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  1. I think there are a couple things going on here. One, I think it a short squeeze. Two, I think there has been more interest in the LIDAR ‘engine’ that MVIS makes, as its competitors seem to be stumbling. Both with package size, and integration. So I hear. I’m VERY disappointed with POWW. Losing my ass on them.
  2. I can almost hear those nasty toenails clicking on the floor as she walks
  3. Believe me, Texas knows all too well.
  4. Let me call Gov. Abbott and let him know y’all want some.
  5. Wrong kind of ‘alien invasion’, and unfortunately, it’s not staged.
  6. Wish I could make this one…we will be coming back to NJ for a long weekend in October. Maybe we can set up another shoot! I’d love to see everyone.
  7. Ed, I see a barn cat in your future.
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