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  1. C'mon man. In the movies, I seen where you raise a gun to point it and it goes *cha-chunk*. Mine don't do that, it broken.
  2. If you've got guns in the car, why are you smoking pot and driving like a douche nozzle at 2:30 am? He must have been up studying for his Mensa test and needed a slurpee at 7-11 to keep going.
  3. How long did this sit? Usually old gas isn't an issue, but it probably wouldn't hurt to dump in some fresh. The fresh will get up to the engine pretty quick if you can get it to run for any length of time, even if it's struggling. You could also purge some out of the fuel rail. If it's popping, it's probably a fuel air issue, not a spark issue. Check every electrical connection related to fuel/air. Anything on the intake manifold/throttle body. Make sure your intake is sealed to the block. It could be drawing too much air. You can leave off the big airbox hose until it's running, just to make sure the flappers are working and it's not the air filter causing a problem.
  4. I bought two of their "Rough Use Knives" for $10 each a long time ago. I have beat the ever living dog snot out of these things and they are still useful. I kinda wish I had bought a dozen of them. I think price gouging has a place. Instead of one guy buying everything out during a rush, they still will have inventory because they are price gouging douchebags :). I feel the same way about rising prices for hurricanes and snow storms. It makes people buy what they need rather than an extra bit "just because". It helps spread the resource around. You can still call them ripoff scumbags...but they have stock.
  5. Nice, I should do that next time. I'm probably done smoking this year unless I get a smoker in Florida.
  6. I personally would not buy any car with over about 30k miles but that's simply because I can afford it. If I just wanted a work beater, I wouldn't have any issue with a 90k+ miles Accord or CRV even. My only issue with the Civic is that I'm a little too tall to drive one constantly. You can also look at the Acuras. The RDX models are wonderful to drive but they are Luxury cars and the resale on them is pretty abysmal so you can often find a steal. My TLX has 114k miles, runs great, some deals on the 15s. MDX and RDX retain their value so no deals there. Look here for a list of long lasting cars. There's a commonality about the manufacturers . https://www.iseecars.com/longest-lasting-cars-study
  7. Thanks. I'm getting this dialed in. I need to play with the rubs a bit more, but this maple BBQ is about the limit since my wife can't eat even slightly spicy. The point was really moist. I took it out of the freezer on Tuesday and last night, I had to let it sit out for a few hours after I trimmed. When I jammed the temp probe in there this morning, it was 33 degrees in the center! It came off that pretty quick, even at the 150-160 during the first 45 minutes on "SMOKE".
  8. Did the point today. Started at 5am. Smoked for 3 hours on 180. Turned it up to 225, wrapped at 10am. Hit 203 at 4:30. Rested almost 2 hours. Tastes great!
  9. What year is it? I just saw a youtube video on doing it without removing the manifold. Not too bad, but you need a couple of tools to make it easier.
  10. Starters usually aren't that big of a deal to replace, but I've never done an Element. It'd be nice if it's just the wire though.
  11. How are the terminals on the battery? Battery plus booster and still slow turn over sound like you've got a corrosion problem somewhere. Try jumping it with different vehicle. You could also try running a jumper cable from the negative terminal to somewhere metal, like an ear on the cylinder block or something without paint on it. That will eliminate the ground side of it anyway.
  12. My second house is in the world's largest over 55 community, "The Villages". I can tell you that you are absolutely correct. Since these places are God's waiting room, when the resident sheds the mortal coil, the family fire sale's everything. That said, MOST of the cars are Luxury types. You're not going to find a lot of commuter type cars. My mom owned property in The Villages as well and we sold her 2011 Cadillac for $17,000. It was 5 years old at the time with just over 13,000 miles. The car was around 55k new. I know Caddy value tends to plummet quickly, but I almost kept it just so I could drive it. It really was a nice car.
  13. Thanks! Welcome, specially to someone who appreciates BBQ. My BBQ is a work in progress. I use a pellet smoker with a smoke tube. I stuff firewood into an insert all winter and have been doing so for a quarter century. I know how finicky wood is, no way am I willing to micro manage a fire for BBQ! That said, I'm still chasing the dragon. I want to get as close to Lockhart smokehouse as I can. I know I won't get there, but close is enough. I'm going to do the point this weekend. I had frozen it back when I did this and I took it out of the freezer last night. It's going to take a couple days of thawing in the fridge so that it's ready for an Early Saturday AM cook. The weather is supposed to be decent, and it may be one of my last cooks of the year.
  14. I need someone even more shady than them since we don't have a title. We checked with the cops and the owner lives in central Jersey somewhere but it's not stolen. It was reported abandoned once sitting on a nearby street, then someone moved it into our parking lot. We reported it, but the cops can't do anything with it, we have to have it towed. There is a fire department chopping area that is connected to our parking lot, I wanted to just move it over there so they can cut it up. I was willing to just use the forklift to move it but they are worried about getting into trouble. I just want the damn thing to go away.
  15. We've had an abandoned vehicle on our property at work for over a year. More like almost 2 years at this point. The property manager doesn't want to pay to have it towed. Anyone want a Nissan? Seriously, come haul it off. No one will care, me specially. Tell me when you're coming, I'll turn off the cameras.
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