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  1. We have a point of sale nics and you believe that? I mean I guess if you do multiple purchases on one nics they wouldn't have it, but then the FFL has to file the purchase with the BATFE. Which I'm sure there is no way NJ could get that data.
  2. Does level of effort make a difference. For shooting off hand. your weak side is stabilizing and steering the gun or at least should be. Most people default to using a pulling motion for the weak hand on the forergrip. However, a pushing motion can work just as well. Possibly using a slightly different set of muscles might help you out. If doing that, strong hand operates the trigger and pulls the butt of the gun into the shoulder pocket. Also if bringing your right arm to the centerline of your body while extended is the bad juju, but it's less bad if kept more in line with the right shoulder, than a ryker fist grip might be the thing for you.
  3. raz-0

    Precious metals

    We'll see about the monetary crisis, but the point of silver or gold is as an inflation hedge. You don't trade it to your neighbor. You buy things with cash. You just use the PMs to get more cash than that crap you have in the bank that trades 1:1 with the current garbage value of cash (at the time of said hypothetical crisis). Push the crisis a bit farther, and it is something to flee with to someplace else where you can turn it into the local coin without people laughing in your face. Beyond that for the mad max situation (well mad max would probably be the above, it's more like road warrior and on level here), it's going to be fairly useless for trade. In that case silver is probably the more useful metal to have in possession practically speaking.
  4. One nice thing about EOs is they go straight to SCOTUS. No spending years winding through the courts.
  5. Yup. Projectiles aren’t awful. Google is still better at finding once fired brass. The powder comes and goes. And posting primer stock notices only goes so far when the cheapest in the last month has always been midway and they are at $60 per k. I saw $100 per thousand up there this afternoon.
  6. What I can reload for out of my existing supplies is way less than that. But cheapest primers I’m seeing are $60 per k plus hazmat with a 5k limit. That’s about $0.07 per primer. Coated lead is at least $0.07 each. Jacketed is going to be around $0.12. Brass is going to also be about $0.07 a piece. If you can score an 8lb jug of powder is going to be about $0.02. If you are getting hit with full hazmat on a couple of 1lbers it’s going to be about $0.03. Worst case you are limited to a single pound which will put it at about $60 a pound and maybe $0.04 per round. that’s all a 10-50 day wait to receive it.
  7. Some companies try to keep in mind that part of maintaining a good customer relationship is good communication. I'm sure the revenues are high, the profits may be too, but I guarantee you this stuff is major stress for them. As for shipping, I know of at least one place that has started having issues with volume because their shipping staff is starting to drop with repetitive stress injuries from the volume being pushed through. Shipping is an area you can usually hire temps and get them productive quickly, but likely they don't move as much product as fast as your experienced people. It's a hot mess.
  8. So my $0.02 I don't know what you spent, but jacketed frangible rounds are a niche item and are likely pricey during normal times. When things calm down, I doubt you would be able to unload them without taking a nice loss. Right now your ability to move them is better, but projectiles are the one thing not in super short supply. Right now I can't get what I WANT, but I can get something that'll work. Which is basically the same thing you are offering. I can go and order 62gr bullets for $121 per k right now and the only wait is for it to actually be packed and shipped. Their inventory says they have over 1.1 million in stock, and they have had them up for a week plus. To turn it into loaded ammo, right now you would need a press (scarce), .223 dies (super scarce), various reloading tools and accessories (mostly available), small rifle primers (ultra scarce), .223 brass (limited, but available at a premium), brass prep equipment (because the brass you can find is likely not even cleaned, much less sized, trimmed, swaged, etc.), powder (limited, but if you aren't picky just requires some stalking to pick up), etc. During normal times, getting set up to reload rifle is minimally a $300-400 proposition. figure right now that is probably doubled. So you will be having to play the track it down game or pay scalper prices for each one of those, or you can just do that with a case of ammo and probably be in about the same place but have a few hundred more rounds. Right now, even with a lot of luck and patience, I couldn't reload 9mm for less than about $0.40 per round. Possibly not even that "cheap" because that was my best pricing a week ago. .223 is likely around $0.45-55 per round. IF you can get all the parts. Right now for that price I can get brass and bullets right now, and would have to stalk 8lbers opf powder. More realistically you will find powder in 1lb increments limited to two with full hazmat charge. which would put you at the higher end of that price range if not over. If you want usable ammo ASAP, you should just keep a look out for ammo and be prepared to pay $1 a round or more.
  9. Grewal said he had jurisdiction to enforce NJ laws in other states because internet. He tried to do so. Then he got NJ sued in Texas because that is where DD is located. Then Grewal said nuh-uh we are in NJ, you can't sue us any place but NJ. Which was stupid, because such reasoning never has and never will be true, especially when one of the parties to the suit is located in said state. Then he put on his shocked and dismayed face when the mean old SCOTUS reminded him of this. This wasn't about Grewal trying to get a dismissal. The case proper over the statute and DD's actions is still pending.
  10. Like I said, it seems in the range I expected. My point was that just because they have a warehouse, they don't necessarily have the space to spread out their shipping department to meet guidelines. Lots of places are achieving that by a combination of spreading out physically where they can and spreading out in terms of hours with added shifts they might not normally have. It still doesn't mean they have the shipping throughput. Even if they do, the carriers might be limiting the finished boxes out the door. There's lots of ways it can go, but anyone who thinks this situation isn't going to be tricky to navigate as a business is being foolish.
  11. It looks like what I expected, which is a sizable steel building, but that is by no means a large warehouse. I did look for info on their site, but no images. Shit it must be a conspiracy, you should never order ammo from any of these companies having shipping issues again.
  12. Warehouse is a very loose term. Doesn't mean it is their warehouse. Doesn't even mean they have a warehouse... or shipping people. IT could all be drop shipments of inventory they purchase and store at the warehouse, kind of like lots of businesses do with amazon's warehouse. Although the fact they are advertising for warehouse help implies that isn't the case. Warehouses don't need to be huge to be a warehouse.
  13. Keep in mind shipping delays may also be related to having staffing issues related to covid. If you had the packing stations in a room where you can now only fit two because of spacing guidelines, you ship less. Then there’s just the issue of math for figuring out what your nut is. Weird market conditions like now can be very unforgiving of errors.
  14. Yeah that is pretty much what I expected the result to be. 3d printing is fine for making inserts to make dummy rounds out of bras or hulls, but not for the whole round.
  15. No that is a new one. I'm not sure which one, but the one that started this thread was dismissed as moot. https://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/new-york-state-rifle-pistol-association-inc-v-corlett/ I'm guessing this one.
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