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  1. This is exactly what happens when it's left to the state to govern the 2A....and why Constitutional Carry is so important...attaching a price tag to a Constitutional Amendment is akin to Corruption at it's finest...and if there's a way, you can bet they'll find it.......omo.
  2. Say good bye to your hard earned tax monies......and your Constitutional Rights.........omo.
  3. Wife tells me this morning she heard that our Governor intends to raise permit fees again according to his new budget......any comments. Hiking gun permit fees Murphy has repeatedly called for raising licensing fees and imposing higher taxes on guns and ammunition, though the idea has been nixed from past budgets. His new proposal renews the push, though Murphy’s administration has not said how much the new fee would be. The administration did say the move would bring the state about $4 million a year.
  4. So my question is.....when does one's permit actually expire......(A) the original expiration date on the permit....or....(B) the date one submitted the required Re-Qualification submittals / paperwork after the original permit was issued......and the answer is....................... .
  5. I remember seeing this on the local news a while back....... I dunno.
  6. CCW police response in Walmart, Kearney NJ. Discussion / Off-topic I went to Walmart today, Tuesday, around 8pm to pick up some baby formula. I'm just looking around the place and i see an older black man and his wife with a cart and i see he has a pistol in holster on his hip. I look and I'm thinking ah nice he's probably ex detective or proud CCW holder. Thought nothing else of it and kept on. Purchased my stuff and as im heading to the door i see about 3 Emergency Response officers with seemed like managers, then saw a couple other officers with shields then another couple officers with AR's coming in. I overheard one of them tell the receipt checker at the door close the doors no one else in or out till we tell you. I was d last one out. I was looking back inside after i was out the doors, and sure enough, the officers were surrounding the old couple and the wife was yelling at the officers, "WTF HE HAS A CCW PERMIT WTF ARE YOU ALL DOING", all the while they were grabbing the older guys gun and subduing him. SMH, some ignorant asshole prob called the cops on this older black gentleman just cuz he had a pistol on his hip minding his own while shopping. Remember this one........I dunno.
  7. What did you give them your business for then.......don't support these places.
  8. Most stores if asked would rather have the theft / shoplifters than honest, upstanding folks..........omo.
  9. where did you read that about Pa.........and what changed.
  10. Question.....so what's the skinny on carrying in Houses of Worship here in NJ......churches, mosques, temples, etc.
  11. Hmmm......back to the Revolver.....nah.....never heard of guns just going off......sound like some liberal ploy...omo.
  12. Honestly......there is so much daily shoplifting at the other stores at the mall where COSTCO is in near me / Prominade Mall that it's risky ... all these thieves are in the parking lot with ya before they enter the stores......omo. Channel 12 mentioned the Prosecutor is deciding whether charges will be filed........
  13. guns going off with no human interaction.....where, when.
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