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  1. Busses are likely contacted so unless this goes on for more than a year the citrate is the contract. If not contacted maintenance and any lab payments are still due. How much money do you think the sports programs get from the school? The lunch program money had moved to the continuation if nutrition program. Which is also using the busses. Basically, unless it goes on a while our your school system massively funds extra curricular activities, the savings is utilities and likely there are other extra expenses.
  2. Teachers are teaching online. Quite possibly spending more time than they did before to teach because they have to redo all the work they did planning around having a classroom a well as learning a bunch of new tools. School administrators are still dealing with budget, hire to deal with grades and regulatory compliance, and in most towns are running the continuation of nutritional support programs which are getting food and basic necessities out to families. Which might just be keeping those living from paycheck to paycheck from infecting you or breaking into your home to get said necessities. About the only thing they might be saving on are utilities. But given the time of year and the weather, that probably isn't much.
  3. I loved chicken roll as a kid. Now it's just breaded and fried and called chicken nuggets.
  4. If there was a mistake, it isn't the FFL here making it. So, normally for gunsmithing or repairs, you don't need a permit to get the gun back. Because you ship it to them, and they ship it back to you. BUT that requires that they be an FFL. In free america, a lot of gunsmiths aren't FFLs because you can jsut lend your gun to anyone provided it doesn't cross a state line and involve BATFE interstate transfer rules. So to return to you out of state, if he was not an FFL, he did the only thing he could. And you need a permit to get it back. If he had the FFL, he should have just shipped it to you. But he didn't, and you need a permit to get it back. Welcome to NJ.
  5. Disabling the auto rotate is definitely the way to go. That's because the auto rotate isn't super slick and thus isn't much faster than manually advancing the turret, AND more importantly the little see-saw arm priming mechanism is shit. At least in my version you had to slow down in order to not out run it's return to proper alignment. Even if that weren't so, loading a primer into it by hand is stupid slow and dealing with flipped primers was stupid and slow. Additionally, for rifle you need to trim between size and powder anyway, so you handle the brass no matter what. So for me the best course of action was size a bunch of brass. If rifle brass, trim it. Use a standalone hand primer to prime it. And then manually advancing the turret do a charge, seat, crimp process for each piece of primed brass. If you are doing rifle and want to weigh each charge, you aren't even going to be able to do that. I wasn't weighing each charge though in general unless it was small batch and I just didn't want to set up the powder measure.
  6. No. What I am saying is that don't expect to be able to force the issue on non 2a needs due to lack of demand right now. If they are printing for other things but not permits, then yeah sue away. But if they are closed because they want to be closed right now and it affects a bunch of things including 2a issues, well the government isn't going to give a shit about the repercussions of handing over fingerprinting to private business that can just close. And due to decreased demand, I don't thin the government will feel a whole lot of pressure in the near future form it being closed outside of disgruntled 2a people.
  7. Armello is free for the basic version, has private multiplayer, and the rules aren't too extensive. But it definitely isn't a traditional board game. Along with words with friends, there's also scrabble, and upwords with a similar model of gameplay. I believe UNO is also set up that way. Yahtzee with buddies is as well.
  8. Yeah go through that list and see which ones are still running in business. Ask yourself if they have a surplus of idle manpower right now if they ARE still running. I mean shit. We are WAY short of bus drivers right now, right?
  9. My take on the outcome of this buying spree: Essentially, people don't really change. Just the situation. Group 1. The existing owner who just bought more. They are going to be exactly like they were before. No change, no impact. Group 2. The person who wasn't anti-gun but never actually got around to be a gun owner. Don't expect a lot of 2a support, but they will probably take it personal when a law is passed and someone informs them that they haven't been paying attention and are now a criminal. At that point they will take it really personally IMO as they will view it as an attack on them. They might be useful being backlash at some point in the future. Group 3. Guns are evil, but right now a necessary evil. They will engage in cognitive dissonance after the fact just like they are right now to go buy a gun. They will squawk with rage if it ever comes back on them and makes them a felon because how can this happen to someone with all the right think? But they will vote for all the shit that will lead to that problem in the first place. Outside of those in financial distress because of this trying to get some cash to keep body and soul together, most won't get rid of them. They will be lazy and not pay attention and let it sit in the closet or wherever outside of something intruding into their lives to motivate them otherwise.
  10. You are assuming everything isn't going into hiring freezes due to revenue issues.
  11. They moved it back today. This year is going to be FUBAR fiscally for the state. I bet that clock stays unplugged for a LOOOOOOOOONG time this year.
  12. IF your indoor range is pulling downrange ari to the firing line, they are doing it wrong. You either blow from behind the firing line or suck from down range, or preferably both.
  13. The rail line raised it last year. It's now 12' 4"
  14. Titegroup is pistol powder. 9mm, .40, and.45 all use between 3.5 and 4.7 grains.
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