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  1. Upper should be completed in about a week.
  2. The upper is still 4-6 weeks out from Compass lake Engineering. To start i bought the Hornady Match ELD ammo
  3. I went with a 22" this will mostly be a bench gun. I think the R&D for this was with a 18" with a 7.5 twist. The arc has a better BC than the Grendel. I would do at least an 18", you want it for the longer range, you sure as hell arent going to be popping off 50 rounds an outing with this. 3 boxes of ammo cost me 108 bucks. Still cant find brass but i have 100 rounds on backorder. I will have this setup for 350 yards to start out.
  4. Yeah that was my confusion, if I got it on the 9th then the clock starts on the 10th. So i was confused if I can do it ON the 30th day or after. I think April 8 in On the 30th day.
  5. My last permit execution date was 3/9/2022 Am I good to purchase Friday the 8th or Saturday the 9th? Gun store says I can purchase ON day 30 which I think is Friday. This always confuses me.
  6. All went well last night, pick up my badge at the next meeting.
  7. I finally got the call, just in time for spring. Im grateful to have made it in (well pending the meeting) before its capped. Thanks to all here with the info.
  8. Hmm, maybe my dumb a$$ should measure my current pinned rifle. I didn't even think to look at the OAL of the A2. Just assumed it was longer. I see myself gravitating now to the PRS-lite though. Building this thing out is like doing a house reno. Too many choices. Ok, i figured it was considered fixed, especially if you can use a screw to fix an adjustable stock in place and that is considered good to go.
  9. I have another compliance question. Would this stock be considered Fixed or Adjustable? https://magpul.com/firearm-accessories/stocks/ar15-m4-m16-sr25-m110-ar10/prs-lite.html?mp_global_color=118 You cant adjust it without a tool, but you are able to adjust LOP on it with an allen key. I want what is ultimately a fixed stock, I am between this and a generic A2 fixed stock. I do however kinda want to be able to adjust the LOP since i feel my arms are kinda short.
  10. Yeah, my dad has told me some stories. I don't mind a written test, whatever it takes. I even told bob when i become a member i can create a system that takes online payment for them. Im a Software Engineer. Hell I could totally automate the entire membership and new membership process if they wanted me to. Would be nice to have a way to track a membership application online and alleviate emails asking when they are up next.
  11. I see, that makes sense. Trying to figure out some vacations and im not about to miss the call to come in . Getting antsy now that the weather is starting to get nice. Good thing I started the process in January. Thanks for the info.
  12. I actually spoke to Bob, (looks like he is the president now) He confirmed he got the email and that I am on the list. Was just wondering when to look out for the email and try and see how much time i have to make sure I make the meeting (scheduling wise).
  13. Would you or anyone else happen to know what time of the month they send out the email for new members to come to the end of month meeting? Do they send them out right after the general membership meeting or closer to the last Wednesday of the month?
  14. They do not. If you are in Jackson they are backed up right now. Took 65 days for my permits to come in.
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