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  1. Thank you 1LtCap, Tony and Edf for your suggestions. I’m looking into that. Fred2 unfortunately I won’t be able to fit that cabinet in my house. Thank you for give the measurements. I hope it finds a nice house soon.
  2. Let me know if you have the chance but I can’t promise to take it, please don’t go out of your way for this.
  3. Do you have some measurements of that and the sliding glass doors? I’m trying to figure out if I actually have a space to put it… Regardless I am still looking for a safe
  4. Not what I had on mind but I like the cabinet, still need a safe thought. Were is this located?
  5. Looking for something like a 12 gun safe. If you have something laying around let’s talk
  6. Thank you for make me remember why I stop hanging around this place.
  7. Is not a mafia racket… there’s a huge part of the NRA dedicated to instruction and sanction competitions and that is why most clubs are affiliated. It may be hard to believe for you but not everything is politics.
  8. Yes, Old Bridge is an NRA affiliated club and you have to maintain NRA membership as long you are a member of the club.
  9. I’m from Essex and I applied on 07/05 the PD told me on 08/05 that my application was already at the County courthouse. I’m waiting not so patiently, I will update when there’s news.
  10. In a FB group someone posted his permit, unrestricted from Warren County. He applied in 26th of July.
  11. What brand of small pistol primers do you have? I have 1k of srp Winchester and located in West Orange
  12. I would advise patience. I have several non resident permits and everyone took a month or so to process, some longer. There’s a bureaucratic process that needs to happen and in this case it is new for all involved. I personally think that it will take somewhere between 4 to six weeks. My application has been in for a little over lof two weeks, PD have received the prints, references have been contacted and they sent the letters back… things are moving, not as fas as we would like it but moving. I’m trying to nit thing too much about it, go to the range, shoot a match and get a nice carry rig while you wait
  13. My references got letters, just like the ones my PD use to sent before FARS, after 10 days I dropped my application. Also my PD confirmed that they received the fingerprints last Monday and the Sgt. In charge of the Firearms Unit told me that he will contact me after receiving the reference letters back if there’s anything missing in the application. This is West Orange PD.
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