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  1. raz-0

    Cutting the cord

    That would probably be because those folks are pirating content and then charging you for it. Two of them even encroach on trademarks of others to present themselves. If you like the content you watch, and want more of it, these outlets are helping to ensure that doesn't happen. You are also, in a fairly traceable manner, engaging in a an activity that is definitely illegal for the provider, and a couple court cases away from being definitely illegal for the consumer. The weight of the house of mouse, comcast/nbc/universal, etc. are working hard on the side that will make the consumption of a pirated stream very clearly illegal. If for any reason it does not work or live up to what they say, you have zero recourse. You are out your money. This really isn't that different from the legitimate over the top IP streaming options, but there is more reason for it to cease working. You guys do what you want. I'm just making sure your decisions are informed.
  2. raz-0

    " important information " ?

    I'm going to guess it is a standard module to support compliance with the EU cookie law and GDPR. I suspect it is not configured with a policy statement.
  3. raz-0

    Birdcage on Netflix

    And here I thought it was just a shitty knock of of a quiet place.
  4. Yeah I linked that. My point is would you have gotten that statement, for what it is worth, without putting words in their mouth? One of the problems we have with RKBA activism in this state is we are reactive at best and do that poorly in general. We are very poor at making the system react to us. This is an example of a way of doing that. To put the worst possible spin on shit they do, and force them to do something to make that seem less true. I'd equally welcome someone demonstrating how to motivate the rank and file effectively too. I suspect a big part of the problem is that between the cost of living and overpopulation NJ is just a fiscal and mental grinder that has people jsut trying to get through the day rather than make long term plans.
  5. If you have to go buying parts to make the mag work... well that's not part of the magazine. At some point your are manufacturing/remanufacturing a new mag out of parts. IF you remove any part of a compliant hex mag. Without buying a part that is NOT a replacement part for that hexmag, you will not have a reliably functioning magazine.
  6. raz-0

    Recommend a Smartphone (Verizon)

    My $0.02. 1) iPhone. Seriously, not having VZW in between you and your OS updates, NOR having the hardware manufacturer there is worth cash money. But you don't like that, so.. 2) PIxel 2 family of phones. 3) Pixel 3 family of phones (pixel 2 is less problematic right now, but that'll probably come to an end in 6 months to a year.) 4) One+ You get google telemetry and Chinese telemetry, but it's usually pretty technically sound and minimally fucked with OS fork (that's been increasingly less true as time passes, but hey). 5) Samsung high end stuff. More fucked with than One+ in terms of proprietary stuff and bloatware. Higher priced too, but their phones are compatible and supported. Lots of accessories. Knox is pretty solid and honest at this point if it has to integrate in a BYOD environment, and well.. you might get an update in 6 months to year for any security issues or bugs. You get google telemetry and korean telemetry. This is based on being on the primary team managing over 35k mobile devices in a BYOD work environment. I fucking hate android. When shits broken it's 87 layers of not my problem whereas we can get apple and other vendors together to fix bugs in interoperability. It's not fun, it's not fast, but it is at least possible. If you are going to be in a BYOD environment and want to be unhappy buy LG (their flagships are consistently some of the most fucked flagship devices on the market, but they usually have nice screens and look slick to help you make a regrettable decision in the store) or the cheap huwai and blu phones.
  7. Actually, it's not. What it is is activism. Faced with a bullshit law with no way to enforce it uniformly. They asked how it will be enforced and got no comment. So rather than let uncertainty work solely for the assholes in Trenton, they said something that that statement encompasses. NJSP had definitely not stated they wouldn't be going door to door. That is a much more emotionally powerful statement AND it happens to be true. Bonus, the only way out of it being out there and being demonstrably true is for NJSP to make some statement about their plans for enforcement. So admit you plan to enforce it arbitrarily, or wear the jack booted thug label while wearing your NJSP standard issue knock-off Nazi uniform. And gee look what happened. Breitbart is definitely sensationalist at times, but in this case the author of the article did a good job on spin IMO.
  8. Here's the deal. At some point by replacing parts or altering the mag as sold, you are manufacturing a new magazine. Where that line is in NJ is is not defined, and has no precedent set. As a number of businesses demonstrated when the AWB sunset, if you have a tig welder, some skill with it, and two 10 round magazines, you can convert at lest one of them into a greater than 10 round magazine. Was the magazine not low capacity? Not permanently altered? Or was a new full or extended capacity magazine manufactured out of compliant parts? Under the AWB that was more clear as a less fuzzy line was drawn. Plenty of blocked mas in NJ have shipped with nothing but a rivet.
  9. I expect them to pass all sorts of inane shit in the house with the knowledge they won't have to face the consequences of it passing in the senate. They don't want it to pass, they just want to craft bullet points for negative campaigning.
  10. raz-0

