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  1. The state taxes mattered quite a lot because from April to December, I paid no state taxes on my income. NJ was getting me for just north of $100 a week. Not only that, if I decide to take a big chunk out of retirement income to pay off one of the houses or to buy a car, whatever, I don't trigger any state taxes, just federal. I have a decent chunk of unrealized crypto gains that could also do some damage if I decide to realize it. I know the goal is to minimize income, but when I do work, I make a decent income because I'm one of about 50 people in the country who has my skills. My ex employer built in 30k for consulting or me in 22, so that's just bonus money that I'd rather not have NJ get. I don't really have to do any of it, but once again, it's really easy to start triggering taxes when I can sneeze hard and bounce over 6 figures.
  2. I did it when I could and am glad I did even though I'm now unemployed. I'm no longer burdened under the groaning weight of NJ taxes and expenses. I'm also in a warm climate where food pretty much grows year round. I don't have a huge winter propane bill and while electric in the summer is costly, my electric bills for this house are STILL lower in the summer than they were in NJ. I've actually been doing handyman work on the side and if I never went back to a full time job, I'd be content. Granted, we were financially prepared to do this and I own two properties one of which is income positive. Every little bit helps. If we have a full societal collapse, I don't think you can live anywhere frankly so this is good enough. Besides, we've seen this happen in other countries and the people are still living there and getting by. I don't have a commute. I don't have state income tax, my property taxes on two homes is less than my Sussex taxes were. I can pluck Bananas off my Sister's tree if I get that hungry. I have a small lemon tree too and we're currently getting bombarded with Oranges :).
  3. You can find rural in Florida pretty easy. As far as land goes, there's more rural land the further north you go. I know there are lots and such selling like hotcakes on the west side north of Tampa and above. East of Homosassa and Crystal springs. It only gets more rural as you go even further north. Essentially once you get out of the major population areas, Florida is quite rural. Even where I'm at in The Villages, I can drive about 10 minutes west, east or north and start running into non paved roads that dead end into nowhere. Lots of horse farms and houses sitting way back on large plots. While there there are still rural areas south of I4, it's not like north if I4.
  4. I miss NJ Bagels and much of the NJ pizza. There are a lot of chain restaurants here in The Villages; we're missing Greek diners and Italian eateries.
  5. I moved to Florida in April. Sold the NJ house. We've owned a house in The Villages since 2019, which is about 20 miles south of Ocala. We bought a 2nd house in The Villages and rent the first one now. It's income positive. I Lived my first entire summer here in Florida this year. The heat is a big nothing burger. Yeah, it's hot, it's just as hot in July in NJ. You just don't do outside stuff, from like 1 to 5pm. You can, but it's got to be in short doses. Besides, you go from a house with AC to a car with AC to a place with AC, rinse repeat. The difference is that summer runs from April to mid October. Right now, it's very pleasant. Highs in the high 70s, lows in the low 60s. Yes, you get the occasional cold snap, where it struggles to get into the 60s, and every once in a while, it gets into the 30s. I've already lost my tolerance for cold though. 50s was Tshirt weather in NJ. Down here, I'm bundled up like Nanook of the North when it's in the 60s.
  6. 90 days to fatten the curve of his wallet.
  7. Florida is similar. There is some bits of it here but for the most part, no one cares. Although I did see a woman wearing a mask, alone, in a golf cart tonight. I guess she's worried about getting it from a passing vehicle.
  8. And here in Florida, I just got off the cart after dinner. Wearing shorts and a Polo shirt. It's a nice 73 degrees. I sold the truck, plow and snow blower before I left. While I was fond of that stuff, I'm really fond of 70s at 7pm on Jan 2.
  9. Windows and sliding glass doors for my Villa? Ordered in MAY. Supposed to be out for delivery, today. I'm skeptical. Ordered seat covers for one of my golf carts? Ordered in April. Arrived a few weeks ago. The trusses were ordered in May, arrived in mid September. Anyone trying to buy a golf cart around here is told April delivery. Nothing is available used, even garbage. The only thing I've seen positive is that Ammo seems to be coming around again. I have to say, I'm glad winters aren't _that_ cold here, so heating costs are low. Also, I no longer have to buy propane, which might go insane. Let's go Brandon!
  10. I have said this a bunch of times. Dollar Cost Average 50% BTC 50% Eth and profit. I also bought about $150 of Shiba Inu some while back. Tonight, I sold $200 of it and sent that money into my BTC wallet. I still own about 8,000,000 shib which is currently worth about $550.
  11. Just buy VOO or VTI. That's as close as a sure fire "safe" bet as you're going to get but still has great growth. VTI is includes small and mid caps, so if one of those segments performs strongly either direction, it shows up in the overall. VTI tends to outperform VOO in the long run but when there is a correction, it tends to eat it harder. As long as you can hold for at least 18 months, either will recover any potential correction. I have a lot in Voog(the growth version of Voo) and a lot more in VTI. VOOV has been a dog lately, so don't buy it. I sold my position when it finally made it green.
  12. Speaking of shortage, so I'm buying paint for our 2nd villa and they not only have very few cans of paint at Sherwin Williams, they have the NERVE to charge a 4% "Supply chain" fee. I've never been a fan of Sherwin Williams, it's just that all the approved colors are Sherwin Williams coded. Yes, I know homodepot can match it, but we just wanted to go grab the color and leave, not deal with some moron in the paint department out on work-release. I could understand the FEE if you actually had the store stocked up. Apparently, you let the stock go, didn't pay any extra to get more in, and just decided empty shelves was a good excuse to charge extra. At least the new windows are supposed to be in soon. We only ordered those at the end of April. The supply chain was better during WWII when they were running around collecting pots from housewives to melt down for scrap.
