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  1. I have a 10x10 EZ popup too I just dug out and will bring, and 2 boxes of clays. I am plus one with my father. We will be there rain or shine. Looking forward to it! Bringing a pumpkin too :-)
  2. Woohoo!!! I am in!!!! Thanks @Scorpio64!!! I have been waiting for a shoot and look forward to seeing everyone!!!! I will grab clays. I might have 1 or 2 extra people (newbies), I will know more in a few days and let ya know. Wish you could join too @Displaced Texan It will be nice to meet when we finally do. @High Exposure - you can do it :-)
  3. My disclaimer, I am a BIG proponant of Constitutional Carry, but this is "Jersey" of course. They should never criminalize the law abiding citizen. It is a legal process - 2 steps forward, and 1 back. Future will be 3 more steps forward. We are all Americans living in NJ.
  4. It might be a blessing in disguise. Now it can be appealed to the Supreme Court. Also, we can still carry in our cars which is the big one affecting all of us.
  5. Agreed. I also am pretty sure ANJRPC\Dan Schmutter who are the plaintiffs\attorney in the Siegel case are going to file a new complaint once the requirements are released. I still bet it's just a 47 page PDF
  6. Let's start taking bets? On FARS, I bet a 47 page PDF which will include the existing PDF for an FID card plus more that we need to complete prior to Oct 31st.
  7. You guys are great! Sorry for the delayed response. I had a busy day today. @Mrs. Peel Stop thinking to hard and go with the flow. Life is too short, so enjoy it and take the opportunities. I can definately understand spending more money on things you didn't know you needed until you shot it. My $ is all going to handgun trainging now @Mr.Stu ( I love how there's no space in your name after the period) With the nitty gritty details, you will always be a lot more knowledable than me, but I am familiar with the terms you mentioned and will continue learning. Life is a journey, not a destination. BTW, As I mentioned, some of your responses on the board the last year had a lot of commonsense legaleeze - touche! @Scorpio64 You are so correct - everyone is just an enabler, which means there's a lot of a friendships to start the enabling @Ms. 12 Gauge I wish I could make the CNJFO Clay shoot, but can't make it Sat. Definately next time. @W2MC We should all plan more times at Clinton WMA - I am there!! I renewed my Hunter's license and see fun summer ahead!! Is anyone going to the CNJ\DC Project Diner in Vorhees NJ on July 29th?
  8. Hi Everybody. Based on Scorpio's mention above, I am the new member, with my first post. Told you guys I would sign up - LOL It was truly a pleasure to meet everyone, and I look forward to doing it again. As a walk in, you all really made me feel welcome - Thank you for that. Thank you for setting it up @Scorpio64 , and thank you and @Mr.Stu for the traps and loaner guns, plus anyone else I forgot to mention. @Ms. 12 Gauge, I am shopping for an auto now! Thanks for letting me try it out. @Mrs. Peel, It was nice to meet, and I forgot to mention, you do great moderating. Hope to see everyone again soon!
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