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  1. I was not aware of that, which is why I used the phrase "I think". I was also basing my belief on various documentaries I've seen that discussed how special effects were done in the days prior to CGI.
  2. I've had that thought the last few days as well. Similar to "mass shootings" and shootings taking place in schools. That topic is an entire different thing however. So many other differences between then and now also. I think back then directors and special effects people relied on camera angles and forced prospective to trick the eye more than they may do now. So although it appeared to the viewer a gun was pointed at someone, it wasn't in reality. There's also the speed and near unrestricted capability at which information travels now. Back then there were fewer media outlets and they controlled nearly all dissemination of news. It was much easier to cover things up. Now the vast majority of the population of most nations can spread both truth and lies or propaganda viewable to the masses as quickly as they can type and hit send. The big take away for me is personal responsibility. I find it greatly lacking in our society. I think it was more prevalent back then. I base that mostly on watching it become even more lacking through the years I've been alive to witness it.
  3. I'm not sure if you're asking what I think about guns being used in the storyline in general or the usage of guns during filming. What I was trying to portray, which I may not have done well enough, is many people believe what they see in movies/shows is an accurate portrayal. I think some of these people then mimic what they see when they pickup a firearm, possibly subconsciously. There is a difference in someone picking up a gun and intentionally pulling the trigger vs picking up a gun and immediately putting their finger on the trigger causing a negligent discharge. That's already happened way too often. Is it because of what they see on tv? I don't know. Do I think it is a possible factor? Yes. I've taken many first time shooters to the range and too many have the tendency to pickup a gun and immediately put their finger on the trigger. In fact, I took a first timer today. She was the only one I've not had to correct for finger placement at least once. Yes, I go over safety and proper handling before I hand them a gun. Then I hand them an unloaded one and have them show me it's clear and build up from there. But the impulse is there too often. Is it because they are mimicking what they see on tv? Is it due to some hardwiring in our brains? Is it from the design of the gun matching the shape of our hands? I don't know. Is it too much to ask for Hollywood to be a bit more aware? I don't think so. If you're asking about the filming of the movies... Do I think it is ever ok to point or sweep a loaded firearm at person that is not a threat? Absolutely not. Do I believe every single person that is handed a firearm is responsible for the safe handling of the firearm no matter what someone told them? Without a doubt, yes. If I did not believe I could trust someone with a firearm, I'd never hand it to them or leave one where they could access it. To your last paragraph, I guess I'm angry that a woman is dead due to negligence and once again this tragedy will be used against responsible gun owners in an attempt to take away our rights.
  4. I've seen that in other sources as well. Doesn't change my opinion. One person pointed a gun at other people and pulled the trigger. I have not seen anything contradicting that.
  5. The argument against him being responsible I see the most is he followed protocols based on "how it's done on set". "It's always done that way, other people are responsible, the actor is not expected to be responsible or know the safety rules." Just because "that's how it's done" doesn't mean it's the right way or how it should be. La Costra Nostra has their own rules they've followed for decades, does that make what they do right? Another thing I find infuriating is how Hollywood perpetuates the poor handling of firearms. How often do you see an actor immediately put his/her finger on the trigger? I've recently started re-watching The Sopranos (could you tell with the LCN reference above); in one episode Tony removes a revolver from someone's jacket and immediately has his finger on the trigger waving it around. I think he even cocked the hammer. He had no intention of firing it. I have zero sympathy for Baldwin. I have some sympathy for the people he shot, even though they put themselves in harms way. I am most upset that anytime people do stupid things with guns, it's bad for responsible owners.
  6. You can also buy a handgun and multiple long guns at once. Benefits of purchasing more than one at a time, you save on the NICS tax.
  7. The OGAM (one gun a month) applies to handguns only. You could buy as many long guns as you want at once. That doesn't mean it wouldn't raise some eyebrows if you bought 10 at once, but it is legal. There is a OGAM exemption that allows for the transfer of multiple handguns at once. You need to have all serial numbers in advance and apply for permission and pay more fees.
