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  1. …. from a Pa. post: Several instances of tires being cut and run on NY and NJ plates.Wally world and shoprite and weis stores My Pocono and Gouldsboro. although they will not publicize this fact .Jack williams is doing a lot of business !
  2. I'm not quarantined unlike you are.....my son is 34 and married and taking the meds.
  3. So one of my sons has had the virus now 12 days.....he's allergic to penicillin to he's been treated with a "Z" Pak and Doxicycline also when he first asked the Doc if he should go and be tested, the answer was......why would you want to go and maybe take a chance of being exposed to something else there......Hmmmm.
  4. … just read this....I dunno. "Coronavirus could travel 27 feet, stay in air for hours: MIT researcher" https://nypost.com/2020/03/31/corona...it-researcher/ …..also, as per NJ12 News: Mayor of Newark locked the city down...……..what next.
  5. My wife just got a call from her Mgr. sayin' Realtors can now show houses according to Murphy......I dunno.
  6. Remember When You Vote That Democrats Are For Equality! (Between The Peons) Equality! Thru Poverty Equality! Thru Ignorance Equality! Thru Imposed Hysteria Equality! Thru Acquiescence
  7. These are mostly the folks who prep for nothing......the Gov't will take care of us....omo.
  8. Should have forcibly had her removed......much like New Yorkas…..omo.
  9. …. heard yesterday on NewsMax that the out of state truckers don't want to deliver to NYC any longer......meat and food shortage.....maybe.
  10. Just heard on NewsMax….that there were so many private jets from NY flying into Fla. they had no place to land them......POTUS says he may put interstate restrictions on travel anytime now.
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