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  1. Yea it's only 1 of the 2 references it's happening with. And he says he tried a different browser and different computer as well as trying on his phone with no success. Going to have to contact state police again about it.
  2. Did the online system Monday. 1 of my references says he keeps getting an error when trying to submit the reference sheet. Tried calling state police today and need to wait for a supervisor that might know more about it bc nobody knew why it might not work... of course just when I thought this might make it easier.
  3. Has anyone used one of these? How does it compare to the psa cheap line? I know their not great but for a cheap plinker it might do
  4. I believe a dealer cannot sell mags over 10 rounds anymore. However a private sale i think you still can. Unless someone has proof im wrong here.
  5. I used the mount it came on. Was comfortable to use from the start with the taller mount, plus you can co witness i believe lower 1/3 with it. But the glass is very clear on it, no hazyness like some cheap red dots have. Im happy with it.
  6. I mounted zeroed and shot with it this afternoon. Im happy with it so far. Seems to be a solid red dot. Im happy with the purchase and i think ill get a second at this price for another plinker.
  7. I just got the sig romeo 5 yesterday, it seems very well built so far. Hoping to get to mount it tomorrow or thursday on a new purchase and try it out. The price is too good to pass up on giving it a chance.
  8. I have 5 glock 19, 15 rd kci mags. They are aftermarket kci mags not factory mags. Im not sure if ive ever used them, maybe 1 time if anything and they have sat in an ammo can and never came out for years now. Also i have 1 aftermarket glock 15rd .40 mag. Free for anyone who will put them to use. However, you must pick them up i wont ship them. Pickup in either wayne or stanhope.
  9. Thank you again, pleasure doing business with you.
  10. Im in the scrap industry, i have a yard in Byram and can pick up the car and still pay you for it. I will pm you. And for anyone else interested dont hesitate to ask.
  11. If BobA doesnt take it i can come tomorrow evening and get it. Thanks.
  12. Where are you located i might be able to help recommend someone if your in north Jersey. I work in the scrap metal industry and buy the steel tanks from people who remove them.
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