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  1. I have never had to have references get anything notarized. Before FARS, the Sargent at NJSP who dealt with my apps used to call the references - he never even sent them anything, let alone needed anything signed returned to him. When I did a carry permit application through him he needed my referees to sign a form, but that was it - still no notary needed. There are towns that illegally add to the paperwork needed demanded, including notarized forms. The statute specifically says they are not allowed to do that.
  2. For FPIC and PtPP you have to provide 2 references. For a permit to carry a handgun you need 3 references.
  3. Another option may be to change platforms and pick up a Tavor. Being a bullpup design, there is less weight forward of your strong hand and I believe that can be configured for left hand ejection.
  4. All the holes touching which will sometimes look like a cloverleaf outline. Also know as a single hole group. It is harder to do with a .22 than a .45.
  5. IT all depends on what you're shooting for and with For precision with a handgun, I would say a cloverleaf at 7-10 yards and up to 4 inches at 25 yards. For action shooting like IDPA or USPSA the size of the down-0 or A-zone is what you need to hit. On an IDPA target the down-0 on the body is 8" and on the head it's 4". You need to be able to hit that and whatever distance is to the target. You adjust your speed depending on the target distance. i.e. you can hit an 8" circle really fast at 7 yards, but have to slow down and aim more carefully when it's 25 yards away. IDPA has a rule that you cannot force a headshot farther than 10 yards. With a rifle, I would want to be able to do less than 1 MOA (approx. 1" at 100 yards) shooting prone off a rest. Other positions would be larger groups than that.
  6. The statute says that the cop must assume you don't have a permit until you "establish to the contrary". It doesn't put the onus on the cop. It puts the onus on you, the permit holder.
  7. Pistol purchase permits went digital last year. The Chief of your local PD still needs to approve them. They automatically get extended to 180 days if you don't use them in the first 90 days.
  8. You need to carry a copy so you don't get nailed by this... 2C:39-2. Presumptions b. Licenses and permits. When the legality of a person's conduct under this chapter depends on his possession of a license or permit or on his having registered with or given notice to a particular person or agency, it shall be presumed that he does not possess such a license or permit or has not registered or given the required notice, until he establishes the contrary.
  9. As the dimensions you posted don't match what is currently on their website, I assumed they had updated the design since you bought yours and therefore the computer model they show on their website may not depict what you are selling. I also assumed that the safe was empty as you are selling it. Sorry. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Can you post pictures of the interior layout, please?
  11. That's a pistol and would be transferred as a pistol on the 4473. It is not legal in NJ due to the weight being more than double that allowed for a pistol with detachable mag outside the grip. ETA: the barrel shroud also counts as an evil feature so it is illegal in NJ for 2 reasons.
  12. In NJ there is no such thing as a premise permit. There is a statutory exemption that allows you to possess firearms on your property, owned or rented. You are also allowed to transport firearms when moving to your new home so long as they are unloaded and cased, or unloaded and locked in the trunk of your vehicle. There are other exemptions you need to learn about but I'm trying to keep this brief and to the point. Any firearm must be legal in NJ, but I am not aware of anything that would be NY legal but not NJ legal. Once you get to NJ and you have updated your drivers' license you should apply for your Firearms Purchasers ID Card. This will allow you more freedom to transport long guns in NJ and also enable you to purchase handgun ammo in the State. If you intend to buy any handguns you should apply for a Permit to Purchase a Pistol (or multiples thereof) at the same time as the FPIC because it is the exact same process and you'll have to do it twice if you apply for handgun purchase permits at a later date. PtPP are valid for up to 180 days and can be used to acquire 1 handgun per permit with at least 30 days between each acquisition. Your FPIC allows you to acquire any number of long guns with no time limits. The FPIC becomes invalid 30 (or 35, I can't remember) days after you change address, so if you are going to rent temporarily before moving to a permanent residence it is worth waiting until you have your permanent address otherwise you'll just have to start over. There is no requirement (and no advantage) to register any firearms you already possess when you move into NJ.
  13. I use a Hornady Rapid safe. They are RFID activated with mains power and battery backup. There is a key just in case too. I prefer the RFID to a number pad for simplicity and the technology is long proven. I use the wearable wristband so I never find myself without it and I'd be hard pressed to lose it. Also inquisitive kids won't wander off with it. The steel is a decent thickness and can be permanently mounted or secured with a cable. https://www.hornadysecurity.com/rapid-safes/
  14. Mr.Stu

    New pc carbine

    Which version are you getting? When I was looking on GB there we several of the NJ legal chassis style - model # 19126 - which is what I was interested in. Then I started looking at alternatives. I have shot the pistol version too - the PC Charger - and it was great, especially suppressed. The owner was especially careful to check he still had it when I left the range that day
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