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  1. I'm in Newark, longtime FID, just trying to get 3 pistol permits. 10-8-19 Submitted my online registration online 10-9-19 references check 10-11-19 criminal history check completed 12-17-19 called to check with Newark PD, was told they haven't even gotten to September applications yet. 1-22-20 still no word. What can I do? I think Newark has the permits and they're just withholding them from me until the 90 days are up so they can tell me they're no longer valid and I'll have to redo them.
  2. I wanted to get a polymer handgun that has a grip that's as close to the Browning Hi Power as possible. I haven't picked up an FNX or FNS yet, but since they're produced by the same manufacturer and the grip looks similar to me, I'm assuming they are? Can anybody with both chime in I currently have these handguns, polymer and metal: CZ-75 Glock 30 HK USP 45 Walther P99 Norinco 1911 So don't suggest I get anything like that.
  3. Here's another question. Minus the magazine, aren't these legal from the dealer? https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/dsa-fal-sa58-rifle-voyager-18-detail.html?Itemid=0
  4. Now the question is, or statement: I think this is NJ legal out of the box? It's got a welded on muzzle break and it can be shipped without the mags. Fixed buttstock http://www.centerfiresystems.com/RI0035.aspx
  5. I pretty much went to Rick at OMG customs exclusively for most of my purchases and all of my transfers. He could always get what I want and his prices were reasonable. I know he's not there anymore so I'm looking for a FFL that'll transfer a Norinco AK or SAR and a DSL FAL. I live in Newark, not trying to drive hours away. Any good spots in the locale?
  6. Do you have an idea of how much is charged for transfers? Rick was the only guy I really used for my purchases in general. I have made one purchase from Caso's and one from Bullet Hole but 97% of my business was done through Rick.
  7. There are a lot of AR platform classes available. Is there one for the AK platform? A " AK rifle class NJ" search on the net leaves much to be desired. Although I did learn that the Alaska class battlecruisers were built in Camden during WWII
  8. Well I do have a S&W 586. I was looking at their 38+P airweights for my other permit.
  9. This is a "What am I missing? thread. I need ideas, not comparisons. I can formulate my own opinions on guns after checking them out. I already have a Norinco 1911 and a GLOCK 30. My father has a Sar K2 that I can use whenever I want. I'm looking for another .45 for around $500 or less. If it is striker I want 2nd strike capability like the PT24/7 line. I want an accessory rail. In that range I'm finding: Taurus PT845 used Sig P220R (& some used carry variants) used Beretta PX4 Ruger P345 Tanfoglio Witness Out of that short list, the P220 is in the lead. Even though I despise decockers (I like having a manual safety), it has the best aftermarket. There used to be used HK USP's in this range but now they're all around $700. Are there any diamonds in the rough or lesser known manufacturers making something in my price range? It's not that I haven't considered just buying a GLOCK 21. I can't see owning two of the same guns. It'd have to be in OD or FDE and those are well above the ~$500 price tag.
  10. jds560

    Browning Hi Power

    I see. Mine is older than yours though. It's from 1972. Though I haven't had it that long. I'm afraid to do anything to it other than grips since it's 85-90% mint. I'd love to add some night sites. I may buy one of those cheep $500 jobs from aim surplus with the lanyard loop to put night sites on and use it as a HD gun instead of this beauty.
  11. jds560

    Browning Hi Power

    Isn't that stipling on the front of the grip covering the serial #? Mine might be older than yours, but my serial is located right there.
  12. I would probably buy the older one. I was looking at SIG's myself but there are few aftermarket options for the SAO models so there's just no point.
  13. I'd avoid the 40 caliber. More expensive, more recoil, stopping power is more than 9mm but you can buy 9mm +p rounds or hollow points for home defense anyway. If you like didn't like the snappiness of the G17 then 40 cal is going to be even greater than that. You might like CZ-75's or Browning Hi Powers. All metal 9mm guns that have very low recoil.
  14. If someone forced me to buy a polymer striker fired gun it'd be the P99, although the Steyr M9A1 looks interesting too.
  15. The CZ is widely used in Europe and it's been around forever. It's considered one of the "3 greats" with the 1911 and Browning Hi Power
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