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  1. As far as storm severity right over my house last night's was less than some this spring/summer; but still the biggest impact. Power played on/off for about 30-45 mins; off consistently since about 6:30 last night. I'm realistically not expecting it back until very late today at best, probably sometime tomorrow though. I'm basing that on history, I'm in a less populated area, they go after the more populated areas first to get the larger % online faster.
  2. I finally found them on pratiscore and "followed" them, so in theory I'll get notified when they schedule one.
  3. Thanks Bob, I don't know what's going on with my PC/Browser. The Old Bridge website event calendar is blank for me and I can not find them on the practiscore site either. The link to practiscore from the Old Bridge site are broken. https://oldbridgeidpa.com/ is where is says next match in March.
  4. You're being to modest Bob, the numbers prove it.
  5. Anyone know if IDPA is still run at Old Bridge? Website says next match is March 10, 2019. Do not see others listed anyplace else.
  6. No, I didn't want to reduce available inventory for you.
  7. Shot my first ever match today: IDPA at Somerset. Thanks to @Pizza Bob, @Mr.Stu & @Maksim for answering numerous questions, assistance and encouragement. Some guys there stood out as being helpful as well, but I don't know if they're members here. If so, chime in. I almost didn't go based on a very bad impression I had at a different match/range that I walked away from after helping set-up but before registration. Today proved what I'd been told and how it should be; newbies are welcomed and there's no judgement as long as you're safe/don't do anything stupid. Overall I'm not a group type of a person, but today was good, small group, no attitudes, just hot. It was also more interesting than just punching holes in targets by myself. I plan to return; if only to make up for my poor score today. If you've been on the fence like I was, I suggest you give it a try.
  8. OP finds gun he wants, goes to FFL in Calif, calls Mom & Dad hands phone to FFL & they pay by CC?
    Another purchase from Steve = another smooth, quick, pleasant transaction. Nothing new here.
  9. I'll find out. Scheduled a training session with him for late August.
  10. If you have a firearm in NJ you are considered a criminal until you prove otherwise. You mentioned the match is in another State but you are spending time in NJ/NY before the match? I would consider contacting an FFL or the Org running the match and see if you could ship your rifle to them in advance and pick up up before the match. We have some FFLs here that might be able to give a professional opinion. Otherwise reach out to the NJ State Police and/or Attorney General for official guidance. They are the people that will lock you up/prosecute, not people here. NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit P.O. Box 7068 West Trenton, New Jersey 08628-0068 609-882-2000 Extension 2290 Office of The Attorney General Main Number: 609-292-4925 Good Luck
  11. Thank you for this review, the timing is excellent. In fact, his website is still open in one of my tabs. I've been looking into getting more training and Aaron was one of the people/companies I was looking into based on some other reviews here. I'm of a similar mindset as you regarding training (Heck, since I'm a Certified Trainer in my field, I certainly should be pro-training). While I have yet to do any competitive shooting (I intend to at least try it out) it sounds like Aaron can at least help me further nail down some fundamentals. I will be contacting him shortly. PS, I'm curious what your gun/ammo combination was?
  12. Any long term reviews? How has it held up? Do you feel it has helped you as a shooter? Are you still happy with your decision to purchase? Would you recommend it?
  13. @45Doll, Thanks for the help. I figured it out; not all HST is eligible. It has to be a 50 Round box. They do not sell HST 150 9mm in 50 Round boxes.
  14. I didn't go all the way to checkout. JohnnyB said she saw the discount in the cart, that's where I looked. I can't see the cart without creating an account either.
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