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  1. The law says that you must have had an FPIC issued to you, not that you have to have it with you. He can apply for a duplicate at his local PD assuming he hasn't moved since it was issued. He will have to do the background check all over again. If he has moved, his old card is no longer valid anyway.
  2. I am so sorry Bob & Rudison. Dementia is a horrible disease that steals your loved one only leaving a shell. The lucid moments come only often enough to remind you of the person you love only to have them stolen away again. My Father-in-law's second wife was struck with it and the paranoia was awful. She would cut up her clothes and then accuse John of doing it. She also ran away may times and claimed that John was trying to kill her. That couldn't have been farther from the truth. He looked after her at home by himself most of the time. The local authority would provide respite care 1 week out of 4 and my (then) wife and I would take him in and build him back up for the next onslaught.
  3. If Murphy is really against gun manufacturing, maybe he should stop the State buying weapons from them - lead by example. Does anybody have a list of the volume of guns from each manufacturer that are carried by NJ LEOs?
  4. The real problem is most people can't be bothered to do that so they swallow the false narrative - and their vote is worth as much as yours but they outnumber you many fold.
  5. https://www.njsp.org/firearms/forms.shtml You need to fill in S.P.015 (and possibly S.P.015a if there are more than 5 handguns). The seller needs to fill in S.P.016 (and possibly S.P.016a if there are more than 16 handguns) Make sure the details of the guns are identical on both forms. For the reason just put "I collect guns" ETA. I have done this and the FIU guys in Trenton were very helpful
  6. Absolutely do this. It takes about 2 weeks and if you apply for the permits at the same time, they take the same 2 weeks to process. I'm not sure, but I think you can then do the transfer on a single NICS check too.
  7. If he is or isn't armed is much more easily determined if you can see clearly and more light is better for that. If it's low light, but sufficient for you to see, it's also sufficient for him to see. If you prefer, you can search for him with the light off but turn it on when you want to confront him. The WL is not a deterent. In low light he will probably not see that you have a gun either - still no deterrent. The deterrent would be you giving him clear commands to get out of your house. Besides, he broke into your house in this scenario - simple deterrents (like a locked door) appear to be insufficient. Again, you do not need to have the light on the whole time. It is much more blinding to have it shine in your eyes than reflect off your surroundings. If a WML is pointing in your own eyes, you are really doing it wrong Lastly, you need to have a really good reason to go looking for an intruder in your house. The best action is to get to a defensible position and call the cops.
  8. How do you figure? The starting mechanism has nothing to do with the power coming out of the generator once it is running.
  9. Try aiming your gun while staring into a 500 lumen light. The bad guy is at a disadvantage if he's in front of the light and you're behind it.
  10. Here's a thought. So there's an EMP event which is expected to knock out the power grid, cars, phones, etc. What makes anybody think getting their generator started is going to help? The regulator on the output of the genset would be similarly fried, would it not? Water, food, shelter and warmth are all you need to survive. Electricity is not required for any of those.
  11. I prefer having the first and subsequent shots single action so I have a 75B. If you're ok with starting double action the 75BD or the 92 are a toss up. Go with what fits your hand the best. I got a set of the VZ palm swell grips for my CZ and it points perfectly for me. People with smaller hands may prefer the straight grips. People with larger hands may prefer the 92. YMMV.
  12. I have a 16.6sqft Frigidaire and this is what it looked like with 2 hogs in it a couple of years ago. On the chest vs upright conversation, upright is much easier to find specific things in. I use the upright for people food where we tend to want something specific, and a chest for the dog food, because the dogs get what they get and love it anyway.
  13. I'm not a professional so I don't have anything to say about the longevity, but for me the Ridgid brand stuff from Home Depot was attractive because the batteries, when bought with a tool, are covered by the lifetime warranty too.
  14. Does the time I took them all out and gave them to Gunsitters before my divorce without her knowing count as sneaking?
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