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  1. Really............and there are people who threaten our US Constitution and wish death on us every day creating class warfare and societal discord.....looks like we're circling the drain....omo.
  2. Welcome to New Jersey.... a summary of the current bills in the Pennsylvania General Assembly: Pennsylvania House of Representatives bills HB159- Require universal background checks HB162- One handgun purchase per month HB165- Self-exclusion for firearms purchases HB202- Establishing a Pennsylvania Gun Buyback Program HB204- Restricting the sale of toy or imitation firearms HB251- Allows firearms transfer during PICS downtime HB307- Assault Weapons Ban HB326- “No Fly, No Buy” HB336- Weapons ban at State Capitol HB344- Restricting firearms rentals at shooting ranges HB377- Ban sale of police confiscated firearms HB378- Makes prohibited person for Involuntary Outpatient Treatment (IOT) HB456- Eliminates LTCF fees HB459- Speeds up prohibited person reporting to PICS HB467- Provides for universal firearms owner licensing and training requirements HB480- Specifies disposition of firearms of minors seized by police HB532- Safe storage requirements when living with prohibited person HB603- Allow waiver of LTCF fees for veterans HB618- Exclude safe and gun lock purchases from sales tax HB673- Require universal background checks HB699- Ban 3-D printing of guns HB700- Adds offense for undetectable guns HB724- NRA training prior to LTCF HB738- ID required for Ammo purchase HB768- Firearms Registration Pennsylvania State Senate bills SB88- Require universal background checks SB90- Extreme Risk Protection Order SB98- Removes restrictions on carrying firearms during a declared emergency SB103- Exclude safe, gun lock, etc. purchases from sales tax SB137- Safe storage requirements when living with prohibited person SB138- Safe storage requirements for firearms not in use SB195- Training requirements for LTCF SB197- Criminal liability of gun seller for gun used in crime SB198- Adds offenses for prohibited persons SB290- Gun registration SB292- Assault weapon and magazine ban SB293- Extreme Risk Protection Orders SB344- Provides for universal firearms owner licensing and training requirements SB388- Divestiture of assault weapons manufacturers from State pension assets SB394- Imposes felony for false statements during firearms transfer Hopefully, they die in Committee......
  3. ...a la John Wick....don't believe the NZ LEO carry firearms....omo.
  4. However, according to a website that tracks terror attacks across the globe (thereligionofpeace.com), in the past 30 days there were 99 Islamic terror attacks in 20 countries, in which 701 people were killed and 697 injured. Just a little perspective for rational folks to consider.
  5. Kentucky just went to permitless carry.........move. http://www.wave3.com/2019/03/12/bevin-signs-ky-bill-into-law-allowing-concealed-carry-without-permit/
  6. Yup, have a Yukon....I transport guns in my range bag and zip tie / lock the zippers. Then carry my ammo in a separate small cooler also fastened closed.....that's it.
  7. ......ask Colandro....he has a CCL and never LE....and to get a PI License I believe you have to be LE first...maybe he'll tell ya the secret.
  8. At the least.....breaking the law would be more like it.
  9. No personal attacks.....please, not necessary, grow up.
  10. Then why do they tell us here....."To and From a range only"....even if your in Pa., NJ wants to govern via transportation law.
  11. This NJ Forum has become nothing but a crying towel.......cannot see this continuing without a breaking point...omo.
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