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  1. Ruger 10/22 with a T-rex stock in voodoo blue, ER Shaw SS barrel with helical fluting, and a Tasco 10-40x by 50mm scope. Trigger isn't installed because it is getting polished and smoothed. I need to do something about the coating on the scope it started flaking off on me after the second time mounting it.
  2. Tactical Sniper shooting? For tactical sniper get yourself a good scope and work on your fundamentals, a 10/22 is great to practice on. Get yourself to were you can put the rounds through the same hole. You should also try to get a Bi-pod for your 22 and get used to shooting with one. If you have an I Phone or I Pod touch get the Army sniper training manual, its 1.99 I think or try to find it online. I have a 308 Remington 700 on a tactical stock with a Tasco 10-40x scope, if you want to try it out send me a pm.
  3. Remington after installing my new Bell and Carlson stock.
  4. Savage 10 High Precision w/BSA 8-32x by 42mm socpe Remington 700 don't ask me what model I have no clue w/Baraska 10-50x by 50mm scope
  5. After changing scopes. Doesn't look as cool as it did before but I know this scope works and the eye relief problem is gone. Added a pic of the Savage with the BSA 8-32by44 scope I picked up a few weeks ago.
  6. I just switched out the old scope mount for a new 20 MOA base. Switched out the Center Point scope for my Tasco scope I'll have to wait until Saturday to zero it in.
  7. I saw the paint job as soon as I walked into Brick Armory. That was one of the selling points for me.
  8. The scope is a center point 3-12x by 42mm. The parallax is fixed to 100 yards. I'm gonna try messing around with the zero locks and resets later if I can find my tools.
  9. i cant really tell what brand scope it is but if has a zero lock on the turrets and even after loosening the locking ring on the left and right adjuster I can't turn it. The parallax is also weird on it, not able to focus for the power I want to use. 3-5x is clear at 25 yards 5-12 is blurry. The last thing about the scope and ring set up is the eye relief on it sucks when shooting prone. I have to get into an uncomfortable position to see through the scope.
  10. High precision

    New rifle

    Just picked up a lightly used Remington 700 chambered in 308. Shoots really nice, very accurate, just don't like the scope all that much. What I really like about this one is the Camouflage and the skull bolt lever. My first rifle was a 700 now I finally got one back.
  11. Put the upper receiver in a vice, slide a metal bar through the brake and twist off, the pin will come out. You can also drill out some of the pin and twist it off with a wrench, that is how I got mine off. It does mess up the threads on the barrel but you can repair them with a tap and die set.
  12. Thanks it's kinda ugly now I think. Trying to get a bull barrel and a better handguard, this one transfers most of the heat to your hands after a long day shooting.
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