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  1. My point is that the instant a brace is deemed a stock, a non-NFA other instantly becomes a rifle (albeit short barreled) and that is irreversible.
  2. I think it is more a case of if they reclassify a brace as a stock, you have an SBR. I have a vague recollection that a stripped lower, once it has become a rifle, can never be reverted to anything else. Therefore, the only way to not have an SBR is to remove it before the stroke of a pen that makes the reclassification official. The instant that happens, faster than light, every non-NFA other across the country will instantly transform into highly concealable rifle without undergoing any physical changes whatsoever. Whether you get into a bind with constructive intent by merely possessing a non-NFA without a brace-that-is-now-a-stock but also have a brace that is not attached to anything, I can't say. It is all F-ing ridiculous!
  3. One thing you need to learn, to improve what you know, is that gun store staff and police officers are often not well informed about NJ gun laws. The 3rd reference that makes up the worst 3 places to get gun law advice is the internet, but that's where you posted, so I guess you got the trifecta. Read the statutes. None of what you are saying is law. Could it become law given that the Dems hold both houses and the Governorship? Sure. Nonetheless, it is not law now, just what authoritarians would like to be law. ETA: The police are not entitled to "check your car" as you're travelling to the range. Even if they are able to articulate reasonable suspicion that there are firearms in the car, there is no law being broken if you are travelling to the range. Once you give them that snippet of information their RS has evaporated, unless they can articulate why they have RS that you are not travelling to a range. Just because they may wish to inspect your firearms, doesn't mean they can.
  4. If you acquire a finished lower through an FFL you are not building a "ghost gun". It is a recorded, serialized firearm being transferred.
  5. That's not what I meant. If you get shot in the forehead on purpose, or you get shot in the forehead through bad luck because the person operating the gun is unskilled and meant to shoot the person 3 feet to your left, the damage to your forehead will be the same.
  6. Don't get anything with a really dark tint. If you're shooting iron sights in bright daylight, your pupils will contract and that has a beneficial effect on your depth of focus. A dark tint detracts from this.
  7. A shot that hits you, whether well aimed or not, is still going to do the same amount of damage.
  8. I'm thinking it falls into the same territory as a non-NFA Other Firearm. NJ definition of a shotgun is: "Shotgun" means any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder and using the energy of the explosive in a fixed shotgun shell to fire through a smooth bore either a number of ball shots or a single projectile for each pull of the trigger, or any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder which does not fire fixed ammunition. As this has a pistol brace, for now at least, it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder so is not an NJ defined shotgun. Therefore the prohibition of a semi-auto shotgun having a pistol grip does not apply. The VFG takes it out of the category of pistol as it is designed to be fired with two hands.
  9. I thought it was: Step 1. Create problem that is big and scary, and not necessarily real Step 2. Convince the voting public that the problem is too big and scary for individuals to deal with, but not to panic as X politician will fix it Step 3. Get voted back into office Step 4. Issue big government contracts to your cronies Step 5. Got back to step 1
  10. If a town reassesses ONLY your house and find the value higher, your tax bill will go up and everybody else's will go down a little. If they reassess all of the houses in your town and they are all found to be higher, the tax bill will be the same. The town's budget doesn't increase just because the property values go up.
  11. The tax calculation isn't a percentage of the home value. The town, county and State have a budget. The proportion of how much you pay towards that budget is based on the value of your property compared with other properties in your town. If your house goes up while everybody else's stays the same, your property tax will go up because, relatively speaking, your property is worth more than the others. If all the properties go up by the same percentage, your property's value is the proportionally the same as everyone else's so your share of the tax burden is unchanged.
  12. I didn't say she wasn't willing, I said she may not have been mentally prepared to. Most people have never even taken a sight picture with a real, breathing human being in it and I have seen people balk at just that. Pressing the trigger too takes mental preparation. She may have been absolutely ready to fire, but someone was behind the creep, or she may have hesitated. If you're of a mindset that you're going to fire your gun because you felt the need to draw and present it, I suggest you get some training on shoot/don't-shoot/don't-shoot-yet scenarios.
  13. That wouldn't meet my needs either.
  14. How much cutting do you get out of a fully charged battery? 4Ah in my circular saw doesn't last as long as I'd like but that's not a DeWalt.
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