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  1. I talked with him about what I was looking for and he showed me his demo vests and plates. He then ordered new from Spartan for me.
  2. Is there a discount code? I don't see the discount on their site.
  3. Not at all. It just means you are smarter than average. You might want to worry if you were going to post the same thing, but didn't because I got there first.
  4. Perfectly sober, but my sarcasm gets the better of me most of the time.
  5. Very much tongue in cheek - I almost bit it off!
  6. Isn't it obvious? Here's how it works: 1 known gang member puts in for his permits. He has to name 2 references. You can bet at least 1, but probably both are also gang members. Now you have identified 3 gang members. Now they submit permits and identify 2 more gang members each. Now you know 7 gang members' identities - and you have their fingerprints to boot! This goes on and on until you have identified everybody connected with the gang. This is crime fighting gold! I think they should add a box on the form for the name of your gang.
  7. We actually mixed it up a bit today and the afternoon stages were shot with somebody else's gun - if you were willing to loan your gun to somebody else. I took my P320 as it was the cleanest gun I have at the moment and @Pizza Bob was the lucky guy who gave up his revolver to somebody else and shot my P320 instead. I'll let Bob tell you how he did, but he didn't drop it and there were no unexpected bangs.
  8. Due to an oversight on my part, I have had to reschedule this class to September 14th. It is therefore no longer on Labor Day weekend and maybe less likely to be a scheduling clash for people. The Eventbrite page has been updated accordingly.
  9. NJ law is that you cannot allow a minor easy access to a loaded firearm. Therefore if a minor is in your house by your permission, you can leave the guns laying around if there is no ammo available. You can leave ammo around if the are no guns available. You cannot leave guns and ammo around at the same time.
  10. I am running an IDPA Intermediate Skills class at EFGA on August 31st. This class is designed to teach some of the thought processes and techniques that will help a Novice or Marksman advance to the next classification in IDPA. To acheive the most from this class you should have at least a year of experience of shooting IDPA and have been classified in at least one division as NV or MM. This class will be oriented towards semi-auto pistols and will be less useful to revolver or PCC shooters although these are also welcome to attend. Some of the board members have attended my IDPA Intro class in previous years and have given positive feedback so I hope this class will be equally well received. For more details and to book your spot got to https://idpa-intermediate.eventbrite.com
  11. It's not in the rule book, but at my matches new shooters are required to not wear a concealment garment. I need to see what they are doing and a concealment garment isn't doing it's job if I can see. If we have a no-light/low-light stage new shooters have to have the lights on...for the same reason.
  12. If you decide to come to a Somerset match I can certainly enter you in the scoring system under a pseudonym, but as Match Director I would need to know your real name. You can shoot 3 IDPA matches without joining IDPA but would need to join the organisation to shoot your fourth. They are completely online and other members would be able to see your name in the members section after they log in to the IDPA website.
  13. Shock news! I included a pick-up gun stage in yesterday's Somerset IDPA match and Bob not only shot a Glock 22; he shot it well and said that he may have to get one.
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