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  1. I've been saying this for years with a slight twist. Make it a pay-per-view event with the proceeds going to the the victims' families.
  2. Tracking devices have been around for years, long before Apple decided to make them. It's doubtful you could determine if any other brand's device is attached to you or your property; unless it was visible that is.
  3. Got one of my other nieces out to the range for her first time ever today. This is my wife's sister's 12 yr old kid. I must admit I was a little surprised her parents let her go without them, more so her father. Suited me great, since I told my sister-in-law I'm not taking her husband to the range. I saw him handle unloaded handguns at his house, it was bad. I am confident he would not handle instruction from me well, the rest of the family agrees. My sister-in-law is pushing him to get professional training. I've been trying to get her to go with me, but our schedules haven't worked out yet. My father-in-law did come today also. I gotta say, I must be a damn good Instructor (I am one by profession, but not firearm related). She did great and had a blast! Was more accurate and had better trigger discipline than her "Pop-pop", and he's no stranger to guns or hunting. Granted, it's been years for him, but he grew up on a farm with guns and hunting. Plenty of years to develop bad habits apparently. Must be more suited to rifles and revolvers also, his new-to-him bottom feeder bit him pretty good due to poor finger placement. I warned him, he didn't listen. My other niece and nephews continue to enjoy their range trips and do well. I have as much if not more fun taking them than going myself.
  4. I left during setup of one of the matches. The MD was a total d-bag. I saw a guy at a different match a month later. He was at the same match but stayed. The MD grabbed someone's gun during a stage while he was shooting. Because he went over the time. I've heard he's not a MD anymore.
  5. I saw something about the guy running those matches not being around anymore. Don't know the details though.
  6. kc17


  7. You're right. I skimmed the article too quickly.
  8. WOW! Risky shot. Had to have been a slug, right?
  9. That sucks. You mind me asking your number? I'm 3053x, hoping to get the phone call soon.
  10. I usually apply for new ones 2-4 weeks before the 180 days on the current ones are up. Never know when I'll find something. Currently still waiting on the phone call for my CMP 1911.
  11. SO much better shooting outdoors. I've used the indoor range a few times when weather was especially bad, never been there long. By the way, they've been talking about implementing a written test, too many newer members were getting in trouble and claiming they didn't know the rules. I don't know if they'll have that this month or not. They also do a live fire test. Do not do anything with your gun until you are told to. They've sent people home for walking up to the line and taking out a loaded handgun and other violations.
  12. Bob is the President now. John resigned somewhat abruptly, with no public reason given. I assume there will be a special election for a new VP. A question was brought up at the last meeting which was only given a half-baked answer. If I had to take a wild guess, it would be that Bob will wait till closer to the end of the month so he only has to send out one email.
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