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  1. It says restricted. It does not say closed. I'm going to take a trip to Clinton WMA and see what's going on on the ground.
  2. Are you from the Department of Redundancy Department?
  3. It depends on what he's loading with, but many pistol powders will have a max charge of less than 4-5 grains. Stepping up a whole grain is not safe.
  4. Another thing. Make 10 rounds with the min charge in your reloading manual. Then increase 0.1 grain and do another 10. Repeat for a few increments but stay below the max charge. Make sure you label them and when you test fire use the lowest ones first. Examine the cases for any sign of over pressure. Do not use anything with a higher charge if you see bad signs.
  5. You are seriously overthinking this. The only part you have to handle with care is the primer. If you hope to practice priming with spent primers prepare for frustration. They will be deformed and will not easily go back into the primer pocket. Just use a live one and take care to have it square in the seating tool and the case properly centered in the case holder. If you feel excessive resistance back off and check the alignment again. Primers are set off by being struck. A slow push is not going to ignite them. Smokeless powder is not the same as black powder. BP is an explosive, modern smokeless powder just burns really quickly. It will not ignite unless you introduce a source of ignition. Don't smoke while you're making ammo and don't do it by candlelight. You'll be fine. To check your charge, throw a charge and weigh it. Then put the powder back in your hopper. Repeat at least 5 times before you even think of seating a bullet. The charges should all weigh the same. If they don't you need to fix your powder thrower before moving on. As you work through a batch, re-check the weight of the thrown charge every 10-20 rounds to make sure it is still correct. Toss the weighed powder back in the hopper - do not try to get it back in the case.
  6. I dropped in there this afternoon too - sorry I missed you. Glad you had a good time knocking off the cobwebs!
  7. If you pay another $50 for a guest pass in addition to your membership, you can bring up to 3 guests at a time. You can only use 1 shooting position and only 1 person shooting at a time.
  8. Get a hunting license and then you can use a WMA practice range for the year.
  9. For those that think standing guard is a BS assignment, try standing completely still for 20 minutes. Seriously, completely still. Without shuffling your feet. The guards switch posts every 20 minutes for a reason. The blood in your legs relies on a pump in the sole of your foot to pump the blood back up your leg to recirculate. Stand completely still for too long and you will fall down. Add the uniform and rifle, you will fall sooner. These guys are not messing around.
  10. Totally fake. They didn't even bother to get a full uniform. I bet they got it at a cheap costume rental.
  11. It says overall length 25.8". This is needs an NFA tax stamp for an AOW. It is not a non-NFA other firearm as they have to be 26" OAL.
  12. Whether you're running a dot or a LPVO, if you have only zeroed it at 50 yards you only have a 50 yard zero. There may be a crossover at approximately 300 yards but until you have verified it you do not have a 300 yard zero.
  13. Typically the heavier, slower bullet will give the softest felt recoil impulse. This usually makes it easier to get back on your sights for the next shot.
  14. You picked up my shotgun that was hot because someone else made it hot by shooting it! How is that my fault? Just quit complaining, will ya? I even offered you beer and burgers after.
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