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  1. I will say the ride of the Raptor (gen2) is a lot more like a 3/4 ton truck. Nothing like a half ton imo. All half tons feel like they are cars compared to 3/4 + ton trucks. Ive had all kinds but wouldn’t buy another 3/4 ton truck unless I absolutely needed it for towing or plowing. They aren’t cheap, fuel mileage is usually crap unloaded. Depends on your needs really. That being said, the Fords look the best imo. Haven’t been up on the diesel wars lately but i think the 6.7l is a ford motor and not Navistar. Assume Dodge is still using a Cummins and Chevy still using that Isuzu motor/ Allison trans combo?
  2. Wow. Didn’t know that. I heard some great things about that diesel. The JGC people raved about them. I know somebody getting good mileage in an express with the 8 speed trans. 20mpg +\-
  3. I have had quite a few trucks. My personal preference is Ford. Dodge gives you best bang for your buck. Chevy is shite imo. Yiu may like oil burning but you’ll pay dearly for it. Dodge has a diesel in the 1500. Heard it’s great.
  4. I have a 211. Great welder. All in, with a cart, bottle etc will be around $1500 I think they are running a special now on welders.
  5. Well, for one most rebates require a receipt. There is no receipts. However, the UPC codes are usually intact. So if you only need a upc, then your gtg.
  6. I own a 2016 with the 2.7L and have no issues. Towed 7k without issue and us great on fuel. I've owned my fair share of both Ford and Dodge. I prefer Ford but you get more for your money with Dodge.
  7. Has anybody had good luck with that Ammo? i ask because it’s really not federal. It’s Independence loaded to Federal spec.
  8. How much you looking for?
  9. Where is Quinton? Im interested in checking the place out. Thanks
  10. Guys. I spoke with Shawn last night. He seemed pretty cool and stayed the article was misquoted re: hollow point ammo. The explosive ammo was re: tracer rounds. With GFH's expansion, I think it's possible they'll have a rough go of it. It all depends. GFH is a nice range, with an owner that is diehard 2A, gives back to the community/ also 2A community and all around nice guy. That's a hard combo to over come. I assume, they'll be catering to different markets.
  11. Better question is when am I not. Always available to meet. I can meet right now if need be.
  12. Look at my fs thread. Same price, no hassle of dealing with rebates. No limitations either. Buy 4 or more and I will discount.
  13. You could always shop local and get the ammo from me for roughly same cost and avoid the hassle of the rebate folks.
  14. Buy mine. It's s Hornady lock n load. All bells and whistles. Used 3 times