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  1. Yeah, I think ill just do that and be done, weirdly enough HKParts just sends them with the spacer and no option to epoxy. The gun just looks so stupid with regular 10 rounders, and I want the metal mags.
  2. Im looking to get a 10/30 mag for my MP5 Pretty much all the place I see that sell them use a block, however NJ is not listed as one of the states that require the base plate to be fixed/epoxied. Is this an oversight? Can I just order them and epoxy it myself? https://www.roblestactical.com/products/10-30-kci-mp5-magazine-9mm-gen-2 https://www.calcompliantmags.com/10-round-blocked-Hk-MP5-Magazines/KCI-Gen2-MP5-9mm-1030-10Rd-1530-15Rd-Blocked-Mag
  3. Both times I applied it took 2 months to get the permits
  4. Like new - $150 Will meet up (Ocean county Area) or ship anywhere in Nj for $10 First to post "I'll take it " wins sale.
  5. Ok, that makes sense, i was confused by the fact that there was no "transfer" paperwork per say of the damaged gun other than me sending it to them. I was looking for some type of "reporting" so that makes sense.
  6. I recently sent in a .22 Pistol to ruger to be repaired. They replied to me that they could not repair it and would be sending me a current production model and that it would have to go to my local FFL because it will have a new serial number. Im 99% sure I have to apply for a new permit for this now (unless someone knows a loophole), I started that process and was told by my local police that they are 8 weeks out :/ My main question is, what happens to my current permit with the gun ruger is keeping? Do I have to do anything with that to show it is no longer in my possession and I no longer own it?
  7. I read the receipt label again and there was a spot that said package contents: return merchandise. So who knows. Ruger also sells accessories.
  8. So all went well with the shipping. Bad part(maybe not bad) is they have to replace the pistol. Of course that means I need a permit now :/ I did proactively apply November 16th but im in Jackson and they took 7 weeks last time around. I bet its more now since there are so many cary permits going in. I talked to Howell Gun Works where I bought it and I may just trade it in for a Sig 322 or Glock 44, im a little worried i may have the same issues again with the ruger.
  9. So UPS came to the door today with the tag. Guy came up and said "I have a pick up tag for you, they don't tell us what it is" (not sure what to make of that). Put the tag on the box and gave me the other part of the tag with the tracking number on it and took the package and left. it is being shipped 2 Day Air, the address on it just said Customer Service Ruger with an RMA number. Hopefully all goes well hereafter.
  10. Yeah I’ll just have them pick it up here. Ruger said they do this all the time. I asked them about the new rules and they didn’t seem to know anything about it. Just said UPS stopped taking rifles.
  11. So I called Ruger today, they generated an RMA and created a call tag for UPS to come and pick up the pistol and ship it to them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Out of curiosity when did this new policy go into effect?
  13. Yeah, I figure ill give that a try first, I was referencing other posts I have seen online for the same issue. I don't see a serial number on the slide. It looks like where the slide catch, catches the slide keeps missing and has worn away the aluminum. Now its hit or miss if the slide stays open on the last shot.
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