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  1. we ARE in good economic position. Whatever the Big Guy and his hot wife had to do with it, I support him. Rather be fat dumb and happy or hungry and believe me; been both.
  2. Think this was the first time he did something stupid in 23 years? I don't.
  3. Dumb ass of the day contest ended very early today.
  4. Good job. I used to design and lathe cut specialty seals. Have taken apart many cylinders. My favorite was a Parker with a wire that fed into a cavity like a hidden snap ring.
  5. Soak it with Kroil for a week. Pipe wrench will distort the hex and be harder to remove. Take it to a hydraulic shop if you need it repaired that much.
  6. Splitting wood by hand on the hottest day of the year is my favorite. Maul + 2 wedges + sledge. Spring for the composite handles. Use a peavy for moving the big boys. You get a lot of wood out of a 24" round but the are heavy to lift into the truck. Stack them up like stairs to tip them up into the bed. My wood lives in a shingled roof open side shed and is very happy. The shed is named Woodhaven. Yes I am wood loco. You have to cover it a little.
  7. Today is the last day for $4.98 Gun Club shells. Yea, I know it's Dicks but why not get a good deal. Buy 11 boxes at $4.98 and fill out the survey to get $10 off the next purchase. I have been doing this all month.
  8. Great ammo deal at Dick's this month. Use a $10 coupon and get #8 or 7-1/2 x 1-1/8 oz for $4 per box. Look for a good quality o/u 32" barrel to shoot skeet, sporting clays, trap & trap doubles. Great sport, much better than poking holes in paper.
  9. There were just a few spots on white clothing but Mrs. Rifleman was not happy. When she ain't happy, no one is and we get a new machine. That's how I roll yo.
  10. The brown gunk is "sealed" bearing grease. Once you see this the machine has to go. Yes, this happened to us.
  11. OMG: attack of the plywood dweebs. I have 1/4" thick HRS + three layers of plywood + 1 top layer of 1/4" HRS on top for the most stable and bullet proof attic floor in town.
  12. Legal bump price reduction to $500 also included: manual handle. Sell the pump and have this machine for free!
  13. If anyone wants all plastic Wanda hulls and the black plastic insert FOR FREE .... pm ME and I will send them to you for the postage. They were the first reloadable plastic hulls when production shells were paper.
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