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  1. Looking for Ocean side only down toward Miami? If you were looking on the Gulf, I have a suggestion. You can buy lots on or near feeders into the gulf north of Tampa, Homosassa area. They aren't developed yet but probably will be within the next 5-10 years. It's still a very rednecky area, but developing out quickly.
  2. Funny, but I went out and looked to see if I could figure out what the Mandarin uses since that was the best bed ever. It might be because I had spent 2 weeks in Mainland China in a 5 star Chinese hotel(about a 3 star US) and the bed was essentially a piece of plywood with 3 inches of padding. When I flopped into that bed in the Mandarin, it was like a floating on a cloud and getting blown all at the same time. heh. Here's what I found: " Mandarin Oriental Simmons Beautyrest Eminence Recharge Plush. Mandarin’s mattresses have built-in ventilation to keep you cool. They’re from Simmons’ hospitality line, but similar versions are at macys.com. " I have no doubt, that's going to be my next bed whenever I tire of this Tempur Pedic.
  3. Side sleepers need soft. Back sleepers need firm. You sound like a back sleeper. Anyway, I have traveled a lot. I have stayed in 5 star hotels in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Frankfurt, London, Rome et. al. on the company dime. The BEST mattresses in the world, no doubt in my mind. Mandarin Oriental, Shangri La, Intercontinental, etc. Figure out what they use, you'll be happy. I suspect it's expensive. I could never figure it out, the tags are always gone and they won't answer who's bed it is. At home, I bought a Tempur Pedic breeze. It's good, not as good as the aforementioned beds though.
  4. We bought a house in The Villages. Here's my rental website: http://www.villages-bestvilla.com/ We rented it Jan/Feb/Mar of 2020 already and that covers most of the Mortgage for the year. If we pick up another month or two, it becomes income positive. I did like 10 trips to Florida in 2019 and we're going down in April for 2 weeks after the renters leave to get the landscaping fixed up a bit better. The Villages are amazing. So much to do. We plan on renting it out during high season for a couple years then moving down when finances settle down a bit. We blew a ton of cash in 2019 buying it and getting it ready. I could theoretically retire now but it will hurt my long term some. Who knows, I may get RIF'd and then it doesn't matter. What does matter is that I have one foot out of NJ. It feels good.
  5. Well, now that I own a home in Florida, the countdown begins. I will leave this infected blue state soon enough. I will also help to buttress the Red! I vote.
  6. My Step father, who has passed on, owned a gun shop that was aimed mostly at hunters, rather than shooters. He had a metric shit ton of shotgun ammo, a lot of which was slugs. I've sold off a bunch of it, I still have some of it. It's mostly Brenneke slugs although there are a handful of Sabots. I'm hanging on to the sabots since I have a rifled barrel for one of my shotguns. I've got to gather it all up and get some idea of what I have. It's seriously just a bunch of different stuff. Great if you're outfitting a hog hunting party or your basic bug hunt, not so great if you're trying to keep things organized.
  7. NJ Jim is selling 9mm. He's up in Ewing, bit of a hike from Cherry Hill, but a good deal. I met him at CJRPC some years back. Good dude. I get down to the Inlaws in Cherry Hill every few months. I have a ton of slugs if you're interested. Cheap Flats of 12ga used to be cheap at Dicks. Not sure they even sell ammo any longer. Still, find a local vendor selling by the case. It's so heavy, it's not worth it to ship. Edit: Jim has just .223 sorry. I thought some it was 9mm
  8. I have bought almost all of my shotgun ammo at local shops and I was buying a LOT of it when I was shooting clays and trap all the time. I will often pick up a box here or there but when I'm buying 500+ at a time, it's all online. No one can compete. shrug. That said, I just bought over 5k rounds of ammo in various calibers from a guy on here yesterday. He was selling, I was buying and it was a price I couldn't refuse.
  9. I have bought from a bunch of different places. Cabelas, sportsman's guide, aimsurplus, midwayusa, brownells. I usually end up buying from Natchezss. You just have to watch for their shipping deals. I've also bought ammo on here from other members. If nothing else, you don't pay shipping and taxes.
  10. Wife and I quit on 6-3-2006. I used the smallest patch for a few months. She did the entire program, big, medium, small patch. Worked for us. I can't imagine how much money I've saved between the two of us. I suspect it's a 30k car at least.
  11. Eh, it sat in a parking lot in the rain. All the hep is washed off.
  12. While I cannot seem to find this particular device, it is almost certainly a vape machine as suggested above. It is simply a battery and a charging circuit. There is no memory, so it is not storage of any kind. The Datamatrix code on the battery is simply the same as the 290471740051 number above it. I attempted to charge it and it doesn't hold a charge, probably why I found it in a Home Depot parking lot. The posts to either side of the contact points are isolated so do not provide any electric conductivity. The PCB appears to be a simple charging circuit but there is a tiny speaker on the other side. It probably attaches to that shoulder things that goes up.
  13. It didn't pop up on the gui, the I ran isusb , saw nothing change whether plugged in or not. I have a better test box at work, I will try it on that one. Sure looks like a fit! Now to find the other part.
  14. They are not spring loaded.
  15. I agree. Strong possibility. I will cut it apart when I get back to the shop on Monday. Those silver dots are magnetic
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