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  1. Hey guys just an update on the Police Academy for those interested.... to explain it in one word..Exhausted lol. Up at 4am on the track running by 545am and finish up PT at 7. Shower/s***/shave, raise flags at 8, sit in class until 5 pm. hahaha just taking it one class/hour/day at a time and December will be here before I know it . I am looking forward to next month though...get to spend a week and a half on the range and shoot 1500 rounds that I didn't have to buy!
  2. Mine is the logo for SEAL Team 7. My best friend's bro is a SWO1 with team 7 and he is over there right now.... it'll be up until his safe return
  3. I am no longer a resident on NJ. Signed my lease, switched my residency to Central VA and I start the Police Academy on Wednesday. I appreciate NJGF and all the great advice (and guns) from the members here. It would be great if you could send some prayers and thoughts my way as the next year of my life will consist of academy and field training. I intend to remain a member on here, although not quite as active as before. See you guys on the forum! -Dave
  4. Hornady T.A.P in the SIG and Gold Dots in the Glock
  5. Just an update on the situation here... I called SIG customer service yesterday morning and talked to a very nice gentleman named Scott. He gave me his email address and told me to forward pictures of the slide and he'll have a gunsmith look and see what he (gunsmith) thinks. Checked my email today and there was a Next-Day Air shipping slip and a promise of having it back within 3 weeks. +1 for the good folks at SIG and +1 to Ted (Junkmanted) for offering to take a look at it.
  6. There is much that Shefiff Joe does that NJ Sheriff's wouldn't dream of... Like his "Tent City". Surplus military tents set up in a lot next to the jail that house prisoners.. and when they complained about the Arizona heat he pretty much said "Our soldiers in Iraq are i the same tents, wearing body armor, and in 120 DEGREE HEAT. So shut up." Gotta love Sheriff Joe
  7. I just may take you up on that, thank you! And thanks for the encouraging words guys, looks like the SIG may live again
  8. This sucks. I got back from the range today and began my pistol cleaning. But oh this time was different, instead of completely disassembling my SIG P226 at my work bench, I walked to my kitchen to get a drink with the pistol (slide locked back, disassembly lever down) and for some reason that I still don't know (other than my idiocy) I actuated the slide release without thinking on my way back to the work bench. FLING, CRASH, BANG. Slide comes off the pistol and hits the tile. My first concern/thought was "Oh crap, I cracked the tile" but to my surpise.. no crack to be found. After a quick visual inspection of the slide/barrel I surmised all was well. Cleaned the pistol and went to put it all together but THE SLIDE WILL NOT FIT THE FRAME! After sitting there trying to fit it on and cursing under my breath I came to the conclusion that the slide bent in diagonally just enough to not fit anymore. To be honest I don't even know where the damage is on the slide because visually it is ok but the darn thing won't fit. Now the question is... what should my course of action be. Gunsmith.... Contacting SIG..... or just trying to buy a new slide (is this possible). So if you can, put yourself in my shoes and drop a word of advice. This really sucks :oops:
  9. Because they are American citizens just like you and I. Contrary to popular belief, police officers are not auto-tron, ticket writing, arrest making machines. They are individuals called to a profession and work their prescribed shifts just like you and I. They have parents, spouses, children, and problems. They work shifts that others wouldn't dream of working and deal with issues most would rather turn a blind eye to. Unless they are troopers, who test annually on their physical fitness, some police officers put physical fitness on the "back-burner" due to everyday life, just like the rest of our society. This is not an excuse, just reality. When I go to the Academy this July, PT is first thing in the morning and I hope to keep that a habit after graduation to not let you down
  10. Anyone have any experience with MarineTex that they would care to share? This http://www.snipercentral.com/forums/vie ... hp?t=15000 is pretty much a 'how-to' but if any NJGF guys have experience with it or something like it, advice would be appreciated. Oh and I'm looking to this to my plain jane Savage 10FP stock
  11. HEY! HEY! HEYHEYHEY! More Blueshirts fans!!
  12. I hope it would be! that's a tad bigger than a .50 haha *5.56*
  13. Hawks in 5... any other hockey guys out there?
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