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  1. "They" aren't in touch with reality. I guarantee "they" don't know how much a gallon of gas costs these days.
  2. "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" was good. Not a bio pic at all. I have to get to see "Ford vs. Ferrari."
  3. Two items used to fight this turd were a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk.
  4. I fished Amwell Lake Saturday. Them Hunterdon County boys were blasting away at a nearby property.
  5. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, we never had any issues with shooting on private property. On this side of the river, it's definitely a different issue. I do know of a fellow township resident that is a member here who had to jump through hoops to get permission to legally be able to shoot on his own property. Bob knows who he is, and I assume what he had to go through. Of course his property is a lot different than those commonly found where Bob lives.
  6. Bob, I have neighbors on my side of the township that shoot (real) firearms on their property on a regular basis, including quite the session Sunday. While I don't know what the ordinance is, I can't imagine that they'd repeatedly spend days shooting without getting complaints filed against them. I also doubt that they have the proper approval to do it legally. Of course they might "know" people. Who knows.
  7. Have you tried the usual Jeep forums?
  8. How can Connecticut issue a carry permit to a wanted criminal and allow him reciprocity with Jersey? How did he buy his firearm legally?
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