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  1. Better than a cup of Folgers to wake you up! https://www.foxnews.com/us/deer-killed-georgia-crashing-windshield
  2. Iguana chili. Iguana gumbo. Braised iguana, fried iguana, baked iguana, iguana tacos, roast iguana....one could go all Emeril LaGasse on the lizard recipes!
  3. I think we need to come up with an iguana cookbook....
  4. There is already bounties on pythons one the Everglades.
  5. Displaced Texan

    Cz 1012

    All my guns are the village bicycle...you can all have a ride.
  6. I’ve seen plenty of road runners...not sure if they were methbillies or not.
  7. I have my own wild boar problem. I do NOT have a problem with lion fish, boas (although I have plenty of rattlesnakes), nutria rats, pythons, or iguanas. WTF is a tegu? Pretty sure I can arrange a party to deal with the wild boar problem if it gets too bad .
  8. Years ago Texas paid a bounty on nutria rats. At least some counties did, I don’t know if they still do. We used to hunt them with .22’s.
  9. Hmmmmm, deep fried iguana...maybe with a honey mustard dipping sauce. I know how I’d solve this problem. Get with the program, Florida!
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