  8. If the allegations in this article are true, it further reduces the "accident" theory. Negligence all around. Some people were concerned enough over the lack of safety and proper equipment they walked away hours before. This article also has the most information I've seen so far, too much to copy & paste here. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-10-22/alec-baldwin-rust-camera-crew-walked-off-set
  9. Point taken and I agree, I used the wrong noun. I still say he bears responsibility in the death of a woman and should be treated like any other random person would be and face the consequences of his actions.
  10. "A live single round was accidentally fired on set by the principal actor, hitting both the Director of Photography, Local 600 member Halyna Hutchins, and Director Joel Souza," the union said in an email to members, reports Insider. "Local 44 has confirmed that the Props, Set Decoration, Special Effects, and Construction Departments were staffed by New Mexico crew members. There were no Local 44 members on the call sheet." It remains unconfirmed if it was a live round or a blank that was fired; a prop masters' union described it on Friday morning as a 'live round' and Baldwin was heard asking people around him why he'd been handed a 'hot gun'. 'In all my years, I’ve never been handed a hot gun,' he was heard saying. A spokesman for both the film production and Baldwin said on Thursday night that it was an accident involving a 'gun loaded with blanks'. It is common on movie sets for actors to use real guns loaded with blanks or dummy bullets to give a more lifelike effect in shooting. But it remains unclear how a blank could have killed Hutchins, or how a live round accidentally ended up in the gun's chamber when Baldwin pulled the trigger. The movie's prop master - who is ordinarily in charge of the weapons - has not yet been named. (Daily Mail) https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2021/10/22/baldwin-speaks-out-n2597874
  11. Was texting a friend about this earlier. AB's actions caused the death of someone, he is a murderer. That seems rather clear to me. He pulled the trigger. Very few people in the World know all of the facts right now. Those facts would determine who else holds partial blame for the death. I think there are probably several people who hold partial blame. Many safety rules had to have been broken here. If Jane Doe handed John Doe a firearm and said it's not loaded, then John pointed that firearm at Jill Doe and pulled the trigger, sending a projectile into Jill's body causing her death, who would be facing murder charges? John would be. Sure, Jane might face some charges herself, but John would not walk away free. The fact that this tragedy (which it still is, no matter who was responsible) happened on a movie set, has zero bearing on anything else, in my opinion. AB needs to face the consequences of his actions. The fact that he probably will not serves as further proof Justice is not in fact blind as we're all asked to believe. There are rules for them and rules for us.
  12. The paper manual that shipped with the Press has a Feb 2021 date, so I'm thinking I have the new style. Lee is sending me a new chute (they call it a through) and torsion spring at no charge. Hopefully that resolves the issues. I have asked for actual photographs from them three times now. They still just keep sending the CAD images.
  13. kc17

    S&W M&P12 Bullpup

    Exactly what I thought.
  14. kc17

    S&W M&P12 Bullpup

    Recall: https://www.smith-wesson.com/safety-recall-notice-mp-12-shotguns SAFETY RECALL NOTICE FOR M&P®12 SHOTGUNS IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE FOR SMITH & WESSON® M&P®12 SHOTGUNS MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO OCTOBER 15, 2021 Smith & Wesson has received two field reports of cracked barrels involving the M&P12 Shotgun. To ensure that all of our Shotguns meet Smith & Wesson’s high standards for quality, we are implementing this Safety Recall of all Shotguns manufactured prior to October 15, 2021, to ensure there are no surface anomalies or conditions that might adversely affect the safety, function or performance of these Shotguns. Please STOP USING your M&P12 Shotgun until it has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired by Smith & Wesson. PRODUCT AFFECTED: This notice applies to M&P12 Shotguns manufactured prior to October 15, 2021. To determine whether your M&P12 Shotgun is affected, check the label on the box to determine the date of manufacture (see image below). If the manufacture date is prior to October 15, 2021, your shotgun is subject to this Recall and should be returned to Smith & Wesson for inspection. If you are unsure of your date of manufacture, input your serial number below, or call 833-957-3476.
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