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  1. It’s the lock n load. Had case feeder and dies for 45acp. Idk. Make me a reasonable offer. Not looking to gouge anybody.
  2. I have a Hornady lock n load I’m going to part with if you’re interested.
  3. I’d consider selling mine. I don’t think I’ve even shot it.
  4. I got one for a buddy with a 19 ram 1500 w/ 6.5’ bed. The bakflip was like $775 delivered and we installed it in like 30 min. Realtruck.com.
  5. Yeah they look bland and I’m not a fan of caps on pickup beds. I did however use several work trucks with caps and they were incredibly functional. So it comes down to form over function.
  6. I had an 18 Raptor and wasn’t overly impressed. Great for a toy but if you need it to act like a pickup/ haul it doesn’t do a great job. So it comes down to what you really need/ want it for. Overall I had it for 9 months and 9k on it and only lost $2500 in the deal. So to rent one for $2500 for 9 months was good to me.
  7. I used the bakflip trifold and the revolver X4. I prefer the trifold but forgot he model. Think it’s the mx4 or something. What truck are you buying? I paid roughly $750 for mine using forum discounts.
  8. DiFara pizza. Ave j and 15th st. Look up barstool. Awesome
  9. I have Snap-On impacts and went to the Milwaukee for 1/2”. I still use my SO 3/8 14v impact with 18v battery with good luck. I also have a 14vv smaller 3/8@ thatnis great from SO. Depends on what you’re doing. Hard to beat Milwaukee. Mac and Matco are rebranding the Dewalt.
  10. Wow. Just spoke to Ron about his daughter when I posted this. Hadn’t followed back up with him since the holidays. Ron was a good guy and veteran who was exposed to agent orange. May he RIP andnorayers tonhis family. I’m going to attempt making the services after work. Anybody who would like to meet up, pm me and I’ll pass along my number.
  11. My MIL has a crv 1.5 exl and no issues. Lives on the Long Island, so everything is a short trip and she’s retired so... I’ll chk the oil when I see her this week.
  12. Thank you everyone. Every little bit helps. If if I can figure out a way to do some sort of raffle without putting anybody at risk I will. I wonder if it’s all done as a donation if it will work. Not sure.
  13. Thanks everyone. I think if we took it off the forum or put it behind a password protected forum, we could do it. Maybe everyone sends 5-10$ to be part of a club. As a member, names get pulled out of a hat for being awesome. Lol
  14. I’m aware of this. I’m actually looking into what is required. The pther option is to do it auction styke style. We did this in the past as well
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