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  1. So sad....but true. Everywhere in go in North Jersey, wanna be Guidos...lol
  2. Lol. I look at the lotto as a tax on people who can’t do math. That being said, for entertainment value, Mrs Tex and I will buy a quick pick when it gets above $500M. Just for shits and grins.
  3. Energy will always be a great play. NG, oil, wind, solar.... They all have drawbacks, but the fact is, we NEED energy to run the world.
  4. You’re welcome to shoot mine. I kind of consider my shotguns to be the ‘village bicycle’...everyone gets to ride.
  5. Howdy, OP, welcome to the forum. Many of us utilize the WMAs for shotgun shoots. Usually Clinton and Stafford Forge. Y’all are welcome to join us the next shoot. We usually announce them in the ‘Events and Meetups’ section. Hope to see y’all!
  6. PMags are the Chuck Norris of the AR world. Lol
  7. I had a couple of Hexmags out at the ranch in Texas (I felt like I needed to say that, because they are full capacity mags)....I accidentally dropped a fully loaded one onto a rock. It did not survive (the mag, I meant, the rock was fine). I replaced them with Pmags. And I won’t go back.
  8. I’m a little hesitant to talk about the things I did with mine. Statutes of limitation and all...
  9. I had a 79 Trans Am when I was 17. I was not responsible.
  10. Pretty much all of mine are down today. Dow and Nasdaq are as well. At least MVIS and POWW are holding ground from opening bell.
  11. You can buy fractional shares in it. That’s what I do with crypto. And sorry. I screwed up POWW this morning...cause I bought more. Then it headed down. Lol
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