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  1. You’ll be happy to know @Scorpio64 Zeke and I made it to the ranch, no one shot, or ridiculed me (or him) for a ‘jersey-ism’. See! Y’all are getting it! Speaking Texan ain’t all that hard. Watch enough episodes of King of the Hill and it will come naturally.
  2. I’m laughing that a yankee like you is using the phrase y’all. You’ll learn something yet, yankee!!
  3. You never know what bits of trivia she might find interesting.
  4. Politicians should hang for insider trading, but the other interesting part of this article is in reference to augmented reality headsets supplied to .mil by Microsoft. it’s called IVAS. They use the Microvision engine/chipset to make it all work. To me, this looks like the beginning of run up for MVIS. https://www.thestreet.com/mishtalk/economics/nancy-pelosis-husband-uses-call-options-to-buy-microsoft-ahead-of-big-govt-contract
  5. Always call an FFL and ask the price of a transfer first, especially if you’ve never used them before. Hell, even if you have used them before. They may have raised their price.
  6. I don’t plan on buying any more firearms in NJ, so for me, it’s a self correcting problem.
  7. I sold a pistol to a forum member here recently and he used a FFL that’s local to both of us. On my recommendation. I bought several guns from this dealer, and his transfer fee was $45+ NICS. When we met to do the transfer, he had raised his fee to $85( I think). Plus NICS. I was pretty taken aback when I heard this....IMHO, way over the top. Buyer wasn’t happy either. (That reminds me, we still need to get together for a beer or three on me, @axeman_g). On one hand, I somewhat understand the FFL transfer fee being higher for a private sale. He’s not making any profit on the firearm sale. I get that...he’s got to keep the lights on. On principle though, wow....personally I think it’s a bit excessive.
  8. WTS mil-surplus Hardigg equipment case. In good condition, with some military stencils on it. Hard shell plastic. Has wheels, and collapsible handle for easy transport. measures 29”x27”x8”. Would make a great gun storage/transportation case. $175/obo. Local pick up in Stratford NJ, 08084. The usual..first one to say ‘I’ll take it’ wins the day.
  9. This happens to me when I go out of town on a business trip. Except, it’s not a prank.....
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