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  1. We'll see. if he gets shitty advice, it could be bad. I mean can you tell me what the normal rate of fire is on a semi-automatic firearm? The dude is deficit spending like a mad man. if he pisses off gun owners enough, he kills that block. He aint getting back in with just the religious loons. His opposition is going to be motivated, splitting your base is going to be troublesome.
  2. I'm with you on this. Part of it may be that the dudes with bare muzzles seem to also always be shooting m193 of m855 type ammo, which is loud. However, comps, to a limited extent do some of the same things flash suppressors do in spades. Namely act as a heat sink and diffuse the gas. This takes heat energy out of the gas quicker, and this can often times mean they get a teensy bit less blasty. They then of course usually point that blast some direction other than "thataway" which mitigates the very minimal losses. Some flash suppressors also rob the expanding gas of energy via a tuning fork effect. Which is why you get a way different sounding muzzle blast out of a vortex style flash suppressor.
  3. Yeah, keep in mind Trump may have just one termed himself with his announcement on bump stocks.
  4. Yup, saw that. Most optimistic possibility is that it is worded well so that it isn't a bureaucratic open end. Shockingly, of all the wording I have seen the NJ bill on the issue has perhaps the least problematic wording with "devices that simulate fully automatic fire". You could narrow it even more by going for something like "a device that permits multiple shots to be fired without repositioning of the trigger finger". That wouldn't even touch binary triggers. It was inevitable the folks playing chicken with the BATFE would eventually fail to dodge.
  5. It won't as it exists. That's been clear for a while. The only appointment was to replace a pro 2a guy with what is likely a pro 2a guy. Until you replace someone who is anti or a waffler, you won't change the behavior of the court. That behavior will be detrimental to everyone on many issues, because it weakens the position of the court and sets precedent to disregard other amendments.
  6. I used the term psych meds because the long list of shooters on psych meds were taking ssris and one other category I don't recall off the top of my head. We already have a question on there that boils down to "if you are taking schedule one drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription or drink to much you can't buy guns." perhaps ssris need to be added to that explicitly or need to be moved to schedule one and thus included implicitly. They can cause suicidal ideation, sleep driving, sleep fucking and or rape, increased aggression, and other fun things. Additionally, if you need them you probably have mental issues. If you need them to get over the hump while you develop coping skills for your issues and then stop you aren't prohibited anymore. If you need them forever, well you are fucked, because they cause up regulation of serotonin receptors. You will constantly be ramping up and then at some point it won't work and you still need to be weened off. Unless your doc believes you need them too much. Then you get to have pseudo parkinsonian tremors, which continued use can make permanent. In which case you shouldn't be operating a firearm. If you are being prescribed them inappropriately, and don't really need them, you are at increased risk of the more weird ass side effects and should get off them. Should someone tripping balls be using firearms? No. Should someone at serious risk of being dissociated from reality because of their prescription meds? That answer may also need to be no. If a drug had narcolepsy like symptoms in 25% of users, should taking it disqualify you from operating a car on public roads? You have chronic depression needing ssris? Maybe funds aren't for you. You are well controlled on them? Well guess what, you keep on seeing the psychiatrist because your meds need constant adjusting. Well regulated still usually means that you start regressing or showing side effects due to dosing. When you can keep talking your meds and still fall off the wagon, perhaps life and death decisions aren't for you. I've got a friend who has been on them for a long time. They keep asking to go shooting. I keep not taking them. They take their meds, see their therapist, get dosages adjusted etc. but they still are often not the one who notices they are getting depressed and out of control again. I'm not saying anyone has to agree with me. And maybe the issue of ssris shouldn't be dealt with at the batfe end of things. Maybe it should be dealt with at the prescribing end and cracking down on how the medical industry uses them. Maybe it should be like pain meds and handing them out like candy should stop and the therapeutic use should narrow. But maybe iatrogenic addiction to shit that can cause a psychotic break in some users should be considered disqualifying.
  7. So, given that it looks like we have yet one more shooter on meds, and the LV shooter was on meds, what are my fellow 2a peeps feelings on regulations surrounding that? Should the 4473 be amended to make being on SSRIs or other specific prescription drugs a disqualifier just like illegal drug dependency? Should they be made schedule 1 drugs? Is there benefit worth the risk? Do you think more public funding of mental health care needs to be put back in place? I can tell you for a fact and from experience with a relative, that as public funding for care was reduced over a 20+ year span in NJ, the ability or willingness of judges to remand individuals arrested for their behavior to evaluation has dropped off significantly. Most families can't afford to get the people they know are a problem locked up for everyone's good, and there isn't much point going to the police or court to get permission to do so anyway if you can't foot the bill 100%. I don't like taxes in general, but there's taxes for the sake of lining people's pockets, and there are taxes everyone benefits from communally. Keeping certain fucker off your lawn, out of your schools, etc. is one of those valuable but invisible services IMO. I'd rather be paying for that than lining cronies' pockets for jack. I'd also rather not bypass the judge. Just set it up so that going to court over such things isn't a near guaranteed waste of everyone's time and money.
