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  1. That is my intent, however since I'm going to be in Honduras next week, I'm not going to be able to. My wife will be there, but getting her to set up the 2nd camera is impossible. I may have to just live with what the one security cam gets. Hmm...maybe I should install a 2nd cam somewhere.
  2. The discount to do it myself wasn't worth it. I had pulled some of the siding off that I intended to re-use however, so much of it was breaking that I wouldn't end up with enough so I left it go. Those guys are doing the footings, piers, framing and roofing. I'm doing everything else. My only weakness is drains. Electric, heating, supply water, insulation..etc, no problem. Routing the drain is going to suck since it has to cut across 4 new floor joists and enter the rim joist of the old house and I'm going to be out of the country when it needs to happen. I want to drill the joists as he adds them so I can insert a piece of PVC through the joists before that's no longer possible. Piecing together a bunch of short lengths strikes me as a clog waiting to happen. Ah well, I'll get it done and pitched right, it's just going to suck.
  3. Yeah, they did a pretty amazing job. The safest way to go about it as well.
  4. Renovating our kitchen so I figured I'd record it. They took it apart and down in about 3 and a half hours. Going from a 10x12 kitchen to a 16x23 Kitchen/Dining area. Poof!
  5. If this diversity hire weren't wearing a uniform, you wouldn't be erecting a blue wall in front of his indefensible actions. What I know of it is irrelevant anyway. I do know how politics works though, specially when foreign governments are involved. The stench of his employment will end up on a lot of people and others heads will roll.
  6. There will be official inquiries into everything behind this. The Australian government will demand it and public opinion will support it. This was an indefensible killing by an unqualified diversity hire, from the seat of his cruiser, across his partner into the body of an unarmed woman in her pajamas with no obvious threat. There is no way you can twist this into a good shoot. This is a very high profile case and every level of government will end up demanding a report. The Mayor tossed the chief under the bus, the Mayor is next, count on it.
  7. No amount of blue fog is going to make this one go away. They will dig into his reviews, how he did in the academy, any communication about him, on and on. Everyone involved in hiring this turd will be under a microscope and when they out the fact that he was in the position for one reason only, i.e. he's a Somali Muslim, there is going to be hell to pay.
  8. The chief resigned. There's a storm coming and she was seeking to get away from it. This diversity hire, unqualified POS murdered that woman and he's not going to get away with it. The Australian government is involved. There is no way this shit stain gets off. Maybe he'll do us all a favor and jump off a cliff.
  9. It's so hard as dogs are a part of the family. Sorry to hear that.
  10. This is why we are giving it away. It would cost us probably at least $500 to rent a fork that can move it...then what? Put it in a dumpster and pay $500 to have someone haul it? It's why it's free to someone, anyone that can move it.
  11. It's an RF Heat Sealer. 15kw or 20kw. I'm not really sure. It still works. As for heavy...trust me, it is. Our 6k forklifts cannot even lift it a little bit. You would think we could tilt it back, drag it or something...nope.
  12. I will also note, there is some other scrap that can go with this. Some little pneumatic presses and some other junk. We are emptying this particular building and everything must go. Much is sold but a bunch is going in a dumpster, you can peruse it if you come.
  13. I've got this machine available to whoever can get it. None of our 6000lb fork trucks can lift it. The last time we moved it, we rented a 12000lb truck and it struggled with it. This machine weighs at least 8000 pounds, probably more like 11000lb. It is high quality cast iron, much of it is 3-4 inches thick. There is also some incidental aluminum, air cylinders, valves, probably a transformer or two(copper scrap) etc. We cannot move this, you would either need to move it or even cut it up in place, somehow. There is a loading dock, if you can get it on to your truck. This is FREE to a good home, I would only ask for a *taste*. Like some pizza money for me and the mechanics who will help you in any way we could. Located in Maywood NJ.
  14. Naw, different guy, just odd is all.
  15. Ok, is the Stone Mason 6'5"?