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  1. I knew that. I saw the 20 (as in model) and skipped over the 12 (as in gauge). If you're not familiar with HGW, they do a good amount of consignments. If you have fb, I'd suggest you follow them.
  2. @Bagel51 Howell Gun Works posted this on their fb page about 30min ago: JC Higgins 20 in 12 gauge. (Short barrel). 125 plus nics and tax.
  3. I'll take the corded 1/2" regular drill and hand tools/box.
  4. That it is a glass (or other object) at half capacity. Math terms?
  5. I've never understood the whole glass half full or half empty thing. If the glass is in the process of being filled, then I consider it half full. Likewise if the glass is being emptied, then its half empty. Not sure what that says about me. I do see your point that anyone changing their views in a positive (for 2A) way is a good thing. I'm less convinced that it will amount to much.
  6. That was positive, I think there's more people like this though: "But Thomas, the Newark social worker who bought a rifle and pistol last year after protests against police violence made her feel unsafe, said she remains a committed Democrat. She agrees with the cause that peaceful protesters promoted last summer, yet the chaos and destruction she saw in her city and around the country pushed her to take action to defend herself. In the end, she said, her attitude toward guns does not define her political identity."
  7. My first thought when I saw the title was it was unlikely MSM would air any shooting sports. I'll have to take a look for the videos.
  8. Brownells has Primers. I was able to place an order for CCI SPP a good 20 min after the notification; that's unusual. They may still cancel, time will tell. $75 for 1000, limit two. MidwayUSA has free shipping back. I was able to place an order for 4000 124gr Berry's projectiles with free shipping. I was expecting them to not honor the free shipping due to the weight, not sure if it was because I had other items that qualified.
  9. For their corporate security? I'm more curious why issue and expiration dates are blank. Also more curious how you came across it.
  10. Winchester & Browning 9mm https://winchester.com/Support/Customers/Winchester-9mm-Luger-115-gr-Recall http://browningammo.com/browning-9mm-luger-115-gr-recall.html
  11. I've seen some reports of NICS coming back in hours recently vs the days it has been for about a year now. It's still not the minutes it once was. I mention this because, if possible, I'd get to the BP as soon as they open in the morning to start the process and hang out in the area. They can give you an idea then on the turn around time when you're there also. You might luck out and they tell you 2-4 hours. If they tell you it's 6 hours or more, then you need to decide if it's worth the risk it to spend the day wherever to save the trip or not. Whatever time they do tell you, it's just a guesstimate based on what they've seen the day before. They could say 6 hours, and it turns out to be the next day or 6 days. Good luck. Edit to add: After I posted this I saw report NICS is back to a two day turn around. As of this morning, they had not even started working on Saturday's submissions.
  12. You don't think these will be available to NJ residents? No mention on the Midway site about any shipping.
  13. So far beef ribs have been my nemesis. The ones I've tried however were a fraction of that size. Time to track down some larger ones.
  14. While we are suggesting Amazon... it's a good time for a reminder about Amazon Smile. They donate a portion to an organization of your choice, without increasing what you pay. ANJRPC & CNJFO are both available. I take great joy knowing that a primarily anti-2A company sends money to Pro-2A orgs.
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