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  1. How you took the email is on you...but to post on public form that their response was just "we can't do it" while clearly that wasn't the response, is wrong.
  2. The show itself was meh as far foot traffic goes...lot of graduations...Wolf Gold 279 a case is great price for gun show.
  3. Yes there are holster makers here...but also check out Titan Concealment. NJ based and a member on here... you'll get a much nicer product https://www.facebook.com/titanconcealment/
  4. Really the only good thing they ever had were mini mags...thats literally the only thing I ever ordered from them.
  5. Did you go yet? I went the other day, they didn't have much...way overpriced ammo and firearms still...grabbed 2 cases of 12g to bust clays...Cashier was like heres your card you have 87 cents left, told him to throw it out and bounced.
  6. Dude enough with the Dicks and Walmart. I know whats there lol.
  7. Im hitting up that one tomorrow...Warrington was meh and everything was still way over pried
  8. I said Scranton was even further...2hrs away...I'm not spending extra money other than what I have in gift cards..can't use them at Walmart or Dicks lol...I'll go to Middletown prob tomorrow and just use them up on whatever they have.
  9. Went to Warrnington today...nothing good and everything still way overpriced. Figured they just mark everything way day since they're closing up shop.
  10. The Scranton one is even further than Warrington for me.
  11. Anyone been to both, which one would normally have more stock on ammo etc? I have over 100 in gift cards and looking to make a road trip tomrw. PA is 90min and NY is 60min.
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