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  1. My town is running 5 to 6 months from,what Ive heard.
  2. Good luck i had the portal approval from state in 3 days. But my local pd will probably take another 4 months!
  3. The issue is the local Pd mine is overwhelmed, i was approved in 3 days through the portal. In total im probably looking at 4 months.
  4. Definitely backfired! Great company! Great products!
  5. I applied on Oct 12th, was told maybe by Feb sometime!
  6. Mine will take at least 4 months informed today!!! Feb 2021 hopefully!
  7. Awesome! Was this 30 business days? Or calendar?
  8. My town Fairlawn has a backup from June. Applied Oct 12th Oct 12th references complete Oct 15th fingerprints complete Oct 18th state background complete Waiting on local pd. But with a 390 application backlog from June very doubtful I will receive any notice this year! Well i was informed today by local pd. That i wont' see the permit until Feb 2021 they are way behind . So that would make it over 4 months!!!
  9. Im waiting since 10/15/2020 Fairlawn pd. Told 390 people in front of me so maybe next year I would imagine. My friend in Allendale in two weeks!
  10. So is the average wait time 2 months from local pd ? I was told 390 people ahead of me?
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