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  1. I saw it a couple of years ago on the PA Turnpike when I was driving to Pittsburg.
  2. No offense taken, as long as you don’t do one or both of these two things. 1) Put pineapple on your pizza. Seriously, I LOVE pineapple, but who the hell decided it was a proper pizza topping?! 2) Boil ribs in bbq sauce in your crock pot. There is too much wrong with that to list.
  3. BURP!!!!! That was delicious!! Obviously, would have been better fresh out of their oven, but that was a lovely trip down memory lane!!
  4. Clam pizza fresh out of the oven. Ignore my sheet pan...I can’t fond my pizza stone....
  5. A grinder is a hot sub sandwich. I’ve only ever heard that term being used up in eastern Ct.
  6. Thanks, HE!! I’ll be taking you up on that!
  7. Precious cargo coming home! This has been a fun little adventure. When I picked up the pizza this morning, I got to speak to the owner of the Pizza Palace, a good Greek guy named Teddy. He opened it in 1965, His son now owns and operates the place, but Teddy is still the Master pizza man! Teddy is 86, and still makes dough and pizza every day, by hand, just like he’s done since ‘65!! I told him the story, about enjoying the clam pizza when I was stationed there years ago, and how I’d been telling my wife about this pizza for damn near 20 years! He was absolutely thrilled that his little ole pizza place was such a fond memory for me over so many years, and that I was (finally!!) going to be able to have my wife experience it too! We had a nice conversation, a few laughs, and strict instructions on how to finish cooking this pizza!! Homeward bound!
  8. You have my full attention!! I’m gonna try that! Thanks, my friend!
  9. I said the same thing when I was first introduced to it......one bite later, that ALL changed!
  10. We’ve talked about bbq brisket and ribs, we’ve talked about making sausage, and dry curing meats. Now, let’s talk pizza!! Today (well, tomorrow), I get to have a very rare treat for me. For years, I was stationed in Groton, Ct at the submarine base. Back when I was a wee sea pup, we used to go to this place in Groton called simply, The Pizza Palace. They have THE BEST clam pizza I’ve ever had in my entire life. Clam pizza, you say??!! Imagine fresh, chopped clams, in an AMAZING garlic butter and wine sauce, on a pizza, with fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Holy cow.....THATS some good eats! Ive been telling Mrs Tex about this pizza for nearly 20 years, and we always meant to road trip up here for a slice of this gastronomic treat! Well, we never made it up here for one reason or another. Last Friday, I found I had to go to Providence for work, so I called the Pizza Palace. They will par-bake one, and freeze it for me!!!! I popped by and ordered a pie to be frozen, for my trip home tomorrow. I’m so excited to have Mrs Tex taste this (and me too!!), I can hardly sit still! So kids, if you’re ever up in Eastern Ct for some reason, stop by the Pizza Palace in Groton, and order a fresh clam pizza!! You’ll thank me later! Ill post pics when I get it home and finish baking it!! Woohoo!!
  11. I have a Pelican 1700 case that I accidentally knocked down a flight of stairs in my hotel (don’t ask, I was fumbling around), my rifle didn’t even lose zero. Even after many, many trips being beaten up by airline baggage handlers, not once, has it failed me. I’ll trust Pelican.
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