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  1. Very nice PB. I like the Xicar knives. Gonna check them out. I like knives as well my collection is a little all over. I have an Emerson HD7 from 2003. EDC’d this for years. HD7 from 2017. Chris Reeves Tanked large Sebenza, Strider SNG, Rick Hinderer XM18 flipper (my first, okay but expected a little more for the $$) had a Spyderco WTC knife and sold it like an idiot. Have all three versions of the Spyderco D’Allara ( drop point, DP half serrated and full serrated), two or three other Spyderco’s also. Can’t remember the models. Just picked up my second Chris Reeves Sebenza large 21. It’s a Tanto Blade Make and I’m very impressed with it.
  2. Who did your u go with?
  3. I use a prong collar and an e-collar. The prong collar stops him from pulling and the e collar is there just because. Just having the e-collar on, let’s him know what time it is.
  4. I second this. I got my dog there and he is high strung. He gets bored easy. I fenced in a half acre for him and he plays a lot. We do a lot in the yard with him. His big things: his ball on a rope, his nyla bone and ice cubes.
  5. Agreed. Green Leaf in Millstone is Good. Not cheap but I got my GSD in line.
  6. I only have the case. Actually, I think I might’ve sold it. Somebody saw this post and sent me a msg.
  7. I have 500 rounds of 168gr federal premium match. $375
  8. Got a case of 9 & 556?

    And if you do can we do it on Saturday since it took me 2.5 hrs to get to Jackson during the week. :(

    1. SmittyMHS


      My bad..buy a case I mean 1000

  9. Yeah. Rentals are $200 and that’s not bad. Take a day off from work and no issues.
  10. There are considerations to be looked at. How much you will go over and how much will that cost? Most leases are $.25 a mile, so 4K is $1000 Buying the car out at the end of the lease. Using ut until the mileage is at the rate negotiated and then handing them back the vehicle and just pay the rest of the cost of the lease. Only you can decide which is best for you. Buying the car IMO will you depend really on the car. If I was driving a lot to work (which I do), I know I’d want something good on fuel, comfortable and likely a Honda Accord.
  11. Da/sa or you looking for LEM?
  12. I will say the ride of the Raptor (gen2) is a lot more like a 3/4 ton truck. Nothing like a half ton imo. All half tons feel like they are cars compared to 3/4 + ton trucks. Ive had all kinds but wouldn’t buy another 3/4 ton truck unless I absolutely needed it for towing or plowing. They aren’t cheap, fuel mileage is usually crap unloaded. Depends on your needs really. That being said, the Fords look the best imo. Haven’t been up on the diesel wars lately but i think the 6.7l is a ford motor and not Navistar. Assume Dodge is still using a Cummins and Chevy still using that Isuzu motor/ Allison trans combo?
  13. Wow. Didn’t know that. I heard some great things about that diesel. The JGC people raved about them. I know somebody getting good mileage in an express with the 8 speed trans. 20mpg +\-
  14. I have had quite a few trucks. My personal preference is Ford. Dodge gives you best bang for your buck. Chevy is shite imo. Yiu may like oil burning but you’ll pay dearly for it. Dodge has a diesel in the 1500. Heard it’s great.
  15. I have a 211. Great welder. All in, with a cart, bottle etc will be around $1500 I think they are running a special now on welders.