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  1. Im one of those with expensive 3gun rifles, and mostly it doesn't matter, specially in NJ and when you are starting out. Have a semi-auto rifle that will hold 2-3 MOA at 100 yards, preferably with a free floated handguard so when you rest it on things you don't shift to far off your zero. Everything else it is nice to have, but you will figure out what you want later as rifles tend to be a personal thing. If you want a scope pick up one of the cheaper 1-6 Vortex scopes. Comps are good to have, but people differ on what is good, a $40 Miculek comp will go a long way. Good triggers also matter but again .. a very personal choice, shoot whatever you have until you learn what you like.
  2. Like everything else, things are worth what people are willing to pay for. And people are fickle. I once picked up a 1954 Winchester 94 in pretty nice shape for $200. I could have walked out of the store and sold it for $400 and now more. It depends on what people want at any given time.
  3. see this is why the concept on incorporation against the states exists. That is the whole point of McDonald and going through Scotus
  4. Side note for problem Maks doesn't have .. the Vltor stock is horrid if you have beard.
  5. So two wrongs make a right? You can't say you support state rights and then turnaround and say but not when I don't wanna cause the other side were poopy heads. The court actually kinda did it right. It decided that the states don't get to chose who you stick it into and who you can enter in legal contracts with. Now, you can disagree on religious, ethical, whatever grounds but from a legal stand point that is EXACTLY how you want to approach gun rights because the path is already clear, not by legislation that can be contested but by having SCOTUS saying it is a constitutional right that states can't infringe.
  6. That is what incorporation is all about and the role the of SCOTUS as a third party arbitrator. We've had civil wars over the issue. If nothing else it is a hypocrisy issue. Lots of folks on the right complained bitterly about state rights over the last years on a number of issues. Maybe they were right maybe they weren't but we shouldn't wave that flag on some issues and then chuck it aside on other. The other issue to be concerned about is the lower courts. If you pass a federal law like this it will be mired in the lower courts for years, this judge on SanFran throws it out then the Judge in NY thinks it is unconstitutional then it gets amended then .. bleh. Much better to work it the other way, get a friendly SCOTUS bring up a good case, have be the implicit law of the land and figure out the details after.
  7. Thats not how I see it. Rushing things in the first 100 days is a bad idea. It entices the opposition to fight harder to prove they are not push overs, look what happened with all the "big ideas" so far. The huge wins have been changes of policy at ATF and related administration initiatives (yes I know they can change again later) and the SCOTUS stuff. The SCOTUS nuclear options use was a huge tactical mistake on the opposition side because they should have saved that in case a second judge was up for nomination, now it opens the door for changing the court balance much easier in the next 4 years. I much rather wait and see some of those pro-gun changes pushed closer to mid term elections when vulnerable sits can be pressured. I much rather see some court cases go to SCOTUS because that is far more influential long term then laws that can be changed at the drop of a hat. The carry law thing .. that is actually pretty bad when it comes to states rights and the wrong way to go about it in my view. Build a court majority, bring up the right cases and get it on the books that way for a long long time. Sure, longer harder fight, but the right way to win it, quick cheap wins never last.
  8. Maks makes a valid point, "best" is way too subjective and relative. Do you have T-rex arms or King-Kong arms? Do you have giraffe neck or a penguin one? Narrow face or broad face? Are you using irons dots or scopes? All those variables can change what best is. Then you have personal preferences about cheek rests, butt plate angles and materials, balance and weight, etc, etc.
  9. Im amused by the sling mount, because crew served handguns are a thing.
  10. The only plastic pin is the backstrap/trigger housing pin. The locking block and trigger pins are steel and they will scuff/scratch/etc. It's a tool not a beauty queen, if it works leave it alone.
  11. In my opinion, if you don't have a pile of stuff hanging off the rifle, I would not use any of the various grips. There is a hand guard attached already (unless you are a guard in Escape from NY) so use that. If you pick the right diameter handguard it will fit your hands just fine and you will have a more linear pull into your shoulder, and more control over the muzzle rise. I've tried AFGs and vertical grips and the like. I always come back to smooth clean hand guard, although nowadays I wrap in elastic bandage for extra grippines ,cause in my case carbon fiber is too slick. The hand stop type are ok for consistent hand placement hints, but for me they get in the way as I don't always get to hold the rifle the way I want it, depending on what and where Im shooting. But HE is right, you gotta try it for yourself, everyone is different.
  12. Well sure, if you are going to make such well reasoned arguments, I can't help but agree I shoot a lot more 9mm now then .40, but I've also shot a LOT of .40. It is a actually a lot more flexible then people realize, specially if you reload. I can span from very mild loads similar to 9mm all the way to loads hotter the most of the commercial available 10mm loading in the same handgun size as a 9mm. This is thread is about to devolve into caliber war and I'm not about that, but there are very few useless or bad cartridges, and that is usually if they are inherently unsafe or completely outclassed. .40 is neither.
  13. The is another reason to consider .40 even if it is just a conversion. When the next ammo drought hits, 9mm and .223 and .22 are the first things to fly of the shelves. .40 seem stay around for a while longer, in fact during the latest unpleasantness, I don't recall it ever being gone of the shelves.
  14. This. Don't assume there are 5 justices ready for you to be armed. Probably 3 for sure. Roberts and Kennedy are big question marks. I'll bet if Scalia could have have had carry language in Heller he would have. The fact that he didnt is telling. I would preferred this was delayed until there was another judge replaced.