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  1. I was there a Week ago Sunday and they were making us go every other port, however there were a number of people sharing a port who obviously arrived together. The RO that was there wasn't busting anyone's balls. We talked a bit and he was just happy the range was open.
  2. Other than a few bits on Amazon, I have only ordered parts from Rock Auto. Great company. I bought the timing belt kit for my Acura about a month ago, as well as the serpentine belt and tensioner. A few weeks back I bought pads and rotors for the same car from Rockauto.
  3. I like my Black Rapid slings. I have the double, but I've split it and use it as two singles. I did a hike with that big lens(4.25lb) on the crop and the 2.8 lens(2lb) plus the weight of the bodies on the two slings. I was fine for the first 4 or 5 miles...got to be a drag after that. Couldn't wait(weight!) to stuff 'em back in the car. I've never been much more than a landscape and wildlife photographer. My portraits stink! I do fancy myself a bit of a videographer but I'm always looking for new stuff to shoot. The bummer is for everyday use, my Galaxy S9 takes great photos. So great that I can't be bothered to get the good camera unless it _really_ needs it. I will also say I've been using my 80D for Zoom meetings. Everyone comments "wow, you've got the best picture, what phone are you using?" *sigh*
  4. Thank you! I have a lot of money tied up in Camera gear and it's nice when it pays off once in a while The 360 camera is a Xiaomi Mi-Sphere and they are under $200 these days. I paid a bit more. The software kinda sucks, but it works. I've been toying with getting a Ricoh Z1 and I would have already if they were in stock. Those take exceptional pictures, but the video isn't as good because it doesn't stablize like the Mi-Sphere does. I have a Mavic too. If you dig around in my Youtube channel, there are some pretty good drone movies I had a Canon L 100-400 I had bought used but at the time I had a really cheapy rebel XT(dating myself) and I couldn't take a picture worth a damn with it so I sold it and bought a T2i. The T2i was a great camera, still is in fact, my Niece has it. I bought the 80d and the 6d a few years back and they both are fine. I'd like to get the HIgh-end mirrorless now but I want to wait to pull the trigger until they come down in price.
  5. Yes, 600 is 600 but the effect of 1.6x is there. No question about it. This is why wildlife shooters use crop sensor cameras for the extra reach. Yes, I realize you can just crop the image on a full frame, but for wildlife, like birds, you generally crop to the bird anyway. You do get a stop or two more out of a full frame. I also have a 6D. I use this primarily for indoor shots and low light shots. I have a couple 2.8 lenses and of course the nifty fifty 1.8. When I'm shooting real estate type shots inside, I use the 6d with a 16-28 F2.8 or my 360 Camera. I do have the Canon 10-18EFS lens but I like the light performance I get when I stop the F2.8 down to F3.5 or a little more vs the 10-18 at it's lowest F3.5. I also have a 360 camera that I'm quite fond of. Last year, I visited the US Marine Corp war Memorial to honor my Step Father(3 tours Vietnam, 2 purple hearts) who never made it there. We had tried to get there at one point in the 80s, but pre-GPS days, it was difficult to figure out how to get off the highway to see it. Spin the view if you watch it, it's a great effect!. https://youtu.be/1g7KleA3CbQ
  6. It's mostly the lens. Sigma 150-600MM. But it's also knowing to use a single point of focus, getting the aperture right, holding steady or finding a brace. I shot this on my crop sensor camera which causes an effective 1.6 zoom. In effect(600mm x 1.6), it's a 960mm focal length so it's about 28X zoom. There are better lenses but this was one was about $1200 when I bought it. A really good Canon "L" lens with this level of focal length is double or triple that. It's still a pretty good lens all the way out at 600mm.
  7. My neighbor texted a little bit ago that a Bald Eagle was in his tree. I grabbed the 600mm zoom and got some cool shots!
  8. I was considering buying one of those a few months ago, but they were out of stock. Instead I bought the Henry H012RCC, Color Case Hardened carbine in .44. I now have 3 Henrys. .22, .357, .44. All large loop. I had to buy the loop separate for the .22. I really wanted to side-loading too, but I wanted the wood stock. Add in that the X model was plastic fantastic and hard to come by, I just got the other one. The very first round would not chamber. Once I got it out, everything since has been fine.
  9. If it is your home. Yes. You may transport between homes. You may even travel to a range to shoot. NJ does not require that you have a FPID to own guns in NJ. As long as the guns are NJ legal, you may have them in NJ if they were legally purchased. Also to add, a FPID confers no legality to handguns in any fashion. It does confer long gun carry in places where it is legal to have a long gun. What it does show to a LEO is that you have a SBI(State Bureau of Investigation) number and have at least passed a background check at some point. I can't tell you what a LEO may or may not do, but I suspect if you have a Firearms Purchaser ID and an officer has discretion, he may be more inclined to let you proceed on your way if you have one. Obviously if you are breaking the law, the card does nothing for you.
  10. lefties don't like their edicts ignored. Make sure someone is around. If they get removed, that's a national story and the end of someone's career! Maybe bucky beaver will shoot himself in the dick and order it!
  11. I think this just sums it perfectly.
  12. Is it such an imposition to ask you to keep all of the mouth ejecta localized? Talking droplets here, not vapors. Not sure what that would have to do with drinking or smoking. Knock yourself out in any event.
