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  1. 3rd party you rely on whatever they do or don't do. For your own practices, IMO, you have one or two options to up your QC. 1) Watch the powder load. IMO the best practices for this is either batch reloading with loading blocks, in which case you do a visual inspection for uniformity, or you have bullet and case feeders in a progressive setup and your job is to watch powder charge. 2) You use a powder check of some sort and drop either case feed, bullet feed, or get a press with enough stations to support all three. IMHO the best for this is the RCBS lock-out die.
  2. damn, haven't been there in like 13-14 years. Whenever I got my first rifle, because they had a publicly available 200 yard range. They don't appear to have moved, so I wonder what happened to make all the changes they did. The side of a large hill seems to be a pretty solid backstop, and google satellite doesn't shot any development on the hill.
  3. If the FFL was honest and running things correctly, it should go a few ways. 1) They know things are messed up and have time to get their stuff in order. They should contact another ffl and move the inventory onto their books, and you go collect your stuff from them. 2) They have no time to get their affairs in order. The estate either oversees the transfer of their business, or does the same FFL dance as in #1. You collect your stuff from the appropriate entity. 3) They kick it with no one to get things in order. Minions of the state will try to sort it out. State laws come into play, because likely first "transfer" from the FFL will be to a law enforcement agency who doesn't necessarily have the legal right to effect transfers to just anyone.
  4. Not really. I mean technically that is what it challenges, but the premise is that fund managers aren't worth it. HEdge funds have, in theory, the best managers. To eliminate jackpot luck for one, or a truly exceptional manager amongst a group of supposedly exceptional managers, he groups them together.
  5. OK. If your father is taking them and mailing them.. you created a transfer between you and your father. Most states, this poses zero issue. However he is then mailing them to an FFL who will transfer them to you. Which will need permits. It's the same as when your father transferred them to you without being dead and having them in the will. DAD->FFL->YOU means either your dad is breaking the law or you are unless you get the permits and do the transfer as if your father owned them. The legal way to do it is either go down there and ship to yourself. Or go down there and travel back with them.
  6. the cock bloc is one of the new ones. The other is the pachmayr rack-it. The handiracker has been around a while. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/04/28/pachmayr-rack-pistol-slide-racking-assist-tool/ Then there's a different rack-it http://rack-it.org
  7. Hmm ran the CJ match for a few years using my 2011. It never had issues with the CJ sand. Runs factory length .40 fine. Shoots everything from 135pf .40 up to 178pf just fine. Runs my major loads just fine in weather from 16F to 102F. Frankly my respiratory system has more mechanical issues with the CJ sand than my 2011.
  8. You do know that even on the gold/silver standard, you could have put a dollar or some gold in a drawer and the vlaue of both decreased right? That's how bretton woods came ot an end, too much un-agreed upon dicking with the vlaue of the underlying metals.
  9. It depends on where you want to draw the line. The regular barrel is a bit luck of the draw. Mine was not that accurate, but would do for soda cans out to 75 yards at least. Others I have handled were tack drivers. It really doesn't matter though, they are up there with ARs for easy tinkering. I have like a $90 adams and bennet barrel on mine now and with federal UMB1 ammo it would do 0.18" groups at 25 yards indoors. Of course that ammo costs like $15 a box even back then. I got about 500 rounds for $1.95 per box from someone selling on and estate sale find.
  10. yeah these aren't obscure for the most part. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who liked the park is mine. I'll see that with "black moon rising" Still tommy lee jones, much more obscure. Ones I haven't seen: Ice Pirates Suburbia (director later brought you wayne's world, black sheep, etc.). I'll also put in a joh cryer tri-fecta dudes hiding out Penn & Teller get killed.
  11. I will also point out the the US dollar has failed multiple times already. It's not the end of the world. We chugged along in the end.
  12. Venzuela attempted to trade oil not in the petro-dollar, and attempted to bypass the various groups that rig the pricing of the petro-dollar. They also skipped useful things like planning to pay for food with their political decisions. You are correct about how the dollar exists within the law. But there is the practical matter of how the dollar exists in the global economy, and it's not that simple. It's based on good will, hope, the might of the US military, the strength of the US economy, and a bunch of other things. Also if it is unclear, the petro dollar is not hte federal reserve note. It's the various acts of collusion to ensure that oil trades occur in us dollars. This collusion has ensures it remains the global reserve currency. This is also not something inherent to how the currency exists from a legal standpoint.
