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  1. Thanks Tony, We have decided to go electric. I also read your restoration thread. Nice fix. The dash was a great touch. We will probably end up renting the place out at high season and having a cart pushes the rent higher.
  2. Yeah, but I'm in my early 50s. The turnover of everyone else is probably pretty high though
  3. If you've never been there, it's really hard to explain how nice it is. It's like stepping back into the 1950s. Everything is clean. Everything is nice. Everyone is friendly. No slums, no whump, whump, whump, whump sub woofers blasting the latest gansta rap and the only crime is when some old codger drunkenly runs his golf cart into the weeds. My boss's son is a Florida Highway Patrolman and he gets over to the Villages once a month or so. A few cart DUIs and he's done two fatalities from carts. Other than that, it's just the occasional silver alert.
  4. Thank you. Exactly the kind of information I'm looking for.
  5. The best thing is the parking! There is always somewhere for a cart.
  6. Geezus. Quote one of those out. Starts at 9799. Add a cup holder, and a 10 minute battery, $17k.
  7. Max dog size is 40lb. It's bigger at different properties. I don't mind, my Bichon can't get to 40lb. Speaking of...had a Fox visit us the other day. We've been seeing her a lot, but this was close and we stared at each other for 5 minutes. Was pretty cool.
  8. Range is always an issue with Electric, specially after a few years. Also, I don't think people understand how prevalent carts are in The Villages. Carts have their own lanes on the roads, their own pumps at gas stations, their own parking at restaurants, etc. It's the preferred method of travel inside The Villages. The Villages is pretty big at 32 Square Miles. You can live out the remainder of your days there and never leave and many people do just that. lol. Just don't get an STD which apparently is running rampant through the oldsters.
  9. That's probably a good idea although the gas ones are in for new belts, oil changes and the like a lot more than the Electric.
  10. The entire place is golf carts, 95% of people have one and there are around 150,000 residents. Many (most) of the people there are red staters not liberal bozos. The mix is probably 50/50 gas or electric. No one cares what you drive, I just want to make an informed decision.
  11. I am in the process of buying a home in The Villages Florida. It is a 55+ retirement community, golf cart accessible. Unfortunately, I'm not moving there for at least 5 years, unless I lose my job or something like that. Anyway, I don't know anything about golf carts, well, not really. I could probably fix one without a manual. I know motors, electricity and gears and that kind of thing. What I don't know is how much of a PITA these things are. Anyone have any experience with reliability? I know everyone seems to run Par-Car, Club Car, Yamaha and E-Z-Go. Seems like Yamaha would be a winner there. Electric or Gas? I know gas needs tune ups and oil changes, electric just seems easier but then batteries fail over time. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  12. Still for sale. It really is a great gun, I'm just getting out of 30.06
  13. Every kid I grew up with and every kid I've known who started driving found some way or another to seriously damage their vehicles. I was driving a 1977 Plymouth Arrow(in late 84) so when it got damaged, no one could tell. What a piece of garbage. The transmission crated at 82k. At that point, a lobe was wiped off the cam. The alternator had been replaced multiple times. Battery was shot. Burned a quart of oil every 1k miles. Exhaust system had rotted off and I clamped a thrush muffler under it. The only good thing about it, it was easy to push start. Completely used up at 82k miles...can you image that these days? sheesh.
  14. Get a https://vyncs.com/ I bought several for work vehicles. They work perfectly, assuming the kid doesn't pull it off. There are alerts for that though. My phone goes off when the vehicles are speeding. I'll also 2nd getting a dash cam. If your kid know everything is recorded, they will probably behave.
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