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  1. Pretty good advice. Oversmoking is a crime, IMHO. I want to taste the meat, not be overwhelmed by the smoke. Mesquite is a pretty strong smoke, I only use it for brisket/beef short ribs, and even then, only a little. Less is more!!
  2. Tex’s ‘famous’ cornbread and sausage dressing....
  3. Checked the bird this morning, and topped off the ice. Nothing exciting is going to happen until tomorrow morning, when we prep the bird and pop it into the smoker.
  4. We are going to smoke a brisket for Christmas dinner. I’ll post the process for that too. Ya’ll will see how really easy it is to turn out decent bbq. It ain’t redneck rocket science!
  5. Here I am! I’ve used several types of smokers/cookers over the years, but the one I get the best and most consistent results from is the Pit Barrel Cooker. https://www.pitbarrelcooker.com/ It’s easy to use...set it and forget it, no fooling with temperature. Almost idiot proof (which is why I use it). Be sure to get the poultry hangars if you plan on doing chicken/turkey on it. We are cooking our thanksgiving turkey tomorrow, so if you’ll tune into the ‘Displaced Texan’s smoked meat’ thread, I’ll walk you through what I do.
  6. Happy thanksgiving to y’all!
  7. Me either!! Now that the brine has cooled a bit, I put the turkey into a food safe 5 gallon bucket (available at your local Lowe’s store), along with the brine, 10lbs of ice, and cold water. Snap the lid on, and let it soak in the brine solution for at least 1 hour per pound of bird. We have a 23lb turkey, but we’ll let it soak for about 36 hours. I check the ice every 6-8 hours and refill as required. Now, we drink more wine, and we wait. Because I’m a Star Wars geek...
  8. This.
  9. Howdy y’all! At the request of a couple of folks, I’ve started a smoked meat/BBQ thread... I am far from being an expert pitmaster, but I can turn out some relatively edible bbq. Since it’s Thanksgiving, I though I’d show y’all how I’m doing my bird. Two things.... 1) we are having our turkey dinner on Friday, as our guests are on call Thursday. 2) this is my first smoked turkey, so it’s a bit of a learning experience for me. Please feel free to chime in, and slap me on the head if it appears I’m doing something stupid. I like to learn from other people and their experiences, so comments and suggestions are welcome. This will be a real time, ‘live action’ thread, so I’ll show you what I do, and how I do it, as it happens. That all being said, let’s get cooking, y’all! First, we open the ‘cooking wine’, and lubricate the cook. Tonight’s choice is a Yellow Tail Chardonnay. Next, we start the brine. I use the Alton Brown turkey brine method. If you’ve never used AB’s method, have a look here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/good-eats-roast-turkey-recipe-1950271 A gallon of vegetable stock, a cup of kosher salt, 1/2 cup brown sugar, peppercorns, allspice berries, and some candied ginger go into the pot. Bring this to a boil to dissolve all the solids. Afterwards, turn it off, and let it cool down. We don’t want to dunk our bird into hot liquid... While this cools, I’m gonna drink some more ‘cooking wine’, and get the brining bucket and the bird ready. Please stand by!
  10. When I make cornbread to go with chili, I’ll finely dice some jalapeños and add a bit of shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Damn, now I want chili and cornbread.
  11. I get my pan hot in the oven, rub it down with crisco (like my momma taught me), and pour in the cornbread batter. Makes a nice crispy crust on the bottom.
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatchcock
  13. Spachcocked is essentially butterflying the bird. Cutting it at the breast and laying it flat. I have a specific cast iron skillet just for cornbread. It’s a 1920’s Wagner skillet. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I use Jiffy cornbread mix and jazz it up a little...
  14. Cast iron is the ONLY way to make cornbread! Awesome!!
  15. My dad likes Ouzo in his coffee. Damn, that stuff is rough.