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  1. So you sent me down a rabbit hole. Do they actually sell Viagra in bodegas, obviously branded as something else. In fact, they do! I found this story https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wjvqbx/i-bought-a-bunch-of-gas-station-boner-pills-and-only-made-it-through-one A guy from Vice bought Rhino boner pills to see if they worked. Fainting and sweating later as well as a 90 minute unstoppable boner, his question was answered. LOL. Generics are all over the place these days, not sure who would risk their health taking that garbage. Blue Chew. Because he needed the money! Ohhh!.
  2. Ah, yes. So this is the most likely scenario. The problem is that the parents have to execute a Permit to Purchase a Pistol on a non roster firearm. I wonder if there is an "intent to bypass roster" law in Commiefornia? If not, then by all means, have the parents buy it from an FFL and transfer via FFL to his CA FFL of choice and take legal possession of it from said FFL, satisfying all state and federal gun laws. If these kinds of transfers get noticed, CA anti gun liberal douchebag politicians will probably start stumping around at campaign stops in front of microphones "WE NEED TO PLUG THE ROSTER LOOPHOLE!! IF IT SAVES JUST ONE CHILD, IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!"
  3. Malsua


    I suspect it will have about the same kind of range as FRS the difference however is that messages can hold at nodes for a bit and re-transmit if a path opens. I'm not sure how well that works in practice. We shall see. I fired it up this morning during my chores around town and there were no other nodes out there. It's a pretty new product so I don't expect to find it. It would have been neat though.
  4. Again, Irene did anywhere from 20 to 45 billion in damages, killed 66 people and flooded out everything about 30 miles inland all the way up into northern Vermont. The Army corps of Engineers had to build temporary bridges in areas that literally had no access as wide chasms were washed across roads in towns up into NY that had never had flooding in their history. People in NW Jersey in some areas lost power for up to 2 weeks. My town was down to two ways in or out. The other access roads were washed out completely. Sandy blasted the Jersey shore and gave me some wind for an evening and gas shortages for about a week. My power was out for 25 hours. Costs were estimate at 60 to 80 billion. Yes, much more expensive, mostly because it hit some of the most expensive real estate in the country, including NYC. Both Hurricanes hit NJ. Both were bad. There were a couple of storms that did miss us right before Sandy. Irene was a year earlier following on the heels of Lee which was minor but dumped a bunch of water and saturated everything causing Irene to have such a bad impact.
  5. Two things. Irene did not miss us, it made landfall in little egg harbor. Irene arguably did more damage to my area than Sandy did with rainfall totals from 10 to 17 inches. It washed out roads, culverts and had certain areas isolated. A 6 foot diameter pipe under Breakneck road couldn't handle the volume. The asphalt was still connected...hanging in space. with a 15 foot wide, 10 feet high void below it. We lost power for about 8 hours during Irene. As to your second point, nothing irritates me more than going to Home depot in JANUARY and not being able to buy an electric heater. As if winter is over or something. Oh, you might find something...some ridiculously expensive, goofy looking thing that no one bought or a few open boxes that probably don't work. I buy all that stuff online anymore. It's usually the same price or cheaper and I don't have to hunt for it or settle for something that is a POS.
  6. Malsua


    I'm headed to a Baltic Cruise in a few weeks. Wife, myself, sister and her spouse. I bought 4 gotennas. One for me, one for wife, one for sister and one as a repeater that I'm hanging off the deck 9 balcony. In the ship, if someone else brings 'em it'll do good, otherwise I expect the range to be sorta shitty. They showed up today, currently charging. My cabin is Deck 9, aft. so it will be hanging off the back of the boat probably 125 feet in the air. Line of sight to the boat should make the things work from pretty much miles away and relay to other units which may be blocked by buildings or whatever. We shall see. Sort of an expensive experiment, but fun nonetheless. These things pair with your phone via bluetooth and then communicate via RF to each other. It works where there is no cell service. Since I don't want to pay $10/day/phone in port and $12/day/phone on the ship, this actually is cheaper since it's a 12 day cruise. Phones will be on Airplane mode except bluetooth. Will be testing this weekend. In a real time of need, I could send the Mavic up about 400 feet with a gotenna repeater hanging off it. Line of sight on these things are said to make it up to 22 miles from a mountain top to flat area. Figure at 400 feet, the drone has a long line of sight.
  7. And just like that, we were jumping around like a bunch of Kansas city....
  8. I guess Handyman prefers using the old digit dig and scrub method. Me, if there's a hands free washing method, I'm in. Dry paper just ends up smearing. I'll take clean as a whistle like an old spice ad.
  9. I did watch a video of the mother and she looked about as poor white trash as they come. Probably a HUD loan on a property they can't afford. Checking Zillow, the cheapest property I see in Chesterfield Virginia is 207k, most averaging about 350k and a ton of properties 650k+ to well over a million. If you can even get a loan on a 350k house, you can afford a hotel for 6 weeks. It looks like about $1k in damages to me. A window, some drywall, simple green, rags, a broom and a shop vac. There is no structural damage to a home from a pistol. This isn't that Eastwood movie "The Gauntlet" .
  10. Naked and Blue hair. Poor kid, first view of some boobies and it's a meth head, bath salts skank.
  11. Love it. The things we could do before the world got so interconnected is just awesome
  12. My Acura hits the Speed limiter at 133. V6 Version. Gets there faster than this one, and right about 3k rpm, it does have 9 gears. The difference is getting up there and hanging in the left lane without worrying About losing your car and License for a Long time. My old race car would hit 124.5 in 1320 feet and that felt like it you were Right on the Edge of dying. heh. This was just a fun sprinty Little car.
  13. We usually get a Driver but the boss told me I could get a car, so i did. Second time driving in Germany, the last time was in a mini cooper club man that petered out at 180kph. This one had plenty more but i was running out of rpm. it also has a throaty Growl when you stand on it. it is a fun Little car, i wouldnät mind owning one back home. forgive the weird spelling and capitaliyation. German kezboard, everzthing is different and annozing.
  14. The coolest Thing is doing it for 10 minutes at a time. There was some construction and congestion on my route so Unlimited was limited, but still fun both Hands on the Wheel, was Pressing the phone to the Wheel with my thumb, so it was moving a bit.
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