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  1. I use Stabil as well and run them mostly to keep gaskets lubed as well as piece of mind that my stuff will work when needed. I just ran the genny and blower a few minutes ago. I have a reminder set on my ohone for the first of every month to do so.
  2. Wrong kind of shell, bro!
  3. You're not supposed to shove them up your ass!
  4. I run my gas items at least once a month and cycle the fuel among them and the vehicles. I add storage additives to the genny, but not to the blower, mower or trimmer as those get used more often than not. Also, I run the genny hooked up and test it under load to make sure I'm 100% ready.
  5. I put in for 2 permits on 3/13. References were completed a few days later. I'll be interested to see if this current shit storm has any effect on the turn around time.
  6. You owe me a beer or that. I spit mine out of my nose.
  7. We'll be over to buy stuff as soon as I can peel the wife out of the house.
  8. Welcome from another Hopewell resident! There are a few of us on here. Hopefully this bullshit with be over with soon so that we can work on another gathering this spring.
  9. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections Just leaving this here for your use.
  10. I did that Monday or Tuesday. Did the sun porch Saturday and the basement yesterday. I may take you up on the offer to split wood at your place as I'm tired my the honey-do list expanding daily here.
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