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  1. The only time non-guested non-members are permitted is during public events. All events are posted on the calendar, the event would specify if it is members only or public. Even then, you can not see the indoor ranges without the fob to unlock the door. Not seeing the place ahead of time was a concern I had also. Turned out positive for me. As far as I know the outdoor ranges are open all year. Never seen or heard otherwise. Matches may be cancelled due to weather based on the Director's discretion. Correction: outdoor ranges are closed for one week in Dec for deer season. Indoor range is still open. Members are restricted to x number of guests at a time, each guest y number of times a year. Immediate family does not count. You have to sign in as a guest, stay with the member while there, and the member is responsible for you.
  2. I was hesitant to join (mostly over the cost) debated it for about two years before I did join. You can split the $600 capitol contribution fee into smaller payments. $300 up front, then $320 split into four payments over a year. They also pro-rate the yearly dues based on when you join. You can get credits for attending the meetings or being a member of approved work parties also. Some other clubs mandate work party participation, or you buy your way off. The range rules are posted on the website: https://cjrpc.org/page/Rules there's a downloadable pdf at the bottom. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary and I have never had to wait to shoot. They do close the indoor range for a couple of hours one night a week for cleaning; otherwise 24/7 as advertised. As mentioned previously the outdoor ranges are limited to mostly daylight hours to be good neighbors. The pits do have some steel targets set up that you can use. There are restrictions on what you can shoot in the pits though. Pistol, general and high power ranges have target stand holders set into the ground to hold your supplied stand. It is not an inexpensive club, but they do put money into the place and I do feel I get my money's worth. I'd be willing to show you around as well; although I'm not AS close as mjrfd99, nor do I get there as often.
  3. Don't all judges & politicians have carry permits?
  4. Saw this earlier. I have a permit due to expire this month. Maybe I'll get a Remington.
  5. I wouldn't know if they call me for the polls, since I never answer the phone unless caller id displays someone I want/have to talk to. I also do not understand the reasoning behind polls in the first place. I do not base my opinions/decisions/actions on the opinions/decisions/actions of other people. All the polls tell me is what I already know, I'm surrounded by idiots and lemmings. They also only polled less than 900 people in a state of nearly 9 million.
  6. To be fair, for all we know the passenger could've been telling the driver to slow down. To be very generous, the driver could've had some type of medical episode and was not in control at the time. Odds are against it, but still a possibility. The investigators will do what they do and may or may not make public their theory of events. Only two people knew the what, how and maybe the why; nether of them can share that information. Agreed, it is very good nobody outside of the vehicle was injured.
  7. Thanks @Lakota for the correction.
  8. https://www.njsp.org/firearms/pdf/062408_title13ch54.pdf page 5. NJ considers pretty much anything with a projectile a firearm. And slingshots are illegal too.
  9. Not that it matters, but it was reported the building was a former house turned into commercial building housing a realtor's office. Factoring in the length and location of the skids marks, size and location of what sent the vehicle through the air, they had to be moving close to the car's max speed (I believe). I could not locate braking specs after a quick search; aside from that an upgraded brake system was a factory option.
  10. My wife used to eat steaks well done with catsup/ketchup (she was a culinarily abused child). Once I convinced her to taste a steak as it should be cooked there was no going back.
  11. To go back on topic, hands down the best steak house is mine.
  12. Here's one of the winners Va just elected: A Virginia lawmaker once jailed for having sex with his underage secretary won election to the state Senate Tuesday. Democrat Joe Morrissey easily defeated Independent Waylin Ross by winning more than 64 percent of the vote to represent the 16th Senate District, a seat long held by Democrats. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginia-democrat-accused-of-sex-with-teen-secretary-wins-state-senate-seat
  13. Someone will probably be along shortly to give better answers than I can, but in the meantime some light reading can be found at https://www.njsp.org/firearms/
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