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  1. Howdy and welcome to the forum!
  2. Tough ole broad. I wouldn’t piss her off!
  3. He’s a grifter, taking advantage of a tragedy he wasn’t anywhere near.. Typical liberal.
  4. For the upcoming cicada emergence…
  5. Ha!! My buddy sent me the video, and I had the same reaction! He’s a former Navy Corpsman, so he has a more twisted sense of humor than I do.
  6. SJL represented the ‘Wards’ in Houston.,NOT a very good area. Predominantly Hispanic and black, poor, and uneducated. High crime area.
  7. SJL is absolutely the stupidest person in congress. She makes Hank ‘Guam is gonna tip over’ Johnson look like a Mensa member.
  8. Clouds cleared for a little bit, and we managed to see the totality.
  9. Enjoy it, and get some pics! It’s gonna be a bust here
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