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  1. Having thought about it for a bit, I could see the following argument being made: We do respect the permit. They issued them a permit to carry concealed within the state of XXXXX, and NJ has never and will never interfere in that. We believe that permit is completely valid for that purpose even when the person in possession of it is in NJ.
  2. Man you are optimistic. At the state level, the plaintiffs aren't going to win, not even a little.
  3. Which is why I said it was an interesting strategy and I’m curious as to how they will be told no.
  4. OK, and? Full faith and credit has struck down court rulings from applying in other states as well as caused them to be upheld. And as others have pointed out, lots of CCPs are issued by regulatory agencies, so the all courts must respect all other courts rulings is neither clear cut, nor universally applicable to all carry permits. Yes, bringing this suit with someone with a permit issued by a judge is a more robust tactic than not, but it's far from comprehensive and iron clad.
  5. raz-0

    Quieter Brake?

    https://venom-defense.com/ar-15-viper-compensator-1-2-28-qpq-coated/ Very nice comp, I use it myself. You will have to drill it to pin and weld, or do the high temp silver solder thing. $20 right now with a 20% coupon. Super cheap. Leaves access to clean the crown too.
  6. We will never get absolute strict scrutiny. Nothing really has. Hopefully we get a solid legal test that reigns this bullshit in and lets things calm down.
  7. Doubt it. It's not a slam dunk case. Yes.. every state respects other states' licenses to drive. However, they don't do the same for a license to practice law, medicine, be a barber, etc. It's a mixed bag. This is not a clear slam dunk.
  8. It doesn't make zero sense. The market isn't about actual value. We have all this ledger cash, and the banks just print more and more of it, and you CAN'T just turn it into cash. There isn't enough. You CAN'T just go buy a physical asset and let it sit. There's not enough of anything to actually house the value without the price of that thing shooting through the roof. At which point nobody will buy it off you. If they want to preserve it it has to go find a bunch of hidey holes or buy a lot of government paper and be locked up for long term. As long as they don't think there is someone in charge of policy that will work at making their money shrink, the owners of said vast ledger sums will have it out there trying to make as much more money as possible rather than shielding it from loss. In case you ahven't noticed, without global pressures causing deflationary force, the economy generally rocks as soon as they think favorable policy moves into DC. It starts sucking as soon as they think unfavorable policy has moved in. Nobody thinks Trump is going to put forth policy that is bad for making money. So the worse thing that happens is occasionly people get twitchy that they will be less rich than possible by holding too long and decide being the first guy to blink is better than being the guy holding too long and we see a dip while profits are taken. Then a bit later that money has to go make more money.
  9. interesting strategy. I wonder how NJ courts will say no. Then how the 3rd will say no.
  10. Outside of nj, capacity. You can only get 27 rounds in a 170mm mag from what I hav read.
  11. raz-0

    Quieter Brake?

    for use with the strike QD blast shield? Yeah. Although I'm not a fan of blast shields.
  12. As described, it should be. It has a pistol grip and detachable magazine and that's it. Which currently works in NJ.
  13. raz-0

    Quieter Brake?

    My $0.02 is no. Based on my experience, pinned and welded muzzle devices are legal because they are not flash suppressors and because, being permanent, they become part of the barrel and eliminate the evil feature of a threaded barrel. Pin and welding something with threads to the barrel just replaces the old threads with new threads and you still have a threaded barrel.
  14. I can't quite get my stuff pared down to fit, but it's cheap and it FITS the stupid sized FID while still being quite minimal. https://smile.amazon.com/Chums-18401117-Surfshort-Wallet-Orange/dp/B008H0XDOU/ref=sr_1_1?crid=V6HDVIV6N5CF&dchild=1&keywords=chums+surfshorts+wallet&qid=1578935070&sprefix=chums+su%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-1 Also reminder: set your amazon smile to pay out to a 2a friendly organization.
  15. IMO the best summary story of bloomberg to date. Feel free to share it with others who might think he isn't someone looking to be a dictator. https://nypost.com/2013/05/22/mike-unleashes-a-hail-storm/
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