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  1. I'm curious if the guy who runs/organizes or whatever the matches for Highpower at Cherry Ridge posts here? If so, I'm the guy you spoke to at Recycle I haven't seen anyone announce those matches here, so I suspect he doesn't but anyway, was nice to meet you.
  2. If a cop has probable cause to search your vehicle, nothing you say can stop it. If a cop does not have probable cause to search your vehicle, don't open your mouth and give it to him. Be kind, be polite and if you must, invoke your 6th amendment(right to an attorney) since the supreme court has already gutted the 5th(i.e. silence in the face of questioning is an indicator of guilt). The easiest way to do this is simply to answer a question with a question and change the topic. "Do you have any firearms in your vehicle?" "You know, I've always wanted one like that guy had in the movie predator. What'd he call it? ole painless? That'd be cool, I could start my own tree trimming business. You ever shoot one of those? I bet its very loud. They have those at your academy?"
  3. I'm just going to chime in on my experience, take it for what it's worth. March 20 I was 274lbs. This morning I'm 257. I'd like to get down to 220. Maybe by the end of the summer?. Here's what I did. First, my wife wanted a Fitbit and asked me if I wanted one...shrug. Ok. So we started wearing them. Flex 2 by the way. What it did was to make me aware of when I wasn't at least moving around a bit. The next thing was to encourage me to do 10,000 steps a day. The next thing that happened was a friend who had moved to North Carolina showed up and had lost 40lbs. I asked him how? "Stopped eating lunch". I figured I could do that...so I would eat something, 300 calories or less for breakfast then eat a decent dinner...not really watching what I eat...just don't stuff myself. I did that for a few weeks and immediately dropped 5-7 lbs. Then I started walking a mile at lunch and when I get home my wife and I walk 1.5-2 miles. I'm doing 13k-15k steps a day now. I also bought the Fitbit Aria scale and it tracks your weight for you. My calorie goal is 500 or less before dinner then I can eat whatever I want for dinner. No snacking, no sugar/candy/whatever. I've noticed i'm filling up faster and am not eating as much. I go up or down a lb or two every day but it's continuing to trend down. I"m almost 50, so it's not like I have the metabolism I did 30 years ago....this is definitely working for me. Good luck.
  4. I'm curious Sackballions, what is the genesis of the idea that the government must know everything about who has what guns? What is it that you think this solves? This isn't TV "We found a gun, it's registered to "S Holmes, 221B Baker Street". In every case where governments installed these huge databases tracking every gun, they were useless in solving crime. Also, ballistic profiling of firearms is fairly useless as it changes over time and it is almost never conclusive. This tracking and checking however is PERFECT when a person or group falls out of favor and the government wants to disarm them. The government jack boots show up, point their guns, shoot the dog and confiscate the guns. You mention that you lived in Georgia and yet it scares you the people can pass guns back and forth with no government tracking? There are no checks there for private sales, never has been. In fact, most of the country is that way. NJ, NY, MD, CA are the exceptions. Overlay a map with gun regulation and crime...more regulation, more crime. they line up almost perfectly. I understand you want to learn to be safe and navigate the byzantine gun laws in NJ, and for that you're in the right place. You'll find however that states with less gun regulation are generally more safe and they also don't ensnare law abiding citizens in a crushing legal system.
  5. I had a set of Yokahomas put on an SUV I owned some time back and after re-balancing several times at the one shop, I paid to get them road-force balanced and they still vibrated slightly. That second shop claimed one of the wheels was bent and since there was ZERO vibration before I got the new wheels, I can only assume the first shop did it somehow. I drove that POS for another 40k miles till I bought new wheels and tires and it was smooth again.
  6. Ah hah! It's a Surveying Prism. http://www.berntsen.com/Surveying/Survey-Prisms/Mini-Prisms/ctl/ViewProduct/mid/1600/itemID/1609 I did talk to the facilities manager and found out that when the thorium cleanup was occurring 8-10 years ago, they installed that on the building as a reference point.
  7. If I run into the facilities manager tomorrow, I'll ask. It's just in a weird place is all.
  8. Figured as much. Thanks.
  9. I found this one one of the outbuildings on my company's property. I didn't get a chance to ask the property manager what it is. It looks like some kind of laser target or something. It is at a funny angle and there is no corresponding something aimed at it. There appears to be no batteries or wiring, so whatever it is, it's 100% passive. It does "point" at another high security company near us and it is in the alley between the two properties. There is a 12 foot razor wire fence on their side though. It looks like some kind of vehicle sensor to me and I think it's new. Thoughts?
  10. Yeah, it's this amazing new thing Amazon is doing now, in 2011.
  11. There's a rumor that Clarence Thomas has been signaling that he wants to retire.
  12. I saw the guy on the tower with the bear....and haven't been back around to it due to time constraints.
  13. I watched it, it was weird and I enjoyed it. I think Dennis was quite humorous. The Luxombergian detective was smoking hot and the game of rochambeau was epic. The twist ending of the series...yeah, I'll watch the next season.
  14. Yes, you can ship to yourself. The carriers may have rules against it, but it's not illegal.
  15. Good luck. I hate crown. Make sure your saw, whatever you use, has detentes in all the common angles. Cheap jigs don't work, so if you do buy a set of jigs, expect it to cost at least $40+. Inside corner to a vaulted ceiling is my nemesis. I must have spent 3 hours on that one joint because that transition piece has different compound angles on both sides. A guy I work with has a saw with a built in jig, you literally set your angle, stick it one side, get the perfect angle, stick it on the other side and get the perfect match. For simple joints, it takes seconds. On the hardest joints, just cope it. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to get it right. With the coping saw, you can just nibble a little at a time until it fits.