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  1. I had an intermittent issue with my 2010 hemi Ram a while back. It would just die but would start back up after a few seconds. Cleaning the throttle body and the MAF sensor fixed it. Cheap and easy to do. Just make sure you don't let any dirt get into the intake manifold.
  2. I don't know how they are doing it, but there is definitely an electronic register of any handguns acquired in NJ. If they issue a TRO and you have guns it lists the handguns in detail so the cops know what they are supposed to be confiscating. When I got mine a few years ago (TRO used as a divorce tactic) it listed all my handguns, but not any long guns. Fortunately, I had already lodged them all with gunsitters.
  3. This is so heartless. Wouldn't you want to know your gun was going to a good home? Would you do this with a puppy?
  4. Is this a change that's coming with the update to FARS?
  5. I'm pretty sure the make, model and serial number are recorded in the FFL's bound book only, not sent to NICS. I just acquired a pair of shotguns and the FFL completed the background check before he even saw the guns. The FFL may have a policy not to start work on a gun he's only been told is on its way.
  6. There are a couple of ways of doing it... If you both go to the FFL at the start and the FFL is willing to hold the gun you can do as you described. The down side is that if it is a handgun and the buyer's BG check fails, you need a pistol permit to get your gun back from the FFL as he will have had to enter it in his bound book. The seller could take the gun home again and meet at the FFL after the BG check is approved. What I have done recently is I went to the FFL alone and filled in the paperwork. After it came back approved (after a few days at current turnaround times) the seller met me at the FFL to finish the transfer paperwork and the FFL entered it in his book at that time and then immediately transferred it to me. This way the seller does not have to go twice and does not risk losing possession if the sale does not go through. This works because the BG check can be done without all the details of the gun (make, model serial #, etc.), just whether handgun or shotgun/rifle and the quantity.
  7. Pulling down on the charging handle while knocking the butt on the ground is mortaring it. Just bashing it on the ground is not going to work.
  8. If your stock is pinned, you are not going to break the adjustment latch by mortaring it. Besides, you don't have to do a hulk smash. Do it gently to start and repeat with slightly more force if it doesn't come free. I generally mortar it off my lower quad, just above the knee - especially if it is someone else's gun rather than smack it into the ground. It doesn't usually take a lot of force.
  9. I do all these things because I live alone. It is purely coincidence that I also bought a new gun.
  10. I have no issue with them. I have shot a few before in both 5.56 and 9mm.MMy reservation is more to do with the F'd up way NJ prosecutors and judges operate.
  11. I should have 4 guests too. Two of them are 14 year old lads. They can't make it until 12 but if the clay shooting is done by then I'll just take them to the rifle range.
  12. I'm sure I'll be disappointed, but I'm hoping there will be some decorum and people will not start celebrating a woman's death. Sure, it is an opportunity to balance the court with another constitutionalist, but let's try to be respectful.
  13. I'm with JCP&L for my sins. My system was activated in March so I'll see what it does up until then. I can still change it on the second year if I don't change it this year is my understanding. It didn't help that my central A/C crapped out for the hottest month and I had to rely on window units - not as efficient.
  14. I'm 6 months into my first year with solar. I had been hoping to have a little more in the electricity bank but with the lock-in I've been running my A/C a lot more over the summer. I'm down to just over 400kWh banked and production is falling this time of year. I hope I don't have too many months of having to spend more than the $2.92 connection fee over the winter.
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