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  1. He is only a murderer if he intended to kill the victim. Guilty of homicide, for sure. Not necessarily murder. Consider if you shot and killed someone in self defense. You would have caused the death of that someone, but it would not have been murder. There are other degrees of homicide between a justified killing and murder, too.
  2. Mr.Stu

    Sig P320 AXG Pro

    I have heard good things from friends in the competition world. I haven't shot one, myself.
  3. Take a cab from the next town over? Pay cash.
  4. The springs will lose some of their tension after being worked a few times. When you get your uplula, squeeze in that 10th round and let the mag sit for a week or two. It will get easier. There is also a bit of a knack to loading mags. I can typically fill new ones by hand, but I have been doing it for close to 30 years.
  5. It just means I found my target audience - you're no worse than I am, but that doesn't say much
  6. If you're involved in a shooting make sure you mag dump. That way the perp is in possession of the hollowpoints, not you. /sarc
  7. Sharing what we know is a large part of why we're here, isn't it? All part of the conversation you alluded to. I hadn't known the difference either until a couple of weeks ago when I was gifted some Critical Duty by a friend. "This is serious stuff" he said. Fortunately that is an unpublished opinion so it not binding, but may be illustrative of the judicial mindset.
  8. As I understand it, you work with vehicles a lot (repair shop?) so it may be worth looking at Critical Duty for work. Critical Duty is barrier blind whereas Critical Defense is not so Duty will perform better if you need to shoot through a car door or windscreen.
  9. There is nothing that I can see anywhere that stipulates this. There are too many possibilities for a gun to come into someone's possession legally without any official paper trail. In eyeinstine's example the gun was inherited through marital shared property so most likely was never recorded as a transfer anywhere - and frankly it is none of the government's business what happened before they decided to take control.
  10. Yes. You do not need to have any permission slips to part with a firearm, only to acquire one.
  11. You do not need to go to an FFL. The instructions on how to execute a pistol permit that is exempt from the NICS check can be found here: https://www.njsp.org/firearms/pdf/Person_Person_transfer_NICS_exemption.pdf
  12. New guns are shipped with rust preventing grease, not lubricating oil. They will function, most likely, but it is better to clean that thick gunk off and lube correctly. It is also better to clean the grease out of the bore before firing too.
  13. EFMJ is legal in NJ, but then again so are hollowpoints for all but one thing mere mortals are allowed to do with it (i.e. have it in your possession other than at an exempt location to travelling directly to/from) There are much better choices these days. Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty, Speer Gold Dot G2, etc. with a filled hollowpoint are equally not hollowpoints.
  14. Walmart in Clinton usually has them - about $7 for a box of 90. They have them on a pallet right next to the sporting goods counter where you can get your hunting license. I wouldn't get them shipped to your home - most of them will be broken.
  15. One more thing - keep refreshing the appointments page on the MVC website. Cancellations happen and you may be able to grab an appointment sooner. Also, new appointments are added between 11:30pm and midnight so it may be worth checking again then too. I needed an appointment to add an M endorsement to my DL and there were none available. As in not any, at all, not even far into the future. By refreshing the appointment page I was able to snag one an hour away from my home within a day. I took the drive because it was better than never getting it done. 3 weeks later I got a reply to the query I submitted to MVC asking how to book an appointment when they weren't offering any and the reply was completely useless. Good luck
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