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  1. After the first couple thousand though? I'm thinking I'd start just making more passive zombie traps. Like that big log Arnold used in Predator or maybe just feces covered punji sticks in pits. Of course the zombie hordes are so constantly exposed to feces they may be immune. Need to get some real potent homeless poo for the most effective wound festering.
  2. Geeze louise. I have quite a lot of this stuff. I guess I should sell some of it.
  3. Big isn't necessarily better. Even with all that water, it will still short cycle if it's too big. I installed my 90k btu wall hanger and in 8 years, the induction fan failed. It sips fuel and electric. That said, you have to design for high efficiency with a hydronic mixer(or closely space tees), a primary and secondary loop. Since you're not going to re-pipe, conventional it is. I would definitely do a heat loss calculation. It doesn't take that long and you'll get the right size which will be more efficient and long lasting.
  4. Excellent. I don't care if the Fed inflates the dollar. My equities will ride with it. The Biden depression is coming, so lets hope 30k stays a floor for a while.
  5. Cool, glad they have that option. I will also chime in about wattage. I have a 14kw Generac. It is rated at 13kw when on Nat Gas. Either way, it's enough to run the entire house. I would recommend not going much bigger than that for pretty much any house of a reasonable size(say 3k square feet or less). Fuel usage starts going up, then pipes have to be upsized, regulators need to be bigger and for what? You're probably never even getting close to maxing it out. I think 13-17kw is the sweet spot for most houses. You can probably run all or almost everything you need. 80% load should be your maximum target. Figure out what you use, add 25% and that's your KW requirement.
  6. Malsua

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    Ok, I sent you a PM.
  7. I recently upgraded. I have this great video card that will run pretty much every game out there if you're at 1080p and most at higher resolutions if you come off the maximum quality settings. It only needs one pci-e connector. It will also run VR headsets and the like. 3 Display ports, 1 HDMI port and a DVI port. It's been in my gaming machine for probably 18 months, maybe a little more. It never had any issues and it's a "Gaming" card from EVGA meaning it's up clocked a little bit. $140 I will ship it to you or you can pick it up in Maywood or the Vernon area. Also, I have a LOT of other computer stuff. If there is something you need, let me know, I probably have it so message me. Like a 10TB Western Digital Purple, still sealed. First "I take it" gets it.
  8. I've had a Generac for 8 years now and had no issues. The Electrician we use at work is a Kohler Sales shop and installer and that's all he uses now that they went exclusive. He's said this to me "I've worked on both, I've installed both, we've had better luck with the Kohlers as far as warranty repairs, getting parts, etc. but I've probably installed 10 times as many Generacs and most of them we don't have any trouble with." I don't know what the current crop of Kohler's use, but when I was looking in 2012, I found out that the Kohler has to be further from structures due to the plastic enclosure(plastic burns). You can place a Generac within 18 inches of something because the enclosure is steel whereas the Kohler has to be at least 5 feet away. That may have changed or maybe they have a steel option.
  9. We have a Roomba i7. It doesn't like the wood debris from the fireplace much but in general works pretty good. It filled up a lot so we ended up getting the docking station. Works great. It runs home, empties and continues on. It is able to cross over our room transitions which are just over the rated max of 5/8. It makes it. Shrug.
  10. I like the remote probe, just because I can sit at my computer and get the temp. I've bought pellets on Amazon and at Home Depot. I was looking for some Oak for this particular cook and got the Home Depot blend they carry with Oak, Maple and Cherry. It came about pretty good.
  11. It came out great. I did a video. I've been doing these lately. If nothing else, it is a good track of how I cooked something.
  12. Smoking this Chuck Roast tomorrow. 6.75lbs. I figure it's going to be 9ish hours on the smoker and a couple hours rest. I plan to cook it on the grate until it hits 165 then put in a pan with some onions and beef broth until it finishes 203. Pulled Beef on hamburger buns. Smoking with Oak/Cherry/Maple mix. It's what Home Depot had. I wanted pure oak, no go.
  13. I would be willing to sell my EVGA 06G-P4-6161-KR GTX-1060 with 6gb ;). It's a good card, I just upgraded. It worked in pretty much everything I've played in the past few years. I just wanted the RTX for the ray tracing.
  14. I run 1080P on a 27' HP curved monitor. If I was at 4k, the card doesn't have enough ass. I've played games at 4k and with my progressive eyeglasses, that extra resolution and width doesn't help me. It looks great but it's not super useful to me since everything starts to get blurry where I'm not looking.
  15. You're kidding yourself. Your machine doesn't meet minimum specs on any of the key components. You really need a desktop to properly play flight simulators because you can't get the same GPUs in a laptop.
  16. If you're going to upgrade your GPU, you need to get into the RTX series. I bought an RTX 2060 just to play Watch Dogs legion with Ray Tracing on. It's been fine. I'm running an I7-7700 with 32gb of ram and M.2 SSDs on the motherboard. I think I saw under 60FPS once in the past few weeks I've been playing it.
  17. What I don't understand is that for the past 3 month or so, you could buy as much TP as you want. I've always had an adequate supply, but I buy when it's on sale. I bought 20 rolls for $16.99 as of about 10 days ago because it was reasonably cheap. There was a mountain of it there. Last Saturday? 95% of it was gone. What is that about? YOU HAD MONTHS TO STOCK UP!
  18. Malsua

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    He shoots, he scores!
  19. That sounds pretty good! I've found little uncured hams, but nothing like a full spiral cut. I'll have to look into it. This week, my Acme had beef ribs on sale, so I get there and there's one package. So I ended up buying the short ribs. 3 hours at 185-225 with smoke tube. Then I put the short ribs in a foil bed, in a deep baking tray. I poured an entire can of beef broth in there, put some brown sugar on top with some Honey BBQ. I sealed the foil bed tightly. I put in the oven at 275 and let that go for about 3 hours. They fell off the bone and were fantastic.
  20. That's pretty close. Clearly a GM product, clearly mid 30s.
  21. The olds have a double window in the rear, the grill is close enough though.
  22. My wife saw this go past today and asked me to identify it. Looks like an like a Chevy to me, but I can't nail the year. Maybe mid to late 30s? 2 door sedan? Coupes usually have that swoop back. I start getting lost on cars starting before about 51, so I could be way off. Thoughts?
  23. I would have expected it to have been making a bunch of racket when turning over. Belt noise or something. It probably helps to have someone looking while you turn it over. The engine could be on fire and my wife wouldn't notice, so you need another car guy there. Glad you got it.
  24. No matter where you actually buy the gun, you will be required to take possession of the firearm at an FFL. This dealer you pick up the gun from will not give you the gun with a magazine larger than 10 rounds. If you buy it from gun broker, the dealer will hold on to the mags. Whether he pays you for them or not is entirely up to the dealer. I'd make that clear before I had a gun from GB sent to the dealer. If you buy a gun from a dealer's inventory, it will have a state legal magazine(s) with the gun.
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