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  1. Tier 1 Defense definitely do this. I hear good things about the owner, Mike. https://tieronedefense.com/
  2. The major difference is one word - "directly". The former does not contain the word, so you do not have to go directly to/from if you are a member of the appropriately affiliated club. This doesn't mean you can drive around continuously with a handgun in your car, but can allow for a more convenient trip. Non-club members are only allowed to make deviations that are reasonable in the circumstances. This is the reason ANJRPC has a non-range membership level. You can be a member of ANJRPC and gain the protection of being a club member without paying extra for the use of a range you don't want to use - it covers you going to/from and place of target practice, including your buddy's yard in the back of beyond.
  3. Be cautious. Optics Planet are well known for saying they have things in stock when they don't. They will charge your card when you order, not when they get around to fulfilling it.
  4. Don't call NJSP in Trenton. You did an illegal interstate transfer when you left the gun with your friend. There is no reason to call the cops and give them evidence against yourself.
  5. You can buy any and all of the components to reload without any permit of any description.
  6. I can't figure out how to embed this... https://youtu.be/iJ7Ixt0CkAo
  7. I have a 2A buddy who may be interested. I have reached out to him.
  8. No - it's a turret press. 4 dies are mounted all at the same time. Yes, it only uses 1 die at a time, but they are all staged and ready to go. It also auto indexes the turret for the next step in the process.
  9. Shipping it out to another person in another State who is not an FFL is not allowed. That is a person to person transfer and across State lines must be done via an FFL. You could have shipped it to yourself, but not someone else. I don't know OH law so won't comment on whether an in person transfer in OH was legal or not.
  10. The kit you linked will get you started and soon frustrated of you want to reload any quantity. Consider stepping up to the classic turret press. It automatically rotates the turret with each lever throw so the 4 different dies get used in sequence - 4 swings and you have a complete round rather than having to do each stage in batches.. The turret is also quick swapping so you can switch calibers much easier. Also, once you set the dies to the right height in in the turret you don't have to set them again. With the single stage press you will be changing dies often. It is not a progressive as you are still only making 1 round at a time, but it's a lot faster than a single stage. I can make about 200 pistol rounds per hour with mine once it's set up.
  11. The folks in the FIU have always been helpful and courteous when I have had to call them. They have gone above and beyond to get my permits out when they have "disappeared" twice now. The second time I had a problem, the lady I worked with personally walked my OGAM exemption form to Det. Bloom for his signature. These are good people - their management sucks, but they do the best they can under some crummy conditions.
  12. There will be others far more knowledgeable than me chime in but you would be best served providing more details if you can. What is long range for you? 300 yards? 500 yards? 1000 yards? Do you have a range available to you for your chosen distance? Do you have any idea of budget? This will go up geometrically with the distance you want to shoot. .223 can be good for a few hundred yards, .308 will reach out to 800+ before it goes subsonic, 6.5 Creedmore or .338 Lapua Magnum will go farther but cost you more too. Also with increased distance you will need to spend more on your sight.
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