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  1. And now Dusty Hill: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dusty-hill-dies-zz-top-185456935.html
  2. Donkey's Place (donkeysplace.com)
  3. My neighborhood just had an additional house listed last week. WAY over what it's worth by about $100K. It will be interesting to watch it.
  4. Apparently you should bring a rock to a gun fight: Gunman kills 1, injuries 3 before he’s stoned to death in Fort Worth, news report says (yahoo.com)
  5. Great shop! @Pizza Bob turned me on to them a few years ago.
  6. Don't think for one moment that he won't. He's pretty much guaranteed reelection the way that the sheep in this state have been brainwashed.
  7. Armed shopper shoots would-be robbers and fends off assailants in dramatic scene (yahoo.com)
  8. 'I've Never Seen This Level of Fear.' Why Asian Americans Are Joining the Rush to Buy Guns (yahoo.com) "On March 3, Kim went from being a “really anti-gun person” to the new owner of a Springfield 40 mm. handgun." ------ Damn, she's not messing around!
  9. The 'Great Resignation' haunts employers trying to recover from pandemic (yahoo.com)
  10. Dow tumbles 800 points, loses grip on 34,000 as stock market slammed by worries about COVID's delta variant - MarketWatch
  11. Jersey legal? - Handguns - New Jersey Gun Forums (njgunforums.com)
  12. $500 signing bonus at Wawa for entry level positions. Let that sink in.
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