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  1. First and foremost, I hope the victim survives. They "do not provide the weapons or ammunition" but the weapons "are converted to fire paint-marking rounds"; how the heck does any of that work? I literally said "What The F&^K" out loud as I watched that. Struggling to decide who is more irresponsible, the people that came up with and run that manure show or the participants.
  2. I do not see NJ or the circuit courts doing squat until they are flat out forced to do so by SCOTUS. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Numerous more briefs have been filed. Still no date for arguments as per second link below. Some question it will be heard at all. Quote from the first link below: "Last for this overview, and perhaps least, an odd New York City regulation raised significant questions about how Second Amendment gun control laws should be evaluated. But the regulation and a New York state licensing statute have since been amended, and New York has asked that the case be dismissed as moot. Although some justices may be itching for a Second Amendment vehicle, chances are this case will not be it." Sources: https://www.scotusblog.com/2019/09/overview-of-the-courts-criminal-docket-for-ot-19-sizeable-and-significant/ https://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/new-york-state-rifle-pistol-association-inc-v-city-of-new-york-new-york/
  4. I can not find the time or how to listen/watch. Anyone?
  5. He is an award winning debater. Just like anything else they have competitions on debating. Just search "Ted Cruz debate champion".
  6. They have not set a date for arguments yet. I've read it may be this fall.
  7. My local NJSP barracks did it for me. No appointment, no charge.
  8. I had an off-duty officer print me during a different class. He wrote the club name and address of where the class was held on the back of the card. Florida rejected it.
  9. I just came across a website that claims to show locations to get ink printing done. I'll make calls/visits later this week and find out how accurate the list is. Their website states "Find the nearest fingerprint location throughout New Jersey to obtain inked fingerprint cards for background check processing (e.g. California, Florida, FBI Background Check)......" https://www.applicantservices.com/Ink-Fingerprinting-Locations/New_Jersey
  10. I am in need of getting ink fingerprinting done at a "Law Enforcement Agency" for my Florida non-resident concealed carry. They specify it must be done there, with the address of the station on the back of the card. Has anyone semi-recently found a police station or Sheriff's office that has obliged? I do not have a local police dept, covered by NJSP out of Hamilton. I've been told the SP will not do ink printing anymore. I may stop by there later this week anyway if I can not find another location.
  11. kc17

    M&P 2.0

    I'm probably overthinking it.
  12. Or you can go straight to the source: https://www.justice.gov/usao-edpa/pr/statement-united-states-attorney-william-m-mcswain-shooting-six-philadelphia-police
  13. The last 1-1/2 paragraphs perfectly demonstrate the mentality more people need. He chooses to not own a gun; while still understanding the importance of the Second Amendment and the right of self-protection.
  14. kc17

    M&P 2.0

    If I was a more accurate shooter I'd agree. But at my current level I need all the rounds I can get. I've only done one USPSA so far. During one of the stages I used too many rounds on poppers at the beginning and ran out of rounds by the end; which cost me a huge penalty because I did not have ammo to engage the last three pair of targets. What annoyed me more than anything was I tried to be slick with time management and dropped a mag while on the move from one side of the course to the other; that mag had three rounds left in it!
  15. Yes, they also had some upstanding citizens praising and supporting the police.
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