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  1. There's been 7 years of character development. It's time for some shit to get DONE. I will offer the counter point. The shitty writing has been failing to resolve or even advance a shit tone of critical story arcs, leaving us to finish them all in the last season. If we had had actual progress and character resolve some arcs, we could have cycled osme of them out and maybe had more seasons. but no. GRRM's response is that same shitty attitude he takes to writing them. He'd like to have forever. Well Mr' neck bead, your cast has hit to move on to, and the grim reaper isn't going to wait until you are happy with it either.
  2. Due to my siblings, I grew up around white suburban drug culture. Working in construction and home improvement while in college, I got to see even more of it. For a while due to school I lived in a not so hot area with a large minority population. I also got to experience their drug culture. I could care less about drugs, but they are everywhere and I've seen them bought, sold, traded, and used. I'm sure I'm not alone with that. So first up, how suburbia and urban areas are exactly the same regardless of race, income, etc. The consumer ALWAYS wins. Someone always shows up to sell them the things they want. This is why prohibition ALWAYS turns into a shitshow of failure. The primary differences are at either end of the supply chain. In white suburbia vs. urban or semi-urban minority areas, the bulk of the supply chain is removed from organized crime. It is what I would call sole proprietor small business and enthusiast hobbyists. in the urban-semi urban areas, while you do have people that fit that description, the organized crime org chart reaches down to retail sales interactively. This means the distance between you the consumer and big violent disagreements about distribution access is very small. Legalization that provides distribution methods that aren't that close to organized crime can do nothing but reduce end user violence for this population. At the other end of (i.e. the consumption end), there is a huge obvious delta that is readily apparent. In suburbia, or frankly any area with more money, drug consumption is primarily indoors and private. The poorer the neighborhood, the more likely it is to see public consumption. Riding the bus through Irvington, you would see drugs being consumed EVERYWHERE. The front porch was popular for weed and booze, even underage. But public restrooms, the bus, sitting on the curb randomly it was everywhere in the public space. IN suburbia everyplace I saw consumption needed a warrant for the police to access unless you created exigent circumstances. Keep the stink down and keep it relatively quiet and you weren't getting a supply. Also in suburbia I was never actively solicited for the sale of drugs. In urban environments I was. This, IMO, is why you see a lot more poor minority arrests. They are making it easy to bust them. Anything that reduces the ability for the police to say "saw them smoking what appeared to be a joint and smelled marijuana smoke" as probable cause will likely be an improvement for that population as it would mean less arrests and less jail time, especially for low end drug charges where your ability ot afford a decent lawyer makes a HUGE difference. The line will be sorted out when the rich kids go slumming to the urban shops and get busted. If it moves that line to make it harder for police, less poor minorities will wind up in jail. If the business provide a social location outside the home, perhaps that will move use off the stoop and behind closed doors. That will help them too. The fact some dude thinks the average urban youth is choosing between Jesus and Drugs when they wake up each day is not relevant. Education and a job might help, but Jesus doesn't come with free education and a job. The drug trade has provided more jobs in that community than going to church has. If you eliminated every cop who smoked weed, drank to the point of breaking the law (DUI etc), or did roids (also an illegal drug as procured by a heck of a lot of cops), you would cut a huge swath through the current population of cops. Your teachers? THey definitely smoke weed. They drink like no tomorrow, smoke a lot of weed, and there's a lot more coke, ketamine, heroine, etc being consumed than you would like to imagine. If they get drug tested at all, it's pre-hire screening. Your investment banker and their bosses.. holy fuck the stuff going on there. they usually have designated hitters on staff to procure their drug of choice. If you are lucky, they are not using company funds to buy it. skewed towards weed, coke, stimulants, and ritalin last I was anywhere near this type of shit. Doctors? riiiiight. They get so much sleep and have so little stress. None of them are self medicating at all..... not a one. The list goes on and on. You deal with functioning drug consumers every day. Very often they aren't even the blindingly incompetent ones. It's time to stop pissing away money pretending shit works differently than it does.
  3. THe big bore hand cannons I can understand. recoil management issues can turn dangerous there. I'm not sure the complaint about the AK. Long guns in general require more effort to point at me because you are a dumb ass, especially in a range with ports. If the range is built to take the hits, why would I care? A rifle someone is obviously doing stupid shit with is less bad IMO than a small pistol with a "tame" cartridge being used in a stupid manner more obscured by a port wall. What's polite and not punishing in terms of noise and pressure wave in an indoor setting is a different question.
  4. For competition, I would get the most offset you can first. Accommodating the eye box, shooter, and gun can be a no-win situation without sufficient offset in a cantilevered mount. To date I have found the adm recon-x is the right thing at the closest to the right price. it has 3" of offset, and is 1.5" to centerline. 1.55 if you get 34mm rings (which is what I run). To get the ADM high mount that is 1.93 on 30mm rings, you have to cut back to the 1.93" offset of the plain old recon. For ther brands it is worse. The MI mount peaks at 2.8" of offset, the hi version is 1.4" of offset. I've got a big melon, and my biggest issue is how much I have to crank my neck back when doing prone off a low rest. A higher mount makes that worse. The only thing I would see higher being better for would be weak side/weak eye mount braced. But I also use an a-1 length stock. I'm not sure there's an absolute answer as everyone is different sized and shaped, and what gear you have chosen can effect the ergonomics of how you mount and use your rifle, so...
