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  1. See question #11: https://www.njsp.org/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml
  2. Oh, well things are different than when I applied two years ago.... that explains why I didn't get that email, even though I got it really quickly last time. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. I was wondering, did you get an email at some point that said: "Status Update: Criminal History Check Completed" ? What date did you get that? I'm just wondering for purposes of comparing with my own pending application...
  4. You go to the gun store, find the gun you want, and then fill out the paperwork for the background check and pay for it. You do have to wait ten days from the time you buy it to the time you pick it up. But there's none of this business of getting a permit from the police department or anything like that. That doesn't exist there. They do have an approved firearms list, and anything not on that list you can't buy. My army vet friend who lives there, for example, can't buy a fifth generation Glock like we NJ people can because they're not on the list. Only the third generation Glock is. Also, assault rifles cannot have even one "evil feature." Here you can have one. However, some counties there are shall-issue for carry permits. Some are not. My friend has a carry permit and he's not a cop or ex-cop or anything like that.
  5. It's along the same lines as the revolver with the pink grip. Ladies want a cute pink grip on their gun??? https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/model-642?sku=150466&preselect=1
  6. Wait a second. When I applied for four permits, I then was taken to a page that said "Pay $21 now." The confirmation page says "Payment to the issuing police department $8.00." I assume the $8 is for the four permits. Are you saying that the $8.00 is not the cost of the four permits at $2 each? That I will ALSO have to go in and pay another $8 to the actual police department when they approve my permits?
  7. Yes, it is weird. If my favorite store is not an authorized dealer any more, does this mean there is some reason I shouldn't purchase my next Smith & Wesson gun from them? I don't know, maybe their website is being updated or something. I noticed that when I put in 07104 there is now one more dealer listed than there was about a week ago.... So maybe they'll show back up??? Please let us know if S&W gets back to you with any useful info...
  8. Well it seems that last time I looked, which may have been some number of months ago, all the stores were listed. So they were probably an authorized dealer when you bought it, depending on when you bought it...
  9. I wonder why there are hardly any Smith & Wesson authorized dealers listed on the S&W website any more. If you go to the dealer locator at https://www.smith-wesson.com/ and type in a North Jersey zip code, say 07104, and pick a radius of 100 miles, it shows only two authorized dealers: Bullet Hole and a place called G3 Unlimited. A year ago or so I'm pretty sure that if you put in that zip code it would list all the places in the area, RTSP, Ottomanelli's, Bullet Hole, the other RTSP, and whatever else is around. Now it's saying there's only those two for 100 miles. What happened?
  10. Try here. Dig through the threads until you find the post that says "Sorry for the Dropbox link"
  11. Thanks. That is what I figured. It is just strange that they don't say that anywhere on their website. They should let the world know that there are 10-round mags available for those of us in magazine capacity ban states....
  12. Thanks for that information. That is exactly what I was wondering.
  13. I bought a Glock 19 last year, and it came with three 10-round magazines. The Glock website says that the standard magazine capacity for Glock 19 is 15 rounds, yet this gun shipped with 10-round magazines to be NJ compliant. What I'm wondering is, if Glock 19 ships with 15-round mags, where did these 10-rounders come from? Does Glock ship their guns with 10-round magazines only to stores in NJ to be compliant? That is funny because their website doesn't say anything about that, it just says the standard is 15 rounds. It doesn't say "15 rounds but 10 rounds for those in NJ". Or does Glock ship 15-round mags and then gun stores do modifications on the magazines before they hand them over?
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