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  1. If it hadn't gone to the court by December 22, 2022, it just needs approval by the PD and they should issue the permit. The courts are not involved since the signing of A4769.
  2. Standing is required at all stages, but imminence of harm is more important at the TRO stage than the PI stage, especially as Judge Bumb is doing all she can to keep this on an expedited schedule.
  3. Don't forget to pin the brace-that-is-magically-a-stock and any muzzle device if you turn it into a non-SBR rifle in NJ.
  4. You're assuming an AR pattern firearm. On those you can keep the receiver extension because it is needed for the firearm to function. With an AK (or other) pattern firearm, that is not necessarily true.
  5. I'm not talking about putting anything on in its place. That would open the can of worms as to what else might be legal - probably nothing of value.
  6. If you take off the VFG it will become a handgun...a handgun deemed to be an assault handgun in NJ because it will weigh too much and have a barrel shroud.
  7. The VFG makes it designed to be fired with two hands. A pistol, by definition, is designed to be fired with one hand. Therefore, your non-NFA Other did not become a pistol when you removed the brace, regardless of barrel length. There is no maximum length for a pistol barrel, BTW. https://www.guns.com/news/2020/06/02/budget-buntline-heritage-rough-rider-16-inch
  8. You are new here, maybe a new gun owner too, so you may not know. There is no point trying to apply logic to anti-gun laws. None was used in writing them. If you try, you will only give yourself a headache and still have crappy gun laws.
  9. A dedicated target gun is used for just that - target shooting. That means, no it won't be a carry gun. As a result, there are different criteria for choosing the gun. Weight is going to tend towards heavier to mitigate recoil whereas a carry gun would tend towards lighter so it isn't such a burden to carry it around all day. Other things that would be considered differently could be the sights (fixed vs. adjustable vs. optics), accuracy (carry guns don't usually need to be able to shoot the whiskers off a gnat at 25 yards), physical size, caliber, magazine capacity, legality in different competition rules, etc.
  10. In my view, a secretary does not have the authority to rescind or overrule an order from a judge. Unless I get a court order vacating my existing court order I'm going to adhere to it. It's no big deal for me right now as all my handguns are listed on my court order. When I get a new gun I'll find out what the attitude of the court is.
  11. I think you may be right, but there is a case to support getting the right gun for your hand size. Can you adapt? Sure. Is it the best solution? Probably not. I have a friend who has particularly small hands. They are so small that with a double stack Glock, she cannot get any part of her trigger finger on the trigger if the tang is properly positioned in the web of her thumb. She overcomes it by rotating the gun so the tang is supported by her thumb just short of the knuckle. She can shoot accurately like this, but it beats up her thumb and does her arthritis no good at all. She also has a 1911 with slim grips and a short trigger, and she still has to use this technique, albeit to a lesser degree. She loves her single stack Glock because she can hold it correctly and it doesn't beat her up. A gun that doesn't hurt you, gets used for practice more. As with all things, there is a trade off. LEO are not limited to 10 rounds so capacity is not artificially limited. Who wouldn't want a gun with a higher capacity as a fighting tool? I compete regularly and I have seen first hand how an ill fitting gun reduces a competitor's performance. Simple things more getting a consistent grip on the draw is easier with a well fitted gun. One guy shoots a Glock pretty well. He's been shooting one for years. Switching to a CZ P-10 improved his performance just by getting the gun in the right place in his hand more easily.
  12. If you want something for just slow fire precision, you could look at a target pistol in .22LR. I used to have a S&W model 41 that was a joy to shoot and very, very accurate. Of the guns I have now, the easiest to shoot fast and accurately is a 1911 in 9mm. I installed an EGW ignition kit and the trigger is now great. I'm getting into USPSA (having shot IDPA for over a decade) so my next gun will probably be dedicated to production division there. The top contenders are both from CZ - a Shadow 2 or if I get a bit more spendy, a TS2. The DWX also looks interesting. If you want a revolver, the most accurate one I have is a S&W 625. It is chambered in 45ACP and is a tack driver.
  13. The guy did not pick up the knife again after being shot. That is why the cop went back to less lethal. If he still had the knife he would have been shot some more. TBH, that is incredibly good live decision making and reacting to changing circumstances on the part of the officers.
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