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  1. Sort of: http://www.leverguns.com/articles/taylor/45_short_colt.htm
  2. Thats kinda funny, intended or not.
  3. Eh. It is scratched up all to hell, I would feel bad charging you $50 but at that price I rather keep it. Buy your own
  4. My opinion is that you are looking at this the wrong way. 1) SxS type guns will kick more. If recoil is a consideration, the absolutely go to a Semi auto shotgun, specially something gas operated. They are vastly softer in feel, more on that in a second 2) Pump guns and SxS have the same issue, no recoil attenuation from the action. 3) 20ga guns tend to be lighter then 12ga guns as for some reason many companies build them on reduced size receivers, thinner barrels, etc , they end up being lighter and feeling like a 12ga when shot due to lack of mass. My wife's 20ga 870 feel like it has more recoil then my 12ga 500. 4) specialty loads like low recoils self defense loads are more common in 12ga then 20ga and usually a lot cheaper. For all the reasons above, if you or yours are recoils sensitive AND want a shotgun for home defense, get a semi-auto 12ga, it will be the better easier package to use. Or better yet, get a rifle.
  5. One exists, it is the Carver Custom one, it is about $85. I've used one for over a year on my M&P before I gave up on the gun.
  6. For those times when you have a skeet event at 8am but also want to go fishing at noon.
  7. The good news is that we live in the golden age of triggers. You can get pretty much whatever fits you best, but the problem you have is deciding what that is. Personally I prefer single stage triggers, but that is me and my needs. However, if you shoot a lot, triggers should be considered wear parts. Even Geissele's triggers will wear out, I know as I've had to send one back to them and they replaced it.
  8. I mostly use nothing, but switch my chokes a lot and I clean stuff up often.
  9. I run nearly every kind of choke, depending on what I want/need/find at any given time of purchase. I think outside some very specific cases, it doesn't much matter as long as you know your patterns. Most of the ammo I shoot is cheap enough that its own issues will make holes in patterns so spending money on really good chokes seems silly to me, although my one and almost only go to choke (LM, extended) is a Briley figuring that I'm going to use it most I might as well get a nice one. The rest are a mix of whatever I could find on sale, but Glen is right, extended chokes no matter what brand.
  10. 1) putting a piece of paper in the drawer is the worst way to preserve wealth. Heck, putting anything in a drawer except collectibles (and even then you take a huge risk) is a silly thing to do if you want value. Banks and CDs have nearly always been a bad way of preserving wealth for anything other then short term. It doesn't matter what the item in question is made of, paper or gold. You have no idea what X is going to cost in Y years because of demand and supply curves. 2) deflation/stagnation/inflation thing is a odd in that the "value" of money is never constant, as the value of what you can trade it for always changes. Take your $100 in 1975 and see how much computing power that would buy you. Now take the inflation adjusted $25 today and see how much computing power that buys you, it may that you get fantastically more for it. It isn't just what the inflation/deflation value of a stored X dollars is today, but also what it buys you today. Money is not magical. It has no value except in what it would get you today, not in what it could have gotten you if spent at a later point or at a future point. Its only realistic value is short term. 3) $100 in 1975 is $450 today, 4.5x. Average income in 1975 was 8,630, today is about 45,000, 5.2x. Objectively you are better off today, about 20% better off assuming you take your pay and exchange for value instead of shoving it in a mattress. Combing the above .. lets say your money was sea shells in prehistory and you saved them .. what is its value today? Does it matter and would have been wise to save your sea shells? Money is only a means of exchange of wealth for the purpose of trade. It is not in its native form a storage of wealth, only a way to trade wealth at a moment in time.
  11. also .. I'm pretty sure you still can. Hundreds of places all over the country, world, Internet, etc will gladly trade you gold and silver for your money. Here you go, trade to hearts content: https://comparegoldprices.com/
  12. Exactly, that was my point. There is no intrinsic value to anything, but the value the we collectively assign to it. It doesn't matter if it is sea shells, tally sticks, gold coins, paper money, or Farmville sheep. All those things only have value because two or more people agree they have value. When we traded across the earth gold and silver made more sense because there we no promises implied by countries around the world, out of reach and possibly constantly falling over and you could always traded it someone else. Sure, the Euro or Dollar or whatever could fall over too, and I'm all for diversified portfolios, I'm not saying that owning precious metals is a bad thing. I am however saying that there is no such thing as intrinsic value, it is all comparative and situational. If you are starving and have a loaf of bread, and I offer you gold coins for it .. do they have any value to you, right now?
  13. That however is true of all money every, in every form, material, or source of issue.
  14. The 15rd glock 17 size mags are working just fine for me. I probably have less then 3000rd through mine so far but they have been flawless.
  15. And your feelings matter to .. someone Im sure. However your inexperience with the the subject is showing and makes you look silly. You are entitled to an opinion, even a wrong one, but this is not about differences in opinion but about cold facts you have no awareness of. You can have opinions about how you like you eggs cooked and they are not relevant to anyone but yourself and no one is going to argue with you. The moment you decide your opinions are more valuable that those of people who've been running matches for decades and have seen every kind of crazy one may see on a range then you lose whatever credibility you might have. I started giving doctors advice on how often to wash their hands in a hospital because I think they do it to often, I should be slapped. That is exactly what you are doing.