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  1. I'm sorry to hear about this, Ed. I will say a prayer for him tonight.
  2. States eye allowing concealed carry of guns without a permit (yahoo.com) Must be nice living in a free state.
  3. Gotta get out today to get some.
  4. Florida residents camp out to buy guns fearing Biden crackdown (yahoo.com)
  5. And with this current atmosphere, how many newbies with turn in their firearms? The same amount that turned in their 10+ round magazines, which was zero.
  6. You mean to tell me that there are S&Ws that @Pizza Bob didn't buy?
  7. Man pictured in Pelosi's office is arrested (yahoo.com)
  8. US Capitol riots: Veteran Ashli Babbit was 'fervent Trump supporter' | Daily Mail Online
  9. To me, it appears as though she's climbing through the lite of the door.
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