  13. Who said anything about stopping people speaking? I'm talking about the spittle droplets full of virus flying out of your mouth as you're walking around babbling your bullshit. Feel free to keep speaking, just keep your germs to yourself, again, how you go about it is your business. See aforementioned plastic bag. You have this mistaken idea that I want to keep everyone locked up forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we could stomp this virus and eliminate where it's at, it's done. If we keep the virus where it is now, i.e. in the bodies of the people that have it, we can put this in the past. If we all wore masks for a short period, track it down and clear it, it's over. Of course, that's impossible because a good percentage of people, sociopaths mostly, don't think we live in an interconnected world and can't be bothered.
  14. I got an idea. You are required to keep all your spittle to yourself? Fair? How you go about that is up to you, but you're not allowed to spread it all over. That whole, "my rights end where yours begin"? Ok, I'm in. The same goes for you. Your rights end at your mouth. You keep your germs at your mouth, I'll keep mine at mine. You could wear a mask, but that's such a great imposition for "muh freedom" types there's an even easier one. Put a clear plastic bag over your head, zip tie it closed at the neck. Nothing on your mouth, no overheating, no "Sign of your submission" on your face it's perfect. You can virtue signal that the government can't boss you around! Your rights won't be infringed! Plus you won't have to feel embarrassed about wearing a mask, since that's what this is really about anyway.
  15. Sneezes do not travel 8 meters if the sneezer is wearing a mask. Once again, large droplets, the source of this infection do not linger. Aerosols lingers. Aerosols are not causing this infection. My solution has nothing to do with never interacting again. It has everything to do with getting this disease isolated and done with. There are over 5 million people that have had this disease and tested positive for it. The number is likely 10x that but the fact remains, 1.5 million people gave it to those 5 million. Most, except the sociopaths would not have interacted with others if they knew they were infectious. Until we test and trace everyone, the only way to stop it is to keep people from passing it along. That you have some "Muh freedom" hangup on it is mind boggling. If people would stop infecting others, it would go away. The sooner we accomplish that, the faster we can get along without masks. Everyone is acting like spoiled children. "but I don't wanna wear a mask, it's hot and uncomfortable". Grow up.
  16. 1. They happen to be right accidentally. 2. Again, shitty organization. 3. Yes, adults need to be told this. 4. 6 feet was not pulled out of the air. There are droplet studies. One here: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2007800 Sneeze droplets go about 1.5 meters if someone is wearing a mask. Large droplets are what is causing this infection, not aerosols. You are somewhat protected from an infected person if you are wearing a mask. If that person is wearing mask, you are protected even better. If both are, the chance of infection approaches zero. Source control is the answer to all this. Stop the infection at the mouth that has it. This is done with a mask. If this disease was infectious once symptoms appear, you mask the sick people, the problem goes away. This disease is infectious one to five days before symptoms appear. You want to be an adult? Wear a mask. You may be infected and not know it.
  17. That was a lie to prevent a run on masks. Listen, I still think they are an abominable organization. The fact is numerous sources have been saying this EXACT thing for a while now. A stopped clock is right twice a day. The facts finally overwhelmed the agenda. The bottom lines is that the primary routes of infection are NOT FOMITES. You don't have to sanitize your mail or your groceries or even wear gloves when you are out. You should still keep unclean fingers away from your face holes(mouth, nose, eyes) but even if you don't, it's probably not that big of a deal. It shows that barriers and distance work. Also, the evidence is very strong that outside activities are essentially zero risk. What to avoid is large gatherings, indoors where lots of people are speaking loudly or singing. If you do go to one of those...wear a damn mask or stay 20 feet from everyone who isn't wearing a mask. Mask it or casket in those situations. Or wearing gloves in general when out as virus precaution. Fine for warmth or style, but nitrile gloves to stop infection aren't doing anything.
  18. At this point in time all he can do is wait. As to how long from the criminal history check until available is dependent on the jurisdiction. It is supposed to be no more than 30 days however, in these plague times, assume it is "whenever they decide to get around to it"
  19. The CDC caught up. Here's what I posted on the 26 of April in this thread.
  20. Malsua

    WTS Pallets

    The problem is the quantity. I'm just not motivated to deal with a bunch of tire-kickers who want 2 pallets. I've contacted about 8 pallet recyclers so far. 1 has responded and said no thanks, too far of a drive. If friends or people on here want a couple of pallets, that's not an issue. Dealing with strangers who make a plan to meet you, swear up and down they are coming and then never show up is an entirely different story.
  21. Malsua

    WTS Pallets

    We can't do that due to insurance reasons. We had thieves coming into the back yard in the past and when Insurance found out about it, they made us close the gate in case someone got hurt.
  22. Malsua

    WTS Pallets

    Tried these guys today, probably too far for them to bother. I can't get anyone to respond. I tried Ray's link there plus a half dozen other google links. I'd put them out with a free sign on it but someone would probably get a splinter and sue us.
  23. Where were you a year ago? I had that RWS Diana which was 1000fps. I still have a Crosman 766 which is .177 and 625FPS. I think they haven't been made in at at least 39 years, so it's a classic
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