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  1. Sold pending funds to external party, feel free to leave a comment and PM if you want to be next in line if he falls through
  2. Well folks, I'm back with another deal. I've seen what's been going on with 5.56 and .223 pricing, and I hate it as much as you do. I went to a gun show yesterday and people were selling Winchester Service Grade 5.56 for $0.65 per round for a 1000-round case. That's ludicrous, and AmmoSeek doesn't give much better prospects, so I'm here to give a few lucky people a deal. As of 10/23/2023, I will have in my possession 1500 rounds of Winchester White Box 5.56 in 150-round Range Packs. I don't need all of them, so I would like to give y'all some of them. The best deal for any 5.56 on AmmoSeek right now with free shipping is $0.51 per round for some Igman stuff. I'm offering these packs at $73.50 per box, or $0.49 per round. That includes tax! This is the best price that I've found anywhere on the internet for LC 5.56. If you buy more, I might be able to work with you on the price a bit more. Again, I have 8 boxes right now, and will have a total of 10 boxes on Monday, so it's first come first serve. PM me to tell me how much you want, in multiples of 150. If you want all of it, first to post "I'll Take It" wins. Ammo is currently in Philadelphia PA, but I can go anywhere on the PATCO, Atlantic City, SEPTA, or Northeast Corridor rail lines. I've delivered to Trenton and Pennsauken before, as well as all over SE PA. I also have a base in Essex County, if you live out there I can get there relatively easily too. I'm keeping the little Winchester stickers, sorry!
  3. SOLD Hey, I told y'all that I had some ammo to sell, so here I go. I have a significant quantity of Nemo Arms branded PPU 5.56 55 grain FMJBT ammunition, and I'm looking to get rid of some of it. I have 1000 rounds, but I'd like to keep 200ish rounds, so I'm open to selling up to 760 rounds to a buyer. I'm suggesting $260 for the full 760 rounds, making it $0.35 a round. If you want a different quantity or have an offer, shoot me a message. I can go anywhere NJ transit rail goes, so if there's a NJ transit rail station local to you, odds are I can get there. I'm based out of Philadelphia, so anywhere on the Atlantic City or NEC rail lines I can get to with ease. I also have a base in Essex County, and I'll be up there weekend after next. First to say they want it gets it!
  4. Haven't picked up anything yet, but I'm excited to get involved as I slowly acclimate to the NJ firearms scene. I've got my first AR purchase in the works right now, hopefully soon to be acquired. Police took 4 months to get my FID, but now that I have it, I can get back to my old favorite hobby from my Boy Scouting days. This seems to be an ongoing debate on this forum. I will watch it with great interest.
  5. Well, somehow I ended up here. Hi everyone, I go by V online. Still in college in Philly, finally got my FID and decided it was time to join a few communities. Originally from and still live in Essex County, looking forward to meeting a few nice people. Reddit sent me to this forum because I'm looking at selling a box of ammo that I had sitting around, but this looks like a nice place, so I'll stick around!
  6. Reddit of all places. I post occasionally on the NJGuns sub, and they redirected me here because I wanted to sell some ammo that I have sitting around
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