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  1. How do you get the tools to stay in chest positioned like that. LMFAO
  2. I'd like to purchase a leather holster for my S&W 19-5, barrel is 2.5"
  3. Laminate it, then fold it in half.... No big deal
  4. You had better wait until April 8th. I mistakenly thought that on the 30th day I could purchase another handgun. The NICS check refused the purchase. About a week later I received a letter from the State Police stating that I violated a statute for not waiting the proper period of time. I also received a call from the State Police Headquarters with a VERY STRONG admonishment for not waiting the proper amount of time. Be forewarned, wait the extra day. Richard
  5. You should contact Delbarton School in Morristown. They have had bees in the past and a large apple orchard.
  6. Phillipsburgh Pistol Club offers an introductions and classes for women.
  7. Gun Law workshop \ Seminar being held in Morristown NJ, 10$. http://www.gunlawseminar.com/events-schedule
  8. dbldune


    Went into their shop this morning permit ion pocket to purchase a handgun. Had a you lady ask me if I needed help. I asked her one question and then she walked away. Next to her was a young man doing some busy type of work straightening up the counter. He looked a little more professional so I thought. Waited a good ten minutes with this guy two feet from me. Never asked if he could help. Waited and waited, finally said to him..... you just lost a sale and walked out. NEVER TO RETURN! I guess the gun business has created a bunch of snobs in the retail sector.
  9. change password

  10. What would be average cost to remove a flash hider and install and pin a muzzle break on an AR barrel?
  11. I don't think have FEMA app on the phone is a good idea. Too easy to track the phone.
  12. Did it myself because I had to fold it in order to carry in wallet.
  13. Beretta PX 4 series. nice gun with all that you require
  14. How long is a NJ FID valid for? I was under the impression that it is only valid for 5 years and then you must renew. Thanks for your feedback.
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