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  1. Email them at [email protected] Make sure you explain that you have already tried to resolve the issue through your PD, otherwise they will tell you that as they were not the entity that processed your application, it is not their problem. NB. They do not take phone calls. Our tax dollars at work!
  2. Try the FIU at NJSP then. They own the FARS system.
  3. Call your PD and ask them to help.
  4. Why not just get a P-01? It's the same gun but with a rail for a light.
  5. The sign-up page for this Sunday's match is here: https://practiscore.com/phillipsburg-idpa-february-2024-sunday/register
  6. This is New Jersey government you are talking about. There has never been any joined-up-thinking here. The process says check the mental health records going back 10 years for an initial application, and renewals are to be treated just like initial applications. It doesn't matter to them that you lived in NY 8-10 years ago and they got those records before. They have to get them again - you know, just in case 8-10 year old history changed since they last got a copy of those records. It required dragging them kicking and screaming to accept that being fingerprinted every time you applied for a PCH was pointless. You know, fingerprints that they use to identify you because everybody's are unique and unchanging have to be taken again, just in case they changed.
  7. I used to be like you, cleaning after just about every range trip. I don't do that any more. I have handguns with over 1000 rounds through them since they were last cleaned. I just add oil as needed. I don't shoot rifle nearly as often as handgun and I can't remember when I last cleaned one. Everything gets wiped down with a silicone infused cloth before going back in the safe. One of my 1911's was slowing down during a match last month. Being cold didn't help. I added oil and it returned to normal function. Defensive guns get more diligent care.
  8. Is this for handgun? Most people assume rifle when talking about long range.
  9. LPL shows how to do it... https://youtu.be/c2DcfJLquOk?si=53MSrSzGOsctgEAC
  10. That's just carbon build up. Not a big deal. It is one of the consequences of a DI system. A tool like this makes cleaning it much easier. https://www.amazon.com/CAT-Outdoors-Scraping-Scraper-Cleaning/dp/B09QY26MKS
  11. Carrying and transporting are not the same thing.
  12. This is why I went to the effort to have every handgun I own added to my court order.
  13. A PCH does not allow you to open carry so the guy was in the wrong. It does seem the response was over the top too. If you were up to no good, would you really open carry while you did your grocery shopping? Where did this report come from?
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