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  1. Disclosure: I've transferred a lower through Ira once, and have no ongoing relationship with him or his business. Most places buying used guns will give you between 40-60% of their resale price. If he put it up for 25% over what he paid for the gun, he wasn't making it up that it was going to sell low. If the 25% more is 25% more than the gun plus ammo, that might be more in line with standard pricing practices and bumped up his margin, but seldom is selling a gun to a retail outlet an exercise in getting anything close to market value out of it.
  2. There are literary threads on here documenting Nj nics taking a shit long before all of this. The fact that it has achieved new levels of suck is not surprising.
  3. Not that I justify the shit tier performance of nj’s nics wrapper, but your statement isn’t accurate. That line marked covid restrictions begin. I’d did a purchase a month and a bit before that and one literally a day before lockdown. Well reality is it was two days before lockdown. Because that’s how long it took to actually get approved. The one back in February took about 40 minutes. But that chart isn’t nics. It’s applications. And I did mine way back in October 2019 to get them and but in February and March of 2020. And you can just dig around this board and read the nice delays thread. It hasn’t been the old typical 15 minute nice check for a long time. I applied amid typical Nj volume and waited between one hour and two days. We have increased that volume and we are now at 4-5x that. Even assuming a linear response, which it likely isn’t, the wait is going to suck.
  4. DOh, sorry, was sorting by new and it looked like a what to buy question.
  5. As to the thread title "It's only NJ" this graphic might explain why. The NJ was not prepared in any way for that hit, and is not staffed for the ongoing load.
  6. Well vortex and holosun are essentially the same tier of stuff, if not made in the same factory. They should also be notably cheaper than an eotech or MRO. for your list, you should also consider an aimpoint PRO which is only about $40 more than the MRO. Eotechs had issues, and I've seen nothing ton indicate they really fixed their ways. That aside, the holgraphic reticle in them is cool on paper but can have issues depending on how you mount it, especially if you have astigmatism. With a normal dot, worst case is you are aiming with a mildy blurry little jesus fish shape, which if small enough you can do. With the eotech, it can result in the circle dot reticle being blurry all over, and in such a way that the led light is very distracting and rough on the eyes. I have a mild astigmatism that has varied over time, and I had no problem using a dot, but the eotech was fairly unpleasant to use. I haven't met an MRO, but aimpoints have the best dot and coatings of all the red dots I have handled.
  7. Well I have no 2nd gen hexmags, but mine have been slowly splitting at the seam in back with use. About 20% of them so far Also all olive drab, but I think that they are the oldest matters more than they are olive drab. They are nice in that they fit everything without modification, but I prefer the PMAG construction overall even if I do have to mode them to fit into everything.
  8. raz-0


    Then you wind up wondering why your proctologist has a Ferrari for each day of the week and all your Bitcoin is missing.
  9. Why just 08 out of all the c6 years?
  10. 1) There's a TON of inventory moving. It's just instantly moving through the system due to demand. 2) What are you expecting ammo manufacturers to actually do that they aren't doing? Keep in mind they aren't making these huge margins you are seeing and are coming off tight times where you had a case of m193 equivalent going for $230. Even so, they are operating balls out at 100% capacity to the point metals prices are rising, and they are also expanding capacity. They just can't expand fast enough, and it would be unwise to actually target this level of demand as the new normal. Typically demand after one of these panics never goes all the way back down, but it goes back down. Hornady has done 3 years of sales in 9 months. Grind Hard Ammo, which is basically a nobody was able to put up sales numbers foreseeing a panic coming that has enabled them to expand to the tune of $20 million dollars by their claim. The guy who owns grind hard says one of his up stream suppliers who also makes ammo is cranking out 800,000 rounds of 5.56 a day in is backordered to at least June of 2021. vista outdoors saw sales increase 30% and it's limited to that because they hit their capacity and have been busy spending on buying other companies. I know the place I purchase my bullets from for reloading has seen demand double and has expanded capacity twice the most recent added 30% of production capacity of the whole company just for 9mm. To make another capacity jump they would have to buy or rent more land and build from scratch. They are back ordered at least to April. WE normally consumed about 11 billion rounds of ammo a year. About 9 of that is domestic and another couple billion are imported. They say we blew past that back around July/August and we really didn't start buying it in volume until mid-February.
  11. To anyone getting access denied, clear your web cache. Worked for me today, but I'm also on a different computer than hen I checked the previous time, so no cached data or cookies, etc.
  12. The prices there are inflated as well. The price there for American eagle is in fact the price federal is charging if you buy direct from them. They are seeing the price increases from manufacturing capacity being overwhelmed. They are not seeing the price increases from the retail supply chain breaking down as is going on in the us.
  13. What’s your point? Those prices are what we are seeing in the us. We just buy it all when it comes into stock. The rest of the world doesn’t have that demand, so when it comes into stock it’s... you know... available for a period of time. As I stated before we are seeing some insane retail prices because we have reached a perverse situation where some retailers are buying supply at retail prices and still have to mark them up to turn a profit.
  14. The description page of Otis tool sucks. I didn’t see it the first time but the tool lets you use a metal scraper or the pads. They might have been using the scraper within us probably like the talon and I’d really only useful for knocking the big chunks off.
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