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  1. It depends. If he were just the dumb actor, unqualified to be responsible for safety, then no, not really. If he were the producer and effectively responsible for not having a proper armorer on set and fostering a on atmosphere where corners are being cut? Quite possibly. Baldwin was the producer and the set had problems.
  2. Brandon lee died because the set was run like shit. They were asking the armorer to do stupid stuff for stupid long hours and he walked. They decided to amateur hour making dummy rounds form commercial ammo with a set of pliers. They left the dummy rounds with live primers. This caused a squib, and the bullet lodged in the barrel. Then the blank cause the bullet to get shot just like a real cartridge. It seems that the union camera crew walked off the set the morning before this shit went down on Rust, and one of the reasons they walked walked was the gun safety on the set. So the DP was behind the camera because the camera operator said screw you and your bullshit. The more I hear about this, the more I think Alec needs to be held responsible. Being the guy who pulled the trigger AND the guy effectively responsible for managing the picture as a whole. Or at least one of them, and on set to know how out of hand things were getting.
  3. Criminally, at best, it would be something like involuntary manslaughter or negligent manslaughter.
  4. Mostly speculation on my part, but given the shallow nature of the micro groove barrels, I suspect that some of the accuracy issue is leading up fast, and others come down to how used up the tooling was when your rifling was cut. That latter bit is also probably a function of how cheap marlin was being that week/month/year.
  5. It's a nice round hampered by a lack of bullets that work well with it. You have like two choices unless you both hand load and cast. given the guns are fairly simple, I expect that ruger may have some teething issues, but get it sorted out and make some quality guns. I wouldn't mind if another micro groove barrel was never made. They really don't have a reputation of shooting well with the heftier cartridges.
  6. Lots of prop guns are real guns. Sometimes fitted with blank adapters internally. There are dedicated blank firing replicas, but they pretty much suck in terms of looks and reliability. So it's usually real, airsoft, simulators, or rubber guns. With simulators being the most uncommon. But.... 1) There should be NO live ammo on set, ever. 2) blanks should never be fired AT someone. Usually you take advantage of the 2d nature of film and the charactersits of the lens to make it look like you are pointing it at someone. So in this case, some kind of fuckery was afoot. It wouldn't surprise me if you saw a repeat of the Brandon Lee situation, where budget issue, shitty conditions, and shitty hours left them with no armorer on set and they decided to play amateur hour and got someone killed for it. From the sounds of the news so far, it seems like they were filming a shot where the gun would be fired towards the camera, and the DP and director didn't vacate the space behind the camera.
  7. There are some things not so much preventing it as making it a bad strategy that has played out with bad consequences from the perspective of gun grabbers. As I mentioned previously, there's the absurd suggestions, and then there's the things that are more arguable in court. Where that line gets drawn depends on the eventual ruling. For example, a $5000 fee for a permit is very likely to lose, and even worse than a ban, it is clearly exclusionary in a manner not permissible for an enumerated right. As has been demonstrated in the last couple of years, while a court case make take a long time to go all the way to scotus, a plea for an injunction moves MUCH, MUCH faster. If you float something thumbing your nose at the scotus ruling, NJ could find itself with constitutional carry for brief periods due to injunctions. And because such things are basically ways to say to lower courts that they are dumbasses fir their rulings, the liklihood is that the speed of that will increase with repetition. So the preferred way to go about it would be something more arguable in court without looking like a dumbass. What you will see will be death by a thousand more reasonable cuts, or at least something novel. Generally things that don't say no so much as fill the act with sufficient peril as to make it unattractive, much like an extension of the existing NJ laws. For example, I don't see the ruling coming down in a way that all the states that forbid carry in bars have to strike that portion of the law. NJ could extend that to any establishment that serves alcohol, which given how NJ does the math means a lot of places you go out to eat. They could also try something novel like the the inverse of the 30-06 law in texas, and state that carry is only legal in public outdoor spaces that aren't government owned, and in buildings that have posted a sign indicating it is ok to carry concealed. That would be novel, and a much muddier argument. Maybe you add something to that like making it illegal to store a firearm in a car unattended, which would make complying with the above rule really hard AND effectively bring back the burdensome travel restrictions on simple transport without a permit. History has demonstrated that scotus doesn't want to be reviewing every law, and that the gun grabbers want to force every law to go as far up the judicial chain as possible, so I highly suspect we will get a judicial test out of this. Hopefully it is well crafted. A well crafted judicial test or a call for strict scrutiny and only strict scrutiny are really the only options that aren't theater given the behavior of the lower courts to date.
