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  1. Poking through the documents online, it was heard by three judges, Bennett was not one of them. You don't ever get all the judges unless you get an en-banc hearing.
  2. You do get dogpiled on on occasion, often you set yourself up for it. Your bucket pool may be a regular thing, it does not make it legal. So probably best not to post about winning one, where it happens, etc. If they are getting the right license for a non-profit org to run a fund raising raffle, then post away, but you might want to state that. If they aren't, it's one of those things that one might want to exercise some discretion about.
  3. 1) What finger oil can do to the thermal compound is partially dependent on the compound. They aren't remotely all the same. 2) Regardless of compound the skin oils can cause all of them to stick poorly to the CPU. While new this won't matter so much. As they get old and get more solid and crumbly, it can matter a lot. 3) For most applications these days, the amount of compound you can get on with a finger on both sides is excessive unless the finish on your heatsink is total shit. It's also less likely to be uniform, and the only way you don't get low spots is to make sure your high spots are squishing out. Over the years, CPU packaging has varied form couldn't give a shit to you are screwed on the subject of getting any even remotely conductive goo on things. 4) You don't need to use a razor blade. edge of an old credit card is fine.
  4. Add the ability to carrry parts for the "non-beater" car. Which i many cases is not actually functionally a car most/all of the time.
  5. Honestly if you aren't pushing the envelope, going radeon for the video card and spending the money on an IPS freesync enabled monitor might really please you. The RX vega 56 is roughly equivalent to the 1070. Unfortunately prices are still jacked by bitcoin miners.
  6. Looked at aces high specs. 1050ti should do you. 1060 should get you through a spec bump or two. 1070+ Shouldn’t even be breathing hard.
  7. If our politicians were politicians anymore, rather than just simply criminals in positions of authority, you might be able to deal. That's how we got a lot of Reagan's appointments. When the time came to play nice similarly and keep it polite and balanced, the DNC just waived the middle finger and said who cares. This can't be the strategy going forward because the other side wouldn't respect it.
  8. I've considered that again after seeing his SCOTUS list and intially disliking that appointment. I see one strategic possibility, which is that if you keep the 9th producing their typical crazy bullshit, they get to continue to be the most overturned circuit court in the nation. They generate a lot of crazy bullshit, rapidly. Having a fast track to SCOTUS appeal of crazy bullshit can be a feature rather than a bug if SCOTUS's composition is favorable to your desired outcome. The possibility that it is strategy really depends on how long the Kennedy retirement has been in the works and a known event to the insiders.
  9. Are you retarded? She was an affirmative voice for the 94 AWB under her husband and has campaigned to ban the shit out of anything remotely modern since? How do you even develop these notions when the candidate themselves has stated otherwise past, present, and speculatively into the future?
  10. The guy isn't full of shit, but really? How long do you need to discuss a plate rack? The amount of time given to the actual mechanic in terms of your eyes and focus for faster transitions is limited at best, although from what he says I'm sure he understands the concepts at work. The bulk of time is spent describing equipment for some exercises that are not real clear on how they are supposed to improve your transitions (i.e. it seems to me that you could practice doing things in a non-efficient manner and still wind up improving your times while limiting your maximum performance.) He also loads up on the theoretical/abstract discussion first, with no visual reference to clarify what he's talking about, for a lot of people it's going to come off as even more boring and low information than it did for me. If you read guides on viewer retention for youtube, and you read guides on instructional design for video, they will both agree that you want to chop videos up into shorter bits and try to keep them to 5-10 minutes. If you read guides on how to maximize monetization, They will tell you 11-30 minute videos. That might have nothing to do with it, it may just be an artifact of sticking him in front of a camera in front a berm and he gets long winded without having appropriate props, a whiteboard to draw things on to visualize, whatever.
  11. 24+ minutes on sight transitioning? The dude needs to learn the art of brevity and stop padding for youtube's monetization algorithms.
  12. The 1080ti is a LOT of video card if you aren't into gaming a lot at 4k. If you don't have a 4k monitor, it's a LOT of added cost for no current benefit to you and that is if you play current games. You would likely be well served by a decent 1050ti rig or a 1060. A 480-512GB fast m.2 boot drive is something you will notice. 16GB of ram will be nice, but you might not notice it over 8GB if you aren't using memory intensive apps, virtual machines, or the linux on windows subsytem in 10. 10 is pretty solid in terms of how it runs. Just opt out of the telemetry stuff as much as possible.
  13. That was completely unclear form your statements. I've seen labs get aggressive. My own did at one point as it got older and it's vision started going. Normally sweet as pie. Would start losing his shit if he got a stuffy nose and someone startled him. Fortunately stuffy noses weren't common. Anecdotes are anecdotes. "Natural"? WTF is natural abbot pure bread dogs? Natural would be a world of random mutts banging away incessantly.
  14. Yes owners play a role but.... Then you go on to tell us about the asshole owner. Sometimes the damage done can't be undone.
  15. I punched out of FTWD. I'm pretty sure I wont be back for more of TWD. I'm semi tempted by new show runners, but I can't take the formula any more. I get enough of stupid people doing things stupidly in day to day life.