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  1. I guess they weren't lying when they told me 10 to 12 weeks....
  2. It must have been different a few years ago. I'm sure its sitting on someones desk in a pile......
  3. My brother applied a few years ago and he received his FID in 34 days.
  4. My references sent back the letters the day after they received them.
  5. My references received the letters a few days after I was fingerprinted so no problems there.
  6. I applied for my initial FID card on December 26, 2011. Handed everything over the the Detective in charge of ID's. I got fingerprinted on January 4th 2012 at Morphotrak. Vineland PD told me 10 to 12 weeks is the wait time. It has been 69 days so far. I did call them at the 30 day mark and asked about its status. They said they were backed up because of the holidays and it might take a little longer. What a bunch of crap. I have 2 more weeks to wait, then I am going over there in person and gonna find out whats going on. Hopefully I get it before then.
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