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  1. Malsua

    Antique revolvers

    All of these don't work although they aren't frozen. Not sure who would want them unless it's a museum. Thanks
  2. Malsua

    Antique revolvers

    I have these three old revolvers. None are functional. All are in poor condition. Any thoughts? Any value? I suspect not. The largest is Harrington Richardson maybe a .25, larger than a .22. No idea on model. Has a patent date of Oct 4, 1887. The mid size is NY pistol co, new york. "Wide Awake". Also larger than. 22 Smallest is "blue jacket no 1." Pat mar 23, 1871. Looks like a .17. Very small
  3. Malsua

    Cutting the cord

    We only had 15mbit dsl for years. Netflix and Hulu were fine. In the last 6 months, we got upgraded to 30mbit. We are a streaming only house now. We are usually one stream but occasionally two. No issues
  4. Hi, Welcome. Think of all the joy you can have loading in 10 whole rounds into your mags instead of 7? Think of how great your joy will be when you eventually leave? I know I'm looking forward to it :). We're not far apart, probably 6 miles as the crow flies but 25 minutes by road. I recently rejoined Cherry Ridge after a hiatus, could guest you in if you're not already a member.
  5. Everything at my place was crusted over with ice on top of 3 inches of snow and sleet. It took me 15 minutes to get the car cleared off. Had to take a run at it on Canistear road on the way home yesterday to get up the hill past the range. There was a van stuck on the hill, couldn't move forward. It's a 20% grade at one point and the poorly prepared don't make it.
  6. Malsua

    Cutting the cord

    I finally got the wife switched over to Hulu + Live TV. You get the "Cloud DVR" function with that service level. Net monthly savings of around $80.00 We also have Netflix and Amazon prime, but we had those with cable anyway. Our internet comes from the phone company so we don't need any cable any longer.
  7. It's not the snow, it's the ice. In my town, we generally don't care unless it's six inches or more. 1/4 inch of ice and you've got my attention. I'd much prefer a 24" storm. We've not had one of those in a while.
  8. Malsua

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    Here's a movie one that always bugs me. The constant racking of the slide when they are ready to "move out". Of course, they rack the slide again 2 minutes later and no shells are ejected. The Punisher gets this one right. Frank often pulls the slide back a little to make sure one is chambered. A corollary to this one. Someone raises a revolver and you hear a slide rack.
  9. Malsua

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    I get that whole "I'm coming to your house" ALL the time. Lack of preparation on their part, does put any obligation on my part. I will be the king of my own fiefdom. A serf, is a serf and serves at the whim of the king, hell I may even revive jus primae noctis.
  10. Malsua

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    "I use a .45 so I don't have to shoot twice" "If the war breaks out, I'm coming to your house" "Packing heat"
  11. Watch Soylent Green. They use one to power up their apartment. It's what AOC has in store for all of us.
  12. Malsua

    Samsung 860EVO 1TB SSD

    I tried to sell this on Ebay today and got a 0 feedback bidder, account created today. He paid, but then I looked at the Address and if you google it, the address comes back to a bunch of people complaining about being defrauded. Anyway, $140.00 pick up or delivery. The best you'll find this for is $147 + tax from retailers. I will have this sold in a few days, so if you want it, tell me now.
  13. Yes, I am the guy selling the Franchi's on shotgunworld.com

  14. Weird. There was a car fire in my town last evening. Coolant freezes and the car overheats?
  15. I know it's boring...it's just the last. That audio is Anthony's show from Tuesday. I listen to the first hour on the way in to work and the second hour on the way out. https://www.compoundmedia.com/

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