  8. Those plus 32NRR foamies were what I used when I was still willing to RO open guns indoors. As fro the ringing, look up tinitus. I've got a bit of it from concerts, but I can still ace the hearing test. It does not preclude being able to detect high frequencies, especially if you had exceptionally good hearing in the high range to start. They only care about a certain range, and what and how much they care about depends on your age. For example, a certtain amount of hearing loss is expected in the left ear due to driving with open windows. They may ignore some of that if you are say... 50, unless they consider it abnormal or debilitating. Not sure what you mean by you sounding like talk on a broken radio to yourself, but I hear myself just fine. I also don't have severe tinitus though so can't speak for that. Also, doctors have to see an insane number of patients. If something is bugging you speak up and be specific. Ask the question "Hey doc, how can my hearing test be fine when I clearly have issues hearing the high frequencies I'm used to in one ear?" They aren't going to lead you to water and make you drink it. They are relying on you to bitch about what is bugging you.
  9. IMO if you want crisp, leave behind Geiselle. It peaks at the ssa-e and while they are nice for a multi- part trigger, the drop in trigger packs are just hitting an insane level of performance and pricing. If you like zero creep, the top of the line elftman tactical is a single stage with no take up. Like literally no take up. Trigger bits pivot on needle bearings. If you like light and a pretty crisp break, the AR gold trigger can get down to 1.9lbs It is technically a two stage, but stage one is very, very, very light, and IMO feels more like trigger flop than a stage. Something like .4lbs. and it is kind of long for the weight. If you like crisp but don't need ultra light weight, the triggertech adjustable trigger can get down to ~2.5lbs. It has a relatively short take up at about .7lbs And a really crisp, repeatable break. You may see claims that it gets down to 1.9lbs. You will also see some people complaining about it doubling and some other stuff. Out of the box it does not hit that weight anymore. Somewhere around 2.3lbs the adjustment screw stops being attached to the housing. Based on reading up on it in various forums and owner reviews, I believe they may have revised the trigger sometime last year. You also need to follow the install instructions that come with it. If you want full space gun territory, there's the timney calvin elite AR. 1.5lbs with a fully adjustable/articulated trigger shoe. Costs more than the geiselle, but there aint much out there like it.
  10. Some of the prices they get, they get via doing bulk order deals with the manufacturer. This can be a delay in and of itself as it appears they wait to hit the number. They can also exceed the manufacturers supply and have to wait for inventory to exist. This is where they wind up taking weeks to ship. It can also work the opposite way. I ordered something for $43 that said it may take 3 weeks to ship. The item MSRP is $89, most places sell it for $78, and the cheapest everyday price I have found is $67. Not too pricey and a large discount. It shipped in 3 days because the manufacturer has tons on hand and the price was attractive enough that the bulk order commitment was reached rapidly. Much like PSA, I don't order things from optics planet that I need right now. I pay the gotta have it now tax and go elsewhere.
  11. coyotes are all over the place in central jersey. See them all the time in the piscataway area. I've seen dead ones along rt 18 in New Brunswick. I've seen them throughout most of middlesex. If we are going to have them, I wish they'd eat more canada geese or at least scare them away.
  12. OK, looking into the specifics of bitcoin, it has a 2 week rolling average for difficulty. So in the event of a crash, the guy with the 8 year old laptop can have shit nobody wants. Yay. Because if nobody wants it, it isn't ever coming back. It's like zimbabwe dollars. If something had given value, and a market massively lowers that value to the world at large, you do not magically make it more valuable by printing a shit ton of it. Bitcoin is unlikely to break algorithmically, nor be exploited algorithmically, it's likely to be exploited because it is a market, and humans know how to game markets. Practically speaking, bitcoin is never getting easier unless people stop mining it. Which means, at best, you have a gold situation. People flee it due to poorly scaling limited availability. Then there's the problem of subsidized utilities, ambient temperature of the climate, etc.
  13. I like my knives, have for a long time. But there are infinity knives and more made every year. So to get into my collection they have to be incredibly appealing to me, or go with my primary theme, which is locking mechanisms. There's a number I don't have represented, but I do have quite a variety at this point. Some I only have the low rent example of it.
  14. It's called mining because you are sorting through a bunch of shit of zero value for the good stuff you might find if you are lucky. This is remarkably similar to the process of going through a bunch of rock to find the ore you want. It also shares the nature that operational overhead is essentially the same for failure as success in both tasks. Adiditonally, I don't know how you can fail to understand it, but when you mine bitcoin, you are not "maintaining" the block chain, but lengthening it. If you luck out and add a block, you get the coin that goes with it. No more mining, and you total number of bitcoins stops increasing. That means you stop expanding supply on the supply and demand curve. How the fuck and this NOT impact the price of bitcoin? It's like the lottery, not a 50/50. Sell one ticket and they aren't guaranteed to win. Reduce the number of miners and the guy with the 8 year old laptop doesn't win, the timespan between hash matches just gets significantly longer. So I guess if time has zero impact on you, yeah you win, but... well that's stupid.
  15. You are right. In theory, mining stops, and whatever trade in bitcoins happens, occurs out of the existing pile of bitcoin. Either there is enough, or there isn't. If not, the price goes up and miners come back. The fact that the run right now is on graphics cards rather than dedicated asics will tell you how locked in miners are and how interested they are in chasing efficiency. Basically not at all. IMO the general purpose gear is selling like hotcakes because people want to mine easy coins in a chain, then pump and dump the crypto of the month while they hold the cheap version of it.