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  1. Total weight minus optic came out to 49.7oz w/stag skeleton BCG and Bushmaster Carbon 15 slick side upper, including a 7.5" RRA chrome lined pistol barrel.
  2. Was there early, very fair price and part was in like NIB condition. I would recommend to All.
  3. Met me halfway, was on time, smooth transaction and very easy to deal with. I would recommend to all. Nelson, ill see you at the range man. Hope you can make it out to 1 of the 3Gun matches.
  4. +1 The entire basis and complete premis of any and all firearm restrictions contradicting the RKBAs in any form, way or discussion! Its that simple. "Come and take them"
  5. As usual, its always a pleasure doing business.
  6. Ive seen the gas tube heatshield on the Bushmaster models, is that a NJ mandatory requirement? I was planning on leaving the barrel and gas tube exposed. Can you define the acronym "PRNJ"-compliance?
  7. Thanks Turtle, Ill look into that. njJoniGuy, thats sounds outstanding, I will be There and I will bring some ammo so I can get a feel for it. Thank You for the Invite, Im very much looking forward to learning as much as I can about these pistols and even more so to finally owning one! TheLugNutZ, Correct, there can be nothing covering the barrel and or gas tube at all that would mitigate or come between your hand touching those hot surfaces.
  8. Started it this past weekend and im looking for some input from other NJ Compliant AR pistol owners. So far all I have is the complete lower (polymer including LPK) minus the pistol buffer tube. My total weight thus far is 9.1oz. including the grip. Parts on order: Phase 5 Pistol Buffer tube @ 7.3" long @ 3.1oz w/foam sleeve, Young Mfg stainless steel lite weight BCG @ 7.6oz, New Frontier polymer upper @ 3.9oz w/DC. Spare parts on hand: MILSPEC Carbine Buffer/Spring (havent weighed yet) because I may not use them if they are too heavy. I need input on where to find parts that are fluted, milled or purposely lightened and may be the lightest in weight that you know of for that particular component-ounces = pounds. Ive found a 8.5" barrel, gas tube and block w/total of 22oz but im thinking I can do better than that. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Smooth transaction, was there on time and very knowledgeable. I would recommend to all!
  10. Blake, It was a pleasure meeting you and your shop was awesome! Smooth transaction, very easy to deal. I would recommend this gentleman to ALL.
  11. Smooth transaction, met me halfway and was a pleasure to do business with. Jim, the next time your down this way, please dont hesitate to get at me, so I can guest you in to my club and we can burn some powder. I would recommend "Stridertb" to ALL!
  12. Smooth transaction, was there on time & added a few free extras w/the trade. I would recommend to All, Justin it was good meetin you, hopefully we can burn some powder back up at R14 on day?
  13. nilsenf is getting the ammo Sat morning, if not it will go to ToddD.
  14. These are fun rifles, Escepcially if you convert them. Spend a couple extra bucks and get that G2 FCG, you wont be dissapointed. Bump for The Saiga in 7.62x39mm
  15. Ammo is pending p/u to DTuner. Locochino is on deck If tuner doesnt wanna make that commute.
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