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  1. one thing I did not see in that article was that polycarbonate lenses you are trusting your eyes to should not be cleaned with alcohol based cleaners. It makes them more brittle just like UV does.
  2. The interesting thing in zerohedge is down the page. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/consumer-credit-soars-most-record-credit-card-borrowings-explode credit card spending up massively, this new move cuts people off from consolidation loans.
  3. Well you bring up what could be a major scumbag move which is to cut off options from real estate owners to force them into foreclosure.
  4. I could see auto loans and helocs going away temporarily because those were pandemic inflated markets. Even sane loans are likely to wind up underwater. Personal loans are less exposed I'd think, and it is also in an area they got caught doing bad things before. If it is trying to insulate themselves from risk of default, there should be matching stats on individual debt levels. A lot of people used their helicopter money to pay off debt.
  5. Doubt it. I mean lines of credit usually have adjusting rates if they aren't for a fixed sum. Given the bank my guesses are either: 1) They have been up to shady shit again and found it internally first. Getting out of the business for now decreases their chances of being caught. I guess one of the things they could be caught at was writing lines of credit to people who should have been ineligible, and they are concerned with them defaulting on unsecured credit, so they are limiting the depth of that hole. that fear could be interest rate related. 2) We are like a month out of the last reduced standards stress test, and they passed. They are now eligible for buybacks they weren't before, and they may be moving the outlay of cash from personal loans to that. 3) It's actually not fear of hikes but fear that low rates are here for a while. That means this type of loan won't be terribly profitable and comes with no collateral to foreclose on. A subprime car loan or sub prime mortgage is better than a sub prime personal loan.
  6. I would not put an 8 round tube on it and put a removable block in it. That’s not the same as a 6 round tube. If it can’t be configured as is to hold more than 6 rounds, it’s six rounds.
  7. Why would you have to pin and weld the cap? I mean it literally comes form the factory capable of accepting an extension tube. Why would still being able to accept an extension tube matter at 6 rounds rather than 5?
  8. The primer shortages are going to last until the ammo shortages ease up significantly. As for the ammo, well I think we have hit the wall on that. I keep seeing 9mm having to pull back from ~$0.70 a round to ~$0.40 a round, and .223 has pulled back from $1 to ~$0.75 a round. From past history, we will probably get years of $399 a case .223. The question is how much volume at that price, and if it will ease up total demand on primer manufacturing. bullets and brass are already pulling back. The lowest I paid for 9mm brass pre-panic was $0.25 per k. I've already seen $0.35 per/k prices again. They don't last long, but the $45 per k seems to be pretty accessible. Bullets, well.. lets just say a LOT of units of Hornady 62gr FMJ was shipped and the people who stocked up by the truck load are getting antsy and have started discounting. I don't have good historical info on THAT particular bullet, but it sat between the popular 55gr bulk offering and the 62gr OTM bullet I use(d) a ton of and it's already pulled back to being about as cheap as the OTM version was. Which is probably the new normal given the manufacturer across the board price increases in the last year. Powder is probably the second scarcest item for reloading and right now if you want something, that's pretty easy to get. If you want something specific... that's a lot harder. And 4lb and 8lb is still scarce. If you have more than about 2 years supply, I'd say to hold and see. It'll be pretty obvious if price relief is coming in the next year. At that point you have a year to pick up more reloading components. It might not be the easiest advice to take, this stupidity has my fomo reflex going pretty hard on some things.
  9. Unfortunately you aren't wrong. The way things work have pathologically incentivized a bunch of bad stuff, and this is one of the more obscure mechanisms.
  10. You will also note before you posted your link I posted the right answer including the suppressor bit. Which you then contradicted while posting an article that agreed with me. But started I was wrong. If you don’t expect some ribbing after that, the internet might not be your thing.
  11. It’s nj. If you are seeking a sarcasm free life, you need to move. Similar if you want easy to understand gun laws.
  12. You need to learn to read more better. May I suggest The Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. the article says BB Gun Pistols: Pellet or BB gun pistols are considered firearms in New Jersey. Therefore in order to purchase one, not only must an individual have a Firearms Identification Card, but they must also have Pistol Purchaser Permit. Additionally, in order to actually carry the pellet or bb gun pistol on their person, one must have a carry permit under N.J.S. 2C:58-4. You need an pistol permit to buy one... in nj. Its not a firearm in another state and doesn't require an FFL. The only reason NJ laws on transfers are followed at all in other states is because the federal government says so. So there i no need to follow NJ law in buying a non firearms in another state. It also says that if you carry it on your person you need a carry permit. Just like a pistol in NJ. Transporting it like any other firearm between exempted locations is not an issue. That does not require a carry permit. You can buy it out of state and bring it into the state so long as once you cross the border, you are treating it as if it were a firearm. The linked article is also wrong that you need a FPID to possess a long gun as well. You need it to purchase one. If you owned guns in another state and come here, you do not need to get a FPID. If you inherit them you do not need to get a FPID provided the inheritance meets the letter of the law to be an exempted transfer. The FPID will permit you to qualify for more exempted behavior. But for bringing it home and taking it to the range, you don't need it. Same for taking it home and shooting it at home if, as pointed out in the article, your home is someplace where that does not violate discharge ordinances.
  13. That makes the assumption that the gun owners didn't and that if they did they would vote the way you think they should. Heck, every one of them could have, could have voted the way you think, and still lost with 38.5% turnout as there would still be 2+ non gun owners per gun owner.
  14. It isn't logic. It's bullshit. The dude in india or some other foreign call center doesn't know why it's restricted. They just see that it is restricted and are telling you politley. "fuck off.. it's restricted because it's restricted." Now why it is restricted is probably because it is misidentified somehow in their ordering system. Back before Cabelas was sold to anyone not cabelas, they had excellent customer service. They would ship me a 10 round 10/22 rotary mag, but not the 3 pack that was discounted. I eventually got it fixed and the reason was that someone putting the sku in inventory put the capacity identifier at 30 rather than 10 and that field was put there to handle shipping restrictions. Walmart may have set a bot to flag all ammo and it grabbed the can for having ammo in the description and failed to distinguish between a can to hold ammo and a can full of ammo. Or it could be because someone decided they might get sued for selling it here because they can't read the law. Whatever it is the computer says no and wal mart isn't the type of place to fix that unless the mechanism is the logistics system says it sold X units less than predicted and for that they will replace it with a new similar item in inventory and that one doesn't get mis-filed.
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