  13. Naw. They put normal people in jail for insider trading.
  14. I ferried my guns to Florida in the car, mostly. 3 trips south, I brought guns. I sort of have a lot, so I couldn't do it all at once and haul much else. The long guns were the problem. Most of the handguns were done in one trip. The last few days when the house was almost empty we shipped my gun cabinet in the PODS pod. I put some mosins, a couple BB guns and a crappy 22 in there, I packed about 30 boxes of 9mm in the bottom, strapped it to the side of the pod and off it went. I figured it if got stolen, I wasn't out my good stuff.
  15. Because she's young, cute, blonde and white. Everyone expects hood rats to kill hood rats. Suburban moms though? They are the #1 consumer of cable news and daytime programming. I.e. the target audience. If they see their daughters getting killed, it's big news. Obese hood rats though? Flip the channel.
  16. Yeah, if that's him, he's made a lot of progress. Moving at night is pretty smart, specially since the moon is out right now. In a few weeks though, he's going to get shut down, you cannot travel in the country on a new moon without light. It's super dark. Like, not seeing your hand in front of your face kind of dark. He makes it into Bama, he could probably find some remote country for a while, but frankly even out in the mountains, someone owns it and lighting a fire or whatnot is going to draw attention and winter is coming. Maybe he's planning on heading out to California and disappear into the homeless encampments in LA or SF. Get paid, eat, bang a couple stinky homeless broads, blow dudes for money. The big life.
  17. So let's game this out. How do you get out of Florida? If you walk on roads, people are going to see you. It is impossible to walk north out of Florida without doing it on a road. There are too many swamps and dense forests. Where there aren't swamps, there are people. You'd have to get a ride somehow and his phone and credit are shut down or at least monitored. Any of them light up and they'll be on him like stink on a hippie. If he could make it to Georgia, he could probably do the Appalachian trail and get up into Tennessee before cold shuts him down. You do not want to be on the trail in the winter, much of it is at Elevation and _COLD_ in October, even in NC/VA/WV. Points north of there just forget it. This makes me think he's still in Florida, probably within 100 miles, because frankly, how's he moving? He's going to make use of covid masks, hats and hoodies, but I'll tell you this, most areas of Florida are still hot and almost no one wears a covid diaper. Walking around bundled up is going to draw attention. I'm guessing he's waiting for his beard to get thick and hair(horseshoe bald?) to grow out before he can travel any distance. By then it's going to be winter so foot travel in FL is doable, but a recipe for dying too much further north. Possibly go south to Miami and do the heroin druggie route. He could blend in easily. He's going to get caught soon enough unless he gets eaten.
  18. Depends on the part of Florida. I live about 55 miles from the east coast at about 85 feet. There is a ridge about 80-120 feet high that is about 40 miles inland from the cost. It runs for miles north/south, central FL. I think I'm good, even if the worst case were to happen since I'm west of it. Jacksonville, Daytona, the Space Coast, Miami....ooof. That's going to be a mess. That said, other scientists have run the models, and put the risk for most of the east coast at about 1-2 meters. Now, Tsunami is not waves. A 1 meter Tsunami is the water level rising 1 meter, not a 1 meter breaker. It's still a devastating event for the seaboard, but inland, up a few feet, not so much.
  19. The S&P does 5% drops around 3 times a year and a 10% drop every year and a half or so. Give it a few days to settle and buy the dip. This is probably caused a little by the impending Evergrande Chicom implosion and also because it's September. Everyone expects the market to drop in September....so it does.
  20. Yeah, it's starting to seem like the parents got him "out"(city, state, country??) then took his car over there to throw the police/feds off the trail. I haven't been to that particular park or preserve but it's about 2 hours from where I live. I can tell you that for the past week, it's been hotter than the hubs of hell here in Florida and it's thunderstormed every evening for the past 8 days. No way someone is just chilling out there in that place. "Boiling out" maybe.
  21. I still say he's going to hang himself. With any luck his feet will be about 8 inches off the ground, like you'd bait for a gator. They'll gnaw and tug until he comes clean apart.
  22. So a body was found in the area where the police were looking for this girl. https://nypost.com/2021/09/19/body-discovered-amid-gabby-petito-search-in-wyoming-national-park/ There is a report that about 10 minutes after the discovery, search dogs were loaded up and driven off, as if they weren't needed any longer. I'm going to guess that numbnutz will be found swinging in a tree in the park he's hiding in.
  23. She comes across to me as 21 miles of crazy road not worth traveling. I'd have been out of that level of crazy long before a proposal. Not saying it's a death sentence though. She probably needed another half dozen years of life to get her brain matured and possibly her hormone levels under control. Before anyone jumps on me for that, I've known several women who were bonkers until they got their estrogen and some other levels straightened out. One even apologized to me about it after she did get evened out.
  24. People have been convicted of murder without the evidence of a body. In this guy's case, it may simply be that speaking about literally anything and getting any part of it wrong will likely lead to his conviction and incarceration. boyfriend: "We were drinking and we left about midnight" "We have you on camera leaving at 2am, what happened in those missing two hours?" When in fact he was drunk and has a swiss cheese memory. It could also be that he murdered her and the two married girls in a complete blackout. Upon coming out of blackout, he drops the girlfriend down a cavern and drives home. His calculus probably goes about like this: "Nothing I say or do will bring her back, therefore, telling the cops anything is not helpful, _to me_". A normal person would be wracked with guilt. Some non-trivial percentage of the population are sociopaths with literally zero guilt about anything. Your average blue-haired tik-tok harpy is a good example and this demon probably is the same.
  25. Great news. Maybe he'll OD after becoming despondent.
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