  5. There's no soaking Scotus. However, I would expect nj to engage in massive bullshit. Like making the permits incredibly expensive or making permitted carry unlawful in so many locations as to make it useless.
  6. HBO was pushing ideas for five spin offs. They said they were going to produce two. They canceled one. Now it us one left. Set 1000 years prior to got. They have a director and are in theory going to start work on the pilot this summer.
  7. I used to have state farm via an agent. They were screwing me on auto so I moved all policies from them. I went to NJM. Saved about 6 bucks a year on homeowners, but got an extra $50k of coverage. In theory they sent an adjuster around when I moved the policy, but I never saw them and they didn't make me change or fix anything. Also my State Farm homeowners wasn't really going up by any real amount. About $60 in 8 years. I think shopping around is good. However having discussed this with lots of people and having read up on practices, there's a few things that affect long term outcome. 1) Most businesses that have you pay for ongoing service from their business will seek to maximize their revenue from their existing customer base. At this point they ALL use third party services to evaluate how likely a given customer is to leave or stay. If you get flagged as likely to leave easily, they will generally tend to turn the screws a bit less and a bit less rapidly on you. If you are flagged as unlikely to leave, you will get FUBAR. 2) If you respond to an ad, you will be flagged as having been acquired by an ad, and generally, that means they will expect to recover acquisition costs sooner rather than later because you are clearly attached to acquisition costs, and you are likely to leave when approached with other ads. 3) The more niche you insurance, the quicker they seem to mess with you. i.e. the guys with boats and motorcycles got screwed more sooner.
  8. BBC is making his dark materials. HBO is just buying the distribution rights here. They are going to do the spinoff for their fantasy offering. We'll see how it goes. Myself, I enjoyed it but I'm done with got.
  9. LAst episode was epic. Just bumping so spoilers aren't in the previews.
  10. Square, aka robertson bits, resist cam out a LOT, as others have said. Their also as far as I can tell are harder to strip than torx. The first place I ever encountered them were shitty zinc screws for window AC units. They were impressively durable for a screw that would not have survived a screw gun in philips. The reason square drive isn't everywhere and torx is is that robertson seemed to be carpentry oriented at the start, and thus only specified a handful of sizes appropriate for use with a manual screw driver. Torx goes up to t100 which is pretty frikin big for what it is. PErosnally I hate the double square screws. Look like torx. Not torx.
  11. raz-0


    Please, tell me what investment doesn't have the potential of 100% down, or infinity % up? Everything COULD spiral uncontrollably upward. It won't though. Nothing ever has. Arguably, outside of having applied that reasoning to early mining, bitcoin idled at about $1000 a coin for years. Then it went up to 19k. So it peaked at 2000%. IT is currently at ~300%. Your estimates of a 10,000% upside are pretty far off. It meets no definition of a ponzi scheme. But have you made any money? The problem with all the coin markets is that they are unregulated and the capitalization is small enough that pretty much any investment bank and quite a few hedge funds can manipulate it on any given day. So the game becomes can you tell when they are going to move. Coin markets other than bitcoin are also very vulnerable to straight up fraud. Between the fraud potential and the fact any time there's a big move, governments look at the market for regulation means there is a chilling effect on forcing big moves. So you have to front run the big players, and you have to hope the chilling effect hasn't permanently devalued the market.
  12. I don't know if you are taking a shot at my nitpicks. But the franchise is pretty much entirely the world building. The world building has been done over 6 films. The core ot TLJ's plot ignores a bunch of the world building. Plus the plot is just plain stupid. PLUS the plot wastes 70 minutes of my life doing nothing, and doing it in a not particularly cool looking way. So I'm not even getting spectacle out of it. The suicide attack was stupid, but at least it was cool looking. And stupid or not, the franshice has not worried about fuel to get anywhere at any point in the series. Cribbing from BSG for your A-plot while ignoring all world building to date is not a mark of franchise success in my book. We'll see how it goes. Solo took a nice fat stinky one in their bank account. We'll see how this one does.
  13. I like the rail. Gives it a ppsh vibe.
  14. Well, hopefully the episode was just largely uneventful because it was putting all the players in position to get on with the narrative. I have enjoyed the show, but I am ready to reach the end of this tale.
  15. Be the squeaky wheel. Just don't make it adversarial. Become their new best friend. Check in regularly. You have a new hobby together! Make regular calls to your new friends. figure out when lunch is. Call a bit before that and drag shit out talking to your new friends while being nice and sociable. Let them know that there's no project too big you can't work it out with regular teamwork!
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