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  1. 1) they are a common carrier, and once in possession of the common carrier, handling is not generally considered a transfer. Doe the new law recognize that? No, but nobody is likely to do anything due to federal law and supremacy, especially since if it is hitting an airport it is going interstate. The transfer occurs outside of a transportation hub. 2) Assuming the transportation hub thing is referring to transporting people, air freight has a separate terminal to the passenger terminals, so there'd probably be issues even with regard to the law as written being applicable at least now that we live in a post people's express world.
  2. Two things to keep in mind in that article. First is that the telegraph system used thin wires over long distances. This made a giant antenna. The second thing is that for the most part, things were not destroyed, and when it stopped, they went back to working. Most of the issue was people getting shocked from things they expected not to have a charge, some equipment damage, and mostly communications disruption due to the charge caused by the solar flare in the wires impairing transmission. However, in many cases transmission was still possible, but impaired. What happened then wouldn't necessarily be what happens now. For example small electronics probably won't be toast. They probably would just crash like they got zapped with a HERF gun. Additionally, infrastructure won't just get randomly zapped. Unlike then, we have multiple solar observation satellites to give us warning, and steps can be taken to mitigate vulnerability. So the difference between the best case and worst case is likely to rely on human performance to a great degree, which could be good or terrible. Also, if you pay attention to astronomy or even just lightweight science news, this solar event was covered in various ways ranging from isn't this neat to the sun's gunna splode!
  3. Like three years now. Can't moot it if you attach monetary damages. Have you ever taken a day off to go pick up a gun during business hours and had NICS screw you? Sounds like monetary damages to me.
  4. How'd you get glocks in 1978 when they were introduced in 1982. And that's if you were working with the austrian army. As for OP's problem, I'd look at cartrtidge overall length vs. mag length/depth. My guess is the tip of the cartridge is dragging, and this is not a problem with FMJ, but is with the polymer filled tip. Normally I'd be with you that it's a mag problem, but given the current state of the ammo industry, QC issues are much more likely, so I wouldn't rule out ammo issues as well.
  5. It's likely a shitty comp, but a comp. Advertised as a comp, and uses vertical jetting of gasses when the bullet obturates the bore. IT also has no real features that would reduce muzzle flash. That doesn't mean some schmuck with a badge won't go by the pinky test. Probably a bigger issue is if that is for a rifle, make sure it is steel, because pin and weld and silver solder will potentially be problematic with aluminum.
  6. Hmm that is the most believable denial ever!! /s
  7. That is incorrect. FOPA protects someone passing through a state. At the origin and destination state, you are bound by state laws. But if you are moving, you are in theory traveling from one residence to another residence. Which is exempted in NJ. Alternately, if you don't like that, pick a range near the new place and if you do manage to get pulled over in NJ, that's where you are going.
  8. I remember being able to get a 1200 round case of S&B for $99 shipped. But that was like 1999.
  9. The answer is going to be specific to the particular ammo, and require more info on what you are talking about about "flaking". Seldom is the jacket of an actually jacketed round pure copper, but rather an alloy. For some ammo, the jacket is actually brass. Typically a brass alloy identical to the case material. For those that specify, they usually refer to this as gilding metal jackets. If the manufacturer can manufacture both cases and jackets from the base stock (usually metal ribbon where they punch planchets out of it), it reduces cost due to economies of scale (i.e. they can negotiate better prices when they buy more). These will not flake. Montana gold bullets are a good example of this. Also sometimes RMR bullets uses gilding metal. Then you have plated lead bullets. These will look like copper because they are copper. The chemical plating process requires copper. In general these won't flake, but can under certain circumstances. Then you have plated steel jackets. This is a soft mild steel plated with something that resembles gilding metal. S&B has skus like this. I haven't used them and have no idea if they flake. But all the examples I know of are cheaper eastern european ammo, so ZSR would be a candidate for them. They often tend to use steel cases that have been plated to look like brass. Which brings us back to the flaking. Do you have pics? Because it is not uncommon for there to be brass dust in the fouling on a gun with any brass cased ammo. It comes from the action of feeding a round and the minor scraping that occurs on the cartridge. But it tends to look like someone took a file to brass, not flakes, with the naked eye. I'd take a magnet to the cartridge, both projectile and case, and pick up some of the casings after use to see if the plating is scraped off.
  10. I figured that's what you were trying to do. Maybe ask the modern materiel guys. They started off as FFLs doing firearm finishes as a side project from automotive coatings. The shop was in Keyport though, not up north. If they can't hook you up directly, they probably know what your options are.
  11. Ask any of the places in NJ that do firearm finishing? Media blasting is usually part of the prep.
  12. Both. I think it will be edited down to try and paint the gop in as negative a light as possible while ignoring the dnc people involved.
  13. It's not your finger, it's foreign objects that are largely the concern. Like this thing on my jacket.
  14. Yeah if you want to see the potential hazard you'd need to see it from behind. It varies with light/gun combo and how each holster is made. They don't expose the triger visually, but effectively leave a tunnel on each side that things can get in. The gap is pretty significant with some holsters for some gun/light combos.
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