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  1. The estimate is work will be completed January or February 2020.
  2. Using AVB's logic, all mass shootings have been committed by somebody in possession of a firearm. This perfectly justifies banning all firearms. Mrs Peel, I am impressed with your tenacity debating this for so long.
  3. NJSP use a "pony express" system to distribute permits around the State. They use troopers who might happen to be travelling down to Trenton to pick up the mail. It ridiculous that they can wait a couple of weeks to get documents that are time bound out to where they should be. My last set of permits got lost and it took 10 days of hounding before they admitted they didn't know where they were and Trenton sent a duplicate set by USPS to my local barracks. They were exact duplicates - the issue and expiry dates were the same as the originals so they came with a month pre-expired.
  4. It was late last year, before FARS but my permits got lost between NJSP Trenton and the local barracks. It took 10 days of them repeatedly failing to return phone calls and giving me BS before they accepted that they had been lost and Trenton sent a duplicate set. (Same serial numbers and issue dates even though this was 6 weeks late) A month later I got a call saying my permits were in, even though I had already used one of the duplicates.
  5. Dawson make a set of sights specifically matched to cowitness with the DPP. I have a set on a G34 but I got the DPP with the 2.5moa dot rather than the big triangle.
  6. If you have the keys to a locker at gunsitters and can access your guns you have the wrong service. They have another service designed just for this purpose where they buy your guns for $1 each. Now they own them and you cannot get them without permits, NICS, etc. You get a receipt which you show to the cops if/when they show up and they will not need to search your place because all the guns will be listed with serial numbers. It will match the list they pulled out of the registration computer. They will also take your FPIC and any unused permits so you cannot legally acquire another gun. When everything is settled you have to get your FPIC back then you can get permits to get your guns back. Get an OGAM exemption to get all your handguns back at once. I will not offer any advice on the counseling - I got a divorce.
  7. Wouldn't it be great if none of the State's suppliers sent in a response. Murphy will have effectively made it illegal for the State to buy arms and ammo.
  8. The nuance with this one is the location has to be club that submitted its membership list - you do not have to be a member. The only get out for the location is to be a certified instructor and the location is "suitable for training", or the person you are doing the temporary transfer to is your child.
  9. What weight bullet do you usually use? If you are used to 124gr or 147gr you will find the ogive to be quite different. If the seating surface of the die has a hollow center and it touching the head somewhere below the tip you will find the lighter head will sit higher than the fatter, heavier head.
  10. A minimum of 1 year of experience shooting IDPA and a current IDPA classification is required for this class. Course will run 4 to 5 hours. Required gear: semiautomatic handgun or revolver chambered in 9mm Luger / .38 Special or larger equipped with iron sights or slide mounted optics strong side hip holster and belt 3 magazines or 4 speedloaders belt pouches for 2 magazines or 3 speedloaders 150 - 200 rounds of ammunition eye protection and hearing protection - No exceptions.
  11. I talked with him about what I was looking for and he showed me his demo vests and plates. He then ordered new from Spartan for me.
  12. Is there a discount code? I don't see the discount on their site.
  13. Not at all. It just means you are smarter than average. You might want to worry if you were going to post the same thing, but didn't because I got there first.
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