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  1. I emailed the detective in charge with the confirmation number, he normally responds within a day. He stated that they have the request but they are still working on Nov 2020. He will see if he can speed it up. We shall see. Good luck
  2. Well I heard back from my Pd dept working on my permit. But there are still in Nov 2020. So in looking at 6 months probably.
  3. No I did not. Not sure if they do that again for an additional gun permit which I applied for. I already received my Fid and gun permit in April .
  4. about 3 days maybe they changed the process?
  5. Hi I applied for a permit on 5/11. References within a day. confirmation from the state. Reached out to my PD in Bergen County normally responds right away. But dead air this time. No criminal history check but I had just received my Fid & permit April 16th. So I'm thinking it's going to take 6 months like it did initially.
  6. Agreed should be instant or within minutes.
  7. Seems it's down to a day or few hrs now.
  8. It totally depends are your town from a few weeks to 5 to 7 months. Mine took 6 months in Bergen County. Good luck.
  9. My town is running 5 to 6 months from,what Ive heard. Took 6 months!
  10. Good luck i had the portal approval from state in 3 days. But my local pd will probably take another 4 months!
  11. The issue is the local Pd mine is overwhelmed, i was approved in 3 days through the portal. In total im probably looking at 4 months.
  12. Definitely backfired! Great company! Great products!
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