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  1. Reading is fundamental. >> What exactly is it that you think Net Neutrality has done for you? << Then you go on to claim net neutrality has prevented what you say is throttling but they are still throttling? Confused much? Data caps and streaming caps are part of your contract with your provider, none of it has anything to do with Net Neutrality. I get the feeling you are a millenial who thinks anyone older than you hasn't been in IT for 35 years or was posting videos to You Tube when you were in grade school and is probably old and smelly. Well that last bit is right. How about a compromise? I dislike all parties involved. They all are looking to squeeze money out of us. Start lobbying congress to craft legislation to address these issues. How about breaking up some of the monopolies like comcrap, Time Warner, etc. Bash them over the head with anti-trust laws or the threat of such to keep them in line.
  2. Who is throttling content? Who is creating fast lanes? The government needs to be out of the way, not dictating winners and losers because when they do, we all lose. What exactly is it that you think Net Neutrality has done for you? You couldn't get your streaming content until it was in place and now you can? What? Everyone is talking about this fast lane boogeyman and there are NO examples of this. You think your ISP is going to block content they don't like? Lawyers are salivating over that prospect. You think you're going to pay more because the ISP is going to charge Netflix and Youtube more? Well, yes but that's coming no matter what happens. As revenue from traditional cable dries up, the vampire squid cable companies are going to jam their blood funnel into anything that smells like money. We are all going to be fleeced.
  3. I remember internet/fidonet games in the 80s. Text based, turn based games like Yankee Trader. They were fun I suppose because there was nothing better. It was slow, but the pace of life at the time, for me at least, was much slower. Smut peddlers will make sure you can mainline porn. Porn drives a lot of technology advancements, getting people off is worth a lot of money.
  4. Indeed, it was, well actually it was built for fault tolerance and instant communication. The world wide web was built with rich content in mind. In 1993 "rich" was pretty lame. I remember the first time I fired up Mosaic. I also remember shortly thereafter going to Playboy.com. Of course at the time, the browsers had a bug where pictures would _NEVER_ completely download. They'd get slower and slower as it painted on the screen and eventually stop, right about the time you got to the hips
  5. Net Neutrality is like price controls, the hallmark of socialism. Tim Berners Lee is a big socialist, in deed if he's not admitting it openly. If your provider is slowing down your sites...change providers. We haven't needed it until now, we don't need it. Capitalism created the internet, keep your government controls to themselves.
  6. I have a friend who has a 2017 F450 King Ranch dually. It gets about 18mpg when it's not in the recycle charge phase or whatever you call it when it gets shitty gas mileage(like 9) for 20 miles every 150 or so miles. He tows a 26,000lb trailer about twice a year. The rest of the time he's driving around an $80,000 luxury truck that gets about 14mpg combined. As far as I'm concerned, that's insanity, defined. I have a dodge 2500 that I have hauled countless yards of stone, firewood, plywood, construction materials and to plow in the winter. It has the snow plow package and it tends to rattle your kidneys out after a while since it rides so stiff. It also has 33 inch tires and wheels so you're above just about everything but big trucks. When I have a need for refinement, quiet, comfort and power, I get into my Acura that has nearly as much HP as the truck but does a 5.1 0-60 and will hit the speed limiter in about 20 seconds from a dead stop. Everything has a purpose as far as I'm concerned. I'll never understand short-beds in pickups. All the inconvenience of a truck and can't haul anything either!
  7. 5 rounds. Wonderful. Why not just make it zero rounds so we don't have to pretend what your agenda is any longer?
  8. That is my intent, however since I'm going to be in Honduras next week, I'm not going to be able to. My wife will be there, but getting her to set up the 2nd camera is impossible. I may have to just live with what the one security cam gets. Hmm...maybe I should install a 2nd cam somewhere.
  9. The discount to do it myself wasn't worth it. I had pulled some of the siding off that I intended to re-use however, so much of it was breaking that I wouldn't end up with enough so I left it go. Those guys are doing the footings, piers, framing and roofing. I'm doing everything else. My only weakness is drains. Electric, heating, supply water, insulation..etc, no problem. Routing the drain is going to suck since it has to cut across 4 new floor joists and enter the rim joist of the old house and I'm going to be out of the country when it needs to happen. I want to drill the joists as he adds them so I can insert a piece of PVC through the joists before that's no longer possible. Piecing together a bunch of short lengths strikes me as a clog waiting to happen. Ah well, I'll get it done and pitched right, it's just going to suck.
  10. Yeah, they did a pretty amazing job. The safest way to go about it as well.
  11. Renovating our kitchen so I figured I'd record it. They took it apart and down in about 3 and a half hours. Going from a 10x12 kitchen to a 16x23 Kitchen/Dining area. Poof!
  12. If this diversity hire weren't wearing a uniform, you wouldn't be erecting a blue wall in front of his indefensible actions. What I know of it is irrelevant anyway. I do know how politics works though, specially when foreign governments are involved. The stench of his employment will end up on a lot of people and others heads will roll.
  13. There will be official inquiries into everything behind this. The Australian government will demand it and public opinion will support it. This was an indefensible killing by an unqualified diversity hire, from the seat of his cruiser, across his partner into the body of an unarmed woman in her pajamas with no obvious threat. There is no way you can twist this into a good shoot. This is a very high profile case and every level of government will end up demanding a report. The Mayor tossed the chief under the bus, the Mayor is next, count on it.
  14. No amount of blue fog is going to make this one go away. They will dig into his reviews, how he did in the academy, any communication about him, on and on. Everyone involved in hiring this turd will be under a microscope and when they out the fact that he was in the position for one reason only, i.e. he's a Somali Muslim, there is going to be hell to pay.
  15. The chief resigned. There's a storm coming and she was seeking to get away from it. This diversity hire, unqualified POS murdered that woman and he's not going to get away with it. The Australian government is involved. There is no way this shit stain gets off. Maybe he'll do us all a favor and jump off a cliff.