    Formal Instruction?

    I'm translating that as "competition is easier than..." except the dude from the pricey classes couldn't do very well in easy mode then. Unless he's the guy I'm going to for the legal aspect or the medical aspect, I would kind of expect a base level of competence on the pew pew part.
  11. raz-0

    I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here

    Chicken roll, at least the stuff I remember was just bits of chicken, separated chicken mush, and some meat glue in tube form. Same thing basically still exists It sits next to the turkey at the deli counter and is just called chicken. It's fake slab of meat shaped instead of cylindrical. Maybe less separted chicken goo in it.
  12. raz-0

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    I know a fair number of hunters. About half of them are gun guys who hunt. Those who aren't gun guys mostly don't hunt with guns, just bows. Probably about half of the bowhunters could give a crap about anti legislation and most of the hunting stuff outside of deer. For them hunting = deer and they could give a crap about anything else. Not animosity for the most part, more laziness. Of the non gun guys who hunt with shotguns.. well.. most of them are of the "if it weren't for you gun nuts, I could live in peace and hunt". They are not getting it, but I try not to be a dick to them about it. About 3/4ths of the non gun guy hunter population are probably tractable to tit for tat support for what they do care about.
  13. raz-0

    Baby Addicted to Mobile Phone

    The video really isn't enough to judge jack shit. You take a toy away from a baby, it' gets pissed. Infants don't have broad emotional range, it's pretty much hunger, rage, and asleep for the first while. It's a poor demonstration of "addicted". Especially without knowing the software on the phone. An infant isn't going to be addicted to keep up with the joneses on facebook. From a physical development standpoint, tablets/phones are a mixed bag. The touch and gesture UIs make use of motions that fit right in with gross motor skill development, but focusing on the 2d display is not a great plan for proper development of visual processing in the brain. It needs depth and movement in all 3 axis to develop properly. Based on what I have learned in the past about brain development and cognition, I'm not that concerned about screen time other than being lazy and letting it replace a variety of stimulus. I also try to steer the kid towards less awful and more useful stuff. Contrary to a lot of the un-researched concern industry, my kid and his peers for the most part seem to saturate and need breaks form it. Some do not. I suspect the differentiation in those two groups would align with other general rates of addictive behavior. I suspect the biggest problem is when the kids develop enough language skills they can start using the internet to avoid learning things and abdicate that process to search engines and such. Adults willingly abandon that skill, but at least they had some of it at some point. Kids that never did? It's also tricky to not do essentially the same thing by proxy and just repeat everything the computer tells you.
  14. raz-0

    Free floating handguard

    Some tubes use proprietary nuts, some use "common" non mil-spec nuts, and some just attach to a standard mil-spec barrel nut. The real issue in options is a matter of what you have in terms of a front sight/gas block on the gun. Even using one of the mil-spec compatible solutions, you still need to get the tube over the gas block/front sight to install it. If it need s something other than the mil-spec nut, with very, very few exception, it is included with the handguard.
  15. Lots of places won't accept shipping to non billing addresses without having called the CC company and set up the other address as an alternate shipping address.

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