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  1. " Police in Newark, Orange, East Orange and Irvington will stop drivers to ask where they’re going. Drivers will face summonses if they are violating the governor’s order, which bans travel for all New Jersey residents except for necessary purposes " Source: https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/04/cops-in-4-nj-cities-are-pulling-over-drivers-to-enforce-coronavirus-restrictions.html
  2. "Those traveling on flights from the tristate area -- New York, New Jersey or Connecticut – as well as Louisiana, will be met by National Guard troops and public health officials at major Florida airports." "DeSantis ordered highway checkpoints be set in place for traffic from Louisiana that enters the state on Interstate 10 and on Interstate 95, the route many people from the New York City area drive down south." "People will be required to “self-declare” where they’re traveling from, and their names and addresses will be recorded, " I saw another article which stated the cops were asking for proof of travel itinerary as well. https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-coronavirus-border-checkpoints-nyc-louisiana-self-quarantine-60-days-jail
  3. John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) did a "Some Good News" segment, including a short chat with Steve Carell (Michael from the Office). Helps keep things in perspective.
  4. Since this is NOT in 1A, I will keep this brief and "polite". Link to video of part of the press conference. Murphey couldn't resist a dig at Alex and claims he did not intend to prevent him access to prior press conference. https://www.facebook.com/drcline/videos/10101121351649915/
  5. I saw that, but I did not see mention of a Court order/opinion/etc...
  6. I did not read it, but I thought the guidance included ranges. Hopefully at a minimum outdoor ranges will reopen.
  7. It is possible he's recorded other days but had no reason to publish? Or he started to record once he realized there was going to be an issue? We don't know what happened before the video he posted.
  8. There's not such thing as government money, it comes from the taxpayers.
  9. Rosey, How do I get these updates from you? I am a member of CNJFO, ANJRPC, NJ2AS and the NRA. I get some emails from CNJFO (3/22 being the most recent), but feel like I am missing out on what I see you post here from time to time. I do not see the above on the CNJFO site either. Thanks Kevin Edit to add: Can you (or anyone else) provide the best place to check for updates on these lawsuits? I've read there are two.
  10. I've seen many banks/credit card companies saying they "will help", in some cases deferring payments. What they are not publicizing is what they're doing about interest. I doubt they will "pause" interest accumulations as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are willing to do something to help out those impacted. But only fool believes the financial institutions will not be "made whole" in the end.
  11. When I first shopped for handguns I didn't like the Glocks I fondled and shot. The grip angled didn't work for me. Out of the handful of guns I shot at that time, I liked the M&P the best, so that's what I bought. I don't think I've ever shot or closely looked at a Walther. CZ doesn't appeal to me. I think this is the first I've heard of T/W.
  12. I've been using my Gen1 M&P, completely stock. I have no intentions on getting a race gun. If I do get a new HD handgun, I may get a trigger job and have the magazine disconnect/safety removed from the M&P and continue to use that for USPSA. I was planning to switch to my Shield (also stock) for IDPA. I did read the directions, and I did get the battery compartment opened & closed, mine does not use a set screw and is stamped "TLR-1 HL", not "1s" like in your picture. I just don't like the design. There is a tab you have to get into the slot before you can lock the lever. That was frustrating since the springs are pushing against it at the time. I can open/close it just fine, it's just not a design I would've come up with.
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