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  1. Thanks bully I'll check on a comp and get that and try. I look here on my phone so dont normally see a sig.
  2. Sorry to bring back an old sale, does anyone have a way to get in touch with Blake to see if this is sold? I tried to PM but wont let me PM him.
  3. I see the 9mm is coming soon. Is it going to have a last round bolt hold open? How soon till these are available?
  4. Would be nice to get a regular meetup going in north jersey.
  5. chris327

    MP5 Variants

    The long barrel doesnt look the best sure. But for mp5 variants in nj theres minimal choices. I think I'm going to get one just for a range fun gun.
  6. Nevermind the performance aspects of it just for fun factor I want one. Any NJ ffl taking or transferring them yet? Rather not be the ffls first and have them unsure on legality.
  7. Just curious has nics caught back up or still delays?
  8. chris327

    MP5 Variants

    It's the same gun as the 608 but comes with ets 10 rd plastic mags. The 608 is legal just has 30 rd mags that would need to be pinned and is in stock when the nj model is not in stock anywhere.
  9. chris327

    MP5 Variants

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but has anyone gotten a ptr mp5 rifle by now? It's the ptr 608 model and is nj legal out of the box.
  10. Is it a gunk or just light brown streaks that brush off? I had light brown streaks almost like a powder on them. It was rust in the washer in a spot of the tub that the porcelain coating chipped off. Got a little porcelain filler and painted a few coats on and all good.
  11. It's a good price. Can find them several places I'm the $380's. Thanks though
  12. I have no problem with you bringing the issues up. Like I said I want the place to succeed as its soo close to me. I just dont see it lasting. It's mostly customer service issues imo. The sweeping brass right into the pit as you shoot is annoying. And when your waiting and 5 or 6 employees are standing talking for a few minutes and then start to help you after you waited a for 5 minutes is quite annoying. And its probably something management or owners dont even know. But it's happened to me on 2 of my 3 trips there. And like I said maks I pass there multiple nights a week and have shot on multiple weeknights and on a Sunday afternoon there. 1 of the weeknights there was 1 other lane occupied at around 7:30-8pm. The other time just 3 lanes occupied. On a Sunday afternoon there were maybe 7 lanes occupied. I hope it's enough but I dont see it being enough volume to last. If theres anything I can do to help them improve I'd be willing to.
  13. Figured them. I'm 5 min away also and I have shot there and it's a bit expensive but convenient for the range. I wondered why it was always empty as I pass the place a few nights a week. It's a bit pricey and it's annoying you need to buy a $10 membership card just to shoot there. Annoying also how multiple employees will be at the counter and you wait for 1 to set you up with range time as they help someone else and the other employees stand there talking. They also sweep your brass into a pit as you shoot and its lost. I hope they make some customer service improvements there as it's so close and would like the place to stick around. But I just dont see the place lasting very long to be honest.
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