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  1. Darpa created the internet. That's why in the early days it was called arpanet. The reason we didn't need it before is that the internet is run on peering agreements. Rather than behaving like telco or wireless telco and charging additional fees for communication that involves networks other than your own, they decided to omit that and just agree that if you accept my network traffic at no charge, I'll accept yours. We do this as peer networks, and save everyone lots of billing hassles. The problem is broadband ISPs decided they wanted to court customers that primarily pull data in rather than send it out. Oddly, this happens when you mandate huge disparities between upload and download speeds. SO after creating their own problme they scream it is not fair and they can't afford it!!! And ain't shit gonna trickle down. Even under the current state of affairs, the margin on broad band is 97% for cable companies. NINTY-FRIKIN-SEVEN!!!!. That's after infrastructure, employees, customer acquisition and retention, etc. They need either price controls or de-regulation where we can have total service resellers and no government protected monopolies. Because right now they can charge what they want, and want to sell you service they don't deliver, all while having a state granted regional monopoly. Which is BULLSHIT.
  2. It's pretty much identical to the majority of semi-auto shotguns. Spring in a tube in the grip.
  3. Check the back of the mag. It has probably started to crack at the seam in the mold in the back. I have a bunch of GEN 1 hex mags and so far 3 have failed in the same way after a decent amount of use. Gotta try and warranty them sometime.
  4. I looked for military spending, but numbers aren’t really there. Closest I could readily find was number of bases per state. Which was also all over the place. As was people on SNAP. Also electoral votes. Farm dubsidies might be worth looking at.
  5. OK, lets fact check that... ooh look, SSA puts the SSDI numbers under SSI and the SSI numbers under SSDI, and unlik SSDI don't give you actual nbumbers, but total populations and percentage on benefits. How competent and honest. California, least donory donor, 5.8 million on SSI. South Carolina, biggest taker state, 1 million. Florida 4.5 million. New jersey, 1.6 million. North Dakota is #2 taker state 128k on SSI. Delaware, most donory state, 201k on SSI. Hawaii is a big taker, 261k. TExas is an upper third taker, they aren't retiree heavy as their SSI percent is 14.4 and only Alaska and utah are lower. TX is a bit lower than CA's 14.7% as well. But total, 4 million. Nope, not retirees, maybe money? But NJ does have a GDP of about 450 billion while SC has a GDP of about 125 billion. a bit ore than 1/4 the GDP, for half the population. ND GDP 27.2 billion. Delaware GDP is 60.2 billion. Texas GDP is 1.3 trillion. CA GDP is 2.448 trillion. Nope, not money you have high GDP takers and donors and low GDP takers and donors. Income? median houshold income FL = $49k, SC = $47k, TX = $55.6k HI = $73.5k. DE = $61.2k, CA = $64.5k, NJ = $72.2k. Kind of a pattern, lets adjust by COL index. HI = 39, FL = 43.16 SC = 46.2k DE = 59k, CA = 45.9k, NJ = 59k. Nope, that isn't it. Howabout congress critters? Nope. At least not by numbers. I just always assumed that ours were shitty and ineffectual, and possibly generally assholes and disliked by their peers as much as I find them distasteful. Or they are jsut there to line their own pockets and could give a shit about representing their voters. There's really no simple answer for which states wind up givers or takers, other than if you have low income and low GDP, there isn't anything to tax so your not going to be a donor state. It isn't just retirees. We don't see shit comparatively for federal highway funds, nor for education dollars if you discount pell grants (we have a lot of colleges).
  6. Uhm.. you need to look at the list of donor states. It doesn't break out by coast or not. NJ is a donor state. South Carolina is the biggest taker state at over $7 back for every $1 in taxes. California is a donor, Florida is a huge taker, etc.
  7. I would suggest these answers. 1) making moonshine is not illegal with the proper paperwork. About the time this show showed up is when getting all the right permissions got simpler and cheaper. 2) It's "reality" tv. I would suggest that there is nothing illegal going on and it's all put on for show. Can you tell a wooded corner of a private parcel from a state forest, or are you relying on the show's producers to be honest? Is that shine in the still, or water? 3) There is no "wholesale" for illegal products. Whatever price they put up is likely to be as valid as anything in any of the other fake shows with the reality label on them. The arbitrary prices they pick may be chosen to not undercut any of the legal and licensed moonshine products out there. Those are pricey because a) it's a fad, and b) the changes mentioned in 1 above to make it easier to do legally limit volume of production for the easy path to legality.
  8. Took a trip to Niagara Falls over the summer. Saw a LOT of signs like that. Saw plenty that were... shall we say a bit more aggressively worded. It was enough to make the wife notice.
  9. Yes, same exact reason has eliminated female only exercise chains right? Oh.. no it didn't. There's tons o precedent that you can exclude males without ruffling anyone's feathers.
  10. It's a federal form for a federal law, and the BATFE considers use of medical marijuana or recreational as disqualifying.
  11. Here's about the only bright spot I can offer. Not all the legislation thrown at Christie was done so out of fundamental belief in it. A shit ton of signatures on it were to make him veto stuff that they could make a nice bullet point in a negative ad campaign. A lot of it was extreme so that he would HAVE to veto it or simultaneously end the popularity, influence, and potential political career going forward of a (at the time) very popular and influential GOP governor. I will note that once they got shit to start clinging to them, you really didn't see new gun control legislation coming up. As others have pointed out here: right now the dems own the whole process. That means, at least in NJ, they can tout some of the better firearms involved crime stats in the nation and say they have the best of breed gun laws. Or they can make new shit up and give us the opportunity to endanger anything related when they get dragged in front of the circuit court. A circuit that is looking very likely to shift in our favor with Trump appointments as time goes on. So they can keep what they have and declare themselves awesome, or they can risk a fight with no real benefit. Also keep in mind the goal of gun control legislation is NEVER to make things better for anyone. It isn't even really about expanding authority. It's about the fact that gun owners are an active voting block, and the Dem's fundamental belief that if they can dissuade you from owning guns and prevent future gun owners from becoming such, they can eliminate this opposition voting block for good. I'm with you on this. I may live in a town with lower than average taxes, but they have been creeping up. Between Trump's tax plan and yet another Goldman Sachs asshole as governor, it is well within the realm of possibility getting by turns into not getting by. Which concerns the heck out of me.
  12. Nope, this one is better https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/brand/innovation-excellence/terzo-millennio?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=tw_TerzoMillennio The lamboghini terzo millenio. It has similar DNA. a nearly fully performance oriented concept that is a reaction to regulatory pressures. So like the original M4S concept, its all about going fast and being light and doing so in a less conventional, more fuel efficient manner.
  13. Not even close to obscure enough. Nor polarizing enough while having high tech race car looks that are distinctly not street like, but broadly appealing in a race car kind of way. It's a hard call. Concept cars aren't what they used to be.
  14. Dude it's not even that. They can trade a guilty verdict on other charges, and an easy win for the prosecutor, for dropping of gun charges. Bullshit technicalities only screw with those who are doing their best to obey the law. This is where the gun grabbers don't see the inevitable. Criminalize me enough, and nothing is more risky than just existing day to day. You might as well have no laws at that point as your daily life consists of what you think you can get away with.
  15. Ok, if remaking the wraith, what car gets the car role?