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  1. <<facepalm. Here we go...
  2. I don’t know if he will come up to your area, but I HIGHLY recommend this guy: http://www.wmbrooksroofing.com/ He recently re-roofed my house. Outstanding job, great price, and a fantastic guy to work with. I can’t say enough about him. Give him a ring, worst he can say is that you’re too far.
  3. Ugh. Buffets. Nasty assed people eating fro a feed trough. I cant....
  4. The lawn isn’t what she hires the neighborhood boy for.... Lol@vibe!!!!!
  5. Do I REALLY need to go into the ‘battery operated’, ‘cute’, ‘purring noise’ angle of this whole thing ? Peel, you of all people should know better...
  6. <<face palm
  7. Speaking of the ‘ole 96’er’.... I once ate the 72oz steak at the Big Texan in Amarillo. The steak was huge, but not a lot of flavor. My dad bet me $100 that I couldn’t...and I HAD to prove his ass wrong. I felt like crap for 2 days after, but I was $100 richer!
  8. I was told at FedEx/Kinkos I had to take it to the hub. Only a few miles from me so it wasn’t a huge deal. They took it at the hub with no issues.
  9. I tested my soil PH with a home kit, and found it’s about 6.5. I have a good bit of clover and wild strawberry in my yard. It’s a fight to get that out of my yard. Ugh.
  10. Another ‘pro tip’.... People don’t value ‘hand made’, or made in America much anymore. The stuff they buy at these shows are mainly impulse buy things, again, under $20. So MANY Chinese made craft imports that vendors buy for $1-2, and sell for $10-15. Hard to compete with that, when you account for time, materials, show fees, and overhead of making handmade items. Even harder online, on sites like Etsy. It’s pretty brutal. That’s a large part of the reason she’s getting out of the business. I’m not trying to discourage you, but wanted you to know the realities of the handmade craft business.
  11. Mrs Tex has a craft business. One of the big things we learned was people want stuff for nothing. They don’t want to spend more than $20 in most cases. Especially if there are a lot of vendors present. My advice, keep it under $20. Hell, I’d buy one if I saw you at a show somewhere.
  12. Golden Corral?? Those places are bloody AWFUL. No human should eat there. Nasty buffets, and the infamous ‘fountain of filth’ chocolate fountain. Gives me gastric distress just thinking about it.
  13. “Cut it high, and cut it often” is my dad’s mantra. I heard that my whole life growing up. Hes a Master Gardener...(sadly, I did not inherit that gene), and always kept a beautiful yard. I try to follow that advice with my yard. I keep the mower on the highest setting and cut 2x/week during heavy growth.
  14. IF I were a red dot shooter, I would choose the 100yd zero. Seems to be the best overall for real world shooting. My eyes work best with a low power magnified optic, such as a 3x or 4x ACOG, and it happens to match my rifle needs best.
  15. Horrible. Prayers to the families of the victims. I hate to say it, but this shows when you disarm the law abiding citizen, they become easy targets for criminals with guns.