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  1. I'm fortunate enough to live in a quick turn around municipality. My last set of permits in March went through quickly and under 30 days. An extension was a total of 7 minutes.
  2. I heard about this somewhere, probably here, in the recent past. Hopefully it will actually comply with the 30 days now across the state.
  3. No wonder Biden's been hidin' they're looking for nuts!
  4. Thanks for the info. I am trying to get a big pictures of where we are. The civil unrest this year is most likely the cause of the overall market woes.
  5. Meh, maybe just a broad observation then. I'm curious how the other states supplies are.
  6. Please take some mental notes as to their inventory of "stuff" for those that might need something.
  7. My next door neighbor trapped and relocated a dozen babies in May / June. I though that he way lying to me.
  8. Can you post this info over here as well, please?
  9. "Kitchen sink?" https://wolfhillammo.com/12gauge234kitchensink.aspx
  10. They keep dropping out of the trees in my neighborhood. Not sure why. Little fuckers are all over the place. Oh, and I still have to swing by to pick up some more projectiles. Almost out and can't find them anywhere.
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