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  1. Has it occurred to anyone that they spent so much time on the mootness question because the decision on the merits is too obvious? I think they are being careful with regard to setting precedent on mootness. The choices are 1. Slam NYC or 2. Do nothing
  2. CNJFO have been getting my Amazon smile benefits for years
  3. Now you're going to be on the look out for another case and two will turn up. Then you'll need another gun, etc. etc.
  4. I gave Sandy a Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO for her birthday last year. Decent quality images and records front and back simultaneously. If you don't want the GPS functionality just don't install the GPS antenna.
  5. A gun big enough to fire a cat?!? Is it some kind of artillery piece?
  6. Fixed it for you. Having been through this in England in 1997 I have first hand knowledge of how politicians from any party will say and do whatever they think it's best for themselves at any time.
  7. Their ammo was way under powered too. I and a bunch of other competitors have been DQ'd for failing Chrono at major matches. For plinking they are maybe worth the savings. When you've paid out for match fees, hotel and gas, not so much.
  8. If I remember correctly, if you were last fingerprinted so long ago that it was on a card at the PD you will need to go and have it done again electronically. Once your prints are in the system electronically you shouldn't need to go again, although some towns seem to make you anyway.
  9. I'm actually free for this one. Count me in.
  10. Mr.Stu

    Blown brass

    Unless it is really really tight, a bronze brush on a cleaning rod inserted from the muzzle will often push it out with no disassembly required.
  11. Are these still available?
  12. There's that common mistake yet again. You're trying to use logic to understand NY/NJ firearms politics. It's never going to make sense.
  13. The estimate is work will be completed January or February 2020.
  14. Using AVB's logic, all mass shootings have been committed by somebody in possession of a firearm. This perfectly justifies banning all firearms. Mrs Peel, I am impressed with your tenacity debating this for so long.
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