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  1. Wow. I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud, but I actually AGREE with AVB that Budweiser is swill. If you’re going to drink beer, at LEAST drink a decent one!
  2. Properly prepared, frogs legs are divine cuisine!
  3. It’s getting pretty sporty over there. Like Zeke says, they are voting differently now! Keep a close watch on this.
  4. Please Santa, put one under my Christmas tree!
  5. Yes and yes.
  6. Wow, $10-12K for a Jeep with 215K/miles?
  7. Nah, but I make sure I give your mom a good ride before I do.
  8. Ha! Its a long story how I stumbled upon it, but I love to cook and get some ideas from that site, as well as DIY instructions too.
  9. That’s Vermin. No offense to our Vermonters here.
  10. Laugh it up, I’ll just have to put you back in your place next clays shoot!