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  1. IMO shooting a 10" plate at 300 yards with a 2moa dot gets to be challenging. Even a 4x will make it a ton easier. If you can get a discount from vortex, check it out. You can get it $299.99 all the time from SWFA. For a mount, aero precision SPR is good, and normally $95. It occasionally goes on sale for ~$75. I don't think you can really do better for less than the above combo. Might be worth subscribing to DVOR for sales. Both come up semi-regularly with them and the prices cna be good.
  2. This is worth considering. For technique that causes FTF, you cna look at teacupping the gun as a culprit. I'll let archer demonstrate It can push up on the mag, moving feed lip position, and causing a jam.
  3. It was. Reading through the reddit thread again, they are relying on the franklin arsenal firearm for osme of their reasoning. That has a non-rifled barrel. IT isn't smooth bore, but the lands and grooves don't twist. I'm not liking their reasoning federally 100%, much less for NJ.
  4. I'm on direct TV now. I agree the guide needs work. I will point out that it has a coupel things going for it that are on obvious. 1) HBO via them is $5 a month as opposed to $15 a month for an over the top streaming plan. THis gives you full HBOGo access, which is spiffy if you like hbo. 2) If you like hockey, your regional sports network includes MSG and MSG+. Direct TV NOW is literally botht he easiest and cheapest way to stream hockey in the portion of NJ in the NY metro area. No VPN BS to mask your location.
  5. You have three choices, rifle,pistol, or firearm. I don't see how this qualify's as firearm for NJ. I'm open to being convinced otherwise.
  6. You need to have it mounted and to have diopter adjusted for you to to really judge. I can shoot both eyes open with mine no problem at 1x.
  7. quiz has lots of wrong stuff. Like which is more expensive. HP or whatever. Well in .22 hp or not is about the same. Most center fire rifle cartridges that aren't popular in bulk, they are going to be about the same. Which bullet expands? HP, JSP and varmint bullets are ALL designed to expand.
  8. I believe the setting on my mower is supposedly 3.5". It's not like I take a tape measure to it. Means I have to water it less to keep it alive.
  9. You can bitch and moan that someone isn't suing someone for you so you don't have to, but first you might want to ask what grounds would you be suing? I don't see a lot of opportunity to litigate against a state imposing additional regulatory burden on something federally regulated.
  10. Here's the thing. If you make a deal, you have to go up and say that the officer had cause to pull you over. With speeding, the officer has to have a means of measuring it, and saying that that means is wrong may complicate the officer's life. With the signal, you have to give sufficient warning. You say you let it blink 4 times, he says he saw 3 and you didn't give the 200 foot margin or whatever is required, you plea and state he had cause, nothing gets complicated.
  11. HE's explanation is good. bullets are not laser beams. silverado's graphic is conceptually near, except the 25 yard zero dot is gray, and doesn't appear to actually move on the target over distance, which is wrong. Plugging it in now, the 300 yard dot is wrong too as at 25 yards, you are still fighting sight offset and it would only be about an inch high. It's more or less right for 50 and 100 yard zeros though. IMO MV over 3200? Maybe 100 yard zero. MV under 3200, use a 50 yard zero. 50
  12. The aero mounts are nice and light. and these days come win a variety of ring sizes. Great value for the money, and a great mount for the weight. I too give them a thumbs up. That being said, they do not have as much extension as an AD recon-X. This means that nose to charging handle won't work for a number of scopes. They'll pair great with a trijicon accupower 1-8x though. That doesn't need as much eye relief as the vortex razor HD.
  13. IMO the right one to get is the recon-x. It's one of, if not THE, longest cntilevel on the market. WHich means you can get a nose to chargin handle cheek weld with most any optic you purchase. Don't like that, you can mount the scope further back in the rings and bring the mount back an notch. Also has two QD latches, so it's more secure. http://www.americandefensemanufacturing.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=8
  14. I concur with shane45. I have ad mounts on most of my optics. A little heavy but work well and all my pic rail looks new. I think larue has a clever design, but it can chew up your rails.