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  1. You just send me down a rathole. I love biscuits and gravy. Even better, biscuits and gravy made now that still tastes good in 2058! And it's cheaper on Amazon prime than directly from Mountain house so I can have it in 2 days.
  2. Looks more and more like a Hatteras and south hit. The issue is the precip. We probably won't get the big winds but if does come ashore as a cat 2 in Hatteras, south Jersey will see 6-10 inches of rain. Probably half that in north Jersey. Again, by Sunday afternoon, they will have a really good handle on it. I'll take a cloudy breezy few days over heavy winds and massive rains. I don't think we skip out on it though, we're getting something, it's just a matter of severity at this point.
  3. We essentially have to wait until Sunday but Florence could hit from SC to NJ or recurve out to sea. Currently the target is Delmarva. That will probably change. There are atmospheric pieces in play that have to get just right to send this storm out to swim with the fishes, so there is a better chance that it will make landfall. All that aside, now is the time to get ready. Fill up the generator gas cans if you have a gas genset. Treat the fuel and you can use it for your snowblower if Florence whiffs right. This is already a powerful storm, so it's no joke wherever it goes.
  4. Nothing? Sad really. I'd prefer to sell this to someone local. Ah well.
  5. I have this Samsung 860 Evo, M.2. 500GB It was in a machine that started to have trouble, so as part of my diagnosis, I replaced it and sent the SSD back to Samsung. It wasn't the SSD that was having an issue, it was Adobe Illustrator and a new install of the OS on a different SSD proved that. In the meantime, Samsung sent it back to me and updated the firmware. I've got it on Ebay at the moment, but I really hate all the dorks on there that think I'm desperate to sell it or something. $90.00 Includes free shipping. Price this out yourself, this is a deal.
  6. And I'd do it as well. I think you're in my general region. For what it's worth, I had to build a machine this week and I need a case. I often just re-task old cases and put new guts inside. I'm out of cases at the moment, so I found this case on Newegg. It was discounted $20 bucks with a $25 mail in rebate(which I hate, but it is $25). It's this thermaltake V21 Cube. It's only for Micro ATX motherboards which are quite small motherboards, so instead of spending 20 seconds looking at the specs, I bought it. Not my money anyway, but meh, how bad can it be. HOLY SHEEP DUNG this thing is HUGE!! It's like a double wide mini-tower case. It has brackets for 21 fans. Yes, you read that right, 21 fans. I guess it's for mining crypto currency or something. GEEZUS.
  7. I should stop by here more often. I custom build machines all the time (2 this week!) for work, self and friends. I buy so much for work I get a decent vendor discount(nets out around 10%) off everything. I have been building PCs since the late 80s and had my own corporation for 5 years in the early 90s until I just couldn't compete any longer. These days, motherboards and memory timings are immaterial to real world performance and only matter if you're chasing benchmarks, just buy the rated spec for the motherboard and be done with it. SSDs are a must, preferably NVME and M.2s are just cleaner in the case. CPU is about the only genuine bottleneck these days so buy up to your budget. Unless you run 4k, a GTX1060 is enough, preferring 6GB but most people won't ever use that until games get way more complex.
  8. Congrats! I have family in Florida, I have friends in Florida, I have friends who are moving to Florida and friends who are working on it(looking for a place). If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion... All of them did numerous scouting trips and found ideal places for them. All of them also wrote off essentially the eastern part of the state along the coast, specially down towards Miami. The Keys are turning into something they haven't been. Largo is lost, Islamorada is next. Marathon and west are still ok. Fort Myers is too expensive. Pine Island though is still pretty good. If you're going to be around Disney, celebration is the way to go. The rest of Orlando is frankly just busting at the seams with growth. If you want a bargain, you need to go north of Tampa, up around Homosassa. Some great areas up that way and there's still a healthy gun culture. My Mom and sister live in the Villages. It's great if you want a retirement community. It's like going back in time. Manicured lawns, entertainment in the square at night and all the doctors you could ever need. Another friend is looking up in the Panhandle...not bad outside of the cities but some of the places are very remote. Good and bad, depending on if you like that kind of thing. I'd like to live about 20 miles outside of Wasilla AK, so nothing in Florida is remote enough for me! Enjoy when you finally get there. I've probably got NC in my future unless something bad happens, in which case I'm off to the great white north to become grizzly food.
  9. I Have the Graco X7. I've painted my house several times with it(Both Additions). Inside, out. It has been perfect. Always pump armor when you're done for the time. Not every day, but if you're painting for a few weeks and it's going back into storage. Stick to the .015 tips. When I was applying primer here, I didn't realize I had a .013 in and the wood was really sucking it up. I painted with a .015. The .013 I used for some cabinets. I borrowed a friend's X5 at one point about 7 years ago, bought the X7 in 2012 and the cart on the X7 is worth it. Shrug.
  10. There is a very real chance that the drywall will be damaged when the backsplash is removed. Repairs are _much_ easier if the cabinets aren't in place. I'd look at your contract and see what they are doing for you. If you're trashing the old cabinets, you can have 'em out in a few hours.
  11. Totally Awesome!
  12. WOW! First time I've heard of that one. That powder used to be worse than it is now, but make sure you scrub well. It can be very irritating to skin. Glad you're ok.
  13. He could have been in the final stage of moving. When I moved to NJ, I did a final load some months after I was already settled in, including the last batch of long guns. I _think_ I had my NJ DL before then, but it was over 20 years ago, so I'm not quite sure.
  14. People who have not lived outside of New Germany have no idea. It really isn't even a thought. Well, perhaps the thought might be "Who drives across the country WITHOUT a gun in the glovebox? That person would be insane!"
  15. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon and some of the others are quite busy. You have to try very to get away from people. Denali though. Greatest place on Earth I've been to. I just loved it there. You go 5 minutes down a trail and you're alone. You can then keep on going and never see anyone. It's magical as far as I'm concerned.