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  1. Yeah.....I'm thinkin' Kavanaugh just raped NJ....omo.
  2. Is this the "New" meaning of dining out at the Shore...….I dunno.
  3. For what they are intended for they're very good......not a comp. or bullseye sight, most buy these and have no clue what they are and/or they're purpose.... mine are on a 30sf.
  4. Well the CDC found the virus alive and viable 17 days after the cruise ship was evacuated on the walls and cabins, And the CDC said it survived up to 3 hrs in the air. It is transmitted by bodily fluids and has even been found alive in peoples excrement, so I think it should be a pretty good guess it could be passed by biting and blood sucking insects Mosquitos, Ticks, etc. In act could probably be carried into your home o your shoes from someones spit on the sidewalk. So far I would say the experts are no more experts than anyone else with a bit of common sense.
  5. Revolution in Real Time, 11:00 p.m. April 18, 1775 Colonel Conant in Charlestown greets Paul Revere who was just rowed across the river. He confirms that he has seen the lanterns and has dispatched messengers. Revere mounts a horse and begins his journey to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the "regulars" (British) are coming out. The lantern signals were a pre-arranged signal. According to Paul Revere himself... "When I got to Dr. Warren’s house, I found he had sent an express by land to Lexington — a Mr. William Daws [Dawes]. The Sunday before..I agreed with a Colonel Conant and some other gentlemen that if the British went out by water, we would show two lanthorns in the North Church steeple; and if by land, one, as a signal; for we were apprehensive it would be difficult to cross the Charles River or get over Boston Neck. I left Dr. Warren, called upon a friend and desired him to make the signals."
  6. Revolution in Real Time, 5:00 a.m. April 19, 1775 - THE FIRST SHOTS! "I, John Parker, of lawful age, and commander of the Militia in Lexington, do testify and declare, that on the 19th instant, in the morning, about one of the clock, being informed that there were a number of Regular officers riding up and down the road, stopping and insulting people as they passed the road, and also was informed that a number of Regular Troops were on their march from Boston, in order to take the Province Stores at Concord, ordered our Militia to meet on the common in said Lexington, to consult what to do, and concluded not to be discovered, nor meddle or make with said Regular Troops (if they should approach) unless they should insult us; and upon their sudden approach, I immediately ordered our Militia to disperse and not to fire. Immediately said Troops made their appearance, and rushed furiously, fired upon and killed eight of our party, without receiving any provocation therefore from us." Lexington, April 25, 1775 Eight militiamen died on the town common in Lexington. Ten others were wounded. Captain Parker then worked to collect what was left of his company and take them back into the fight later that afternoon.
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