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  1. Well considering that Maks who is doing the lions share of arguing here has a grand total of how many matches? How many major matches? And yet feels within his rights to educate people about how to make USPSA more fun, I can see how I may come across as a know it all.
  2. I saw your first videos. My questions - "who is putting up this monster match" refers specifically to the match that is coming up that is including ONE stage of 50 rounds. Now how about addressing all the points I made as to why it is a bad idea.
  3. Once again, who cares about a match somewhere in florida. We are talking about a match here in NJ and whether it is a good idea to put a 50 round stage in it. But if you insist - I do not see a wave of monster matches sweeping the nation. Why not?
  4. Thank you for that valuable contribution. As it happens I do build my share of stages. How about you?
  5. Who exactly is doing this full match of long stages? It seems like having no arguments in the discussion at hand - about this specific match, you invented a hypothetical argument you think you can win.
  6. I do not follow...so you feel it is ok to force shooters to strap on 7 mags (if they have them) or force them not to shoot the division of their choice. You think it is fun to get to a stage and find a full squad sitting there waiting? You think it is more fun to hit double alfa on an array of four targets at arms length than on an array of two? Silly me. I thought I was having fun shooting USPSA and without 50 rounds fired on one stage. Here is a concept for you - A couple of drinks at a party is fun. That does not make guzzling down a bottle of vodka more fun.
  7. Fine, I have listed at least 3 reasons why I think round count that high is a bad idea: 1. Seriously screws certain divisions and newer shooters. 2. Will slow down the match. 3. Will not be any more challenging than a stage with a lower round count - will just take longer to shoot. In response I have gotten: 1. Grow a pair. 2. Lets shake things up a bit 3. Might be fun to shoot. So yes while everyone has an opinion, some are reasoned and logical and others are not.
  8. I know for a fact that I will learn more from putting 50 rounds downrange in practice (el pres, bill drill, 25 yard groups or whatever els foats your boat) than by shooting a 50 round hoser stage. Considering the time spent in a guaranteed logjam at this stage your rounds fired per hours spent at the range will be better with a shorter stage.
  9. When they started to keep score. This is a competition. When I was a brand new stage designer I felt the need to cram as many targets as I could into a pit. At this point designing stages like this and shooting stages like this does not interest me. I feel that if you can not design a fun stage with 32 rounds, 18 additional rounds will not help. Actually I feel that you should have a really good reason for going over 24-26 rounds. A 50 round stage is a joke - sorry if I am offending whoever came up with this idea, but that is what I feel about it. How about you spend a couple more years designing stages before lecturing on the subject. I guarantee you that whatever shooting challenge (and that includes reloading) can be accomplished with 50 rounds, can be accomplished with 32 (or most likely less). Aside from screwing anyone who does not have the equipment to shoot this, the higher round count you have the longer the stage will take to shoot and reset. A 50 round hoser stage is a pointless spray of rounds. A 50 round stage that requires more challenging shots, will slow down the match to even more of a crawl than the reset alone. For a complete disaster throw in a couple of activators for an even longer reset and an occasional re-shoot to make it a perfect disaster. As someone who mostly shoots production I have rather decent reloads. As someone who currently shoots Limited I have no personal concerns with the number of mags on my belt. But that does not make this stage any less of a bad idea for the reasons already specified.
  10. Not overly familiar with M&P, but I did remove and re-install the rear sight on my wife's Pro. I have replaced sights on a bunch of Glocks. Glock sights are extremely easy to do. It is a bit of an overkill to go to a gunsmith for that.
  11. I was actually considering it. But at this point, no I am not. I can find a better use for 50 rounds of ammo.
  12. How will revolver shooters do this? With 8 reloads and 9 moon clips or speed loaders? How will single stack shooters do this? With 6 reloads & 7 mags? Limited 10 and production - realistically 6 mags. And thats assuming optimal shooting plans always available for all of those divisions. Otherwise if you want to avoid standing reloads add in at least one or two more reloads. And what exactly is the point?
  13. You are absolutely correct. It is not illegal. It is simply stupid.
  14. Yeah, great ideas. And if I am going to an outlaw match I might consider them. But when I am going to a USPSA match I expect it to comply with the rulebook instead of telling me to shoot in a division that is not my choice to shoot in. This is stupid and unnecessary. There is no shooting challenge that you can present with 50 rounds that you could not with 32.
  15. Level I exemptions are very explicit and none of them allow you to re-define round counts. Aside from being completely illegal, I do not see how it could be practical for revolver, single stack and even production. The match director should really reconsider.
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