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  1. Where is Quinton? Im interested in checking the place out. Thanks
  2. Guys. I spoke with Shawn last night. He seemed pretty cool and stayed the article was misquoted re: hollow point ammo. The explosive ammo was re: tracer rounds. With GFH's expansion, I think it's possible they'll have a rough go of it. It all depends. GFH is a nice range, with an owner that is diehard 2A, gives back to the community/ also 2A community and all around nice guy. That's a hard combo to over come. I assume, they'll be catering to different markets.
  3. Better question is when am I not. Always available to meet. I can meet right now if need be.
  4. Look at my fs thread. Same price, no hassle of dealing with rebates. No limitations either. Buy 4 or more and I will discount.
  5. You could always shop local and get the ammo from me for roughly same cost and avoid the hassle of the rebate folks.
  6. Buy mine. It's s Hornady lock n load. All bells and whistles. Used 3 times
  7. I explained to you how to do this in my post above. Where in nj are you?
  8. I'll save you the call to GSSC. While it's rated to 50bmg, I believe 300 win is largest caliber allowed. Noise and blow back should be considered. I'd shoot it out doors personally.
  9. TBill gave good info but possibly made it more confusing for you. What you need is some to run a jack from the wall near the modem and wire it to the 66 block. Then you just plug a line cord into the wall from the modem. That simple. I have the tools and most equipment. If your close, you can borrow and I may be able to help. Funny, I gave the house wired and use cordless everywhere. Just easier. Only reason to hardware something is the alarm.
  10. I have a SW 617 4" I'm going to sell. It'll be more than 2-300 though.
  11. @Ray Ray my man Yiu always have to resort to the same ole routine. I think secretly you wish you would have thought of the idea or are you mad because I got with more girls my senior year in high school then you have in your lifetime?
  12. The arguments over the laws and so many keyboard lawyers. Too many hobbies. I can go to another for enjoyment without the bs.
  13. Where does @Ray Ray come up with this crap. Talk about feel good post. Were you menstrating when you started this thread?
  14. I have Federal 124 grain brass ammo for $190
  15. Steel and IPSC are fun. This is just different. You cant win a gun at a local event. At the very least, this is a lottery for a gun and you get to throw rounds down range. It also gets people new to the sport involved in matches.