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  1. Iran is really stepping up their game. First Hamas, now this. Buckle up, folks!
  2. Sadly, no. 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT. 26K original miles. It was delivered to me on September 10, 2001. I will never get rid of it.
  3. We got ours even though we exceed the salary cap. Another failed government program. Wanna see my shocked face?
  4. Gopher graft? Buck-tooth bucks? We gotta name this shit.
  5. I do this with my small motors, but the Cobra gets marine Sta-Bil mid-December.
  6. L.A. homeowner who fired on armed robbers has concealed carry permit suspended (yahoo.com)
  7. America's got a $2.5 billion wild hog problem. These states see the worst of it. (yahoo.com)
  8. CMJeepster

    New member

    Welcome! Please fill out the following sentence: ____, egg and cheese on a hard roll.
  9. Is this a pork roll or Taylor Ham event? Asking for a friend.
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