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  1. What about keeping with 5.56, and building a different configuration? I don’t know what you have already, but everyone needs a 20” rifle in the mix. I prefer an A4, or A2, but there is something lovely about the simplicity of an A1.... Oh crap, now I want an A1...
  2. Bowls....whomever is bringing paper plates, could you please include paper bowls for chili?
  3. It kind of goes without saying, but I will be making cornbread for the chili. Gotta teach you Yankees how to eat!!
  4. I’m rather puzzled by the total lack of character development in Rey. I’m mean, she’s a ‘force sensitive’ (like Luke was in ep IV), but unlike Luke, never receives any Jedi training. All of a sudden, she’s holding her own, and wounding, a highly trained Jedi (Ren) with a lightsaber. She pilots the crap out of the Falcon, flys against several, more maneuverable Tie fighters and out flys them. The first time she’s behind the helm of the ship. She fixes the hyperdrive (which presumably could be as easy as un-clogging a garbage disposal, for all we know). In IIX, she still receives very little Jedi training, then goes toe to toe with the Imperial Guard with a lightsaber. Granted, she had more training here than she did in VII, but still.... At the end of the day, it’s still fucking Star Wars.
  5. Jar Jar isn’t my least favorite character, I think the purple haired Admiral in Ep IIX takes that dubious honor. Besides, Jar Jar is secretly a Sith Lord...
  6. I believe someone said earlier in the thread, “at the end of the day, it’s still FUCKING STAR WARS!”
  7. Paging @High Exposure Please pick up the white courtesy phone. HE rocks the Glock.
  8. Because Disney made it into Social Justice Warrior Star Wars.... You’d just have to see it....
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