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  1. My Vanguard Mega Cap growth ETF was up 2.58% on the day. $5.20 a share up. I wish I had 10k shares, but at $207.130 a share, I'm somewhat constrained :). The S&P Value ETF was only up .38% which is a bit of a bummer, but it's a little less risky. Still, if I sold what I earned today, I could get at least 20 boxes of 9mm from Cheaper than Dirt . That was just my Vanguard account of mad money. My actual 401k though probably earned a ton but it won't calculate and update until tomorrow.
  2. Just need to head for the exit before the party is over. I just wish I had some idea of what a good key indicator would be. I suppose when I start hearing about new regulations on every industry, it may be time.
  3. There's always the Lucille option or her cousin, Louisville a.k.a. the slugger. Several ways to use it beyond Mark Mcquire. There's the Arnold Palmer to the jewels and of course the forward jab to the solar plexus.
  4. ARs are great, no doubt. Now go back in time and buy 5k rounds. The only thing I would say is that at least with a .22LR you can get more trigger time in. Yes, ammo is insanely priced right now, but at least you get more trigger pulls for your dollar. As for home defense, any firearm is better than no firearm. I know I don't want to take a .22LR round. Not to mention, you get yourself a Ruger 10/22 you can accessorize it to your hearts content.
  5. You're not serious? The issue isn't NJ. The issue is everywhere. Yes, you can ship it to NJ. No, it's not widely available, not now and likely not for a long time.
  6. Lefty mayors and governors are signaling that they plan to lift all the lockdowns. It'll be the Biden miracle.
  7. Just for what it's worth, you should publish the current IP of home page in case they shut down the DNS entry. While I see that is the current IP, there's clearly some redirecting going on after DNS resolves it since I can't get here on the IP alone.
  8. I've ordered a lot of ammo online. It shows up in my door with an ORM-D or the new black and white diamond thing that means it's regulated. Most of the retailers rebox it but any delivery guy is going to know what it is. I see no reason why a building receptionist can't hold your package.
  9. It all goes toward maturity level. I had a 12 second streetable car at 20, which was something in the 80s. It also goes to the car. Is it a 6 popper with poverty caps or a ZL1? It matters, a lot. One will get you in trouble, the other will get you dead.
  10. I'm not in a rush to the exit, so 35k Dow means a lot of money to me. That said, stay away from small and mid caps. They will let those wither and die. The large caps are too big to fail.
  11. Me too. Once I "retire" in a few months, I'll have essentially zero income. I'm going to be on Obamacare and get my healthcare subsidized. Zero income, couple mill in assets. I'm poor, feed me uncle Sam.
  12. Me too. The hot market needs to stick around to May and I'm good.
  13. I'm not retired, my wife is. We both got it last time because she's retired. If she wasn't we'd not qualify. As it is we're bumping up against the limit. Haven't got it this time yet. retirees should know how to reduce their taxable income.
  14. The worst part is I have to do hex first out of the two octals. 50. Then I have to convert it to decimal, easy enough. Then, since I know the special characters and such get up to 64 to get into the letters. So I take the result minus 64 to get the letter. If the result is greater than 26, it's lower case, so I subtract 26 plus 6, in this case its upper so that extra bit is not required. I then do a1, b2, c3, etc on the keyboard in front of me. This is how I learned to do it 35+ years ago. Now there's a million calculators, I'm sure.
  15. is your last name low in the alphabet? Just curious. Like they start at Aaron and work down the list to Zwicky.
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