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  1. While we are suggesting Amazon... it's a good time for a reminder about Amazon Smile. They donate a portion to an organization of your choice, without increasing what you pay. ANJRPC & CNJFO are both available. I take great joy knowing that a primarily anti-2A company sends money to Pro-2A orgs.
  2. Sometimes they post it, sometimes they don't.
  3. MidwayUSA has a variety around 70cpr in stock right now; including some Federal AE. Far from great, but it beats gun broker and other prices I've seen. Natchez has still had the CCI 115gr bulk around 55cpr in stock every day or so also.
  4. I celebrated the news by making an additional donation to the NYSRPA & CNJFO.
  5. MidwayUSA Everything I looked at had a 3 box limit. https://www.midwayusa.com/shotgun-ammunition/br?cid=9217&targetLocation=%2F_%2FN-9217%2B4294957290%3FNp%3D2%26Nr%3DAND%28p_visible%3A1%2Ccustomertypeid%3A1%29%26Nrpp%3D24%26Ns%3Dp_metric_sales_velocity%7C1%26Ntpc%3D1%26Ntpr%3D1
  6. Anyone here willing to pay half that, I'll sell. Free delivery too.
  7. I agree, based on the law. If he had his FPIC, things could still be smoother for him. We know there are cops out there that either do not know or care about the letter of the law. I'm not saying all cops, but I am very confident there are some. Just like your example of FFLs wanting to see the FPIC when they don't need to. Or an FFL telling someone any other number of inaccuracies or flat out lies. I know someone that was in a car accident on his way home from a match, he told the cop he had a handgun in the car and why. The cop wanted to see his FPIC, he happened to have it on him. Would the cop have made a stink if he didn't? We'll never know; but the cop wanted to see it anyway. What the cop did do was take his info for the accident, address his injuries, ask if there was someone that could pick him up since his car was not moveable under its own power anymore, and sent him on his way. You may ask why he told the cop about the gun. It was a small hatchback and all contents were strewn about so the cop would have seen the range bag, ammo can, gun case, belt, etc....
  8. I contacted MidwayUSA via chat just now to ask when the purchase limit expires. Transcript follows: Kevin 9:28:47 a.m. Hello. Regarding purchase limits. When can I place another order? I ordered Primers that had a limit of one 1000 box yesterday, can I order more today? Holden 9:29:13 a.m. The limit gets lifted 7-14 days after the time the primers were purchased. Kevin 9:30:21 a.m. What determines if it is 7 or 14? And are we talking calendar days, not business days? What happens if I try to order before the limit is lifted, the system will just cancel my order? Holden 9:32:50 a.m. It is different for every product, so we do not know the exact time frame between the 7-14 days. The days are calendar days, so if you ordered the primers yesterday, 5/5 is the latest they can be ordered, but there is a possibility that on 4/28 you can order them. If you were to try to place the order for the primers, it will not show up in your cart.
  9. If it had been the full logo, I'm confident I would have been able to determine what it was. When a logo is so small (and incomplete) it can double as a Rorschach test, some marketing people didn't do their jobs well. Even worse, the engineers didn't fight hard enough against the marketing people telling them it was a bad idea.
  10. Dayum, you're good. How'd you find that? Thanks!
  11. Primers have been popping up on MidwayUSA yesterday and today. You need to do the "wishlist trick". Create an account, and add it to your wishlist, it will show in stock there, but not on the main page. Big downside is most places are restricting orders to 1k now, which greatly increases the cpr once you add shipping, hazmat & tax.
  12. I'm trying to identify two 9mm headstamps. One is marked FC 20; I know FC is Federal, but I have not seen anything about the 20. The second, almost looks Arabic or something, image below.
  13. I saw the other drops. Then I got home and saw they dropped SPP less than 15min after I shutdown PC and left work. NOT HAPPY about that.
  14. IMO R14 & CJR&PC are so completely different, it's not fair to compare them. R14 has a membership fee + hourly fees with limited hours of operation. Even as a member it was hit or miss if I was able to shoot that day. I'd be there two hours or more to get a spot, then be limited on how long I could stay. Some of the ROs were strict beyond necessary. They also have the set times for cease fire, etc... From what I understand things are even worse with the flu. CJR&PC, you pay nothing extra. Hours are better, no ROs, much larger facility, covered pistol & rifle ranges, indoor range, etc.... If you are in a pit there's nobody else to worry about. If you are on one of the ranges, each member is in a sense an RO. If you need to go downrange, you make an announcement and the range goes cold. I have NEVER had to wait to shoot. Sure, some days are more crowded than others, maybe I didn't get the pit I wanted, but others were available.
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