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  1. Great idea! Since you mentioned Oakleys, If you are Mil/LE/Fire/EMS get your Oakleys cheap at USStandardIssue.com
  2. Is that your callsign? I was interested in becoming an operator but was never able to get to the meetings with my work schedule. My forum name is part of my last name and my badge number.
  3. I havent bought any yet, but im glad there is some feedback. I wasnt sure if its worth the price. I have been shooting CCI Mini Mags out of my 15-22, so far so good.
  4. Mine is great, when its running right. I just started having problems with my bolt locking back after a few rounds. I also noticed some screws loosen up quickly after a day out.
  5. Had a couple shorts on clams, nothing on the poppers Saturday. SH
  6. Found the link while looking up gun info A few hours Meet fellow shooters from my area
  7. Hello everyone. I found the site today and it has some great information. I am a member at OBRPC.
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