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  1. https://tinyurl.com/u6o2oam
  2. Well, JCP&L is a pathetic provider that does zero maintenance, so there is that. Whenever we have an outage in my area, Sussex Rural gets us back pretty quick, JCP&L customers have to wait until Essex or other towns are restored before they bother with the plebes in Sussex. I'm glad I'm not on them. Bunch of pathetic assholes who don't trim trees or do basic maintenance on infrastructure.
  3. The one neighbor has a similar setup. The only issue I see with that is routing all the frickin wires. I really dislike working in electrical panels as there is never enough space. Adding in a whole bunch of extra wires is a pain in the ass. It is the perfect option for portables though.
  4. I have a 14kw Standby generator. I used to use portables. I helped the neighbors over the past few days with their generators. One had an electric start 6k generator. The battery turned over the generator about 3 times before it gave out. Moral of that story is to keep a tender on the battery or better yet, get a generator that includes a built-in battery tender that you plug in. One neighbor had a great manual transfer switch that allowed you to select circuits. Works great. The problem is that when we flipped the water heater on, the generator wasn't able to keep up with the load. Moral of that story, get a generator sized to your load. One neighbor had an umbilical, but hadn't gotten around to getting an interlock. We backfed through the dryer plug. This is a poor option, but in a pinch it'll do. You really need to get an interlock. At the very least, get a mechanical interlock that bolts onto your electrical panel the prevents both the Main and the genset breakers from being on at the same time. When I did the house addition on 2012, I horse traded with the wife. She wanted some things, I wanted the standby generator. I did much of the install myself. I poured a pad, dug the trenches and did some of the electric. It has been great. Oh and I bought the generator on Amazon
  5. I got power back yesterday, but there are still a bunch of folks without it. My Generac Standby ran almost exactly 48 hours. It used about 8 ounces of oil over that period. I run synthetic and I haven't done an oil change on it for at least 3 years. The recommended interval is 200 hours, but even with the exercises and now this outage, it is not near 200 hours. I ordered a tune up kit and will do that whenever it arrives. I posted a quick video of my trip down Canistear on Tuesday morning. It looks like February. Stupid clock is off by an hour. The effective speed is 210mph
  6. The lights at 515 and Canistear on 23 are out. Until they return, I suggest anyone avoid 23 southbound in the morning. Miles of backup heading south this morning. I left at 5:20am to avoid it. It will be backed up from 515 into Hamburg before too long.
  7. Finally got our power back about 4pm. Almost exactly 48 hours on the Standby Generator. There are still folks in my town without power. We had 14 inches of snow on top of about an inch of frozen crud. This really took a toll on trees.
  8. Blackvue DR900S-2ch You can buy it on Ebay from a couple high volume sellers that have make offer. It'll run you $375.00
  9. I didn't say you couldn't be a fan. I just said I'm not a fan. If you're self identifying as "sucky driver". Ok. I'll take your word for it.
  10. 1. Anthony Cumia show with Dave Landau on Compound Media. 2. I'm not a fan of Jeeps either.
  11. Ok, a better answer then. If you read Kurt's article that you posted., he identifies several groups. I'll get to that in a second. I follow Kurt on Twitter and have read all his books. New one out Thursday. They are a hoot. Anyway, He's got 3 major groups. 40% that loudly and profoundly decry it, and quit or whatever. 40% That agree to their face but don't do it anyway. 20% bootlickers who will follow their master's orders. Kurt is missing a much larger contingent though. People, who, through the ordinary course of events, know how things work and subsequently know how to break things. I'm talking in generalities here. The electrical worker who knows which switch to trip at a sub station or even which contact to file to make something work flaky. The telco worker who knows what wire to cut. The programmer who knows what script to break. The sewage plant worker who knows how to close a valve halfway so the system clogs. Things that make life tolerable when they work, become intolerable when they don't. People who can sabotage ordinary life and make it miserable for the people who enact these asshole policies. This is the group I belong to. Once you truly grok how society works, it becomes trivial to make it not work.
  12. I agree it looked like a transformer, but it lit the entire sky, horizon to horizon.
  13. Yeah, I saw that. The timing was off a little, but still that flash was not something I've ever seen during a shower.
  14. Ugh, that sucks. I usually leave as much space in front of me as is reasonable and I was feathering it out as I saw the vehicle coming at me. I didn't have much left but apparently it was enough. I hope it taught her a lesson. I was following too closely in 91, I couldn't see ahead of the vehicle in front of me and it peeled off at the last second and two cars were dead stopped ahead after a crash. My 91 probe nose dived under the wheels of an 80s malibu. The left rear tire of the Malibu road up the hood and was at the windshield. Every since then, I leave distance. It was a good lesson.
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