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  1. @Ray Ray my man Yiu always have to resort to the same ole routine. I think secretly you wish you would have thought of the idea or are you mad because I got with more girls my senior year in high school then you have in your lifetime?
  2. The arguments over the laws and so many keyboard lawyers. Too many hobbies. I can go to another for enjoyment without the bs.
  3. Where does @Ray Ray come up with this crap. Talk about feel good post. Were you menstrating when you started this thread?
  4. I have Federal 124 grain brass ammo for $190
  5. Steel and IPSC are fun. This is just different. You cant win a gun at a local event. At the very least, this is a lottery for a gun and you get to throw rounds down range. It also gets people new to the sport involved in matches.
  6. Topton is in Aug. send me a msg with RO results.
  7. I've done this every which way. The way that worked best for me is another cell. I just added a line to my plan, used an older phone so it was just service that I paid for. Got a good set if headphones and I'm set. One thing to to consider is asking the company to provide you with an IP set. They likely may use VoIP and if they do, it's pretty easy. You'll likely vpn into the network as well.
  8. I'll stop by at some point. Was going to call Joe and see if they needed a hand setting up
  9. Had no idea you had a 4 eyed fox body. Looks sweet. Really enjoy the entries.
  10. Nice!!!! I see the the playboy bunny.
  11. All I'm saying is that 9 and 40 are the same cost to me right now.
  12. Agreed, great truck. New trucks are way to heavy and wider now. I just have an issue putting that much into something and never being able to get it back out. What part of the state are you located? I assume you're familiar with the lightning forums.
  13. Lately I've been EDCing an Emerson HD7 or a Hinderer flipper.
  14. Yes sir.
  15. My vote would be the Steiner. I have one and I like it very much.