  8. If they try to limit it, this is not how it will be done by and large. Onerous fees on a constitutional right have already been litigated. NJ would lose. Same goes for impossible to meet criteria like your training. Same goes for the school zone thing. If it is a ban, it's a ban, it doesn't matter how you get there. That extends to the non-existent firearms. The DC gun laws basically went over most of these kind of things and lost. Much more realistic is doing something like shall issue, but having something like having a moving violation disqualify you. The problem there is that it would likely disqualify all their existing permit holders including armed guards. Which greatly hinders their rules for thee, but not for me approach to things. That additionally has the problem of such things NOT eliminating your right to own firearms, and partially revoking a right is something you generally don't see much of. Restriction on type or number of firearms to be carried is very possible and already exists in places with shall issue permits. I believe NV requires you to get a permit per firearm. As are the list of restricted places where carry isn't permitted. Although I do question how much you can get away with once it is deemed a right rather than a privilege. I think you will see what NJ has done in the past. They will burden it with every "reasonable" infringement and layer it up to make it an overall burdensome process without any particular step being extreme.
  9. Is that no change, or did they laser you to better than 20/20 so it would last longer? The reshaping of the cornea is permanent, but it doesn't stop your natural progression of myopia or the onset of presbyopia. Some people have better experiences because they wouldn't have gotten too bad anyway. Timing of when you get it also helps mitigate issues. The people who make money selling you lasik say that about 35% of patients need another surgery. I would argue that that number undershoots reality as a significant number of people just go back to wearing glasses rather than pay for more surgery. Myself, I've gotten so used to wearing glasses and having a barrier between my eyes and the world, I'd probably be blind in a year if I got lasik.
  10. Online glasses places. If your prescription is minor, you can get spare pairs for like $40. If it's more complex it may go as high as $130. Usually previous prescriptions are close enough for an emergency, but to go wit my main set I usually have a few extra pairs stashed around, plus my shooting glasses. Corrective laser surgery usually just winds up needing prescriptions again, it's not a forever fix.
  11. With 12ga ammo there are generally 2 standard lengths. One is shorter and one is longer. I've seen people reference the shorter shells as "European", but I have found that it is independent of source of origin. But if you find your gun will get more than half-way on a 6th, make sure you check with both long and short shells. You may be able to fit 7 with the short shells if you got to 6.5+ with the long shells. Mini shells are a different matter. They generally don't work with any semi-auto that wasn't made to use them. I don't even recall any mention of someone modifying a normal 12ga semi to use them. Heck, even a lot of pumps won't run them without modification. You could pour a couple hundred .22lr down the tube, the guns not going to fire them and it's not a 200 round magazine tube. Also that piece of pipe left over from plumbing that will fit several shells in it isn't a magazine either. At some point to be a magazine you have to get specific about what it is, and the NJ law on the books that does that speaks to this situation. Just because during the AWB you could fit more than 10 9mm rounds in a .40s&w magazine, it wasn't a hi-cap mag. It wasn't built for that, and it didn't work very well, even if you could make it work sometimes.
  12. here's the best article on the web on MRD footprints and which sights share which footprint. https://optics-info.com/footprints-on-red-dot-sights/ I will say the EGW's adapters cost no more than anyone else's, are high quality, and they seem to have a lot more on hand than many other makers of adapters.
  13. There's literally factor pin and welds on 14.5" guns being done with a 110 mig in a jig. I don't see why a tig would have any more problem. The first pic, the pin is too high. The second pic is about how I've seen the depth done, although it looks like more chamfer than necessary.
  14. And how short a pin do you think will work? Also you are super optimistic you will get a nice raised finish from jacking at it with a cutting wheel. Even if you do it sounds harder than drill a hole, tap in a pin, do a tac weld, dress with a file, apply some cold blue.
  15. Shit you can't reach with a variety of tools will not be easier to 1) weld. 2) clean up.
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