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  1. It's not in the rule book, but at my matches new shooters are required to not wear a concealment garment. I need to see what they are doing and a concealment garment isn't doing it's job if I can see. If we have a no-light/low-light stage new shooters have to have the lights on...for the same reason.
  2. If you decide to come to a Somerset match I can certainly enter you in the scoring system under a pseudonym, but as Match Director I would need to know your real name. You can shoot 3 IDPA matches without joining IDPA but would need to join the organisation to shoot your fourth. They are completely online and other members would be able to see your name in the members section after they log in to the IDPA website.
  3. Shock news! I included a pick-up gun stage in yesterday's Somerset IDPA match and Bob not only shot a Glock 22; he shot it well and said that he may have to get one.
  4. Not quite. The case revolves around JN, not the administrative steps. Nowhere in Rogers does anybody mention getting rid of the Judges' role. If SCOTUS isn't asked the question, it is very unlikely that they will answer it.
  5. They already have all these things. If (when) justifiable need gets struck NJ doesn't need to do anything. The rest of the process will still be there. You will still have a background check done (they send you back to morphotrack for $$$) , need to qualify with each and every gun you want to carry (which includes being signed off on knowing NJ laws), and you'll still need the permit approved by your CLEO and then a Superior Court Judge. The last step will be slow walked and queues allowed to build up. I don't want it to be this way, but I'll bet it will.
  6. When I was a kid my Dad had 3 types of spanners (wrenches) - BSF, Metric and Whitworth. The transition from English to metric was painful as many things from cars to household appliances had a mix of English and Metric on the same object for years.
  7. My 1997 Jeep Cherokee had Torx all over it.
  8. I'm very interested but depends on date. Could probably do a weekday. I have my kids every second weekend so that's 50/50 if I will be able to make the date you get.
  9. I'm not going this time, but I've been before. For range, it's likely to be 20 yards or less. For the gun, 30-30 is popular but .223/5.56 has been used plenty of times too as well as 20g slug. You can even use a pistol if you want but personally I have reservations about the humane kill aspect - 9mm is not enough for a sure kill, .44 magnum would be fine if you're sure of your shot placement. Bows have been used successfully in previous hunts too. If you don't have a pickup truck, don't forget tarps or a body bag for the trip to the butcher. There will be blood.
  10. I got my denial last year. It's too expensive to do again so soon. You have to do anothe Morphotrak background check ($$) and then qualify with the guns you want to carry at 50-60 rounds each (more $$). The staff at GFH blinked hard when I told them how many quals I wanted to run.
  11. The law says that you must have had an FPIC issued to you, not that you have to have it with you. He can apply for a duplicate at his local PD assuming he hasn't moved since it was issued. He will have to do the background check all over again. If he has moved, his old card is no longer valid anyway.
  12. I am so sorry Bob & Rudison. Dementia is a horrible disease that steals your loved one only leaving a shell. The lucid moments come only often enough to remind you of the person you love only to have them stolen away again. My Father-in-law's second wife was struck with it and the paranoia was awful. She would cut up her clothes and then accuse John of doing it. She also ran away may times and claimed that John was trying to kill her. That couldn't have been farther from the truth. He looked after her at home by himself most of the time. The local authority would provide respite care 1 week out of 4 and my (then) wife and I would take him in and build him back up for the next onslaught.
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