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  1. I would be printing the pages from the dmv site mentioning the extensions, also bookmarking the pages on my phone. Could always show it to the cop if needed, no guarantee, but it can't hurt. I still have the letter that announced the elimination of the reg sticker on the plates in both vehicles. Same for that no more motorcycle inspections in my tour-pack. Monmouth Co Sheriff Golden has been spending our tax dollars activating the OEM at the dmv offices providing shade, water, ice, masks and ponchos for the people waiting outside.
  2. The way I interpreted it was guests were ok outdoors only. It was stated differently previously. I printed it out but don't have it with me.
  3. My wife's DL expired last month. She got the renewal notice about two weeks prior. She was eligible for renewal by mail/online. She intended to go in person the get the Real ID. They were rolling the Real ID out shortly before the shut-down and that was a cluster as well. I told her she's crazy to get the Real ID anytime in the next year or so, better off getting a Passport. I don't fly, so Real ID not a Real Issue (see what I did there) except for the rare occasions I need to enter Federal property for work. She renewed online & I was blown away by the turn around time, under two weeks. I thought you were leaving this feces-hole State?
  4. Putting this in non-1A for the greater visibility so I will not comment on what I think about it. Due to state-mandated employee furloughs, access to the following Wildlife Management Areas is restricted through July 27: https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/wmaland.htm
  5. Welcome, I can't help with Dealers in your area, but I wanted to comment on two things you said. Re: the "rare range visit" don't make it too rare, you want to be able to get that gun out and you and it ready to do what it was designed to do without thinking. If you ever do need it, your adrenaline will be pumping hard. You might have just been awoken by the alarm also, how clearly will you be thinking? Re: safety. That's a fine line between keeping it secure from people that should not have it and being able to get to it and have it ready yourself quickly. Personally, I don't like trigger locks. I find them slow and awkward to use. They also add another potentially deadly problem if you leave a round chambered. I have a ShotLock Solo-Vault for my shotty. Lag bolted to studs and hidden behind a door and under an old robe. Take down the robe, key the code, turn the knob and I'm ready to go in a few seconds. https://www.shotlock.com/shotgun
  6. OK, bad idea. But that's why we ask, to learn good & bad. I had also considered the contamination factor of using a different material. I'd also previously figured, the pour & measure, dump back in hopper and repeat that Stu stated. I'm not entirely sure why my mind went this other way today. Other than maybe risking spillage or a mess? I also knew better than to call smokeless powder black powder. I blame my long day at work on that one. I didn't think the spent primer would be that much more challenging.
  7. Might be difficult for you. 99.9999% it will be at CJ. I could guest you in, we're allowed to do that again; outdoors only.
  8. Don't take this personally, but I don't intend to let anyone shoot my ammo, at any time. I have the hammer shaped tool for removing bullets, already used it a few times. I had already planned on working in batches of ten. I had not determined what amount I will be increasing each batch yet. The fact that you feel the need to tell me to make sure I label them shows how little you know me
  9. I've nearly gotten the bullet seating and crimping down. Next steps will be seating the primer and loading the charge. I'll probably seat a few spent primers just for practice/giggles. I also need to practice to determine if I want to use the primer seater built into the press or the handheld seater. That will bring me to weighing the powder and charging the cartridges. I'd like to practice those steps as well before going live. I was thinking a fine grain sand like beach or play sand would be a good substitute? I know sand and powder will not have the same weight/volume, meaning I can't set up with sand then substitute with powder without making adjustments. I want to ensure I am getting consistent results from the equipment and from me before I pour the good stuff. I also know I will need to verify (with a scale) every so many pours. I intend to use an older RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure. Anyone done this before? A quick Google search did not answer my question. Yes, I am probably over thinking it. I covered in another thread that over thinking things is one of my specialties.
  10. Gauge proves cartridges are too wide, they do not drop all the way down like a factory one does. If I've understood the above correctly my options are to make further adjustments to the expanding and seating dies until I find the sweet spot or use a dedicated crimping die, correct?
  11. Last public update was on Weds, at that time they were still working on Saturday. https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/NicsVerification NJ version of Instant when it comes to The Second Amendment.
  12. Ok, that was pretty good. Following up on my earlier review of their "Liberty" it's much better at 125% of my normal amount of grounds.
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