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  1. I have had to power wash it every few years as it gets dirty, but other than that, there's nothing really to complain about. It really doesn't have a uniform color, just sorta a mishmash of greys, greens and mauve I have not seen any mold, and fade? What does that even mean? It looks faded to begin with. Wear? No, nothing has worn. As far as it goes, I would definitely do it again as it is about as maintenance free as you can get and I've never gotten splinters from it. I know someone up thread complained about heat and I have been known to spray it down on super hot days, but it's such a non issue for me.
  2. Our trex deck is at right angles and 12" on center. I can feel enough flex in it if I'm paying attention that I wouldn't be comfortable with 16" on center. In the end, you're talking 5 more joists over a 20 foot span, material cost might be an extra $125 bucks. For a 10k plus project, that strikes me as a no brainer and a trivial upgrade. The trex these days probably is better than what I have since ours is over 25 years old but it's still held up just fine.
  3. Yeah, it's actually turning out great. Not only all the extra space, as we went from a 10'x12' to a 16'x22' with a 14 foot cathedral ceiling but it's well insulated now and the pipes are protected from freezing which was always a problem before. My whole point to the thread was to serve as a cautionary tale about proper flashing and water management. Do it right or it will cost you in the long run.
  4. The guy that installed our Trex deck in 1992 attached the ledger board to the house's rim joist and he did not leave anywhere for the water to go. In 2002, the rim joist under the kitchen sagged and cracked off the house foundation when we had about 36 inches of snow on the deck, settling our kitchen on one side by about 5 inches. That summer, I put two pressure treated 2x10s under the old rim joist and jacked the house up. In 2017, we tore off the kitchen and rebuilt it. What was left of the original ledger board was removed a claw hammer. Poor drainage is going to cost me around 70k. That said, the kitchen is turning out great! Still not done yet, but we're working on it. You can see the rotted rim joist next to the deck towards the end of this video.
  5. In Ohio, unlike PA, there are no rules for person to person transfers between Ohio residents. I've not lived there in 22 years so I can't speak to gun shows there these days.
  6. I bought some guns in the early to mid 90s at gun shows. Some folks would advertise "no paperwork". Here's what would happen. You'd buy a no paperwork gun and you'd get rousted by the cops/feds before you got to your car. At least this happened the first few times. It didn't take long until you'd walk along a booth and you'd be told just who the cops were and if you made a deal with someone, you'd arrange to meet them off property. It never happened to me, but it did happen to a friend and some acquaintances. They'd hold you in the lot and run you for wants and warrants, if you came back clean they'd let you go, but they also put a note in your file and if you bought too many guns, they'd bring you in. This was early on in the Clinton admin and the ATF had a hard on to bust everyone who bought a gun without a brady check even though at the time the system was garbage and it could take weeks. I'm thinking it was early 94 and into 95.
  7. I got my wife one of these... https://www.apmex.com/product/95451/roman-antoninianus-claudius-ii-gothicus-the-st-valentine-coin I figure that's the oldest thing(or one of) in my county since it was minted 1700 years ago also got her one of these. https://www.apmex.com/product/117516/1-oz-silver-colorized-round-apmex-classic-valentines-day
  8. You come off the CPVC with Pex? Then you can put copper or brass or pex valves in. You can buy the cheaper composite fittings instead of the brass ones to save a few bucks. I'm sure you can find someone with the Viega tool.
  9. This is exactly why I went to the DOD cameras. They have HDR(High Dynamic Range) and they bump and lower the ISO as needed. The 470W+ which I bought recently also has a Circular Polarizer that allows you to cut window glare. In my case, it completely eliminates it. I've considered running a separate cam in the back window, I just haven't been motivated enough to bother.
  10. That's exactly what should have happened. I did it myself several times after it was all framed.
  11. This happened a while back and I didn't put it out well, because. Anyway, since some time has elapsed, no one will care. Advantech sheething is VERY slippery.
  12. Just to expand a little more, I like to have the connection stuffed way in the back of the box and just the pigtails sticking out. Sometimes you find a box where there's too much wire and it feels like you're pulling out a rat's nest. Also, you can use ground wire nuts that allow you to push the ground wire through the cap so you don't need to pigtail it. You cut one ground shorter than the other, slide the wire nut over the long wire leaving a 3 inches or so sticking out of the top of the wire nut, stick the short wire in the nut and twist tight. DO tighten the hell out of your wire nuts. If you nicked the bare wire it'll often break. This will teach you to strip properly :). DO tape the wire nuts DO run tape around the outside of the switch as Tbill suggested since the ground wire can move and touch a terminal when you stuff it in the box. Don't exceed the box fill if you end up doing any new electric. We just rebuilt our kitchen and some of the boxes had 3 12ga wires in them that nearly maxes out the box. It's a real pain in the ass to wire and stuff in. If you can swing the space for it, always get the biggest box that will fit. It makes your life so much easier.
  13. Yes, it's called a pigtail. Wire nut 3 hots, 3 neutrals, 3 grounds, run the extra to the outlet. As also mentioned, that USB outlet probably has a push in spot in the back. That said, I don't like to use those as they aren't as secure(I.e. loosen over time and create a fire hazard) as the "wrap around the nut" type connection.
  14. Exactly. I moved to NJ from Ohio and brought guns with me. Most I still have, a few I sold. I did not, nor would I ever even consider registering them. I also inherited firearms from my father and step-father, both were residents of the State of Ohio when they died.
  15. You've got a few things working against you. 1. I don't want to sell it. 2. I don't need the money. 3. Once the offer was high enough to entice me, you could buy two from someone else. I see them on Gunbroker for under $700. That's less than I paid for it, I got mine in 2009 and I paid just over 1k,(new model, Obama scarcity, Tax, Nics), so there's another strike. At the time I bought mine, you couldn't get one for ANY price. I waited almost 2 months after I ordered.