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  1. Chris, Sounds like you've already made up your mind but don't ever buy an Armscor M1600. I bought one years ago and it's a piece of crap. Stick with a S&W 15-22 or a SIG 522 if you want to save a little bit of money on the purchase. --Daniel
  2. Take a number pal & get in line. :naughty: I wish I had fondling privileges with her too. :mrgreen: Sadly though I don't. However, she charges $250 per hour for studio modeling, $375 an hour for on-site work and nude shots are $1,000 per hour because she doesn't want to get paid to be nekkid. She posed nekkid with several of my SIGs once...but that was after she killed most of a bottle of Stoli by herself. I've been told that I'm a dead man 3x over if I ever show those pics to anyone. :shock: --Daniel
  3. Why did you punch your daughter in the nose? :naughty: Just kidding. Glad everything worked out OK today --Daniel
  4. Anyone seen the GSG-1911 in stock anywhere? I'd like to fondle it before buying one. --Daniel
  5. As a RSO, I have occasionally been offered a tip. The reasons vary...sometimes it's for keeping things running smoothly for a particular group when the range is busy, sometimes it's for unjamming a firearm or removing a squib load, sometimes it's for showing them how to clean or disassemble their firearm. Generally it's for making their shooting experience a more pleasant one. It's common with groups that include new shooters or spouses/girlfriends who are scared of guns. I look at tipping as a sign that the RSOs are doing their job well and providing excellent customer service. A few of the regular customers call on their way to the range to see if the RSO needs a coffee or a cold soda. That's a nice form of recognition too. --Daniel
  6. When asked if I have a weapon in the car, I've always been tempted to answer, "No, but I have SIG Sauer Safety & Rescue Equipment on-board." --Daniel
  7. I have a friend who models. She trades me pics in exchange for shooting my SIGs. I used to have a headshot of her as my avatar but she thought it didn't properly show off her assets. --Daniel
  8. yep. no need to 'splain. I disagree. If I came home with her butt cheek prints on the hood of my car, I'd certainly have some 'splainin to do. :mrgreen: --Daniel
  9. I can't tell what it is? Thanx! --Daniel
  10. Drum roll please... 1. Eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And considering that a valid meal. 2. Sundays dedicated to your roommates slowly filtering in from walks of shame. 3. Coffee at 9
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1270271/Beautiful-women-bad-health-raise-stress-hormones.html# How a beautiful stranger will send a man
  12. I lost 23 lbs in four weeks last year using this detox diet. It was basically effortless by the third day. http://dailybenefit.com/detoxdiet.php --Daniel
  13. Liberty, it sucks this hit so close to home... but the good news is that in a short time, it'll fade into a distant memory. Kiss the wife, hug the kids & pet the dog if you have one. And don't click on the link below.
  14. I think we're probably considered old either way. --Daniel
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