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  1. Just wondering what your take is on it. Im on the fence as to get into reloading or not. I understand that you make ammo cheaper than you can buy it but is it worth the time it takes you to do it? Will it take me an hour to make 50 rds? if thats the case id rather just buy the box instead of wasting my time. Its expensive to get started in reloading. how long does it take to make that money back? I usually hit the range about twice a month. on average what would you say it costs to make a box of .45acp, 9mm, 40, etc
  2. great choice! you will love either one of those walthers. i have the ppq and its one of my favorites. I prefer the original model but most people would prefer the m2. the difference is the mag release. m2 is a button and original is the lever. if you decide on p99, check out the magnum research mr9 or mr40. they are identical to the p99 for a much cheaper price. i think buds has them with the stainless slide right now for around the $480 mark
  3. Nice! I have the 6rd 686 with 6 inch barrel. Love it! So accurate p95 is an ok gun. does work well most of the time. I had a few jams when i had mine. I got rid of it
  4. I agree with the walther ppq suggestion! That is one of my all time favorites! XDM 4.5 is one of my favorites too
  5. My friend has a mak90. loves it. If your looking for a thumbhole stock ak that is easier to upgrade the stock and is just as good if not better, check out the hungarian sa85m. LOVE MINE!
  6. Ive looked at getting one of those myself. Have read mixed reviews. the main complaint i read about them is that they are front heavy
  7. awesome match ammo is either Eley or my personal favorite CCI Green Tag. usually the more accurate 22 ammo is a heavy bullet moving slow. think they both are a 40 grain bullet going around 1075fps give or take a few fps. When i would shoot the green tag, I could see the bullet lob into the target through the scope.
  8. I have both. Both are great guns. I find the M&P to be a little more comfortable but I like the trigger on the glock better. In my experience I see more beginners shoot a glock better than anything else. Im thinking it might be the grip angle. very easy gun to control. Neither one is my favorite though. I would have to agree with the guys that say "check out the PPQ". I have a ppq as well. I like that better than both. I like xdm better as well.
  9. cool thanks. Im getting anxious for its arrival. I really cant find a whole lot about it online. i know its a newer gun but even on youtube I havent been able to find any videos of it other than the para ordnace tomassi videos.
  10. I recently ordered a Para usa elite pro. Waiting for it to get here. Anyone have one or ever shot one? how do you like it? it comes with the ed brown magwell, will it also take standard 7 rd 1911 mags? thanks for any input this is link to exact gun: http://www.para-usa.com/2013/firearms/elite/pro.php
  11. That's weird that buds used to send them to nj but now they won't
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt the Archangel stocks illegal in nj? isnt it considered a collapseable stock? or does that not matter on a bolt action? I saw buds no longer ships them to nj
  13. I stopped driving out to pa for the gun shows because the deals were gone... Has anyone been to one lately? are the prices back to normal? Not gonna drive out there unless i save some money
  14. I totally understand that it isnt for everyone. your choice if you want to join or not. As to being shut down? there are a ton of gun sales pages on facebook. slickguns is a prime example
  15. i actually made a group too but it doesnt show up in search results
  16. If anyone in nj is interested in trading, selling or buying guns with other nj residents, send me a private msg. its now a private group.
  17. i have the remington 700 with detachable mag and also chambered in 30-06. mine is synthetic stock and ss barrel and action. wouldnt trade it for anything! I will never get rid of it! super accurate and smooth action!
  18. really??? without having to replace a part? recoil spring? etc???
  19. Just curious how many rounds the average handgun is good for before parts have to be replaced. Wondering what your experience is with certain models. most of my handguns are around the 500 round mark. I do have a .45acp XDm with approx 2000 rds through it. still works flawlessly.
  20. +1 for Avi. bought 380 ammo from him
  21. Just curious what the current wait time is. Usually was 5 weeks. now im going on two months.... Anyone else in Toms River recently get their permits? if so how long did it take?
  22. i say smith as well. i love my 686. ive shot the gp100 too. gp100 was originally what i wanted but it was always out of stock. i went with the 686 instead and very glad i did. trigger and quality imo is better on the smith
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