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  1. That’s a PD stealth car. I’ve seen several of them in NJ, and the State Troopers in Maryland also used them.
  2. I too avoid FB...but my wife is on it. I have her list things for me on FB Marketplace.
  3. Howdy! Welcome to the forum!
  4. I always have the desire to help them out....with my pneumatic nailer.
  5. I think these days they are dump fodder. No one I am aware of fixes them anymore.
  6. BLM is a business...and their business is influence. They don’t give much of a shit about anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Keeping the strife going, makes them money. I should clarify, BLM is a 501C, non profit (made that way under the Obama Administration). The organization is (largely) tax exempt. Don’t let that fool you, they ARE making $$, and staff/organizers are getting paid. The Soros Open Society is funding them, and there are many corporations donating to them. Hmmmmm.....getting paid to rabble rouse, under the guise of social injustice.....
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