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  1. Ooof. California was already getting hosed due to insisting on special blends, those were expensive because they were only being made in CA refineries. Guess $7 a gallon + is back on the table.
  2. You've been bitching about the same stuff for a while. Lots of other folks seem to be able to keep abreast of what is going on. Maybe you need to put a little more effort in. You should have gotten a CNJFO blast 10/24. It was about contact your reps. Why? Because the pending bills are the current top focus for action by the rank and file. Previously they said they wanted people to notify them of carry permit issues. Because they need to gather data and potential plaintiffs for a suit. They may not spell it out, but if you need it spelled out, there may be no helping your feeling that you don't know what is going on. If you didn't see it, check your spam filters and make sure they are on the list for bypassing spam. If you are an OBRPC member, attend the board meetings via zoom. They will have a segment on current actions and any news, but you have to be a member. Dunno if CJRPC has the same. Similarly you can sit through the gun for hire segments they publish. And if you don't like the way the people doing the work do it, feel free to start your own.
  3. They aren't silent. They just aren't saying it in public forums like this. You are noticing your lack of involvement and investment in staying on top of things, not the failure of others to do things. Probably the most publicly accessible venue where you might see stuff are the gun for hire podcasts/videos. I've been involved in this crap for decades now, but don't have the free time I used to. I'd take the current strategy over the much more vocal folks who came before and could barely get out of their own way. If you know how to do it better, go out and start suing people. It's been done before, some of them even semi competently. But for all your bitching about being in the dark, have you ever reached out to any of the orgs and volunteered? No? Your level of involvement affects how information flows to you. Or not.
  4. Making your plans public is the same as telling your opposition your plans. It's being worked on. Everyone knows it involves gathering data and suing. In NJ, until the new batch of bad laws passes, we are dealing with a more complex legal challenge about patterns of behavior and what is actually happening vs what's actually written in the law. Stonewalling and slow walking things is a much harder thing to successfully sue over than a black and white law in violation. This may all just accelerate and be much more clear when they pass the new laws that give Bruen the middle finger. Then lumping in what was observed on the ground becomes an add on.
  5. While I figured this was coming, someone needs to be going through the process in order to have a plaintiff with standing. Myself I opted out and wrote a check to those who do the suing. If you aren't applying, but would if not for this BS, you should be writing a check to FPC, ANJRPC, etc. You'd think, and federal judges thought so too. But the second circuit seems to think it doesn't deserve an injunction. So.. not feeling confident the third circuit will see it differently.
  6. Well I'm 100% behind FFLs saying no and dropping UPS. This common carrier BS is going to be rough in NJ. The answer would be to ship through FFLs via USPS for things like warranty, but I believe that creates a transfer situation in NJ that is a huge PITA.
  7. If you read through a lot of NJ law and regulations, you will see very much that first and foremost citizens are considered property of the state. From their perspective the criminal murdering you is just as problematic as you killing that criminal in self defense. You are both damaging their property. You are just as great an evil in their eyes as the murderer.
  8. I’d see an actual allergist and actual dust control if you don’t already have it.
  9. If a papr aint doing it, it may not be able to be done. The only step after that is a papr with external air supply from fresh air.
  10. Sunlight + z06 has carbon ceramic rotors I believe.
  11. Eh. If you are looking to kill the bad guy by sepsis, sure. But every time I see someone talk about 22 for defense I think of this case of a jewelry store robbery. I forget if was an 8 or 10 round revolver, but the jewelry store owner got the bad guy with 8 rounds and got the first shot. The bad guy had a centerfire pistol (IIRC a .38 special) and missed with most rounds. The bad guy went to the hospital, the good guy went to the morgue. If you can't operate a 9mm well, you probably aren't operating a 22 great. And if you aren't using those features of the 22 to get shots to the brain or heart, the bad guy is probably going to do what they try to do until the adrenalin runs out. Once you have to move beyond brandishing, there's going to be a problem unless you are really lucky or really good or enough of both.
  12. raz-0

    Precious metals

    I can guarantee you it won’t be easy to turn it into jack shit. The digital part may be new, but we’ve done the backed by a physical item thing, and it’ll be a mess. There’s an inherent issue with pulling enough of a thing of value out of the global economy in as volume large enough to represent the global economy.
  13. raz-0


    What did they make in house, it’s not their bolts, carriers or barrels, that’s been fine over publicly with receipts.
  14. There's one reason why you would do this if you are the US. To Increase the price of natural gas and make a profit. The answer is to saying that's not a good explanation would naturally be... but greedy bankers!!!! There's about a hundred reasons you wouldn't do this if you are the US. The least of it is losing the midterms and presidency as inflation and fuel prices become the number one issue for voters. In there you also have the issue that it keeps inflation high. Which means even more interest rate hikes past the ~5% total the fed has been hinting at. These would be very bad for banker types, and they generally like having a predictable number to plan around even if that number is undesirable as an absolute. Another is that it strengthens Russia's negotiating position. For Russia, you get plausible deniability while increasing your non-nuclear options for forcing capitulation of NATO countries and crushing Ukrainian resistance by killing their support. Nobody will believe it, but they won't be able to prove anything sufficiently to justify escalation. This is the least stupid scenario, but it's still kind of stupid. The issue here is that we don't trust that are government isn't run by evil morons.
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