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  1. armor piercing ammo isn't determined by result, but by definition "gg. “Armor piercing ammunition” means: (1) a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and is constructed entirely, excluding the presence of traces of other substances, from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium; or (2) a full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile. “Armor piercing ammunition” shall not include shotgun shot required by federal or State environmental or game regulations for hunting purposes, a frangible projectile designed for target shooting, a projectile which the United States Attorney General finds is primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes, or any other projectile or projectile core which the United States Attorney General finds is intended to be used for industrial purposes, including a charge used in an oil gas well perforating device" That happens to largely meet the federal definition, so odds are whatever 9mm it may be is just considered normal 9mm ammo.
  2. Not reparations, damages. And be fine with tax dollars paying it. Reach into the pockets of those who voted for these fuckers.
  3. Iirc this is federal court. It’s go back up to appellate court after the judgement unless we win and the state doesn’t contest it.
  4. So... 1) The CNJFO didn't exist back then. IT is currently operated by people who were just as angered by the dysfunctional spate of 2a advocacy groups NJ has been saddled with since the 91 AWB. There existence seems to have ushered in cooperation and coordination at both the state level and with national entities. 2) The ANJRPC isn't the turd of an organization it used to be. It genuinely seemed to exist solely to waste everyone's time while the NRA mothership used us to drive fundraising elsewhere. It seems to have moved away from that. Currently I give to those two groups locally, and to FPC, GOA, and SAF nationally. Although I have to say that SAF is on the bubble. They do good work, but are way too comfortable chipping away slowly at things on a single front. Basically I set aside the price of a case of ammo each year. Around Christmas they each get $25. Then hand out the rest of the funds as I see things I want to back and or fight.
  5. Dang JCP&L with 8.6% this year on top of 4.8% last year.
  6. They already have. I suspect because of a combination of not knowing if the NRA will continue to exist and because the membership has had enough of the NRA.
  7. I was asking about the p320. And every month it's a bunch of rehashing old shit for the most part. This won't go away until the lawyers stop getting paid to try and win those cases they keep losing. But they keep beating that horse because the pre-disconnector models had an actual problem. As for the general problem, The light bearing holsters is a general problem. Safariland has several notifications for incidents with glocks on their website. Glock leg is a phrase because there were general problems with glocks and NDs. It just happened pre social media where you weren't subject to some idiot dropping rage bait for clicks over and over. Once you get past glock and sig, you are down to also rans. M&Ps only got so popular. Did they have issues? Dunno, but the floppy trigger was replaced with a dingus trigger. CZs aren't in the LEOP world. In the competition world their thing is NDs while manually decocking. How many gen 1 models of firearms has ruger recalled now because they were broken in some unsafe way? Remington? But back to sig, they have always been a popular choice for LEO issue. If you look at the still ongoing lawsuits they cite a ton of hammer fired Sigs. It's like half the citations in some of them. So yeah that had a general problem. I do agree that there are ADs and NDs.
  8. That was pre Bruen where the argument was that there was no right to armed self defense outside the home, so it couldn't be an answer. while there may still be issues with doing it, the answer as to why it is not an explicable lawful purpose would have to change. And they'd have to want to defend it in court.
  9. Site me some examples. Every one I have seen has gone off while something was interacting with the holstered gun in some way or the trigger has been messed with significantly (likely by someone who does not grasp the limits of the safety mechanisms with regard to dicking with the trigger). The only one I know of that even comes close to "was in the holster" was 1) subjected to significant contact during a physical struggle, and 2) in a light bearing safariland holster that has a history of issues with multiple brands of firearms and NDs. There was a USPSA incident where the headline was it just went off. The details form actual attendees were that nobody was looking at the exact moment, so they decided to blame the gun. But it was proximal to when the competitor would be handling a loaded gun. There is only one incident that I know of that the gun "just went off" and it was a legitimate accurate description of what happened. That was an M17 with (i believe ) the army. the root cause was that a foreign body entered the gun and interfered with the operation of it. The operator of the firearm decided if you push the trigger hard enough it will have to shoot. This resulted in damage to the drop safety tab on the striker and to the striker/sear interface. There was a subsequent AD due to having effectively disabled the drop safety. That was a few years ago now though.
  10. This isn't a "built better" issue. You can still mess up a glock doing this, it's just that the set of mechanical issues are slightly different. 1911s may get tensioning issues due to the case rim forcing a range of motion that is not part of the normal cycling movement. More modern extractor designs will potentially suffer from the snap back over the rim, the shock it generates, and the quality of mim components. Both are not going to be super common, and you can monitor them during maintenance. The failure of the mim part is likely to be physical breakage, and should be more obvious than reduced tension.
  11. Well there's two parts to this issue. One is any survey forms. This may not be under your doctor's actual control. Then there is the issue of the doctor, who may or may not have their own concerns. My kid's doctor never asked, but he is also fully independent and not part of a medical group. He's also Filipino, so....
  12. Bitching about something you don't like doesn't make it a viable defense. Also you edited yoru response from this according to the email notification. "What if you tell them you are carrying and they want to see your permit, then ask for your updated CCARES (which you don't need to carry, just submit to local PD) and you don't have it. Then they say you aren't compliant and take you down to the station, now you have to lawyer up. There is a number of things that could go wrong that could land you in trouble even if you are legal by being forced to give up your 5th amendment rights. Why, when you are pulled over, do you not have the right to remain silent on that? " The police failing to abide by the law as written won't get a law struck down. It might get you a cash settlement. As for teh 5th amendment, you aren't incriminating yourself if you are compliant with the law. TO have standing you would have to be in violation of the law first.
  13. There’s a traffic stop and you have to tell the cop you are armed and licensed. Then the cop says ok. How would that infringe on your rights to keep and bear or incriminate yourself? Even if you are demanded to disarm during a stop, the scope it’s pretty limited and I don’t a case could be won. You don’t spend money on loser cases.
  14. So first up does duty to inform even impact the second amendment? I see it as doubtful unless you are referring to some aspect of it that I'm not aware of. But to have standing, you would have to both have been subjected to the law in execution, and also have suffered some kind of harm. But it doesn't appear to keep you from bearing arms or keeping them. It might be considered compelled speech. Now for criminals, it might be considered forced self-incrimination, which might win at court. Once that has one, one could make an equal protection claim. One gun a month has tons of people with standing, but just isn't the best case out there, especially if you have cases pending challenging permitting as a whole, which could potentially take this with it. This is likely just sitting on the plan B shelf waiting its turn. FID - permitting is being challenged. Just challenging it in NJ isn't going to bring much to the table at this point and time. IT may come if it is needed to generate a circuit split or after SCOTUS sets precedent.
  15. What does being a gimmick have to do with common use? I think you are mistaking commonly applied in practical situations for common use.
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