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  1. So recently went through the qual process. I practiced 4-5 times in a week and a half. Knocked the rust off and just basically went through the fundamentals. 100% there is plenty of time. I saw lots of people unprepared.
  2. Very tempting because the p30v1 is such a great gun. What do you think the difference would be for a 43x?
  3. Post a pic of glock 19x here. You can’t receive messages. 

  4. I have a new and used one. I can afford to sell one. Lmk.
  5. It’s the lock n load. Had case feeder and dies for 45acp. Idk. Make me a reasonable offer. Not looking to gouge anybody.
  6. I have a Hornady lock n load I’m going to part with if you’re interested.
  7. I’d consider selling mine. I don’t think I’ve even shot it.
  8. I got one for a buddy with a 19 ram 1500 w/ 6.5’ bed. The bakflip was like $775 delivered and we installed it in like 30 min. Realtruck.com.
  9. Yeah they look bland and I’m not a fan of caps on pickup beds. I did however use several work trucks with caps and they were incredibly functional. So it comes down to form over function.
  10. I had an 18 Raptor and wasn’t overly impressed. Great for a toy but if you need it to act like a pickup/ haul it doesn’t do a great job. So it comes down to what you really need/ want it for. Overall I had it for 9 months and 9k on it and only lost $2500 in the deal. So to rent one for $2500 for 9 months was good to me.
  11. I used the bakflip trifold and the revolver X4. I prefer the trifold but forgot he model. Think it’s the mx4 or something. What truck are you buying? I paid roughly $750 for mine using forum discounts.
  12. DiFara pizza. Ave j and 15th st. Look up barstool. Awesome
  13. I have Snap-On impacts and went to the Milwaukee for 1/2”. I still use my SO 3/8 14v impact with 18v battery with good luck. I also have a 14vv smaller 3/[email protected] thatnis great from SO. Depends on what you’re doing. Hard to beat Milwaukee. Mac and Matco are rebranding the Dewalt.
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