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  1. So far ive got a 19ls slide and barrel, Alex plunger and no fail extractor. Vickers slide stop and mag release. A ghost 3.5 connector and an ssvi trigger. Comp, rmr, and sealing plate should be here this week to finish it up.
  2. Will do, hopefully mid week the last of its here. Thanks for the input everyone.
  3. Thanks but i actually ordered an agency arms comp before. After looking and seeing they claim no need to change your recoil spring figured its worth that a shot. Plus the ability to put your front sight on the comp might be cool. Hopefully by mid week i have the remaining parts and can give it a range test. That's the sealing plate i got. The type 2 one though not linked type 1.
  4. Thank you. Some more options. Yea it's just a fun build but I def want something built decent. Never used a pistol comp before so know nothing about them. Have everything else almost done at this point. Just waiting on a few last pieces, rmr, sealing plate, sights and need to order the comp.
  5. Can someone organize a north Jersey monthly meetup?
  6. Thanks I'll check them out. This ones going on a brownells 19ls barrel gen 3. Seems to be the first of many builds.
  7. Anyone have any input on glock comps, brands to look at or stay away from? Since everyone and their mother now makes them.
  8. I know it's not Essex county, but Lucianos in lodi has good pricing.
  9. https://www.rollnlock.com/ I got this from the dealer on my new pickup. It's expensive but it's really nice. I've had flip covers, hard covers, rollup covers, and this is my favorite by far and would get again on the next truck.
  10. Ok thanks. This is making me do 2 slides now for this frame. Maybe 2 complete guns. But for now 2 different slides.
  11. Thanks. Yup looking at lone wolf with the spacer and their custom barrel and now the brownells. Going to look more later to see if anyone else makes them.
  12. Thanks for the offer. But I'm never around on a Monday or even during the day because of work. I have a handgun with a dot already so not new to them. Just not a funny oddball glock 19 with a super long slide and comp and dot that I'll shoot at 50 yards.
  13. Nevermind answered in a different thread. Thanks
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