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  1. Pre-emergent sprays don’t usually affect seed. Tenacity didn’t in my case.
  2. First mow, I’ve mowed 3 times already.
  3. I have a few I could get rid of. Send me a pm and we can discuss.
  4. Very affordable options for sure. The blade material seems to be one of the factor for people to complain about. I like that the Asada and Flatiron are framelocks.
  5. bringing this back to the top. That Gerber Cleaver looks nice. Recently saw the Spyderco Stovepipe and it’s looks good too
  6. send me a pm. i have a key guy. 150+ and he will set you up.
  7. WTS Like New Surefire light set up. the x300u-b is the ultra with 1000 lumens. comes with normal battery door to be mounted on a handgun. Included is the XT07 switch with gives you the ability to still toggle like the handgun, but also a remote switch and momentary pressure switch for mounting on rifles with rails. bought it and haven’t used it. you get everything pictures as well as the packaging. The XT07 and light retail for $550 I’m selling at $300 no trades
  8. bry@n

    kimber revolver

    Just something about Taurus that makes me not even consider them.
  9. bry@n

    kimber revolver

    I have been checking them out. Really look nice. Would love to shoot one prior to buying though.
  10. So recently went through the qual process. I practiced 4-5 times in a week and a half. Knocked the rust off and just basically went through the fundamentals. 100% there is plenty of time. I saw lots of people unprepared.
  11. Very tempting because the p30v1 is such a great gun. What do you think the difference would be for a 43x?
  12. Post a pic of glock 19x here. You can’t receive messages. 

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