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  1. You’re not wrong. Now I’m looking at my holsters. As I said previously, I think the biggest danger, at least with my holsters, is when you re-holster the gun. That will require extra vigilance to make sure nothing gets caught anyway..
  2. My Kydex holsters for G19 and light do not have clearance for your finger to get into the trigger guard. Re-holstering would be a concern, but that’s a concern with any holster really…
  3. I find the most comfortable spot for me is about 12:30-1 on my body.
  4. WTS: New Troy micro Folding Battle sights. HK style front and round rear. These are excellent, and very robust sights. $130 shipped. First one to say ‘I’ll take it’ followed by a PM wins the sale.
  5. While I don’t, and never have smoked pot, I don’t see this as an issue any more than I see alcohol as an issue other than the intoxication side of it. Now let’s see our lawmakers apply some critical thinking and repeal the NFA.
  6. I have several Glock holsters for sale. All prices include shipping. 1) Tenicor Velo for Glock 19/23. Right hand, IWB with T1 belt clips. $60 2) MFT for Glock 19/23. Ambi IWB or OWB $30 3) Safariland #0701 for Glock 19/23. Retention belt holster right hand. $70 4)Fobus GL2 for Glock paddle holster $20 5) Fobus GL2 for Glock belt holster $20 6) Fobus 6900 Dual Mag belt holster Glock $20 You know the rules…first one to say ‘I’ll take it’ in the thread followed by a PM wins the sale. I will bundle deal on these. For some reason, pics posted out of order.
  7. The Russians, the Chinese, various 3 letter agencies…they are all here. And I’ll make fun of them too.
  8. Agree. I would be willing to bet this type of surveillance has been going on for a very long time. On both ends. What data they are collecting, I don’t know, but we ALL engage in this. Im still in the ‘shoot it down’ camp, but that may be my inner red neck coming out.
  9. One mag in the gun, two in the box. Most of my mags will be in compartments in my range bag, but nice to keep some stored with the weapon.
  10. The shape could, but not sure about the material being flexible and resilient enough.
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