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  1. The PMags I have were glued and pinned. I would imagine epoxy or plastic welding would be sufficient.
  2. “Ryan, some things don’t react well to bullets”…” Capt Marko Ramius
  3. I don’t think this incident will make AB any less of a douchebag when it comes to LEO shoots, or firearm owners. I think it will strengthen his push against both.
  4. My apologies. Never mind. I read that you were trying to buy lowers via the mail. It’s been a long day. Yes, you can buy uppers via mail. No FOID card required.
  5. I didn’t take it that way, but like you, I kinda thought more about what I posted and figured I’d better clarify my position.
  6. I agree that this is a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. I’m not in any way celebrating this, simply pointing out that Karma works in mysterious ways.
  7. Damn, I haven’t been paying attention to the market lately. Wish I had jumped in on that.
  8. NJ has some pretty messed up laws when it comes to AR/AK pistols. Yours are probably not compliant to those ridiculous laws.
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