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  1. Had no idea you had a 4 eyed fox body. Looks sweet. Really enjoy the entries.
  2. Nice!!!! I see the the playboy bunny.
  3. All I'm saying is that 9 and 40 are the same cost to me right now.
  4. Agreed, great truck. New trucks are way to heavy and wider now. I just have an issue putting that much into something and never being able to get it back out. What part of the state are you located? I assume you're familiar with the lightning forums.
  5. Lately I've been EDCing an Emerson HD7 or a Hinderer flipper.
  6. Yes sir.
  7. My vote would be the Steiner. I have one and I like it very much.
  8. If you can't afford the payment then wait. As far as guns go, sell what you don't use. They are just a tool (most are) and no different than a ratchet. Thinking a about doing the motor in the lightning. 20k easy and has me double thinking. Put that down in a GT350 that I can get at msrp. Seriously, the gun market is soft, not the time to sell if you don't need to.
  9. Realistically, if you're far away, why would they respond. Time, tolls and gas should factor in as well.
  10. Garden State Shooting Center has one
  11. Thanks High Exposure. Already sent email. Thank you very much.
  12. I'm prior service, so that may be a smart idea.
  13. Thanks Guys. I like SC. I know Ted and Rob well. I'll give them a call Tuesday to see what they have. Just in case, please keep the ideas coming.
  14. Hey gang. I remember these going for $385 a while back. Looking to buy a new one and all I see is $435.xx. Is that the going rate now?
  15. I think I'll be sending one in. Have to see.