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  1. If you have astigmatism, like I do, a red dot may not work perfectly for you - have you tried any yet? Even with my wonky eyes the true holographic sights are fine. I have a QD swing out magnifier behind mine so I can cover multiple roles.
  2. Since you got a set of BUIS, are you set on an etched retilce? If not, I absolutely love my Vortex UH-1 holographic sight. It's on par with Eotech - I find it a little clearer.
  3. As this lawyer thinks you need a permit to own a handgun in NJ (which is wrong BTW) I would take the rest of his info with a pinch of salt.
  4. When I applied a few years ago I went to GFH as I was a member. They offer (or did then) free qualifications to members for up to 2 guns. The CoF was 50 rounds on a Q target at ranges from 5 yards to 25 yards with no time constraint. Hitting anywhere inside the milk bottle was a hit, outside was a miss. The guy running me couldn't count the hits because most of them blew out the middle of the target. GFH gave me a signed sheet of paper showing my qualification score and that was acceptable to the judge. I didn't get a permit, of course, but only because of lack of JN.
  5. The fact that NJ won't have to change the wording in the statute is moot, and probably the NJ anti-gun crowd are happy about it. The NJ Superior Court in each county is who issues permits. They will slow walk cases and still not issue permits. I foresee yet another law suit.
  6. Nice one. BTW the movie referenced is The Adam Project. I liked it.
  7. That is the answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything. The universe is only a part of that answer. Um. What does UNIverse mean? There cannot be any other universe, as it would be encompassed by the universe.
  8. Wow! that's a lot to go through. My first comment: Isn't it dark inside your lock box when the lid is closed? Why have the step of removing the RDS cover, when the closed lid of the lock box keeps the RDS in the standby state anyway? Additionally, have you tried firing the gun with a magazine between the index and middle finger of your support hand? Your shooting ability will be diminished. Maybe plan to stow the mag somewhere instead. Options would include a pocket, waistband, teeth, etc. I have a belt rig near where I sleep and the gun in a quick access safe. The belt just clips around my waist - no need to be wearing pants with belt loops, or any pants at all The belt has a holster for the gun and a couple of spare mags in pouches ready to go. It also has a TQ, trauma shears and IFAK as well as a handheld flash light and dump pouch.
  9. Perhaps we should blame Samuel Colt for people misusing revolvers, too? There are legitimate use cases for tracking devices. The misuse by some people does not remove those use cases.
  10. Howdy ands welcome aboard. Are you new to guns, new to NJ or both? What's your first area of interest? Handguns? Rifles? Shotguns? Target shooting? Hunting? Clay pigeons? Long range rifle? Run'n'gun? Self defense?
  11. It isn't Apple doing it. It is people misusing an Apple device. Also, if you had an Apple phone, it would alert you to the fact that there is an air tag following you around that is not registered to your Apple account. I am no Apple fan, but I don't see how Apple is to blame for this.
  12. Call the main number in Trenton and ask the operator for the Firearms Unit: 609-882-2000 Or email them: [email protected] If you have to go through the process again, I believe they do run the mental health check again.
  13. You might get lucky if you call the NJSP FIU, but most likely you'll have to submit the change of address through FARS and basically do the whole process again except for the fingerprinting.
  14. There is already an NJ case on hold at the NJ Supreme court (I think) that is waiting for the NY decision as it would likely create a rule, or at least inform on how to decide the NJ case. It does not seem likely the NJ executive would go against the NJ Supreme court.
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