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  1. His daughter was aboard the helo as well.
  2. Apparently this is just developing. Died in a helicopter crash. Story here
  3. Navy Federal Credit Union does it for free if you are a member. I did $900 in coins not too long ago.
  4. Got it running. The blower motor runs ok. I played with the pressure switch some more, I think I had the vacuum lines inadvertently swapped around. Since the tech is already in the way, I’ll at least have him get me a spare pressure switch. The guy who originally installed the system did a crap job, and the gas line puts pressure on the bottom of the motor case. Sometimes this makes noise, and has, in the past, caused the motor to overheat due to pressure on the motor. Almost putting it in a bind. I’ll have him fix that. Get my moneys worth.
  5. My turn....furnace crapped out last night. The blink code on the control board indicates a pressure switch is open, but I think the switch is good....as I’ve replaced it with a known good spare. The blower motor case is HOT! I’m thinking the logic circuit thinks the blower is running (when it’s actually not), and since the pressure switch hasn’t closed due to the vacuum in the plenum, it’s flagging a pressure sensor fault. Turned off power to the furnace and let the motor cool down (shouldn’t take long...it’s 63° in here!! I’m going to call a service guy on this one, as I don’t have quick access to a replacement blower motor. At least I’m working from home today to deal with this one. Earlier in the week I was on a business trip, and my wife would have had to deal with this. She wouldn’t have been happy. Edited to add: I let the blower motor cool down until it was cool to the touch. Powered on the furnace, I can hear the motor humming, but it doesn’t start. I think the motor is toast. Probably not going to be a cheap fix. Ugh
  6. NOW we are stretching a bit....keep it simple and cheap to manufacture....then post a ‘challenge’ video..
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