  13. General ergonomics. Trigger quality. Simple to field strip. Level of accuracy. level of quality control. Most of what is going for it can be found elsewhere. If it was a $500 gun it'd be awesome. They seem to be a tad cheaper now at ~$800 than last time I had reason to look. They were around $1000 then. There really isn't a shit ton more to it than being a semi automatic pistol.
  14. My opinion is that SIGs fit my hand better than a single stack 1911 and they shoot and handle well. But most of what they have going for them I can find in other guns for cheaper. Sigs process are way to high for their qc these days. And since they aren't a broadly supported platform like a 1911, ar, flock, or 10/22, I can't go to anyone but SIG to fix what SIG doesn't want to do right in the first place. That list of guns above provide a level of enjoyment I don't get from the other guns I own.
  15. This dude is bullshit, ignore whatever he's shilling for. Not that I don't think a correction is coming, we are due, but there's correction and there's collapse. Is collapse possible? Yes, but his shittastic reasoning is "something is coming" and it will be big. That's like some scam artists doing a cold read of a room. Look, if it is BIG big, The vase majority of the "economy" is the ledger economy of banks and investors. 99% plus of that doesn't participate in the actual economy. 2007 resulted in a shit storm because we wanted to patch a ~5% hole in the ledger economy with real economy money. That wasn't possible, but we did patch a chunk of it that way, and printed money for the rest. It filled a hole where real transactions aren't which is why there wasn't a shit ton of inflation. The printed money didn't compete for assets it just essentially replaced shit that caught on fire. In the case of shit getting REALLY bad we just lop that segment off and let it burn. There are options to deal with a failure isolated to the financial sector. As for fiat currencies being doomed. The tools in existence now aren't what we had in the past. Most of these tools and strategies were designed to promote a fiat currency. Second I would argue that we don't truly have a fiat currency. What we have is the petro dollar, and it not only involves oil transactions, it is a global reserve currency. I do think there are massive risks on the horizon to the economy as we know it and things could get seriously fucked. I'm pretty much at 100% odds that the economy in the next 50 years won't look like something we recognize as normal-ish. 1) mass automation of jobs. This is super high risk, but not as near term as people think. It could go well or badly, but either way it will affect drastically how money flows and how stable nation states are. Good or bad we aren't ocming out the other end of this looking remotely like how we went in. 2) Boomers - They are going to fuck us all for a series of reasons, and it won't even be deliberate. a) They are going to put a shit ton of real estate on the market when they head for their death beds. b) We are going to hit the middle of the boomer bubble making claims on pension funds that are FUBAR, and that will officially be put up or shut up time. c) They are going to kick the living shit out of federal and state budgets for medicare costs. d) They are going to liquidate a shitload of assets besides real estate, and it isn't like the echo boomers of gen-y/millenials are going to be prepared to buy in in similar quantities. 3) 1+2 = deflation. Deflation is a bitch to manage. 4) As demonstrated in the last decade or so, deflation and inflation are simply no longer broad based. We have 7.5 billion people on earth and it is growing. Flat screen TVs will deflate. Food, water, rare minerals with practical uses not so much. On the up side, item 1 has the potential to temper inflationary food prices with decreases in labor costs for food production. 5) skilled vs. unskilled employment. If1 above doesn't decrease barrier to participating in skilled labor, we have a serious problem. When the productive lifespan of a human is 40-50 years and we have the system set up that becoming skilled requires about 5 years of work and about 20 years of debt, switching skills 3-5 times in a lifespan is just mathematically not possible. Stabilizing emplyment is going to be hard without massive population reduction. 6) Materials science. Look. efficiency makes things cheap. We will have to learn to live with each other. Because right now advances in materials science has put some seriously destructive forces within reach of a small number of people acting together. The price and number of people needed will shrink, and more and more dangerous stuff will be readily available.