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  1. Np best of luck. Just be very polite and appreciative. It might take you two tries but if you are lucky they will take care it over email vs snail mail. i received mine in a few weeks.
  2. Call them they helped me make corrections with an email.
  3. Glad to hear. i use for my 2 9mm for the range. Another type one you mark and pluck. Go to home dept or Amazon buy a can of plasti dip and spray the foam with a few coats to make it rigid but still flexible. Go to Youtube for the process. Good luck.
  4. they have them in stock in their stores. small. medium and large.
  5. Check out Harbor freight very good cases at a great price.
  6. I contacted them told me a had a mistake on the application. Reached out on the phone they sent me an email application and resent it via email. Received my permit in 27 days.
  7. Just received mine took 8 days after approval. 29 days start to finish.
  8. Yes I'm glad I reached out before they would have put my app on hold and mailed me a.letter to resubmit. They were extremely nice on the phone and chat. NJ is a different story although the PD in my town was very nice. But it took 6 months for my FID.
  9. I received my approval on 8/11 and I had a wrong question which I corrected via email. So 19 days to process, and now waiting for my permit. Another 15 days I guess.
  10. Sorry to hear. hopefully you can resolve it quickly.
  11. mine was issued today so it 10 days to receive it?
  12. Thanks for the info. i mailed it out last month, so at this point wait and see. Hopefully with the virus doesn't slow things down. Yes i heard dealing directly with the Florida agencies are night and day to ours here in NJ
  13. That's great that the PD did that. Not sure if mine even does it. Now looking to do Utah one.
  14. Roctraining has the course, pic, fingerprint card with local police there to initiate. they go over the application, they recommend not to do it online. print and mail. Cheapest around in NJ. Highly recommend.
  15. I've done the online check, it states in progress. it's only been a couple of weeks. Just want to ensure all paperwork is good.
  16. Congrats, waiting on mine. Probably 90 days.
  17. I emailed the detective in charge with the confirmation number, he normally responds within a day. He stated that they have the request but they are still working on Nov 2020. He will see if he can speed it up. We shall see. Good luck
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