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  1. Yeah, but i'm interested in collecting. I would like a butterfly knife for my collection, but several places seem to think it qualifies as being a gravity knife. I'd argue no seeing as they have a latch that has nothing to do with gravity. I hadn't gotten around to doing a lot of research as I had a lot more interesting stuff on the list that was just a matter of budget rather than legality. I'd also love to add a paragon warlock to my collection. But it is both double edged, and I would suspect would qualify as a gravity knife. No desire to carry them, but my collection is themed around folders and the various locking and or folding mechanisms.
  2. No. This is an example of someone makes a credible threat and you can arrest them without red flag laws. The very fact that every state already has legal framework in place to do such things is EXACTLY why you should understand red flag laws are explicitly NOT about that. Not even a little.
  3. So is the argument that for owning in a collection with no intent to carry, just put it in a collection and if needed transport it from residence to residence, you can own a switchblade?
  4. The indoor range is serviceable. It's nicer than the indoor portions of any other range I know of in NJ with an outdoor range. It's just not set up like a pay by the hour public range.
  5. raz-0


    That and it's a low pressure round. Even with higher pressure rounds and a proper comp, you STILL need to load with a powder that burns appropriately to drive the comp. Some 9mm +P rounds are probably sufficient, but for the most part, comps without the right ammo will only be a marginal improvement.
  6. The 12-2 date is for oral arguments. Even scotusblog says so. They seem to think it could still be mooted in October, but that's not how scotus usually works. Getting on the oral arguments schedule is hard. The only way I could see that happening is if there was a major shift of opinion and it was defensively mooted. That seems unlikely as the law is so restrictive that a very narrow ruling would always be on the table.
  7. Hehehe dri-slide doesn't let gunk stick to things... dri-slide IS gunk. I mean it's moly and graphite. In my gun that was shooting moly coated lead, it was just like pre-dirtying the gun. It's not bad stuff, but it does not prevent gunk from sticking. On pistols, it is kind of like starting with a clean gun but the clean will get your hands dirty and is kind of like you start at the 400-500 round mark worth of crud already in it. On an AR, it just does nothing to prevent the carbon build up. If you need something that won't attract too much fine dirt and grit form the external environment, with regular applications without too high round counts in between it'll get the job done provided you have time for the carrier to evaporate.
  8. And? hitting the mag release shares time with grabbing a mag. It's essentially free. Unless it does auto bolt forward on insert as well. Then it could be cool.
  9. Except that most of the time you avoid shooitng to bolt lock. The thing needs a custom ambi mag catch, and a custom bolt release, and reduces capacity. Unless it is cali legal somehow, Idon't see the niche.
  10. Measure the damn gas port hole on the barrel. If it is short stroking with a carbine weight buffer, it's likely going to short stroke with a rifle weight buffer. If the barrel was intended for a soft shooting set up, it may be undersized and expect you to have a lightened carrier and reduced weight buffer. For example a nordic components 18" barrel ships with an undersized gas port for that reason. If it's small you have two choices. Lightened components or drill it out. If you (or someone you know) can get dealer pricing from brownells their in house lightened one is cheap. $80 ($125 if you have to pay retail). https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-carrier-groups/m16-5-56-lightweight-bolt-carrier-group-prod116267.aspx
  11. Guess my brain just dumped that info on the floor when it said holy sit at the 7-2 in the next post.
  12. The actual questions: 1* Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of the National Rifle Association, also known as the NRA? 2* Are NRA members more likely or less likely to commit a crime with a gun? Or is the level of gun crime by NRA members about the same as in the population at large? 3* Following several recent mass shootings, officials in San Francisco have declared the NRA a domestic terrorist organization, although the decision has no specific impact on the NRA or its members. Do you favor or oppose declaring the NRA a terrorist organization in the community where you live? 4* Should Americans be prohibited by law from belonging to pro-gun rights organizations like the NRA?
  13. Yeah if you don't have a safe and are putting it in foam lined cases, even if it seems dry have some desiccant in there. Most hard cases, get less air intrusion than a safe and the foam holds the moisture right up against the surface.
  14. Hmm you know how the gun grabbers have their fake "pro-gun" organizations to endorse their plans? Part of me wants to create the "Caucasian Caucus to End Gun Violence". It'll consist entirely of paid actors endorsing every pro-gun bill, no matter how sane.
  15. 7-2... DAYUM! Given the court composition that is damn near unanimous as no matter how you slice it that cut across pretty much every liberal team up on issues in the court. I'm going to guess Sotamayer and Kagan... time to go peek. Nope Sotamayer and Ginsburg. I had no doubt the wise Latina could give a crap about the content, purpose, or process of law, but who she would drag with her was the question.
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