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  1. Just watched. Agree wholeheartedly to the above statement. Un-effing-believable.
  2. Bumping this up in case it was missed; very important question and one I'd like to know the answer to as well.
  3. Lifetime is too much at once for me, so I did Premium. I've heard about GOA. Also a NRA lifetime (when they were running a sale on it), but have not given anything since. WTF would I donate money for Wayne's suits? Let him buy his own clothes! Congrats!
  4. They still have the Raffle posted on the site, but when you click on the Rules, it says it ended already. I would've joined either way.... but..... "NJ2AS Gun Giveaway (“Sweepstakes”) begins Saturday, September 1, 2019, 12:01 AM EDT, and ends at 11:59 PM EDT on December 31, 2019." https://nj2as.org/sweepstakes-rule/
  5. I suck, I thought I had signed up previously; apparently I was signed up for the emails, but had not joined. I'm now a paid member.
  6. I see that now, since it was posted above. Maybe I shouldn't listen to it while driving....
  7. Thanks. I was going to listen to it on the drive into work, but my phone would not turn off the screen and still play the audio. My phone is mounted to the A-Pillar of my truck, so it is visible from the outside. I suppose I could put the phone in cup holder for the time being. If I can get some privacy I will listen during lunch. Some podcasts are done so poorly I find them difficult to listen too as well.
  8. Thanks, I'll try to carve out some time for it. Is it truly "jaw-dropping" though? The email they sent out didn't have any additional information than what you posted either.
  9. As the Husband of a former small business owner; I have to agree with Greenday here. The possible savior for the LGS' is they also want to make any ammo sale not conducted face to face by a licensed FFL illegal. They might not know reloading exists, since I have not seen them try to outlaw that YET.
  10. Anyone have a text version of the "jaw-dropping opening statement"? I guess I'm old-school enough to still prefer text over videos; I can quickly scan text to filter out the extraneous.
  11. I was skeptical, but there are actually a few that are good. I don't have hopes of them going anywhere, but it is refreshing to see nonetheless.
  12. Another reason for the lefty loonies to hate Americans..... https://nationalfile.com/video-virginia-rally-attendees-pick-trash-up-after-themselves/
  13. Shore Shot once told me it was illegal for them to hold a gun for me while I waited for my permit. I intended to pay full price in advance. Never went back.
  14. Thanks @Mr.Stu I'm looking forward to getting back! Upgrades include better ventilation system I hope?
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