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  1. If you have an RDS it would be Carry Optics division, regardless of the size of the gun.
  2. IDPA is dead at SCFGPA - the board there decided we were no longer welcome for reasons not attributable to us, but that's as much as I'll say. (Mum taught me that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing) I am now running IDPA at Phillipsburg Pistol Club. We have our match on the 3rd Wednesday each month. Find the match registration here: https://practiscore.com/search/matches?query=phillipsburg
  3. I got a call back from a detective at the FIU. They received my permit from the court on 9/16 and sent it out via inter-office mail (aka the pony express) the same day. Hopefully it won't get lost. The detective was very helpful and we chatted about the whole mess for a while. He gave me his personal cell number if I run into any more problems. The FIU only has 7 staff to cover the whole State and they are being inundated. I feel sorry for them because they are gun guys and the senior management are just not providing the manpower to handle the workload. My app was one of the first 10 that came through their office so I'm a bit of a trail blazer. He did say that there are definitely definitely things in the works to get PCH into FARS.
  4. I have shot a P365 XL and found the grip too small for my hands. I had a much better experience with a Hellcat Pro. I don't think the P365 Macro has much to offer over the Hellcat. The supposed comp built into the slide, not the barrel doesn't seem to do anything much and the take up on the trigger is really quite excessive.
  5. A quick update on my permit. The Hunterdon Superior Court approved it last Wednesday and it was sent out last Thursday. Sadly, they decided that they had could not let me pick it up from the court and they had to send it to the "originating police department". Even though I applied through NJSP Washington Station, the Court, in its wisdom sent it to the NJSP FIU in Trenton, which when it eventually receives it will have to send it to the Washington Station for me to pick up. I cannot confirm that the FIU received it because their policy is that they will only accept contact via email, which in my experience they never reply to and they, by policy, do not accept incoming phone calls. So now my signed permit is subject to the vagaries of the NJSP "pony express" which utilizes any trooper that happens to be heading in roughly the right direction to ferry their internal mail from one station to another. This is the same pony express that lost not one, but two separate sets of purchase permits twice in a row before FARS was a thing. In case you were wondering, yes I am pissed off that my approved permit is still beyond reach.
  6. The one thing you can't do legally is transport it to a place to meet the buyer if that place is not an exempt location, such as a range.
  7. I'll take it - PMing you to figure out meeting up.
  8. They do that for everyone now. It has been long forgotten that you could get PtPP without an FID - why wouldn't you for a measly $5? I do not think they charge you the $5 for an electronic FPIC if you already had a paper one.
  9. I paid $3.29 at BP in Phillipsburg yesterday.
  10. They said they were going to send it to NJSP, but I asked if I could pick it up from the clerk at the court as NJSP have 'lost' my purchase permits twice before. They said they would let me know.
  11. I kept in touch, yes. Knowing they had up to 60 days by statute, I only bothered them a couple of times.
  12. County: Hunterdon Fingerprinted: 6/30 - Easton, PA Applied via: NJSP Washington 6/30 Approved by NJSP Washington: Approx 8/9 Approved by NJSP FIU: 8/15 Received by court: 8/18 Docketed by court: 8/19 Approved by court: 9/14 I don't have it in hand yet, but I'm told it is restricted to the guns I qualified with. When I get the paperwork I'll know about any other details.
  13. Why? There are no FPIC or PtPP issued by any prosecutor's office. PD's and NJSP issue them. The prosecutor has zero involvement. None. Nada. Zilch.
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