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  1. THere's no could about it. it could be any day they issue orders, and has to be by the last day of the session which is july 17th.
  2. If it is the pump action bullpup... it isn't If it is the semi-auto bullpup, it is as it has a pistol grip. I I see the blurry blue text.. it is the semi-auto. No semi auto shotguns with pistol grips.
  3. Someone fishing for investor bucks! There's a shit tone of covid money still out there looking for some form of gun control to fund, why shouldn't it be them!
  4. All current cell carriers support mobile tracking devices running on their data network. Are you going to boycott them? I mean why roll out a nationwide wireless data network when it can be abused to track people?
  5. Except at least two other companies already had the technology out there. They didn't even lower the price point. Apple's just has more devices, so it works better. Apple has also put in place safeguards that the others never had. They also have brought a level of visibility and scrutiny to it that hasn't been around before. If you want it regulated, talk to your legislators. If apple makes a big enough market, it'll become that much more attractive to those developing tools to figure out if it is being abused.
  6. The NJ executive is currently pushing the safe storage bills, which would contradict Heller in parts.
  7. Try to be more terse man. Once again, this is a novel, and that's coming form a guy who posts novels. Except yours have pages of text with minimal info. Like this.. I don't care about your opinions about yourself. I assume you think you are awesome and right and we can skip that as understood. It could have been summed up with "I already replied on page in case you missed it". There you go.. all the useful bits of your post in a sentence fragment. If you want to convey being salty "I already posted it on page one, are you fucking blind". Both substantially shorter than what you wrote. It's web forum, not a frikin thesis or management consultation document where you are being graded/paid by the pound. On to constructive stuff. So Optimum is using a modified version of zimbra. It 100% will route stuff to your junk folder without you dragging it there. When you drag it there, it treats it as if you clicked the "this is junk" option and uses it to train filters. So question 1 is if you are viewing mail via their webmail interface, you should be seeing stuff in junk unless they have gotten REALLY aggressive at spam rejection. I left optimum's email services for a reason. They weren't good. If you are using a desktop/mobile client, the Junk folder may be local and not the one optimum is using. If you have not looked at it via the web interface, try that. But your mail client may use it's own junk folder where only stuff yo mark as junk or is determined to be junk by the local client is put. This is not terribly uncommon. If running a samsung mobile device, especially and older one, it comes with it's own spam filters, and moves "spam" to deleted items, not junk/spam. It can be pretty aggressive and wrong about this. Newer devices seem to be less bad, so they may have finally fixed the default behavior. If all that is no help, my next advice would be to stop talking to GB for the moment, go spin up an outlook.com or Gmail account, and just try registering with that. You may be SOL depending on how much data they keep of the incomplete form as I just tried to run through the process to create a bogus test account, and they put in controls to avoid duping accounts. GB isn't trying to go above and beyond the law or infringe your rights, they are just trying to prevent mail fraud being committed with your identity. It is possible your experience is shit because someone already tried to pretend to be you. The fact your info is easily found online doesn't mean you must be you, it means pretending to be you is just that much easier.
  8. I hope they switch as fast as posssible. Then the gun grabbers will have to come up with something other than pretending ar-15s are weapons of war with the most powerful cartridges in the world.
  9. It can be no later than end of June. It will be the end of June because gun cases are always at the end of June. This is because they are contentious. It’s the scotus version of a Friday afternoon press release. They drop it on the last day at the last minute and go on vacation so they don’t have to listen to anyone until shit settles down.
  10. Ok. So they aren’t making that request because they need the info, but because you appear to be some Internet rando who is trying to associate their gunbroker account with an email account they don’t actually have access to as far as the support person is concerned. The picture holding a a photo id is just the lowest effort way of verifying identity. So the first question is did you check your spam/junk folder for the activation email? Because that’s your path to avoiding this stuff. Also who is your email provider? They may be giant assholes blocking gunbroker.
  11. It’sa bunch of bullshit posing to rally the base.
  12. They can't in the NY decision. It's already been heard. The delay is 100% standard as they do their hearings, wait forever, and then issue the decisions at the end of june before their recess for the bulk of decisions.
  13. No idea if they are a legit storefront, but FYI on ginex primers. This particualr small rifle is 0.0197" primer cup thickness (0.5mm) according tot heir spec sheet. SO similar to federal 200 and remington 6 1/2, but the spec sheet does say it was tested in .223 rem. PRIMER 4,5/3-I is one of their 5.56 primers and is 3.22mm high which may not fit in your brass. PRIMER 4,5/3-N is their other 5.56 primer, and is 3.12mm high which is about in the middle of the range for what you typically get with federal, cci, winchester, etc. You can look up the specs here https://www.ginex.com.ba/Product.htm
  14. For sitting at a port and shooting? Grip strength and some additional forearm work that won't be caught just by typical grip trainers. Most of the rest of the upper body stuff in form and managing recoil is primary skeletal. Unless you are not very strong, and then some trapezius strength will help with holding a gun up for longer without fatigue. For run and gun? Grip, legs, and core. For 3 gun stick some basic aerobic proficiency at the top of the list. Long range stuff will punish you for not keeping your heart rate down to something reasonable. For legs you need to be able to launch yourself from a start pretty well and I've seen plyometrics recommended for this, but haven't tried them. You also need to be able to change direction, which needs some strength, but also technique. Learning how to do a skip step and various styles of skip step can help a lot here. Core ties your upper body into the above leg stuff to up the power and really comes into developing a stable base, especially while pivoting the upper body. Technique things for stability are being able to hold a half squat and an Asian squat. Also practicing position transition positions. Standing to prone to standing standing to urban/side prone to standing. Standing to brokeback prone to standing. Standing to half squat to standing, Standing to asian squat to standing. Standing to single leg kneel to standing. You can also do from all the squats to all the prone positions.
  15. What bullet are you looking for? A lot of places have been getting caught up for the common stuff.
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