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  1. I'd start with 10. As was said already, it's way better to add more than to have too much. You're also going to want to drive on it a bit and push it in. If it's too much to begin with you're going to make gravel ruts and such. I hate driving my car on drives with too much stone. You end up spinning wheels and tossing rocks. Personally I'd probably put a layer of QP down then 3/4 blue stone or whatever. The QP packs hard but moves out easy so if you don't like it, it's easy to change by just raking it up. I guess it just depends on how your stone currently is. If it looks like mostly dirt, with grass everywhere, then a QP base will make it nice and level for adding the good stone on top. If it just needs thickened up, then by all means put more of the regular stone down. Yards vs tonnage is getting my math messed up. 10 yards is about 25000lbs, I.e. 12.5 tons. $29/ton for 3/4" blue stone is a decent price. That's going to come out like $55/yard which is cheap. Those big tri-axle dumps hold 14 or so yards, so no matter what, you're not getting it all(22yards) in one unless it's a tractor trailer. You'll probably get it in a 10 yard dump, which is what most places that sell stone use.
  2. As to gravel, before I paved, I dumped about 10 yards on mine over the years. 20 yards is a LOT of material. You say big driveway, how big in feet? 100 feet long 32 feet wide? 200 feet long, 16 feet wide? That is indeed a big driveway. Most truck drivers will try to spread it out as they pull away, but you tend to end up with one big pile and a few other small piles. Expect to rake a lot. You also need air clearance. No wires or trees up there. The cost is not bad for that amount of gravel, but it seems like a lot to me. As to shingles, just make sure they are good quality architectural and not 3 tab. 3 tabs tend to blow off whenever there is a hurricane that comes through. Timberline(GAF) shingles are really what you should get. Contractors in your area I can't help you with.
  3. My buddy's wife ordered one or is going to or whatever. I think they are on a list. He's the guy that also was on a waiting list for a Hellcat when they first came out so loves waiting, lol. He lives in Carson City NV, so they will haul their side by side out to the desert with this vehicle and run 'em both. Here's what he posted. ------------- Went to Ford yesterday and placed her order: 2021 (Probably 2022) Bronco 2-door WildTrak - Carbonized Gray WildTrak includes "Sasquatch Package" (35" tires etc.), the larger 2.7L twin turbo engine (310hp / 400ft Lbs torque), and suspension for higher speed off-roading (not quite Raptor...but close... 2023 Warthog will be the "Bronco Raptor") Options Ordered: -High Package (Upgrades screen to 12", has 360 camera, a few other tech / safety gadgets) -Built-In Nav (so it works without cell signal... especially for off-road trails) -Towing Capability She's pretty far down the reservation list, so she most likely will be getting a 2022 instead of a 2021.... which is fine by us... more time to save for it since we're gonna pay cash. Plus she turns 50 in 2022 so that's closer to her getting her 50th toy like I got my Hellcat for my 50th. Win-win! --------------
  4. Anyone else watch "Matt's Off Road Recovery" on Youtube? He's hauled a trailer with his XJ over rougher terrain than that.
  5. So I'm taking a bit of a gamble on NFTs. I figure there's going to be a lot of interest in this nonsense in the short term. Since there is a lot of dodgy garbage surrounding this, I decided to buy into some Tezos crypto. Tezos is relatively new, but it is built for several things, including NFTs. If it can capture a bit of the NFT craze(and it has already), it'll shoot up bigly. It not, it probably won't bottom out to zero. So it's got a good chance at a big upside and a low chance of a huge downside. It's still just mad money, so if it goes, it goes. It's off its peak, but we shall see. As to individual stocks, no. Stick it in a mega cap growth fund. The FAANGs aren't going anywhere.
  6. I'm always an INTP. -Not in tune with their own feelings. -Check -Tend to avoid conflict and Emotional situations - Check -spot hole in theory with ease - Check. Add all those up means I'm a pro at pissing off my wife who is an INFP
  7. Ok, Video is complete. It tasted great. In a do-over, I'd put more tallow on for the rest.
  8. So this thing cooked super fast for some reason. I turned the heat down to 180 and parked it there for 2 hours then turned it back up to 225. It finished at 3:15. It's resting. I'll carve after 6pm. The Aaron Franklin Crutch sure seems to have worked. I am looking forward to trying it.
  9. 2 hours into the cook. The temp is coming up fast, slow down! Lol. I've only got it on 225 and it's holding to that pretty well. Color looks good, smoke is good. All good. I put it on the grill at 4:30. It was 26 degrees. I was hoping it'd be like 35. Sheesh.
  10. I'm moving my Smoker to Florida in a few weeks, so it's now or never up here. It'll be nice to do a neighbor hood cook there too though.
  11. So this is my last NJ brisket. Gonna smoke it Saturday and I'll do a video. Will trim it tomorrow and season it overnight. On the smoker about 5am and run it out! Dinner at 6pm is the plan.
  12. I have ammo cans full of .308 ammo, loose. Most has LC 87 or other similar head stamps. I have plastic boxes of 9mm and .45 in which I shoot and replace the empty carts for future reloading. Once I've loaded it in the other box, the original cardboard is discarded. I don't know that I've ever even bothered to look at anything beyond the head stamp. To answer the question, I shoot ammo ALL THE TIME without the slightest care as to the lot details. I'm not entirely sure why anyone would unless you're experiencing some specific kind of a malfunction. That said, I also often shoot right from a box and if there's a particular issue with a particular gun, I make a note of it. For example, I know that my Smith and Wesson Performance Series 1911 in 9mm likes to stovepipe on Blazer brass. The same ammo runs fine in my other 9mms. What did I do? I sold every box I had of it and I will not buy any more.
  13. I'm struggling to understand why you'd be hesitant to use this. Not being facetious. Are you concerned it's been stored poorly? I wouldn't use it if only because it isn't one of the top tier hollow point rounds. I'm quite sure it'll stop someone. It may over penetrate, it may not stop them as quickly. Shrug. It's probably fine and the difference in 100 shootings is probably so close to zero as to be zero. That said, If I'm going to pay top dollar for self defense rounds, may as well pay the extra and get the best stuff that gives you that tiny little erg more that may only matter once in 100 shootings. Hornady Critical defense, Corbon, Winchester PDX1 or the like.
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