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  1. Or you know, just declining health due to not being able to reduced mobility and ability to keep up with her fitness program. She's a tough cookie, but if she goes at this point, the only person to blame for a conservative replacement is her. She had pancreatic cancer in 2009. It's a miracle she survived, it is generally a pretty vicious and intractable cancer. She4 should have retired. She didn't.
  2. Qualified immunity doesn't count if you are violating federal law.
  3. safariland GLS should be able to be made to work.
  4. RBG needs to go. If you are of the orientation where you find it problematic that Trump may pick her replacement, that's fine. Blame the only person responsible for that: RBG. She could have very, very easily retired under Obama, and she was so far left that I doubt ther would have been much of a fight replacing her with someone similar.
  5. If forced to pick between the two, Yeah.. popeyes.
  6. This is incorrect. FOPA protects you transiting a state. You are bound by the laws of the origin and destination state while in them. For PA and NJ FOPA happens to go beyond the letter of the law so isn't a bad guideline, but this is how things like people haivng to stay overnight for missing a connecting flight in NJ results in stupid shit. But from your residence in PA, as long as the firearm is legal in NJ, you should be able to transport to a permitted place such as another residence, a business you own, and a range.
  7. Then be anal. disassemble at the end of each use, coat it in cosmoline, degrease it thoroughly before each use. If you are super anal, it is about the journey to have it your way, not practicality. Long term there's nothing that will work well without costing you time or causing you problems.
  8. I've got an old rotor with surface rust. It still worked fine after a hundred thousand rounds or so. The big problem was the plastic tube coming unglued and the casting voids in it hornady wouldn't warranty fro some reason. Got a new one a few years ago with the baffle and other accessories. The patina of surface rust isn't going to make it not work.
  9. I've managed to get pretty good postal service for the last 30+ years. Only thing I've regularly had problems with was fedex (their policy of holding non overnight stuff, even if it gets to the last leg early bites them in the ass regularly, and I believe they have stopped this practice now), and RPS/fedex home, which has always been, and will always be a shitshow.
  10. They are all shit. There's no inherent value, and they all have capitalizations so small they can easily be manipulated by a LARGE number of investment firms/banks with the will to do so. They have already clearly and demonstrably been manipulated by the businesses that turn crypto into actually usable cash. Last time this came around when bitcoin was up over $9000 a coin, I said the same thing and was shouted down that the potential upside effectively demanded investment. The downside has been pretty rough, and there's nothing changing in the near future. So unless you have a line on which way, and how the manipulators are going to manipulate, stay away is my opinion. As a long term investment, even if you know that, stay away. Even if crypto has a future, there are so many fundamental problems with the current incarnation that version 2.0 will come along and seriously disrupt the market.
  11. The only thing the 3rd circuit is going to do before 12-10 is rule on the appeal of the injunction. They don't have the case proper yet. For them to not rule on behalf on injunctive relief would be shocking. Even the 9th permitted injunctive relief despite doing their best to uphold the mag ban there. IMO the 3rd and 2nd are more apt to ignore law and precedent wholesale (the 9th at least likes to pretend they exist within the structure of the law, even if it is with very selective hearing and reading). Denying injunctive relief would be a deep cut to legal tradition and ethics here, so it'd be a BIG kind of FU for the 3rd to give NJ gun owners. I'm not comfortable calling it either way because IMO as a whole the 2nd and 3rd represent some of the most unsupported legal reasoning I have seen. Even so, all things considered, I'd have to ask WTF they are thinking if they deny it. Why? 1) NJ courts won't protect us. 2) Why dick with gun owners and screw your reputation up as well as damage a quality judicial tool by being dicks when you can just have patience and rule fuck you later at the actual trial? 3) With a change of SCOTUS composition, why risk risk being publicly declared morons twice rather than once? 4) Even without the SCOTUS change, why risk looking like petty scumbags when you could just have patience and be officially declared as correct for your judicial decision when the appeal hits your court? 5) Why miss an opportunity to whip it out and measure it when you can't lose. NJ courts aren't exactly respected. Yup. The courts will. As for "law" they will do what they always do. Which is largely fail to enforce anything on the books in a meaningful way. They will say they are right until they are smacked down by a higher court. At that point I suspect if they lose they will strike it down and try to pass something slightly different and equally oppressive. If SCOTUS is on our side, ehe question is how many times will the 3rd circuit choose to jump off that bridge with these shitweasels.
  12. I'm reading it as ANJRPC made an appeal regarding the injunction to the third circuit. They also filed with the third circuit for injunctive relief. This request for injunctive relief was denied without prejudice. They are saying that this may mean that the denial is due to the appeal as a whole being adjudicated prior to the 12-10 deadline. If you have a law that will affect a group of people, and a suit is brought against the government, it is the norm that injunctive relief is granted until that court case is sorted out if there is demonstrably a potential to harm the class of people bringing suit. Even in California, they grasp that a magazine ban fits this pattern very well. But NJ courts are basically cronies of our criminal class politicians in NJ so they don't use the normal legal standards for such things. The third circuit will probably not protect us in the least unless they see their reputation being harmed now that SCOTUS composition has been changed. However, they SHOULD see that forcing people to destroy or permanently alter their property is material harm and deserves injunctive relief until you prevail or lose in court. I'm assuming the 3rd being the 3rd, they will assume lose. They should also view the concept of injunctive relief as a legal tenant that should be protected as much as possible as it overwhelmingly does more good than harm. None of that should be expected from NJ courts.
  13. Wow, that's some shitty business there. Even before it was mandatory, if I had need of going through an FFL to sell something, it wasn't hard to find one who would take it in for free and just charge the transfer fee on the way out. That's exactly what happens with transferring an on line purchase except it's some dude who shows up by appointment rather than the UPS guy whenever.
  14. I hope they change it. doing so generates a class of recently impacted people. At which point a case should be brought that they are encumbering an incorporated right. I don't know that you could forbid the process, but you could argue that if it is in the public's interest, the whole public can pay for it rather than be discriminatory towards lower income individuals.
  15. It was only applied for items fulfilled by amazon. If it shipped form a 3rd party vendor, you didn't get charged.