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  1. OK I went looking and could not find. It's not in the fars portal. But then again it's not of particularly high quality in terms of execution.
  2. No it wasn't. I mean it ran, it didn't have a hydraulic clutch or a positive ground electric system. So not even close. Even if you ARE your own mechanic, they are money pits. There was a gas station in highland park that would periodically have an MGB with the union jack on the hood out front. That dude sold that car so many times to some college girl who thought it was SOOOOO cool. The longest I ever saw it disappear for was a month. It was the only place near campus that would work on them, and when they complained it was crap or came back for repairs he'd just offer to buy it back for a fraction of what they paid. Sometimes if they had paid for him to fix some of it he'd be kinder and buy it back for what they paid. My friend's aunt had an 80s alpha romeo spyder that was more reliable than any MGB I ever met. Just to give perspective on how low that bar is set.
  3. Got any evidence it is not? That stuff, in my experience, was made up at the municipality level. The forms differed, sometimes the questions differed, etc. Some insisted no family members. Some places wanted to contact your spouse. There's nothing about it in the statutes beyond 2C:58-3c "No person of good character and good repute in the community in which he lives, and who is not subject to any of the disabilities set forth in this section or other sections of this chapter, shall be denied a permit to purchase a handgun or a firearms purchaser identification card, except as hereinafter set forth. " My guess is the minimum of requiring evidence someone in the community in which you live thinks you are ok to own a gun is part of the secret administrative code. Currently it's automated and the web form doesn't seem to say don't do it.
  4. Nah, if there were the typical space for commercials they would run ~42 minutes. Granted, some places manipulate playback and speed it up slightly while pitch shifting things to squeeze in some more, but industry average after allotting space for commercials and bumpers is 42-45 minutes.
  5. It will read high when running if trusting the IN car software because the info display lies. Got a jeep. Hasn't been a day in the last 5 years it hasn't sad 14.8v for the battery day in, day out, not a burp. Plug in an OBD2 data logger and you can see that display in the dash is a total lie. Mine isn't broken, what gets logged makes sense for the use, but the built in battery meter is clearly full of shit. As for finding the problem, good luck. FCA has been buying shit batteries for a few years now and TONS of them have bad cells. But they have also been having issues with solid ground connections periodically in assembly.
  6. Actually, burning it and destroying it is unlawful, regardless what you think. Hwoever defacing it.. well as long as what you write on it is not advertising, it's legal.
  7. Oh you are wrong. He is definitely in it to win it. You are just confused by the fact that he doesn't have to be president to have won. He want's power and influence. He wants to have more of it than anyone else. That's his goal. He's running so that he'll either be president, or that he will be the guy steering the democratic party. He's fine with either. Right now in the DNC there's a fight between the hillary branch and obama branch of the DNC. More accurately team hillary controls hillary's donors and team obama controls obama's donors, they don't necessarily have much if anything to do with the personal opinions of either hillary or obama. There's nobody big enough in the party to make these two factions play nicely together and nobody charismatic enough to do it either. Which is why we have all this neo-marxist leftism getting big air time. It's trying to buy influence with sound bites instead of dollars. Intended or not, this is making a lot of the people providing the money on both those lists hesitant to continue donating money. Bloomberg has money. There's a power vacuum right now. He'll be the president or he'll be the new Soros.
  8. You really don't read about do you? Cycling bottled water was literally the first half of my suggestion with the purifier an affordable add on to the practice.
  9. Life straw is the brand. What I am recommending is not their straw filter but their gravity powered disposable water purifier. she should also probably hit up Lowe’s and get a food grade 5 gallon bucket to cart the water.
  10. You'll have to take better pictures or circle what you are concerned about. I wouldn't bat an eye at any of the brass pictured. But some of your primers have some nice flow into the flash hole. that really shouldn't be happening that much. I would step up to a thicker primer. I won't load 6 1/2s or cci 400s in .223 and 6.5 creedmore is higher pressure.
  11. Having read the transcripts, I have a hard time seeing how anything Roberts did could be construed one way or the other. These headlines aren't informed reporting, they are following the playbook trying to pressure Roberts just like they did in the ACA case.
  12. *Sigh* I weep for your co-workers. I do. So you ask a question about primers and NEVER TELL US THE GODDAMNED PRIMERS YOU USED IN YOUR LOAD!!!! For fucks sake man, work with us here. Since it is starline with the SR it's small rifle. If you are shooting thinner primers like the remington 6 1/2 primers. Don't do that. If you don't have pinhole ruptures of the primer, you will at some point given 6.5 creedmore's pressure. They will blow out on hot .223 loads and 6.5 creedmore max pressure is 65k vs 55k for .223. Here's a web page with the various primer stats. http://www.jamescalhoon.com/primers_and_pressure.php Basically if loading SRP format I'd stick to remington 7 1/2 or cci 450, br4, or #41 primers, and I'd stick with the more conservative loading data. If you are using one of the thicker SRPs, then to me that just looks like you are dealing with a sloppy firing pin hole dimension vs firing pin diameter and the brass doesn't look stressed, however your pics are more like you want to have a romantic dinner with your brass rather than inspect them thoroughly. If you want to be extra careful, check your bolt face for any scorch marks/erosion. For the brass, take a paperclip unfold it and bend one end to a small L. Probe the case wall above the case web form the inside of the case, and if it feels like it catches hard in a doughnut around the case head.. congrats, you beat the crap out of your brass and should get some more and back off on the loads. But I doubt the brass is messed up given the fact that SRPs should fail well before loadings that will FUBAR your brass. Also, I highly suggest picking up the lee reloading manual and read the first half that isn't load data. It's cheap and very informative. Given 6.5 creedmore is a big case for small rifle primer, and intended for accuracy, I'd go with the remington 7 1/2 br primers. They are benchrest primers, very consistent and produce a hefty flame kernel to light up that much powder.
  13. These days you have LED backlit LCD, local dimming LED backlit LCD, full array local dimming LED backlit LCD, and OLED. Samsung has QLED technology that is basically a different way of doing LED LCDs and I beleive at this time comes in both full array local dimming and edge lit local dimming. While it has some flaws, IMO OLED is top of the heap. If you want something cheaper than that, look at full array local dimming sets.
  14. Bottled water won't burst when it freezes. When I have a summer match, I freeze half my water for the day and stage things so it's cooled and thawed by the back half of the day. They are all built to survive freezing, worst case they bulge on the bottom. The cheap crinkly bottles they use for cases of water don't even really do that most of the time. Especially if you ever use bottled water, if just going for a short term reserve, stack some cases in the basement, and cycle them out regularly through consumption and restocking. It's also cheap. As a plan B, a lifestraw family purifier is pretty cheap back up insurance. It's a fine enough filter to filter out most viruses. It's disposable, but only costs about $60 if you can't catch a sale.
  15. buried in the military times link is the actual report https://partner-mco-archive.s3.amazonaws.com/client_files/1527866983.pdf
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