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  1. Damnit.. like everything, this sounds iffy.
  2. Quick question... I have a handgun p2p to burn. My driver's license expired. Can i use a passport as an ID for the purchase? Will that be accepted? Thanks, BM
  3. Just a quick update... I absolutely love my new pistol (Sig p229). This thing is awesome. As far as I can tell, it is dead accurate, and i haven't had a single problem after going through my first hundred or so rounds. I highly suggest anybody considering a Sig Sauer, particularly the Sig P229, to go ahead and make the purchase. Bite the bullet (no pun intended), and pull the trigger on the sale (no pun intended) and buy one, because thing is a blast! (No pun intended) =)
  4. I called the store last night and they said that my NICS had just cleared... 14 days.
  5. So, what does everybody feel the magic number is these days? 20 days? It seemed like it used to be 11. Perhaps its been bumped up a week or so?
  6. I don't get it.. It seems like this is just getting worse...Today is exactly two weeks for me (14 days)... no call yet.
  7. This is just my first handgun, i'm well aware of the joke that is New Jersey's gun laws lol.. Update... no call today. Tomorrow is Sunday. So, i guess i'll be crossing my fingers on day 14 (Monday)...
  8. Hi Everybody, So, I purchased a brand spanking new P229 on Monday, the 15th of April. I am extremely excited, as i'm sure you all can understand. This will be my first handgun. In any event, I too, am now one of those waiting on a miserable NICS check. I was wondering when those of you got the call from your LGS that the NICS was cleared. Was it during the morning, afternoon, or at night? Also, does anybody know if they are also sending back approvals during the weekends? I'd just really love to get a call tomorrow on my day off (Saturday), and was wondering if that was a possibility! Let me know. Thanks in advance for any replies, Michael
  9. Omg.. wait a second.. the prices on here are like 1.20 a round.. Cheaper than dirt my ***!!!!
  10. Guys, Thanks so much for all the responses. And...*Drumroll*...the winner is: Sig P229.. I picked her up and could not put her down. She just feels so nice. Now, what type of ammo do you guys like shooting for target? I know the choices are very very limited. For example, take a look below and let me know what you would choose out of what is ACTUALLY AVAILABLE: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ItemListing.aspx?catid=736
  11. Thanks GD! I've had my FID for quite some time now, so I've been a gun-owner for a long time. However, a new purchase never loses it's excitement factor for me!
  12. I picked my permits up today. Very excited.. Going to the LGS today and going to be using the first of my permits.
  13. Haha stingy.. or smart? Only one left, and there are two of us Axeman!!
  14. Haha! I wish i could my friend, but i've called a bunch of stores and have found one Gen3 Glock 19 available. I had them put it aside with my name on it until i get out of work at 6:00 pm. Last Friday when i called, a couple of stores had Gen4's and gen3's. They must have sold them over the weekend because at this point in time, the only one i could find was the single Glock 19 (gen 3) left.
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