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  1. He's recovering from throat cancer. HE also had a couple other health problems prior to that to help out too. Also most celebrities have big heads and are shorter.
  2. Or, you know, cgi. Or models. Or a mix of both.
  3. I will also point out that if your guns leave the house. They aren't coming back. You've established you aren't even having that conversation any more by simply complying.
  4. Buy a gun safe. Tell the wife to try to get into it. Don't even limit her to her ridiculous bullshit answer.
  5. Dunno, but tests ahve been done with 20" barrels vs 24" and the 20s won despite giving up some velocity (this was .308 BTW). Especially if you are keeping the same weight budget. A 20" of the same weight as the 24" will be more rigid and less impacted by barrel harmonics. Like everything with everything ever. It's a compromise. The best compromise may not be intuitive. with regards to the "firearms" I'm pretty sure the compromise of straight "rifling" loses it the accuracy game at any range.
  6. I'm not going to get into the details of what is what RE: global warming, but I can say that I don't like the way their simulations are vetted in general. Going to your AI reference, you feed the damn things a learning data set to get an arbitrary rule out of them for determining if something is X. You then feed it a new data set and see how right it is. If it is below a certain threshold, you throw it away as garbage. The warming models need way more refinement then they get and are being held to a pretty low standard for most of them. Which irks me. Anthropogenic or not, unprecedented or not, in general, it looks like things are getting hotter, and we will have to survive it. It'd be nice if we didn't have what boils down to conjecture on what those effects might be that we have to survive. Engaging in a circle jerk where everyone agrees their models that have been inaccurate in determining the effects is good enough doesn't help with that.
  7. Bonine is just ginger pills. What may be an important fact for someone: ginger is a laxative in larger doses. I've never been seasick on a boat in the daytime. However I went on a fishing trip that was at night, mostly lights out, and turned out to be under conditions where cloud cover made the moon and stars non-existent. That one managed to make me feel unwell but didn't have me heaving. Motion sickness really comes in two forms. One is intolerance to getting yanked around physically and the associated inner ear feedback. The other is due to a mismatch between what your brain perceives the motion to be and what your inner ear determines the motion to actually be. The former is just going to be bad without dramamine or the patch, or if you are lucky, ginger. The latter can be helped by watching the horizon or engaging in significant physical activity that is more pronounced than the movement of the boat. Regardless, careful on the ginger. You don't want to be heaving from both ends. (FYI, in my looking up of ginger tea for unassociated reasons, teh advice was ~1Tbs as daily intake. Do not exceed if you don't want a laxative effect, do if you do want to doodoo.
  8. Got the trijicon 1-8 on my 3gun rifle. considering one of these for my .22 upper. https://www.primaryarms.com/pa-1-6x24mm-ffp-illuminated-rifle-scope-with-acss-raptor-556-reticle-black
  9. Could be damn near anything really. Maybe the guys neighbor a half mile down the road is a dealer and these guys got the wrong gravel road going into the woods trying to rob the dealer. Maybe they are the kind of scum that don't care if they got $5 or $50,000 and were just breaking into places far away from police attention. Maybe the dude in the hospital who shot them owed them money, drugs, etc. Maybe they wanted someplace with water, electricity and a toilet to cook some meth for a few weeks and were going to lock him up or kill him to do so. Maybe they were the drug dealers next door, a half mile down the road, and they wanted to make sure the dude in the hospital didn't ever call the cops on them again. Maybe the guy offended them at a local bar/club/whatever and they found where he lived and were going o teach him a lesson.
  10. People looking to make trouble seldom do so where they know they will be seen and get lots of attention.
  11. You are renting the hotel room, it is effectively a residence while you are renting it. DirtyDigz advice is spot on.
  12. Well, I have pretty significant nearsightedness to the point that most shooting glasses can't accommodate it. I also went with a "discounts? You mean MSRP without a markup is a major sale, right?" optical boutique to get mine done, and I hit $530. If you have minor near or farsightedness and some astigmatism, you should be able to get something for under $400. If you just do poly-carbonate in a decent frame with ansi side shields, you can likely keep it damn cheap. You got bad advice.
  13. What's your scrip? $1500 sounds way too high.
  14. Just you know.. asking the stupid question in case there's someone stupider in the room, but are you using prescription glasses with these optics? A 4x acog and 1x prismatic scope are essentially the same thing, the only difference should be lens sizes, target magnification, and build quality. You can have issues with dots and holographic sights even with a corrected astigmatism because of the nature of how those optics work. Nothing is going to fix an uncorrected astigmatism..... well except making the image bigger until your brain has enough to work with to fill in the crap data from the astigmatism. i.e. if the acog was better, it may just because it made the image larger. If you don't have prescription glasses... get them. If you do and dots are rough, find an optometrist who will work with you and get you a scrip to mitigate it and get special shooting glasses.
  15. So.. just so you know. The crazy dude who shot up vegas? He had a pilots license. How many people would he have killed ahd he decided to kamikaze a plane into the crowd instead of jsut shoot at them from a distance. Also go fuck yourself.
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