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  1. This. Use your brain. Don't carry if you don't have the permission slip.
  2. Permit to purchase a pistol, or carry?
  3. Best Vehicle Gun Safes For 2022 - Forbes Wheels
  4. And nothing happens, just like the fact that most PDs don't make or ignore the turn-around time for pistol permits. Nobody is ever held accountable as "they" don't want you to own, let alone carry firearms.
  5. That's up to you. Too many variables to consider for me to offer advice. Is the chief 2A friendly? Is the town / local government 2A friendly? Is there a Moms Demand Action person on the governing body? And so on...
  6. Whatever media buzz words come up on their wheel of wrongs terms on any given day.
  7. Brother of shot off-duty NYPD cop picked up wounded officer’s gun and fired back at Facebook Marketplace robber (yahoo.com)
  8. Feds finalize rule governing the kind of gun modification used by Oregon District mass shooter (yahoo.com) "...gun owners who use stabilizing braces to turn pistols into rifles..."
  9. You wanna be the test case? I don't.
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