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  1. Today, MM hit $155 a token and it is still climbing. I sold off 2 of them today at $99 each and recouped my initial outlay and made about $100. 3 hours later it was $150 a token! Ah well, I'm ahead and now it's all house money. My current holdings are sitting around $1500. Weeeeeeee
  2. Wrapping at the stall, new butcher paper during the rest and beef tallow at wrap and rest both add to the juicy quotient. I keep improving marginally every time, but good flavor is good flavor, so you won!
  3. Oh, sorry, I was wrong in my last post. I bought at about $8, it went up to $36 overnight. Down around $28 at the moment. WEEEEE!
  4. Does anyone follow Techlead on Youtube? He's a snarky crypto bear and pretty funny once you understand his sense of humor. He's a former Facebook and Google tech lead. He shits on crypto constantly, then launched a coin for Millionaires, like him. Again, if you watch his videos, you understand how funny that is. lol. I bought $100 of it yesterday, today it's worth double that. https://twitter.com/techleadhd/status/1410622194137243649 If you do buy any of it on uniswap, make sure you're using the right contract and not Mushroom or 1mt. https://milliontoken.org/ It's not a rugpull because he says it's not! LOL. That's the irony of it. I actually believe this guy :). It's $100, the worst that happens is I'm rugged to $10 because of the way he pegged liquidity. I've burned up $100 in ammo in an hour without a second thought, so I'll gamble on this one too!
  5. The blue state governors will step in and make sure this does not happen. You have to understand the goal here. The goal is not to get a landlord to pay taxes and such. The goal is to get rid of THAT landlord and replace them with one that is favored by the politicians. Remember that statement out of the World economic forum? "By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy" ? If you don't own it, who does? Their "strategic" partners. These same partners line the pockets of the politicians. Big money, deep pocket, mega corporations, many located in tax havens. How do they(blue state governors) transfer ownership of your property to them, specially income generating properties? They drive your income to zero on the property, force you to either pay the taxes out of pocket or surrender the property at fire sale prices. Which will most do? They will hand over the keys and walk away. Mega bucks corp walks in, buys up the rental units, pays the back taxes and starts charging rent again. It is at this point that the "moratorium" on rents will disappear and goon squads will be on hand to move out anyone who isn't paying.
  6. I wrap with butcher paper at the stall, usually around 165. Looking for pooling, proper bark, etc. Pull at 203. Unwrap after pull, wait until 185. Re-wrap with new paper, add tallow and place in cooler. Wait
  7. Ok, It was 3 weeks ago that we accepted an offer on our NJ house but we became residents of Florida on the 12th of April. All my full caps mags and I were reunited as I exiled them to my sister's place in FL right as the law changed. I gave them all hugs and stroked them for they were very patient waiting for daddy to come home.
  8. Awesome, sounds great. Just for what it's worth, I've tweaked a little bit and improved. I have always wrapped for the rest. What I was not doing was waiting long enough for the wrap. I want an internal temp of 185, then wrap with tallow and rest at _LEAST_ 3 hours in a good cooler. If the internal temp gets below 140, put in oven at 150. It's critical that you don't wrap too soon, it really has bumped it up a notch in juicy.
  9. I don't understand why anyone would use Robinhood in the first place. What's so special about it? There's nothing there that I can't do with Vanguard or Ameritrade or one of the others. Because it's an App? Low/no fees? They started forcibly liquidating people when the hedgies needed liquidity. You couldn't buy. I would have been out of there the next moment.
  10. A friend had an early 90s Bronco. The full sized deal. What a rusty pile of garbage. I hope by now it's made it over to china and been recycled into rubber dog shit and dildos. I can't image the pain someone would have if they still had to deal with that piece of junk. Hell, my 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 didn't rust nearly as bad as that Bronco! My dad had an 86 Bronco II. It got flopped twice. My step mother flopped it on the driver side, got it fixed and about 2 months later my step brother flopped it on the passenger size. My dad bought these huge tires for it with these spongy super tall sidewalls. The steps were from the city, didn't have a clue how to drive and it showed.
  11. I know I'm late to this thread, but this is how it's done. You could also leave the windows down in the rain and the mildew smell will override the smoke smell.
  12. So Warren buffett has a saying. “Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” I have been greedily buying up shitcoins! I upped my stake in Dogelon from 200,000,000 tokens to just about 1,500,000,000. You can buy it on Kucoin now instead of uniswap. I did also buy a little bit more safemoon just to get my numbers even up. I bought 500 billion Rocket Bunny tokens for like $25 on uniswap. It's a cool deflationary token and every time I look, my quantity of tokens is higher. Of course they did start out with 777,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, so there's a _LONG_ way to go to get rid of some of these zeros. In a few years, it could deflate half a dozen zeros and turn into some real money. When the market turns around, all of these tokens, which are run by decent dev teams, should remove a few zeros from the right of the decimal point. I also have been dollar cost averaging into BTC so I'm sorta buying all these dips and drops. I did up my stake in Cardano too. Just for what it's worth, I have less than $250 in all my shitcoins purchases, so it's not like I'm really gambling real money. Feels a bit like a lottery ticket so it's fun to watch. Shrug.
  13. Ah, Arruda Terrace. Villa complex just off of 466. I pass there every time I go to Sumter. It's about 5 minutes from the new house and a little more from the other place. Escobar is kind of a barren area. Needs more landscaping but still there is no real bad place down there. I wish I had a place to wrench on a car, but ah well, next life I guess. I"ll settle for cart rides and no snow. When I do get something 450HP or more, I'll just get a sticker "Bought, not built"
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