but no cert.
  3. Just bought an ink pad and will bring it with me.
  4. Sounds like good times in Long Branch. How can LEO put up with these clowns?
  5. Welcome. Buy the best one you can, not the most economical item. The extra money will pay off, no regrets. I also have used Howell Gun Works; they are an honest dealer with good service.
  6. 6' is not required, 52" should be fine. I made a handy measuring stick.
  7. When I get good documentation and history of the piece, my price is going up. I bet there are some Civil War reenactors that would like to carry a the real thing.
  8. Sure glad I didn't get started yet, it was frosty this morning. I'm ready when the ground is, new raised bed and cucumber frame built this week.
  9. I found documentation that a serial number close to this one was issued to a soldier in the Missouri Cavalry. They have records and I am going to dig into it to see if I can increase the value.
  10. Update, I got 2 good offers from resellers for $300. I guess that is the value: what people will pay. As soon as I can safely go to the Lakewood (hahahaha) post office, I will send it out.
  11. You can get a job as a CNC operator to see if you like that type of work. If you are any good, the employer will pay for the course.
  12. Thanks. It looks the same from the other side. I would keep it just to have but rather someone more into this have it.
  13. I know all about this field from many directions and you have a good idea. 6 years ago, operators made 20 per hour, set up guys 40 and programmers 60. I bought a Mori Seki for $260,000 and worth every penny. Yes, I can Solidworks my ass off and run a 3D printer for hahas. PM me anytime.
  14. Hello Brothers, Are there any knowledgeable Civil War revolver guys here? I dug out an old revolver and think it is worth more than a paperweight. I looked online and this is what I could easily find: Model M1854 E. LeFaucheux 12mm pinfire revolver. Marked: INVR BREVETE & several stamped inspector marks on barrel & frame Seems to be a US Cavalry model with finger rest type trigger guard & original varnished grips, 2 notches. This manufacturer shipped serial numbers 25067 thru 36900 between Sept 1861 to June 1862 to the Union Army. This is s/n 34859. Also seen online was 34376 (sold $1,260), 35943 (sold $725). This definitely looks like an original, not reproduction. The metal has a old patina. It is missing the ejector rod. The loading gate opens fine, hammer & trigger works and the cylinder spins. Any idea of the value? If anybody is interested, I will reactivate a premium membership and offer it for sale the right way. Thanks all for your consideration and hope someone can add to what I know or think about this great old piece.
  15. 12 hours but partially shaded. The grass in the area grows great and after 1 the shade is gone until sunset.
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