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  1. Displaced Texan

    Dna genealogy kits

    What’s the BEST way to gather information on your citizens?? Make it ‘fun’, so that they give it up voluntarily. Facebook, and other social media. These DNA geneology tests....
  2. Displaced Texan

    Dna genealogy kits

    I went in ‘87 and got out ‘99....I know mine is in the database.
  3. Displaced Texan

    Dna genealogy kits

    You’re prior .mil, you DNA is already in a database.
  4. Displaced Texan

    Bolt Extractor - does it really need an o-ring?

    Yes, you need the o-ring on the extractor. It’s an upgrade to improve extraction reliability. Gas rings require no special tools to remove or install. Just (carefully) use your fingers.
  5. Displaced Texan

    New fangeled key fobs

    It’s not so much as programming the new fob, but telling the vechicle what serial number of fobs to recognize. Requires special software to talk to the car. I have it for VW/Audi (VAGCom), but can’t help you with Mopar.
  6. Displaced Texan

    Advice on Air Travel with Firearm

    I think it’s ok to pack your holster in your checked luggage.
  7. Displaced Texan

    Turning in Assault Rifle and Ammo

    I’ll second that. Ed is a stand up guy.
  8. Displaced Texan

    Cops touching note and tip for pregnant waitress

    One would hope. The Lamp Post Diner has a pretty good staff, and owners, so I would like to think they would.
  9. Displaced Texan

    AR build trigger issues

    Every grip screw I’ve seen has a Star washer on it.
  10. Displaced Texan

    AR Buffer questions

    Do you have a pic of that receiver extension? Reason I ask, I wonder if you have a rifle tube instead of a carbine tube. Edited to add, if it looks like one of the pictured tubes, you have a rifle receiver extension.
  11. With all the stories of strife lately, I liked this one. Happened at the diner Mrs Tex and I frequent. https://www.nj.com/camden/2019/02/nj-cops-100-tip-touching-note-for-pregnant-diner-waitress-brought-her-to-tears.html
  12. Displaced Texan

    Pelosi makes veiled threat to gun rights

    The one word I would use for Pelosi will get this thread moved to 1st A...

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