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  1. For what it's worth and those who are curious. I do not have a local PD. I did not get anything from NJSP telling me I had to requalify. After I did the requalification I emailed the form to my local Barracks and asked if anything else was needed. They responded with a one word email "received".
  2. The consequences of that action would be too severe.
  3. I was reminded that’s the weekend I’ve been tagged to help my in-laws move.
  4. Looks promising. I'll bring a case of clays.
  5. Fully agree, our side has made significant strides recently; I can only imagine the long hours they have been putting in. I do want to point out, not all ranges were/are charging per gun for qualifications though. When I did my initial qualification at Shooters for example, I had two guns signed off on for the price of one. I'd have to check my notes, but I think they did up to five or ten before they charged an extra fee. They were also cheaper than many other ranges. As mentioned in this thread, they are also offering to requalify 4000 people under the new rules at no charge, I was one of them. Let's say they can get the required FBI Q Targets for 50 cents a pop (they use the cardboard version). That's $2000 out of Shooters' pocket just on targets, assuming all 4000 people come back to requalify. Labor costs are likely fixed, unless they needed to increase employee work hours to get them done, I don't know. But it's still work hours they are putting in while not generating revenue. They also have to close those lanes to potential paying customers for the qualification. How many other ranges are doing that? I think more are going the opposite route and charging for requalification. Some of them forced people to pay for additional courses before letting them qualify in the first place also. I agree it is the range's right to do so, it's their business and they can set their own policies and rates as they wish. Just as it's my right to go someplace else, for as long as there's still options out there. When I went to Shooters to requalify, I purchased a bit over $250 worth of merchandise as a small thank you. They'd get much more of my money from other purchases if they weren't nearly an hour away (more when shore traffic is factored in). The places charging at every chance they can... I won't spend a dime there unless I have no other choice.
  6. Somewhat related... private sale between immediate family. FFL is not needed, but purchaser still needs P2P, correct?
  7. https://6abc.com/south-jersey-police-impersonation-crime-investigation-law-enforcement/13868133/ Snip 1: Several South Jersey police departments are investigating similar incidents of men impersonating police officers. Lindenwold police in Camden County have released video of the suspects approaching a home on September 30. Snip 2: Deptford police say they had a similar incident. Snip 3: Winslow Township police are also investigating a recent incident from September 28.
  8. Agreed, Shooters is doing requals at no charge.
  9. Thank you. I would be great if you could post final outcome here as well. I do not have a "book of feces" account anymore.
  10. Was this a proactive email Shooters sent out, or in response to you contacting them? I did my qualification there also and have not heard anything from them.
  11. Eric Scott uses the leftist's approved words for the Jan 6th protests: violent, deadly, insurrection, attempted takeover, etc... He also gives all of the negative spins towards Trump while remaining mostly silent regarding Biden. He then shill's himself for advertisers. I still haven't figured out how people can believe a paid spokesperson can be trusted to be an impartial news reporter.
  12. Their "news" has leaned further left as well. To be fair, having it on as an alarm clock is good incentive for me to get up and turn it off.
  13. Only time I listen to commercial, over the air radio anymore is first thing in the morning as my alarm clock and it is 101.5; but I hadn't heard of this earlier. I am familiar with the hosts, personalities, jockeys, whatever they call themselves. I did see the Bearing Arms article this morning. My first thought was, good for her and it helps get the word out to more people. Second though was, is the Instructor really wearing a bullet proof vest? That's not really a good look.
  14. I get it and agree with much of what is in the video. Many companies donate to both political parties also. Trump donated to Dems before he ran for office. I view these donations by companies as legal bribery / pay to play / scratch each others backs. Maybe Liberty donates to both sides, but that's not being shown, maybe they do only donate to the Left, I don't know.
  15. I'm not LEO or a lawyer. So I will not go down the road of what the FBI had the legal right to do or open. I don't think any of us know with certainty what the warrant said either. Much of the outrage, is the fact that Liberty had the codes to get into customer's safes and quickly gave that information out. I think many people were not even aware Liberty had codes to get in. Liberty's social media presence would lead someone to believe they would not so quickly cave in and hand out the codes. Compare this to how Apple responded when the Feds wanted access to the data on terrorist's cell phones. Apple did not comply. Additionally, people were reporting that Liberty refused to help them gain access to their safe when they lost the code. Obviously, we do not know the full story in those cases. I also saw a link to a news article where Fire Fighters had to cut into a Liberty Safe after a child became locked in one on a showroom floor. Of course, it's possible nobody thought to call Liberty for assistance. But, maybe they did and were told they didn't have the codes?
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