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  1. The only thing that ‘debate’ did was validate Newsome. DeSantis should have declined, and told Newsome to request a debate again when he is actually running for President.
  2. He should have been smarter than to accept the debate with a non-presidential candidate.
  3. This is my point. It serves zero purpose for Desantis to debate Newsome. DeSantis has zero to gain by doing it, and it gives that communist asshole free airtime. No way for DeSantis to come out ahead, he shouldn’t even acknowledge the commie.
  4. Why is DeSantis even debating Newsome? What purpose does it serve?
  5. I remember when it was just a couple of bowl games. Rose bowl, Orange bowl, Cotton Bowl, and the Sugar bowl. Now, anyone and their dog can sponsor a bowl game if they have enough $.
  6. Over my years in NJ, I made many personal friends from this site. I’ve enjoyed meeting, and shooting with y’all, and I’ve certainly enjoyed the banter and online fun. I’m thankful to have many of you as friends. From my family to yours, wishing you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
  7. Now I’m gonna have to re-watch that movie. Haven’t seen it in decades.
  8. I don’t know much about them. I saw AMT, and immediately thought of the old AMT Hardballer long slide I had many years ago. It was a gorgeous gun, but holy hell, what a POS! Couldn’t get through a magazine without it failing to eject. I’ve got enough guns (GASP!!!!!), so not looking to buy anything. Ok, that’s a lie. If/when Steyr comes out with a .300 BLK version of the AUG, I’m going balls deep. I really want to suppress one of those!
  9. I recently saw an AMT Automag on Texas Gun Trader.
  10. This. An all out offensive is needed. Organize, plan, execute. Hit them hard.
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