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  1. The only thing I was going to add was that if it's spongy, sister some 2x6s in there. Cross as much of the span as possible, add some glue, lag or better yet, bolt it tight. If the joist is going to fail, it will fail in the middle 3rd all other things equal.
  2. So I'm down to 2 of these left. The Winchester 70 in 30.06 The Winchester 70 in .458 I think I'll close this thread out and start a new one with just those rifles.
  3. The .222 and the 12ga Franchi are gone. This leaves the Colt-Sauer The Winchester 70s in .270, 30.06, .458 The Franchi in 20ga with the extra poly choke barrel The .458 and Colt Sauer can be seen at Oak Ridge Firearms on RT23N in Oak Ridge.
  4. I bought 50 shares of AOBC just now. Not a big deal, probably sell it next week if it recovers.
  5. I think I'd wait to sell anything. Today is not a good day to get out of a position. Of course if today is the top of a freefall, well, so it goes. I expect an uptick though.
  6. So now I want to buy a Ruger American Line rifle. lol. What I actually want is to minimize my calibers again. I have had Ruger rifles in the past but got rid of them due to caliber. Maybe I should get a .308 and be done with it. I have a couple .308s already, so it'd be a fit.
  7. I believe the .270 is 1972. It is the oldest of them I believe. I have the dates on my other computer. There is no easy way to date a Winchester model 70 for all models. Some models are easy, some are vague. The serial number is G10390XX which I think makes it 1972. The .458 was super grade. I think that's the only one. I'll have to look again when I'm home.
  8. I've reduced the prices on these rifles and shotguns significantly. Priced to move. Where else can you buy a Semi-auto shotgun for that?
  9. So they want a digital version of STS033 but want you to contact your local PD anyway and then visit them later to pick up the final product? I've got an idea. How about we fill out the STS033, hand it to the PD, they fill in their ORI and scan it to the state? Why involve me in the process at all other than applying for the stupid thing in the first place?
  10. Malsua

    Antique revolvers

    All of these don't work although they aren't frozen. Not sure who would want them unless it's a museum. Thanks
  11. I have these three old revolvers. None are functional. All are in poor condition. Any thoughts? Any value? I suspect not. The largest is Harrington Richardson maybe a .25, larger than a .22. No idea on model. Has a patent date of Oct 4, 1887. The mid size is NY pistol co, new york. "Wide Awake". Also larger than. 22 Smallest is "blue jacket no 1." Pat mar 23, 1871. Looks like a .17. Very small
  12. We only had 15mbit dsl for years. Netflix and Hulu were fine. In the last 6 months, we got upgraded to 30mbit. We are a streaming only house now. We are usually one stream but occasionally two. No issues
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