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  1. Also, bring a face mask, application, NJ DL, NJ FID & proof of NRA Membership. I think that's everything.
  2. You need ten rounds, more if you're worried about a failure, .22 handgun is preferred, but not mandatory. They used to leave the gate open, but they stopped doing that and email you the code now. When you get through the gate go straight ahead, you'll see the rifle ranges. To the right of them is the outdoor pistol range and club house/indoor range. Go there. You'll also need to pay, no credit cards. They are very specific on the payee name on the check, don't fill it out ahead of time. They usually have a stamp you can use also. You'll be outside for a while, so dress appropriately. After the live-fire, you'll be inside watching safety videos and going over the rules. Do not uncase or load firearm until instructed. Really don't do anything regarding the gun until instructed. Unless you like to be treated like a child and risk not being allowed to join. As I mentioned above, they've had some questionable people/situations recently; including someone walking up to the group with a loaded gun.
  3. I imagine he gave you the instructions as well. Any questions shoot me a DM or text.
  4. I do not believe the land swap has anything to do with the backlog. New members must attend an orientation meeting. This must be in-person because among other things, it includes a live fire exercise to show prospects can safely handle their firearm. In the "before time" these meetings were once a month and would have 30 or more prospective members. Now they are limited to ten max, they are running more than once a month now, but still limited to availability. During the general membership meeting earlier this week it was stated that on average they are refusing one person a month because they can not demonstrate basic firearm safety. That goes to show how many new owners are attempting to join, in addition to people like Ron who've been around firearms for years and have thought about it, but are now looking to join.
  5. I believe they said they were about four months behind, but even with that you're over four month wait now. I'd think you should've heard something by now. Might be time for another email or call. Didn't you say you knew John?
  6. Rosey, I'm not a hunter, nor do I have a shotgun that meets the requirements. That said, it sounds like vendors will be there, can I stop in to just look around and show support? I need to patch some missing shingles from the wind storm earlier this week tomorrow, but should have time to stop by.
  7. Welcome. One heck of a way to start out. It seems you've gone all in. While I'm hesitant to refer to firearms ownership and practice as a hobby, since it is much more than that, I do understand many people see it as a hobby. With that said, just out of curiosity, which hobby do you feel is more expensive, golf or firearms/shooting?
  8. I don't see an issue with the OP here. He stated up front he knew he was ultimately responsible and is just sharing his experience. This also serves as a good PSA for the many, many new owners or soon to be new owners we have here. Just like any other business, some FFL are more in line with the prices in the market and want repeat business. Others will bleed the public for every cent they can. As always, caveat emptor.
  9. If you've handled the 92fs and like it, and it supports conversion then I'd say go for it. Hopefully someone else can chime in with their experience.
  10. Welcome. I cannot help specifically with your question since I do not have any conversion kits or any of the three brands you mentioned. I would only suggest that the ability or inability to do a conversion should not be the main factor in deciding what you purchase. In my opinion.
  11. I got an email from outdoorlimited.com; they have a decent selection of ammo in-stock. For those desperate enough to pay the prices, or don't know better.
  12. They say their product is not CA DOJ approved, I wonder why? "This is not a CA DOJ approved firearms safety device." I have one of the older ShotLock ones. https://www.shotlock.com/handgun I also have the wall mounted Shotgun version. I've recently switched to a SpeedVault for my handgun, because I like the "holster" design. It looks just like the 2nd video from above though. https://www.gunvault.com/product/speedvault/ With no kids around, my needs are different than the parameters of the proposed question also.
  13. Isn't a shit show the whole purpose of walking a dog?
  14. They are in SJ, Little Egg Harbor, Rte 539 next to the GSP. https://www.shootersnj.com/ Our very own @dajonga works there and has helped myself and others on here.
  15. Agree with 10X. I recently picked one up from Shooters, they did the compliance work there before I was able to take it home.
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