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  1. So UPS came to the door today with the tag. Guy came up and said "I have a pick up tag for you, they don't tell us what it is" (not sure what to make of that). Put the tag on the box and gave me the other part of the tag with the tracking number on it and took the package and left. it is being shipped 2 Day Air, the address on it just said Customer Service Ruger with an RMA number. Hopefully all goes well hereafter.
  2. Yeah I’ll just have them pick it up here. Ruger said they do this all the time. I asked them about the new rules and they didn’t seem to know anything about it. Just said UPS stopped taking rifles.
  3. So I called Ruger today, they generated an RMA and created a call tag for UPS to come and pick up the pistol and ship it to them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Out of curiosity when did this new policy go into effect?
  5. Yeah, I figure ill give that a try first, I was referencing other posts I have seen online for the same issue. I don't see a serial number on the slide. It looks like where the slide catch, catches the slide keeps missing and has worn away the aluminum. Now its hit or miss if the slide stays open on the last shot.
  6. This is so annoying, the slide is worn on one side of my sr22 and i know Ruger wont just send out a new slide. I guess ill have to run it through the place I bought it from then.
  7. ok, cool. So I assume I should be able to get the barrel I want elsewhere? They were the only place that had it in stock.
  8. I was looking to purchase a CMMG MkGs 9mm AR-style Barrel & BCG Kit, 16" Barrel. Found it in stock at Sportsman's Guide. When I add it to the cart and go to check out its telling me the item is restricted to my zip code in NJ. Is it not legal to buy a threaded barrel online, or is it that this retailer will just not ship the parts to NJ? I would take it and get it pinned and welded when I received it.
  9. What if the manufacturer creates and sends you the label? Do you still have to go through a gun store for this? I have an SR22 that I may need to send back to Ruger for warranty work. I was under the impression they send you a label and you put it in a box and send it to them.
  10. I wonder if this will make more online stores not ship ammo to NJ.
  11. A-4370/S-2906 - Requires training prior to issuance of firearms purchaser identification card and permit to purchase handgun under certain circumstances; provides that firearms purchaser identification card is valid for ten years. Id love to know the "certain circumstances" all this to get dems to wave their freak flag and bow down to Murphy, when not one of these will do a damn thing to prevent gun violence. Fun times.
  12. So I got to start breaking it in, needed to sight it in today too. I have about 80 rounds through it now using a mix of the match ELD and match black factory ammo. The 3 shot groups I was taking my time on after sight in, I was also cleaning the gun after every 10 shots. All Shots @ 100 yards. Going to load up some ELD 108's with Leverevolution, CFE223, and Varget and start to do some testing. Im pretty happy with it as of now with factory ammo and just breaking it in. I can see the potential to be under 1/2" consistently once i dial it in. Still cant find brass, Im going to try and resize some grendel brass and fire form it. I have brass on backorder but wont be in until September.
  13. All together, bad part is I won’t be able to shoot it for a couple weeks
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