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  1. I have a reader if you wanna stop by.
  2. Why not buy a p228?
  3. Congrats Bob. Looks great.
  4. I meant class 3, just a typo
  5. Yes. There are likely a few FFL 03 in NJ
  6. Only to LE dept’s Frank. Next run down south I’ll give you a call. How you been?
  7. I bought the Milwaukee hedge trimmer and blower. The blower I bought for detailing cars and don’t care for it at all. The hedge trimmer worked great. I also use a Redmax 7500 Blower for normal lawn duty, scarf tiger cat and stihl weedwacker. So I tend to use commercial equipment so it lasts. This blower is not what I thought I was getting. Shoukdve returned but but I took too long to decide.
  8. No class three rentals. Illegal in the state of Nj.
  9. Anybody tried battery powere blowers, weed wacker and hedge trimmers?
  10. Tensioner spring broke on me at about 1/4 acre. Need a new one today to finish up the other 3/4. Was passed. At at least I wired up my trailer with a new harness and lights. Ended in a productive day.
  11. Early in the season I cut about 3.5” because the lawn is growing quickly. I have cut my lawn 4-5 times already. My lawn is very green also. Been green for two months. Right now I’m on 4” and by the middle of June I will be at 4.5”. This pic is from a few weeks ago couple of patches here and there I need to work on from the winter but overall I’m okay
  12. Guys are killing me.
  13. They were likely dumped or moved. The P228 is the greatest Sig ever created.
  14. My wife had a very close thing happen to her. Involved my wife and my cousin. My wife had her door opened up putting her pocket book inside the 4Runner, they kissed and my cousin got in her H3 and drove off. Taking my wife’s door with her. H3 has those bump out for the wheel wells. We argued for a few weeks. Strained the relationship for sure and eventually ended badly. I called my Allstate agent and asked advise. She told me it’s a he said/ she said. We ended up splitting all damage down the middle. Id simply hand it into the insurance company. They were likely aware of it since a report was made. They could also deny because they weren’t notified