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  1. Since the new Dark Series Marlins are so scarce, I decided to make my own. I got the Glenfield 30AW from my stepson recently And decided to use it as a base guI am either going to sand the checkering off the butt stock and paint it black with a light texturing, or buy one already done from Marlin. I ordered a mag tube hanger, plug, and screw from Marlin, and as soon as it gets in, I am going to send it off to Powers Metal Works to have the barrel cut and threaded, front sight installed, and a recoil pad added (not because of the recoil, but the rubber pad doesn’t slide when you lean the gun against the wall). Then I am gonna have Mr. Clean put a matte black Ceracoat paint job on it. Parts already installed are; Ranger Point Precision hand guard Ranger Point Precision Medium loop XS Lever rail (back half) Parts I’ll probably add later: Ranger Point loading gate Aluminum or brass mag tube follower Hand stop of some kind Paracord wrap on the lever Claw sling Ammo quivers Either a red dot or a low power scope of some sort.
  2. Like it. It's just fine. Snug, not excessive. Stays open, easy to re-holster. No metal belt clip (yea). Strong velcro belt flap so no need to undo your pants belt and it takes up to a 2" belt width. Open with snap or spring buckle. (Just a range holster for me, likely to cut off.)
  3. for AK-47's http://www.glocktalk...d.php?t=1104378 for AK-74's http://home.comcast...._mag_guide.html best so far outside of the respective bakelite mags? hungarian tankers.
  4. Doesn't really matter much you are there to have fun, not win a cadillac Rimfire pistol no holster no penalty....
  5. as a member at Gun for Hire, I pay only $15 NICS fee on transfers.
  6. my best shortgun is the WINCHESTER SXP DEFENDER. its dual steel sidebar and its inflex technology recoil pad makes it a kinda shortgun i will always love to use anytime.
  7. the STAG-15, is a semi-automatic riffle, which is targeted mainly at the civilian. while the STAG-16, which is used by the police and military, is a select fire rifle which can shoot in a semi-automatic mode, burst mode, or in a fully automatic mode. when the two riffle are compared to each other through there parts like the trigger, disconnector, hammer, auto sear,bolt carrier, safety selector and lower receiver. the STAG-16 would be a choice to pick
  8. online is the way to go bulk for me as i found it hassle free
  9. ethanjordan


    hi all, a friend told me about this wonderful forum, hoping to learn new things and participate in group discussions. kudos to every member and admin of this forum for moving the train.....
  10. hi, i'm new here, i just wanna introduce myself and meet new people here. hope to learn new things and paticipates in discussions . thanks......
  11. i'm doing that straight away
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